At the military school dorm at night, I walked into my room and said.

"Lena, are you there?"

"Yes, here"

The silver-haired maid girl, who immediately showed up, had a dark look somewhere.

Well, it's been a long time since I've been here. I can't help it.

"There was something about Rocha's birthday last night, and we couldn't even talk about it much. Talk to Charlotte. Something... What's up?"

"Yes, no..."

"What. Do you still care that they saw you? It's trivial, don't get sick."

"No. Charlotte refused to speak of Lucifer as a demon. Not only to my father, but to a girl like that... it and this, it's all my fault"

"Your covert ritual is advanced enough. Now even I can't even see what you've done to activate the operation."

I sat down in bed and invited Lena to give me a worried look.

Hold her shoulder, which then sat next to her right.

"Don't be so depressed."

"... in Zama like this, Gisele, who taught me how to perform, doesn't even look at me."

"It's like a deception for Gisele no matter how advanced the procedure. Next time, you can teach me a higher degree of technique… although it will be difficult to master."

More than 10 years since Gisele fell asleep?

It's been a long time this time. In my previous experience, it was normal to wake up in a few years or so.

I guess there will still be a considerable load of space magic and time magic mastery.

I can't help it. We are directly involved in the logic (proverb) and causality of this world.

The magic it consumes is also enormous, and for the first time it can touch one end of it by treating all the manipulations consisting of the seven major attributes equally. The point will be a terribly difficult composite procedure.

Gisele has chosen the path to explore those magics for hundreds of years.

When he was young, he had thoroughly learned how to handle magic by a number of powerful people, starting with me, but until he realized he had comparable powers to the royal demon god.

If we build up our workouts for the next few hundred years, or we may even get to that realm of the Great Wizard Diruna, where there would not have been one such person lined up in history -.

"... Lucifer."


"Can you tell me about Satan?"

It makes me eat a little bit.

I never thought you'd suddenly ask me this question.

"I know Lucifer doesn't really want to remember a story about someone named Satan. But it bothers me..."

"... well, I don't mind. How far have I been talking to you? That me and him were allies and that he made us look like... that's about it"

"Yes, it was a long time ago before I was born, wasn't it?"

"Oh. I talked to him decently - right, over 1,200 years ago? But Satan was an oligarchy man anyway. Unlike the rest of the royal family, they had no direct control over them, and they even encouraged them to train on islands far west of Tenebrae."

"The demon god of destruction and slaughter, I also heard that. Was he harsh?"

I decided to try to remember the time just a little bit.

Will it be about 1300 + years ago?

Lightning struck an isolated island in the west of Tenebrae.

It has fallen to the same spot 100 times in seconds and is making a tremendous noise.

I approached the place as I floated through the air.

Moments later, the power of thunder was rapidly emitted, causing a large discharge around the area.

Those who have no magic tolerance will burn and vanish their whole bodies just by being nearby.

But it's just a shock that's nothing to me. I'm fine with tens of thousands.

"It's Satan. Do you hear me?"

"... What can I do for you?"

Whenever the man utters words, there is a pale current all around him.

And hundreds of lightning strikes wore isolated islands, and the surrounding nature had already remained and burned, leaving only wasteland to continue.

"The royal council has already begun. You, too."

"Stop laughing. The agreement toha name bacari. I Raha equals Nifiz. All Teja you no puppet (Kalai) ya"

I landed on the ground as the lightning struck.

It's depressing to hear the sound of your ears splitting.

I stretched a simple surgical junction all over the island.

This prevents lightning strikes and also blocks sounds from the outside world.

Satan had an angry look on his face when he felt it.

"Out of the way, Tessulka. You Tote Forgiveness Hasenuzo"

"Can't you keep your destructive impulse under control? Can we have a fight first before we talk about it?"

Satan was an alien man.

Nearly three metres tall, two splendid horns protruded from his head, his eyes stained red and his canine teeth stretched out like beasts.

From the long stretched gray hair there is always purple electricity, and the blue and black flesh exposed to the outside air is inflated with muscles. Two arms grow on one side from the giant body.

Can I say the appearance of destruction and killing as an abstract painting.

This man, who unleashes a tremendous sense of intimidation, is Satan, whose seven pillars of the royal family are one.

Satan stares at this one with a white exhale, and...

In an instant I stuffed the time and let go of the piercing hand.

I dare take it with one hand. Moments, a tremendous current ran, arms burned, and the hem of the clothes burned out in an instant.

"Good offense. It's not fading."


An explosive discharge occurs from Satan's arm, but I kept taking it.

Forecasting the weakening force of thunder, he lifts Satan's giant as he crushes his big hand, slamming it to the ground as he rotates his body.

The shock alone caused the ground to sound and the ground to crack.

When he instantly shook up his heel and shook his alien head down all the time.

Satan dodged quickly and bounced backwards.

I turn to Satan like that and show off my own arms. It was perfectly repaired nowhere anymore, such as the burnt part. I said it while exposing it.

"What's up? You won't be able to defeat me if you let it regenerate so quickly."

"You ah......!!

Satan raised his right arm to heaven.

The tremendous magic emanating from its alien body was released from his palms, creating a certain form of object.

"Out Deyo," Kadesh Segel "!!

"Huh. You already rely on artifacts? Doesn't sound like it, Satan."

It was a giant battle axe (sheep) that manifested itself from Satan's hands.

pale. It boasts a length far above Satan's body.

Only the royal family of demons can handle it. It has a destructive power out of the ordinary track. It's more obvious than seeing fire what happens if you swing on such an isolated island......

"Dust tonatte consumer e fruit terga lianyi!!

The battle axe rotated by hand is gone and swings down at a grand speed towards me.

As soon as I jumped and dodged it, the artifact hit the ground directly. That blow, with its tremendous destructive power, breaks ground and it easily smashes the land far rear, heading in the direction of Tenebrae as the shockwave rips across the island and across the sea.

... Array arrived. Around the coast is going to be terrible.

"Damn, that's a lot of idiotic power. There's something close to Belfe's blow that's serious."

"Your mo artifact manifestation saseyo. I, Galino Ultimate, Sono Body Nishikato Engraved Mitsuke Teklerwa"

"You can't do that. No matter how strong you are, I can't stand the blow from you.... well in the first place"

I curled up my mouth.

"Like you, possessed by an impulse of destruction and rampaging around, you don't even have to use my artifact. Let me lose my temper with one of these hands."

Satan's anger and intimidation are unleashed.

Even with as much power as a lowly demon god, I guess I'll be under this overwhelming pressure.

The arrow tip that I thought so, the alien demon god, approached me at an awesome rate.

Avoid the blow of the battle axe swinging in momentum by leaping back. He avoided all the ensuing continuous attacks, remembering the feeling that his body was about to be flown by wind pressure.

Don't miss the slightest gap, and see Satan kick his full strength in the flank that has become defenseless.

At the same time that the whole body of the giant body was torn apart, Satan's body blew away, and there was no longer anything to block it on an island similar to the wasteland, etc., and the demon god disappears from sight after striking his body several times in the ocean far away as if a stone were bouncing through the water.

The way I feel now, my whole body should have been crushed, but his regenerative abilities are higher than mine.

Let's do it at this moment.

Seeing a giant water column rise from a distant sea level, that turns into certainty.

Hundreds of lightning strike from above.

When you detect the landing point of a lightning strike and evade all of them, a lightning strike with magic makes a terrific decision on the ground.

You can't do this island anymore. He said it was Satan's favorite place he liked to meditate in a space where no one was there.

Continuing to avoid a concentrated lightning strike, Satan approached him at a rate that exceeded his sound speed as he wrapped pale lightning around his body.

I single-handedly suppressed that artifact blow.

"... ugh!!

"What's up, Satan? Don't be so angry. With one of these hands, I just accidentally got a leg out of it that I was going to lose my temper. Forgive me."


Continue to suppress Kadesh Segel's blade with just his fingertips.

Watch the demon gods storm just trying not to break free from that bondage.

... He's usually an oligarchy, dear guy, but he can't stop that easily when he's in this state.

I have no choice. Do we have to do it with a little sharpening of power?

I said, exhaling magic from all over my body after inhaling soothingly.

"Town Down"

At the same time as the words Satan's whole body was slapped to the ground.

I can see you're desperate to resist, but you won't even be able to move your fingertips.

"It's not even a battle to stay swinging by the impulse of destruction. Chill your head with that attitude often."

"... ugh! Huh!!"

The way you cramp your body doesn't deserve the look of a proud demon god.

I was so sneaky watching the sight that I closed my eyelids looking up into the sky for a while.

How much time has it taken?

"Ru, Lucifer......"

"Are you okay, Satan?"

When I unraveled the magic, the alien demon slowly woke up his body and sat down on the spot.

"I ha he shitheita..."

"I was just a little over-daughtered."


Satan shook his head as he examined the island.

"I Hamata Destruction Impulse (D) Prisoner Waretaka..."

"The impulse to destroy is like a disease to our demon gods. Yours is intense, and once imprisoned, it's hard to recover. If you keep moving with your impulse, you'll return it to me, but maybe half the continent will be gone by then. I couldn't leave you alone."

An impulse to destroy is a nasty thing to forget about yourself and just even to destroy and kill.

I doubt if I can say creature - a disease in which our demon god, who is full of life and proud, is bound to possess him and erode his head. Or maybe I could call it a curse.

"Lucifer, you stop Meneva, I Hamata the same (Ayama) thief Shiteita Kamosilenu. Smanacutta"

"I'm fine. Whenever you run wild, I'll stop you."

Satan was sitting around, holding his own feet down disappointingly and closing his lid.

I guess that's what a deep sense of self-blame makes you do.

It's also all because of this urge to be called the demon of destruction and killing, usually a calm and dear man. There is something somewhat difficult about it.

"Rather, your impulse to destroy is easy to understand and helpful. Like Asmo and Levy, it's usually the most troublesome time when a guy who seems calm and harmless to humans and animals turns leopard."

"... I'm Nagara Emotional Kenai. Your Battle Unohakono Upper Nai Hee Binaredo, Impulse Ni Ruling Salle Gamma Matada Riot Realda Kede How Much More Than Etai Nai Nohakole Nai Humiliation Deceased"

"I enjoy fighting you too. but only when we're sane with each other if we still fight. It's better to worship your full strength."

Demon gods show more truth in times of sanity than when they were ruled by destructive impulses.

You can't seem to think of anything but breaking something, not necessarily taking an unconscious look at an unexpected opponent.

For once, when you feel defeated before an overwhelming force other than yourself, as before, the destructive impulse will be cloud-sprayed away. But that's not everything.

This is not just a matter for Satan, but also for the royalty, including me... and hence for the whole Demon clan.

I have trouble finding a solution.

"This time you're going to get busted, but if I lose my mind... it's Satan. I'll ask you to handle it."

"I don't have enough power."

"If we fight each other sane, I can catch up to death once or twice, too. There will be nothing other royalty can handle, except you, who can control it alone. I'm counting on you, Satan."

"… Accepted"

When I shrugged like that, it suddenly sounded like a ground.

It looks like the whole island is about to collapse due to the effects of the battle ahead.

"You don't need to stay long. I told him when you were losing your mind, but there's a royal council. I'll have you out, too."

"... Huh. You no dictatorship no youna mono de hanaica"

"Except for me, there are only six pillars. And now the militants and moderates are just three pillars at a time. If I put it together, we'll have another useless fight. Remember your opinion is important, my friend."

"... how to nonai dude da"

And Satan and I escaped from the crumbling island and were to return to Tenebrae.

After finishing the story at the time, I added at the end.

"Earlier generations of Lucifer were also buying Satan's power strongly again. Therefore, during the war, he used his destructive impulse and enjoyed watching it through indiscriminate destruction and killing. The original Satan, though powerful, did not favour useless killing."

"That's the way it was. With all due respect, I was assuming I was more of a madman. And I wondered why you and Lucifer were so close."

"It's just one example that I just told you and made you listen. He is an essential part of the anecdote, as he was most frequently imprisoned by destructive impulses among the royal family. I couldn't help but laugh when I destroyed Zenan's Aerial Fortress."

I miss it.

I have no real sense that it has been over 1000 years.

"He didn't quite put his emotions on the table, and he wasn't good at talking. But when he calmed down, he used to drink. It was fun talking to Satan..."

"You disappeared so neglectfully."

"That's right. Without any foretaste... He was an oligarchy, but not the kind of guy who disappeared in silence. Many times I thought of a reason, but in the end I couldn't think of anything. Almost, I tried my best to find it, but I never found it. Where and what are they doing now?"

"I understand your disrespect, but is it possible that he's already died?

"Only that guy doesn't have it. You literally kill a man no matter how many times you kill him. Whether or not I can fight for hundreds of days or years if I'm bad. He's so tough on flesh. Well, that's something I can say to all the royalty, not just Satan...... but Lena. Why did you ask about Satan all of a sudden?

"Yes. I mean... actually, when I talked to Charlotte,"

While I was listening to what Lena was going to say, I - I couldn't figure it out.

"Wait, what's the joke, Lena?

"It's not an atmosphere where you're telling jokes or anything."

"No, that's crazy. Are you sure that girl said that?

"Of course it is. I'm not familiar with the circumstances, so what feels like…"

Did Charlotte tell you about Satan?

Why? Whatever it is. That's crazy.

You can't possibly know about Satan, even if that girl has powers out of the ordinary orbit, or even if she has divine powers.

"Impossible. Charlotte can't possibly know that."

"Um, technically Charlotte's mother... you did say Nastasha, didn't you? He told the story of Satan as an old story."

"Nastasha... the wife of a great hero who was murdered by someone"

It's an incredible word.

If it wasn't Lena who was mouthing this, she must have thought it was a joke and didn't hardly deal with him.

But my beloved wife is not the kind of woman to make jokes like that.

"... who is that woman?"

"Lucifer? Why do you care so much?"

"I don't know anyone in any other country, such as Satan's disappearance. That sudden disappearance could not have been anticipated by even our demons, and it is unthinkable that anyone would have informed another country of it."

Even 1200 years ago, there were frequent battles between Tenebrae and foreign countries.

But there must have been no one to let Satan know. No, even if I were there, how many years the hell do I think it's been since I was there?

Literature about our demons is known. I took a peek at Mirdiana's library and such when I had time, but there was nothing such as a book detailing the Demons.

The humans who lived until recently can't possibly know...

Of course, there's a lot of worldly crap about Satan killing Nastasha, like Charlotte said. But that's not the point.

How does the mother know about Satan? Why couldn't even a historian know it was just a human being?

... This is going to be one of the reasons why we need to know the insides of the Empire again.

Hard to believe, but if Nastasha knew, it wouldn't be strange if someone else knew.

Only General Duras and someone else who serves me are suspicious of the situation. It's worth checking out.

But now is a bad time.

If you make contact with General Duras again, you might even get your neck stuck in the extra.

Then the conversation is quick.

The ongoing raid on the Temple.

Must be quick to make this work out first.

We must use that as an opportunity to discuss it with that general again.

I focused my consciousness on thinking about what I was going to do.