I reached the Grand Temple inside the castle fort city of Granden.

There is something blinding about the majesty and sanctity of the building, but there is no time to look at it because a number of military personnel, headed by the entrance, are placed for security.

As soon as we stop at all, the soldiers turn their alert eyes towards us.

The building inside the temple is about the same thing.

That said, it was a long time ago because that was also since I looked around inside the temple of the Empire.

This time I came back to check its contents. I wanted to know if things were different in there then and now, but I'm even suspicious if you could let me in on this.

You can't rely on Lena this time.

Regardless of General Duras and his daughter Charlotte, no one else should be able to perceive her.

But the other one, or one, or one pillar. I don't know who she is, but there is me or someone invisible to her who just saw what Lena looked like or even revealed her identity.

Probably not very high when it comes to combat capability, but the accuracy of covert capability is terribly high. It's no surprise you're still watching me from somewhere.

... but General Duras and someone beside him should also want to explore the information on the perpetrators of the Temple raid.

As I asked Lena in Mirdiana, there's a chance I'm not in the area right now to use that secrecy to find clues to who did this.

I'd rather move Lena directly than poorly - but this is hard. Would I break through half forcefully and peacefully on the grounds of being a privileged student? and so on.


It was Clarice, a girl and soldier tying her blonde hair on the right who had been speaking up.

He was still guarding the temple with the appearance of a shoulder tag in his uniform.

If you look, behind Clarice, you could also see the soldiers under her command armed with a demon-guided gun.

"Hi Clarice. That's a lot of security."

"Naturally. It's not strange when this place is attacked next..."

"With that face, it also looks like you're a little more concerned about other parts?

"Is that what you're looking for?... Yes. There are six Grand Territorial temples, but four of them were already crushed. If we're just going to take the killer's side of the spectrum, we're wondering if the next target is more likely to be another temple outside the Granden, not this temple."

"Well, that's the way you think. There's no way I'm gonna hit a complete decision more than I don't know what they're after."

"By the way, why are you here? Do you say, on second thought, we should be in the middle of doing classes at school right now?

"I'm not feeling well. I thought it would be a little easier if I could take a tour of the Holy Temple to change my mood."

It's a white excuse while I'm at it.

But, well, you won't even be embarrassed by her about this now.

On that evidence, Clarice rubbed her fingers between her eyebrows as if she had a severe headache, exhaled a deep sigh, then said.

"The security of the Temple is strict, and now it is so forbidden to enter, even for the people within the Granden territory..."

"Even if you're a promising future military aspiring privileged student who ran off to solve Mirdiana's case, doesn't that make any difference?

"Mmm. I'm weak when they say that..."

Clarice, after just a few thoughts, said, "Wait a minute," and walked away, coming right back.

Next to her stood an old man in military uniform. From the medallion on your chest, General?

"I will be revealed to His Excellency Major General Karsati, who is currently in command of Temple Security. My lord, this is Theodore, one of the actors who led us to solve his late Shizuku case in Mirdiana."

"Ho ho. No, I saw you when Charlotte disturbed you, but in relative terms, it's still strange."

"They say that a lot. So I'm going straight to the temple, can you show me inside? I was wondering if I could use one of those clues to solve a case."

After gently stopping Clarice from saying, "If you have such a thing, find it -" Major General Calsatti said.

"I don't share Ensign Frestier's opinion. If I had such a thing, I would be finding it.... but whoever was recognised by His Excellency Lieutenant General Lambert might be able to find something. Come on, come on in."



The old Major General turned to Clarice.

"Ensign Frestier. Subject to your company."

"Wow, me? But......"

"Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with the situation inside the temple. I don't mean to guide you, but I'd love to hear a lot about it, and I'd appreciate it if you'd come with me."

If I don't push it that way, Clarice said, even as she turned into a puzzled face.

"Or maybe. If that's what your Excellency says. Please wait while I tell my people what I'm doing in the future."

Major General Calsati shrugged after Clarice ran off on a small run.

"What do you think?"

"... hmm? Are you asking me?

"Who else is there? Look at that busty little girl, how she feels."

Until then, a warm Major General turns his sharp eyes.

After a while I think about it, I say what I think. [M]

"It's a great delicacy. I have strength, and I have a great deal of trust from my men and the people. She wouldn't dream of becoming an officer."

"... well. I don't think it's the right kind of treatment."

"No, not at all. If you are capable of combat...... you would be much higher than Major General Karsati, and the bloodthirsty and pioneering place due to youthfulness comes from lack of experience. I guess if I took a little longer, I could be such a fine soldier that I don't have any more. General Duras, there's a substandard monster out there that makes me a little overwhelmed, but I still admire her."

From what I've seen, the veterans in front of me are not under the protection of God.

Still, I've only survived to this age, and I know I have considerable strength.

However, that also does not extend to Clarice, the angel of God. If he were better than her, it would be just trust and battlefield experience from others coming from that age.

Even that, perhaps not so far away, will no longer extend to Clarice.

That's what I said with that in mind, Major General Calsati laughed with pleasure.

But that wasn't like malice, it simply seemed like something that felt like seeing something interesting.

"An honest boy. I have exactly the same feelings as you. She is a great delicacy. The force is originally more trustworthy and looks as if there are no gaps to penetrate. Not as much as I'd like to give up my whole class."

"That's surprising. If you're an old man like Major General Calsatti, I always thought you'd be jealous of such a talented young man."

"It would be a lie if I told you I didn't. But that emotion can change if you go to war. War is no longer established without the power of the Divine Angel. Any battlefield goes first to the front line of the battlefield, and its appearance of ravaging enemy soldiers is brave, reliable, and even sends an enviable glance..."

The old soldier continued as he tried to stroke his chin beard.

"I'm scared, I am"

Scared of what?

"There is an overwhelming pressure borne by those who are called angels of God and have absolute power. Those men go into battle without even hating death for the sake of their country, for the sake of their people, and therefore for the sake of their loved ones. Defeat is not tolerated and sacrifices are made to many soldiers who are waiting in the rear if they fall out of combat first. God's protection is a battlefield that hits hard against each other, a responsibility that constantly pressures them to fight with all the lives of their fellow men… I can no longer even imagine"

The difference in power between the divine angels and ordinary military men is historical.

There were also a number of instances in which one divine angel controlled hundreds of military personnel.

Does it therefore mean that the roles and responsibilities imposed on the Divine Angel will be much heavier than those of the officers who actually take command on the battlefield?

"Once upon a time, my best friend also had God's protection. He actually challenged the battle with mighty power and won a streak of battles... but in one battle the man was seriously injured and unable to move. The tip blown by the power of explosive sorcery was beneath the cliff, and the person managed to survive without being driven any deeper by the opponent. But maybe it wasn't lucky."

"What do you mean?

"What that divine angel saw when he finally returned to the battlefield was a pile of corpses of allies scattered across the battlefield. There was no one alive, and there were only ravaged traces there. Perhaps in front of that sight brought about by the other God's angel, his heart was easily destroyed."

The old soldier said as he looked up into the sky to miss the sight he once had.

"My body couldn't help but recover completely to my heart. The man withdrew from the army because of his defeat, and disappeared from before me as well - only recently, I heard rumors of the wind. He left a note saying he was ashamed of his powerlessness and bladed himself,"


"Woohoo, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I let you hang out with the old man's derailed long story. Here's what I'm trying to say. No matter how powerful God may be with His protection, his heart is no different from a normal human being. That if we change the way we see it, the angel of God is no different from a normal human being again. I wanted you to know that. To Ensign Frestier, and to you, who will be a promising soldier in the future."

When I heard the words, I shrugged.

"I see. Is that what human beings are for?"


"No, it's nothing. That was an interesting story."

"Right or right. I was wondering if they'd hear about my grandfather's lack of other love."

That's when Clarice was called from behind rushing toward us.

"Ensign Frestier -! When guiding the temple, be sure to take Theodore's arm and press it against your chest!

"Yes, shut the fuck up! I told you as much as I said it wasn't like that!

Teased by the older woman soldier in the example, Clarice turns back to me and turns to me all the time after she argues out loud, and we gaze at each other.

Moment after moment, her face becomes slightly reddish.

But that's also for a while. Clarice shook her head right up and really coughed before saluting.

"Then, Your Excellency Major General Karsati. I'm ready to go."

"Mm-hmm. I asked for it."

Clarice walked up to me and held my hand disappointingly. [M] Ouch.

"I'll show you. Beware, the temple is surprisingly large."

"Copy that. Nice to meet you."

Even as I entered the temple, Clarice clenched my arms.

"You know, Clarice. It hurts."

"It's like controlling a runaway horse with a reins."

"So that was Private Ilia earlier? Like she said, gentle with your breasts."

"Forget that story!!

I was drunk, but it was more of her that got annoyed.

The nuns who were in the temple are turning a surprise gaze at what is going on.

Clarice pulls as she looks uncomfortable, silently grabbing my arm.

I guess that means come quick.

Looking like a tough guy, Clarice seems to have a surprisingly expressive side. That could be one of her charms again.

Fast-paced through the interior of the temple.

I didn't see anything particularly unusual compared to the old days.

Other than being caught in the eye by the high number of military personnel stationed for security, I don't feel anything like this in particular.

That's when Clarice accidentally spoke to me.

"Theodore. What God are you protected from?


Clarice said with a slightly frightened face as she shrugged at the unexpected question.

"You must be a god angel, too. You know about the name of God who gave you protection..."

Clarice made her complexion subtle there.

"... you might not have to know. It might not even interest you."

"Oh, oh, well, yeah, you do"

My power is not given to a particular God. [M]

It was there from the beginning when it appeared in the world as a demon.

And unlike other races, the Demon Nation also does not become an angel of God with protection from the gods. Sometimes the demon god gives strength and enhancement, but that's completely separate from the protection by God.

"Temple is a place where you may be able to listen to the voice of God at the same time as it is a place to serve God"

"Hear the voice of God?

"Yes, I have no experience, but the angel of God sometimes hears the voice of God who has given himself shelter in time and in some cases in the temple."

The most faithful person on this continent is still Orphelia, the Great Goddess of Genesis.

But there are numerous gods in this world. I've actually seen it a few times, and I've talked to him, if only a little.

However, they… some of them are even vague about the concept of gender, but others who are called gods are terribly whimsical and do not communicate with their will at all or cannot do so.

There is something fundamentally different about us demons who normally talk and expose our emotions. So you can tell me that I know very little about God, too.

I don't even know why God 'makes' those who are called angels of God by giving them their own power.

"Do you remember God giving you protection?

"... No, you don't. Does Clarice have it?

"Yeah. I was just a kid. It wasn't a tough place to be, like a temple, but it was rarely when I went shopping in the city square with my parents."

When Clarice walked away from her parents and looked intrigued at the square fountain.

The surrounding noise disappeared unexpectedly.

"Surprised. If you're aware, everything in the city is stuck and solidified on the spot. Besides, the brightly colored city was dyed dark blue, so much so that I thought I might have gotten lost in a place not in the world."

When Clarice was baffled like that, she suddenly saw lightning in the air. And.

"I was pierced by lightning strikes. In the space where all the sounds had disappeared, only the roar of that thunder struck my ear. But no pain, no scratches. When I wondered if it was a dream or something, not as if there was a lightning strike."


She said she heard a cute laugh like a child like a woman.

After that only lasted a little - if you notice, the surrounding colors went back to normal, and the humans who were stopping the movement walked out as if nothing had happened.

You woke up that day to your power as an angel of God?

"That's right. Later research showed that it seemed like Metio Logie, the weather-driven goddess. But after that, no matter how many times I went to the temple, I never got to hear the voice of God."

Metio Logie?

There are several pillars of God who presides over the weather, but I don't really hear her name.

It is one of the closest pillars of the whimsical gods to the unidentified.

"Why did you choose someone like me? Why don't you answer the repeated calls from me while I choose? I understand it's a whimsical nature, but sometimes I get anxious."


"... I wondered if this blessing would really protect me. Therefore, I wonder if I really deserve to be an angel of God. If you've given yourself power on a whim, you may be deprived of it on a whim again."

"Like the Count Lermit family that lost the protection of the Holy Flame, hey?

"Yes, I understand it's rare, because there are some examples of that"

Divine protection given by the whims of the gods.

However, in the case of the Count Lermit family, I also felt that the situation was slightly different.

Because I don't know what the Holy Flame is for, but I've only been empowering that lineage the whole time. Wouldn't it be premature on a boulder to break this off on a whim?

I don't know why, no matter how much I think about it.

The whimsy and irrationality of the gods in this world are, or worse in nature than the demon gods. Maybe that's all we're talking about.

With that in mind, I was taken to the back of the temple by Clarice.


Side by side the old couple of the sleeping man wearing a blanket in the carriage, the dragon boy looked at the material he had brought out of the church.

Close it and exhale.

"... he said he was looking into something stupid. You haven't been killed much before, have you, that jizzy?"

Julian fired a bunch of the material.

The privileged students who jumped out first must have arrived in Granden a long time ago.

There was nothing else to think of even if only one person was left behind. Rather, I'm glad I just stopped by church to say harvest.

Because I was able to get it with old materials that no matter how much I looked for, I wouldn't find it first, and interactions with other scholars.

However, many of the contents were written in ancient letters. Though there are many parts that I can't read on my own right now.

Speaking of those familiar with the ancient script, Ludio, who is in Mirdiana, is the leader, but there were many things that could be shown to him.

In the end, I have to rely on that cheerful looking, somewhere grasping, blue-haired boy.

He would have no clue, he would tell us the contents of a sentence written in ancient letters, and he would not tell anyone about it. It can also be said to be a man with the duality of being the least trustworthy in one sense, but the most trustworthy in another.

"... Nevertheless, it's a temple raid. Do you have any grudges against God?"

Julian picked one out of a bunch of materials and got it.

This is what it says on the cover of a much sore dossier.

"On the Great Famine of the Xenan Dragon Kingdom, which occurred in 798 with the history of the Empire".

The record was a pale account of the dragon kingdom once struck by a great famine to the point of awesomeness.

There are a good number of starving people out there, and it is even assumed that there would not have been a Zenan Dragon King kingdom today without foreign aid.

There were only a few words in that dossier that attracted some interest.

"Faith in 'God of Abundance' hey... no one believes that right now"

It is assumed that what those who suffered from hunger did not wish for was salvation by the abundant God.

But that never happened in reality, and famine gradually recovered over time.

"It's a stupid story. If there was such a god, there would be no one to starve to death..."

I didn't understand the meaning of this material that that bigoted old priest deliberately wrote down.

Because the dossier only said that a great famine had occurred and that faith in the God of abundance and there was little that should be made the subject of current research.

It seemed less important than the other materials, but I don't even know why they told me to burn it to this material.

"... Shit. In the end, you have to ask him again."

Remembering the figure of a floating, blue-haired boy, Julian turned to the direction of his destination, Granden.