Reaching the deepest part of the temple, there was a giant crystal there than a large adult.

It is stationary on the spot with only a little float from the floor. There was light overflowing from the blue and beautiful crystals.

"Oh, Clarice, isn't it?"

It was a cleric and an elderly woman who was beside the crystal.

"Ha, Chief Dorothee, this is Theodore, a privileged student at the military school in Mildiana."

"Hi. It's just a short study abroad. Nice to meet you."

Although I greet him so, the clergyman, called Dorothee, did not have a very favorable look on his face.

On the contrary.

"... Mirdiana? Are you teaching that Ludio?"

"Uh-huh, because Dean Ludio is also the commander-in-chief of the military, and he's not a teacher, he's a dean. Sometimes you just give me a short, whimsical class, but basically you don't get to tell me anything from him."

"Hmm, right. That color-loving half-elf is now the Supreme Commander, too. You're in a good position, not at all."

That's how the clergyman squeaked, distorting his deeply wrinkled engraved face even more disgustingly.

I wonder what it is? Do you know the dean? At least it doesn't look friendly for this minute.

With that in mind, Clarice spoke for my feelings.

"Secretary Dorothee. Are you familiar with His Excellency Lieutenant General Lambert?"

"Hmm. I was one of that man's mistresses. She was physically brought in to say goodbye and dumped."

Whoa. Dean Ludio's not just a good guy. On the contrary, I thought he was a guy with some belly-blooded spots, but he seemed pretty daring.

"Shh, have you been dumped...... And one of the mistresses is, you know,"

"I'm not talking about asking a deep-window warrant like you, Clarice, but you're right. That's what that guy used to samurai a lot of women when he was younger. I was one of them. It's been over 50 years."

The old goddess chief told me to throw up.

"To pound on a woman for booze. He was a fat bastard. I didn't know that when I was young. That's fried in. It looks good because it's got elf blood in it, and it was basically sweet when we were spending time together... I was stunningly fooled by that guy on the top of it."

"Ugh, are you such a man with His Excellency Lieutenant General Lambert? Um... I don't know what to say..."

Although Clarice is obviously sympathetic and caring, she can't put it into words well.

Seeing that, Chief Dorothee laughed lavishly.

"Ha ha! Clarice, you're sweet. You look just like me when I was younger. Like I said, it was 50 years ago. I don't care anymore. If he's in front of you, he might slip and kill you."

It's an awesome obsession......

Maybe I should watch out for a lot of things too.

"Especially that good guy named Theodore. Filled with the same frigid atmosphere as Ludio when he was younger. Don't let them fool you."

"Wow, me and him are not in such a relationship!

"That's a terrible word. I don't treat women that way."

"I didn't say stupid. There's a sign from you that you like women. [M] It's the face of a man who has served so many women and had scattered good thoughts. You look like a good guy. You know, Ludio picked up some good students too."

... You're pretty good at looking at them. The boulder is a clergyman, a keen woman. Will you kill me on this occasion?

Unexpectedly turning his expression off and staring back, the swordswallowing look of Cleric Dorothee glanced back.

Clarice says when it's really a one-touch instant.

"So, Theodore? You really did that......!?

"Come on, what do you think? But I'm not gonna throw away a woman I once liked, I swear."

"That could be two or three more women."

"Of course. The more Hua, the better."

Immediately, Chief Dorothee laughs.

"Open it so wide, or your liver's sitting there. But, Clarice, don't be so easy on me. I'll kill you then."

"I know. I'll take care of it if you get your hands on it. I promise I'll put it aside forever, Clarice."

"Become, be, be. What are you kidding......!?

I put my hand on Clarice's jaw. [M]

"Are you serious? Because you're cute and brilliant. Besides, he thinks there's kindness in the harshness. It's not much of a delicacy. It's not bad."

"Um... uh..."

"What do you think of me?

Clarice blushed her face, then moved her gaze busily before slowing down her breathing, which only got a little rough.

And after only one deep breath.

"And I think you're an untrustworthy fool!

I was washed away with the hand that accompanied my chin.

Oh, boy, I think I'm freaking out.

Look at that, Chief Dorothee laughs again.

"Thank you for being sane. If you seem to be in love with the man, you're going to have to see not only the man, but Clarice, take one shot at your balls."

"Wow, I'm more normal than I was originally! Hey, I was just confused because they said something I'm a little unfamiliar with... because that's all! Theodore! Don't get me wrong too!?

"I won't. But I'm not lying to the impression I'm making of you."

"Ah! See you then..."

Clarice looked at me with vigilance, trying to hold both arms.

Not bad, this kid. It's funny when you tease me.

"Okay, Clarice. Bring me a wolf in a pretty boy's skin and tell me what the hell happened."

"! Well, I did...... actually"

As if Clarice, who sensibly sensed the story had changed, deceived the atmosphere until then, while speaking quickly, he explained the situation.

Watching her smile like that - I also looked through the whole temple.

At least, I couldn't find anything strange from what I've seen so far.

Military personnel on guard, clerics in the temple, and this mouth is a bad or luxurious old goddess chief.

I don't see any abnormalities in things or people. And I also don't see any reason to be attacked at the same time.

It's just this crystal if you say you have something to worry about.

When it comes to crystals that are commonly used in temples, they are commonly spherical ones that fit perfectly into a person's hands.

I've never seen a temple that deals with such splendid and giant crystals.

Besides, from this crystal, I didn't feel any magic at all, even though it was floating.

But I feel something completely different from that. That's divine.

It is exactly equivalent to what was only slightly emanating from the demons that raided Mirdiana the other day, from General Duras' sword, and from my wife, Lumiel, who is constantly pounding.

A temple is a place to serve God. Maybe it's natural to feel divine...

I feel very uncomfortable. What the hell are you going to do with such a giant crystal?

If you are aware, turn to the clergyman who speaks extensively about how dangerous a man in this world is and Clarice, who is eager to hear it.

"Hey, both of you. Is this crystal from a long time ago?

"It was already there when I first visited this temple."

"Right. Holy shit, it's been in this temple since before I was born... according to my records, it's been here for over 400 years."

Has there been this giant crystal for so long?

When I used to look around the temple of the Empire, I didn't see any crystals that were so pure, yet invigorating.

"Is it also something that bothers you, Theodore?

"Yeah... think of it as a fine crystal"

"It's divine, isn't it? I've never seen a crystal so splendid in the Grand Temple before."

I was a little concerned about the words of the clergyman speaking with emotion.

"For the first time, the Temple of the Granden, does that mean you've looked around at temples elsewhere?

"It's obvious. I've had a lot of training until I became chief clergyman. I was in Mirdiana too, as I just told you, but I've seen other temples in the East and the North... and the Empire City. But I've never seen such a fine crystal before. So I was curious to find out what seems to be old. No, it's brilliant."

It's certainly a brilliant thing.

At the same time, I felt like I had seen something similar once, and I quickly got to it as I toured my memory.

Yes, a giant crystal that used to seal the power of Dean Ludio at the High Magic Court in Mildiana. of the giant crystal in front of me now and Mirdiana. I couldn't help but remember how similar it felt from then on.

"It is the breathtaking green wind of the earth. Carved by a fierce warrior to heal his creation (yes) -" Healing Wind (Lil Aire) "already!

Rin's voice echoed in the military school practice area.

Moments later, a refreshing breeze blew to heal the wounds of a male student injured in the arm.

There are no longer even traces of cuts there.

"Oh wow... that's really awesome about elf healing magic"

"Well. Does it hurt?

"Whoa. I can make it work now. Thanks."

No, you're welcome.

When Liz, who was crouching down to see how the boys students were sitting down, got up "at last," the students around her pushed over.

"Shh, it's amazing, Mr. Liz! That wound, it was pretty deep, and I can't believe it healed so light!

"I hear that many elf procedures are different from magic in the Empire, but what is this one like!?

"Wait, wait, wait. Well, I'll explain it in turn."

There are few people in the Grand Territory who can handle witchcraft.

Therefore, few students specialize in witchcraft in military schools, and the arms of the instructors who teach it were inferior to those of Mirdiana.

That's why Liz was invited to a real-life format exercise with a wooden knife, and when someone was injured, she was performing restorative witchcraft.

It is a normal surgical ceremony for the elves and a sight we see frequently in Mildiana.

But since there are few elves in this Granden, the majority of people saw the technique for the first time even when they were specializing in magic.

With that circumstance, students who specialize in witchcraft often asked questions about something to Liz.

While I was answering that, Liz was completely like a tentative instructor.

Liz, who is well looked after and loving, is now completely familiar with this Granden military school.

After Q&A, Liz yawns as she stretches her back a long time.

"Hmm, it's over, it's over... whoa"

When I filled my moist eyes, a voice was called from the side.

"That was a huge popularity, Liz. You'll be tired."

"Uh, Keith. - Really. I'm not very good at this sort of thing."

"He seemed familiar for it."

That's where Liz has a pranky grin.

"Huh. The exterior of the elf is excellent. You shouldn't be too alarmed if you see a sweet, cute elf like me. I don't know what you're thinking back there."

"Is that what it is? You don't feel very comfortable with your compatriots."

"Sort of. Especially since the more serious boys like Keith get hooked up with that ~. We have to be careful. Okay?

"Riu, let's keep this in mind. That said, there won't be an elf woman to speak to me."

"Keith is a cool, but somewhat successful part. The elf woman loves to be like a nice guy with all the alignments and thin lines. Especially like Theo-kun. The Elf kid was there at Mildiana's military school, but everyone was intrigued by Theo."

I don't think he's the man he looks like.

"Yeah, yeah. Because we don't all realize that. But, well, I guess I like that part of Theo-kun the other way around. It feels kind of mysterious all the time. Usually when I attack from this side, it's just so cold when I'm calm or something."

"Not at all. He's a bad guy. I don't fear anyone at all, I excel in swordsmanship and witchcraft as well as academics, and sometimes I get the impression that people have changed. I wonder where any kind of education would be."

"Hey, you want to know about that. I've been exploring it for a while, but no one knew Theo-kun in this grandden. You say you're from the Granden or something, and you really don't know who anywhere."

No one at the military school, not even the instructor, knew about Theodore.

Not only is it an outpouring of a beautiful boy with blue hair, but it's something he would always get into his eyes no matter how hidden he is with tremendous strength.

After such a brief exchange, Keith and I broke up.

Liz has been quietly thinking ever since.

"... I knew it was that maid that bothered me. I don't know who it was, Alle."

A silver-haired maid who never used awesome swordsmanship and witchcraft to inflict one scratch on Liz and Aynlana when she was attacked by a celestial demon in Mirdiana.

I felt as old as I was. But something like a frozen killer drifting from that whole body is like a woman of the same age could never hold.

It seemed as if he was also a warrior in the war.

Elsa, who serves the Duke of Duras's house, was also considerable, but I feel that silver-haired maid far surpassed it.

At that time, Liz had forgotten me because of the confusion, but she only remembered one thing.

"My Lord has given me my life to put your safety first."

Sure, that maid was squealing like that.

What a secret Ludio, but with such a monstrous subordination, I wouldn't have made the terminal Shizuku case that much worse.

He didn't seem to know anything about it, although I've now spoken with Aynlana and explored it somewhat.

There are naturally also those in the kingdom of Zephte Aria to protect the royalty.

but it mostly consists of elves. I'm not familiar with Liz herself, but he was talking about not including such a human being among Aynlana's direct subordinates, The People Who Can't Be Too Tabulous.

There are a limited number of people who knew before that there would be a terminal Shizukuishi incident.

It wasn't until after the incident converged that I found out that even Liz and Aynlana at the time were swimming as sprinklers after fully assuming that the incident would happen.

If Ludio didn't know everything, the spearhead of suspicion would be directed at the privileged students.

"... I think Keith and Rocha are the only ones who can afford to hire a maid, but those two don't care what you think."

Not only would Shaura call herself Rocha's slave, but Julian would also be different.

That would inevitably make him that blue-haired boy.

And it was a certain event since I came to this Granden that became decisive.

"Tell me about the silver-haired maid behind your brother, Theo?

The words General Duras' daughter muttered were clearly audible to Liz, who had a good ear.

I remember Theodore being more surprised by that than he'd ever seen before.

He looked right back at himself then. But there was no one on the spot.

It is overdone by mere coincidence.

It only hooks me up that I couldn't capture that look with my own eyes, but I thought there was definitely something because Theodore reacted so sensitively.

Charlotte was then out on the way to talk to someone outside at Rocha's birthday at General Duras' mansion.

I couldn't have listened and stood up openly, but that girl said something that bothered me.

"Theo, you're not human, are you?"

That's all I can remember clearly now.

I couldn't hear her well after that, but at the end of the words that followed, she also said:

"- It's not a ruff. It's not even a dwarf. I'm not even a dragon clan. Then what's with the Demon Clan?

That was the only conclusion I could hear, but it was not surprising to say that it was reasonable in view of the current situation.

If you're a Demon, you can also nod that you have no idea what that beautiful boy is.

Whatever you say, I have little information about the Demons. I don't know enough to say what kind of ecology it is.

It is no exaggeration to say that everyone does not know but therefore, on the contrary, the choice has been narrowed.

But if he was a demon, why did he imitate himself - to help not only Mirdiana, but the whole empire?

And why are you still staying in this empire and enjoying life in military schools?

No matter how much I think about it, I don't know where it is.

"... just a little bit, let's put in some exploration"

Aynlana had stabbed me with a nail telling me not to go deep.

But it hadn't reached the point of stopping Liz's curious sense of mission -.