"Not much progress..."

After breaking up with Clarice at the temple, I groaned overlooking the city of Granden.

After all, there was nothing else bothering me about that giant crystal.

But that also leads, on the contrary, to making an inference as to whether that crystal has any secrets.

An unknown and unusual giant crystal.

Because of the sheer madness, Chief Dorothee told me that it was supposed to be quite valuable, and that it was also in the other five temples that had been placed so as to surround the city of Granden.

Most importantly, now that four of them have already been destroyed, there are two left.

There will only be one outside.

If it is as crystalline as Array, it may not be that the human beings who became angels of God listened to the voices of the gods, or that it was an illusion or something.

And the fact that there were six of those crystals must have been a good reason.

There is no point in keeping such a substitute in this land for no reason. If it's just a spectacle, it would be sensible to think that's what's set up in the more populous imperial capitals and the temples of Mirdiana.

If it is used to monitor and attack the Demon Nation, it may be different, but according to what I'm asking, it's just floating on the spot and it's never been used for anything.

It's supposed to mean something, but it's scarce in the ingredients that just find it.

... all I could say was that that crystal was full of mystery even when I thought about it in the position of being one person, not as a demon.

Who, for what purpose...



Take the girl who has suddenly been identical and hugging me from side to side.

The elf girl with her deep green hair stretched laughed happily.

"Ha-ha-ha, I got you, Theo. Ku!

"What's wrong, Liz?"

"Hmm? Something's not responding well, huh? Is that it, after all? Feels like you get used to doing all these things?

"I know you're a weird elf. [M] If I'm surprised, I won't be able to keep myself alive."

"It's disrespectful to be weird!? You're still the princess of Zephte Aria, right? I'm currently running away from home."

When I was stroking her back holding her, I thought, "I think that's something different."

- Wouldn't this kid know, or what? About that giant crystal that was in the temple.

"Liz, I need to talk to you for a second, okay?"


"Yeah, thanks, then... Huh?

Liz said slightly as she could grasp the unexpected reply.

"Hehe, if you think I'm gonna listen to anything Theo says, you're making a big mistake, right? The important story is a more atmospheric place."

"Nothing, then. See you, Liz."

"Wait a minute! Wait, wait, wait! Because it's a joke! Don't try to leave me!

Liz grabbed my arm desperately as she answered and tried to walk away.

"Didn't you hate listening to me?

"That's just hating to hear on such a boulevard! As I said earlier, if it's important, think about the time and place. Me, I think it's best to say this all over the city of Granden... that we're alone in a quiet place where the sunset looks beautiful!

Well, if you're saying we can be alone, that's something you don't even wish for.

I was taken as she said and walked to the corner of the contact line over the Granden.

It seems that the place where Liz could be alone was mainly about the liaison lines used by military personnel.

Well, it's true that people don't visit that often, and this liaison line is in anyway.

I guess it's not strange that there are places where people don't really lean in with nature.

Liz glances at the dazzling sunset as she puts her arms on the main trunk of the liaison road (Rankan).

It's not a bad place for the atmosphere. There may be something in the sunset that attracts the beholder, regardless of race.

That said, the sun quickly sets when I watch all the time. Liz said abruptly when I was about to cut the story out.

"Where did Theo-kun come from?

"... all of a sudden"

"I told you I'm from Granden, and the people here don't know anything about you. Isn't that strange?"

I thought we'd be talking about it someday, but now, depending.

That's a little cumbersome.

I know she's not hostile or harmful just to watch, so it's okay, but in some cases I might just use a little magic to manipulate my memories.

I decided to go along with her story for a little while with magic in my right hand. [M]

"Here's how I deduce it. Theo-kun has a lot of things, things like having to fake their origins, and I don't know if they're hiding it from the others."

"That's an interesting story. So?"

"I'm going to know very well that there are circumstances that no one else can tell you. I've been spending a lot of time hiding that I'm an elf princess. I understand that there are things that are difficult to say."

Liz kept watching the sunset unbroken.

"But it's crazy, isn't it? That's all."

"What would it be?

"It's just an assumption, isn't it? Even if Theo-kun isn't from the Empire, he's from a nobleman or royalty in some country. Tsuji doesn't fit."

"How could that be?

"The empire is surrounded by foreign countries, isn't it? Zenan to the north, Rugal and Chiaro Diruna to the east, Zefte Aria to the south, and... you know what I mean?

Shut up and prompt ahead, Liz looks back at me with those light green eyes as she wriggles and deposits her back in the trunk.

"Zenan is a country ruled by people and dragons. I was at war with the Empire until a few years ago. There's no way people from such a country are coming to the empire - even in that capacity, there's no way they're going to solve the Shizuku case of the end. Not to mention that we have a ceasefire treaty now, because it's like an act of enmity. If the empire is in danger, you can watch it in silence. I was just hiding somewhere."

"Maybe that's how you look at it."

"Chiaro Diruna in the east is a country ruled by man. Teo-kun was good at witchcraft, so I suspected he was from this country at first, but that's different, too. The reason is similar to what I just said. It's natural to assume that that country is hostile to an empire that now allies itself with Rugal, besides having little interaction with the Empire anymore, right? Therefore, your behavior is unnatural. This isn't the same."


"Rugal to the east as well. This is a country ruled by beasts. It's not like there's no humans either, but if you're as awesome as you are, you'll catch my eye. Especially when you say you have a nasty personality, but you can't possibly not know that Rocha who doesn't have eyes for a strong opponent. So this is different, too. And the southern Zefte Aria goes without saying. My mother and I wouldn't know if someone like Theo-kun were here."


"Theo-kun is only uncomfortable no matter what country he's from. Normally, something is wrong even though you only look human no matter where you look from. I'm still immature, so I'm allergic, but my lineage has a little strange power. You can see who they are, read what their minds are doing, that sort of thing. My mother is really amazing, you know."

I didn't say anything in the form of staring at each other.

If I noticed, it always seemed like the eyes of an elf girl with no grasp were only getting a little serious.

That's what she says.

"Theo-kun. I want answers. Who are you?

"What do you want from me, Liz?"


"Are you going to tell others that? To people with both power and authority like General Duras and Dean Lyudio. Or tell all the other privileged students? Maybe it's both."

"Oh, uh, that's not what I meant."

"You say there's something in the world you shouldn't know. At the same time, there are things you shouldn't say if you know it. Otherwise, it's no wonder anyone like you who only has half the power dies."

"... eh. Oh, you know, I..."

I approach Liz softly and lift her jaw tip with my finger.

"For once, I'm begging you to keep your mouth shut about what you see. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee your freedom."

"Phew, phew... you're sweet. I'm not gonna kill you."

"That would be more fun to use as much as you like, even with a brainwashing procedure. It's always going to be fun to play with if I make your body do so many times more amazing than the seductive words you say."

"Hih, that's terrible... Rocha and I are best friends - I wonder if I'm dealing with things"

"I want to have a good relationship with Liz. Unless you do something shallow."

Usually bright Liz stares at me with her frightened, mixed eyes.

... That doesn't make me feel very good. Whatever the hostile opponent is, I don't feel hostility from her.

However, if I don't tell you this, I feel like this chunk of curiosity elf daughter is going to do irrevocable things soon. Even at the time of Mirdiana's incident, it seems to me that Dean Lyudio kept it to himself and did a lot of research, but rather something that he has been able to safely live to this day.

I gently took my finger off the jaw tip of the girl, who was dripping cold sweat and trembling in small pieces, and placed my hand on her shoulder with a pound.

"Remember that promise back then?"

"Ya promise...? Huh...?

"Totally, irresponsibly. I thought I told you. [M] See, Liz said it when Rocha went ahead and ran to Granden and followed him."

"Theo-kun"? Because this is competition, right? We're not good friends, are we? If you win, let's ask the loser to fulfill one wish for anything. '

Yes, she mouthed something like this.

After a while his rough breathing had naturally calmed down, Liz seemed to finally remember whether her head had started turning or not.

"Oh, oh...... I did say that, didn't I? Oh, I remember you so well, haha... oh, my God."

"The battle was my victory after all."

"I'm the one who was in Granden first."

"I was in trouble on the cliff. I'm the one who carried you to this fortified city. So it would be helpful if you would accept what I just said about" nothing else "as a promise."

"... Mm, mmm. You don't have to promise me anything like that to tell someone..."

"Just in case you think you're someone you can't stay alert to. Promise me you won't forget. For our sake."

"Wow, ok, ok..."

Liz admitted it even as she looked a little fuzzy.

Until earlier, the tension had eased. I didn't know the promises made then would be useful in this way.

When I thought so and took my hands off her.

"Just one, okay?

"If you can answer that."

"Is Theo-kun on the side of the Empire?

"I don't mean to."

Immediate response showed signs of her taking a breath.

I go on.

"I don't care if I have fun. I wouldn't have bothered to solve Mirdiana's case if it was boring."

"Fun......? That case...?

"Yes, it may have been a horrible case for you elves, but it's just like a pastime for me. I've had a good time."

This was undoubtedly my sincerity.

I wasn't on the side of the empire, and something that just happened to seem interesting when I was bored and about to die, so I looked it up and something pretty fun just happened.

The number of elves sacrificed in the past Mira's bloodtide incident and this terminal Shizuku incident is enormous. But that's just the end of the story for us demons.

There's nothing to pity the victims for, it's just a story that got me interested in what's happened in the past and what's about to happen.

Turns out it was supposed to wind up in the empire. It helped stop the disaster, but that's just like an aside. All of that is nothing but a pleasure to me.

A slightly sad atmosphere came from Liz's eyes.

- That's it.

It would be a little hassle to be searched through our bellies, but above all, it would be wise to keep some distance so as not to let her go any deeper.

It was Liz who lay on her face for a while, but she looked at me again and then told me like she was just a little shuddered.

"Sounds like Teo-kun. He looks nice, maybe he's actually a livestock. I don't want to turn them around."

"I don't want to turn Liz against the enemy either. - Yeah, but it might be a better excuse to be hostile to me, to be able to do whatever you want."

"It's a little terrible! Hey, I'm disillusioned! I don't know Theo-kun anymore! I don't like it...... but I kinda don't like it! You pervert!

She's an interesting daughter.

Seriously upside-down Clarice is cute, but so is this weird elf daughter.

It doesn't seem bad to get closer to them as long as you have the time and have them be the other two leisurely opponents while you're in the empire...... unfortunately not now.

I decided to ask what I had always cared about, as if I were going to re-divide it.

"Liz. Can I ask you a few questions? I've answered yours, and now I want you to answer my question."

"... I mean I answered, I think I've been teased ~... Phew, but no problem. What?"

"There was a crystal at the High Magic Court in Mildiana that contained the power of Dean Ludio, wasn't there? How far do you know about that?

"Uh-huh, the average person shouldn't know much about it... because Theo-kun isn't in that category anymore. But I've told you before, I'm too strong, Ludio. I'm just sealing the power of Seikei, nothing unusual, is it?

"No, I already know that. Perhaps it was one of the anti-elfists who made a gesture to the Emperor of the Empire to seal his power. But that's not the problem, that's the crystal itself."

"What do you mean?

"I want to know what kind of crystal even seals the power of the candlestick with Dean Ludio. I've seen something similar lately, so I was just wondering."

"Hmm...... Ludio Seisei - I don't know because he didn't give me much detail either. I just thought you said it was from a very old age or something."

"Old times, huh? Any other information?

"It may not belong in this world, it seems... right?

You don't even know exactly what you're talking about, Liz said in an ambiguous way.

"What does that mean? Something to do with the underworld where the dead are sent?

"I'm not, and you said that that crystal was' obviously made by someone 'and now it's like I don't know who made it, and nobody can make it in the first place. Ludio said you couldn't make it yourself."

"An impossible substitute even with the power of that dean, huh? That would be quite a hassle."

"Besides, this is what you said. 'It's definitely an old one. But there's no way you can make something like that in people's hands, whether it was hundreds or thousands of years ago. I don't think it belongs in this world.'"

"I'm just wondering if it's some kind of metaphor, or if you're just saying it like it is."

I felt frozen magic overflowing from the crystals I saw at the High Magic Court in Mildiana.

The array probably came from an influence that could not perfectly seal the immense magic that Dean Ludio possessed.

I just didn't realize at that time that I was intrigued by the strength of his magic, and maybe even that crystal was exuded by divinity.

Crystals that cannot be created in the hands of people or elves today.

That was used in Mirdiana to seal the power of Dean Lyudio.

And a substitute very similar to that crystal also existed in this Granden temple.

... I really don't think it's just installed.

If this crystal is homogeneous to what was in Mirdiana.

Isn't this crystal sealing something up again?

Does General Duras know about this?

I don't think I even said a word of that when we discussed it at his mansion...

When I was passionate about thinking that way, suddenly 'Sole' appeared.

"Ah! Yah, I found it."

He sounded terribly cheerful, and when he looked in that direction, there was a girl dressed in light clothes.

She turned the hood she was wearing deep in her eyes and exposed her face as she let purple hair soak in the wind.

And the girl with the adorable face raised her mouth horn as she stared at me.

Seeing that creepy look on the face of a pretty girl, I narrow my eyes softly.

Back to back, I thought when I saw the girl I didn't know how to handle.

- How many have you killed this woman before?