"A beautiful boy with bright blue hair. You're the rumored Theodore, aren't you?

"I don't know what kind of rumor that is, but maybe I'm the only one if I say blue-haired man"

The girl with her purple knitted hair stretched to her shoulders looks at me with interest.

It's a girl I've never seen before. So cute. It's my taste, too. Liz said to the arrowhead who thought that.

"Maybe, Toto?

"Hmm? Uh, Mr. Liz, it was... That's right, it's Toto. Oh, Theodore didn't have an introduction yet. Toto says Toto. Nice to meet you!

"Yeah, nice to meet you. So, what the hell kind of business do you have for me? You and I are supposed to meet for the first time."

When I asked her that, she laughed at the girl Liz seemed to know - Toto Hakufu.

The moment I casually do my hand on my nostalgia, I take something out at an awesome rate and throw it at me.

They flew in a straight line at high speed. Pinch that with two fingers and stop.

It was a sharp knife.

I didn't go too far. It was after my eyebrows.

I don't know if a normal man's arm strength would be fatal because of his skull, but this girl's unleashed knife was definitely fast enough to pierce the human head deeply.

- You're not poisoned.

With that in mind, I threw the knife away with my hand to return it.

The girl named Toto takes it lightly. I threw it to kill you.

Toto, who received the knife, opens his mouth with delight.

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no I've always wondered what kind of guy that is. Yikes... you do pretty good?

"Heh. Does that mean you're interested in strong people? Or are you more concerned about a blue-haired person? Whatever it is, it's a long time to say hello to the first person you meet."

"I'm sorry -! I accidentally got my blood rolling and my hands slipped! Personally, I don't really care about blue hair. I know it's beautiful, but nothing later. I mean, blue hair is just a natural god angel. He's no good."

I can turn my gaze around to lick it.

I wonder how hungry you are for the strong.

From behind this girl's adorable appearance, I can feel the unhidden killing spirit.

It seems similar and different from the madness I felt from Charlotte before. This girl named Toto doesn't look overwhelmed with that killing. Unlike the daughter of a general ruled by madness, there is a verse in which she is completely familiar with her own strong willingness to kill.

If it's for your own desire, even the first person you meet must scratch your neck lightly without passing by. It should kill humans as if they were breathing.

If I had just died by her knife in a human being, I would have killed Liz, the next witness.

- It should take a long time for a single person (just once in a while) to get to this frontier. I wonder how many people you've put on that vicious blade before.

Interesting, but dangerous opponent.

As much as I think we should dispose of it as soon as possible if there is no one on this occasion.

As Toto and I stared silently at each other, Liz, who had not suddenly caught up with the battle act that had taken place, asked in such a way as to fear that she had finally regained her mind.

"Oh, um... hello. No way, I'm not gonna make a dong pussy here, am I?

"Totally, I'd like to see how strong Theodore is right now - It's going to be fun to scratch your belly and see what the contents look like."

"If you're into it, I guess I'll have to take it seriously, too. Well, unlike you, I'm not going to kill you. Because it's fun to beat up an enemy girl who's become irresistible."

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, they both said it sucked! Let's calm down! Right?

Without even asking Liz to stop, Toto laughed and said so that he could see his dog teeth.

"Hehe, Theodore feels like a pretty face and quite an out-of-life road. It's a little different than Toto's - but it also seems similar -. I feel like I'm not a very godly person."

"You're just like each other. I feel divine from the sword wrapped around your hips. If you're not an angel, you can't possibly use it."

When I pointed that out to him, Toto looked just a little unexpected.

"Ho? You finally get it. This is truly the Divine Sword Meir Viper. Once you shake it, spa no matter how hard it is! What the hell -. I can handle such a substitute only because Toto is loved by God. No matter what I say, I don't believe you either."

"I believe you. It's impossible to wave a sword, except for the one God loves."

At that time, I felt her sword of love tremble.

"Oh? Oh? Are you serious? You've got a lot of eyes to look at. - You just have blue hair."

"Most of all. - I don't think that God is the kind of good God who brings grace to others."

"It's a good God." That's all Toto has to offer! Love, love, bless, continue your pilgrimage journey - Toto is fucking fun every day -! I think from the bottom of my heart you're happy to be alive. "

The girl who speaks innocently is probably having fun living up to that word.

I don't know much about faith in God held by humans and other races for me, even though I'm only a demon god.

... but I recall there were others who were speaking and acting in a way that could be described as this fanatical. I felt that man and the girl in front of me, who kept making terminal Shizukuishi for the goddess, had similar ideas to wonder.

Though it doesn't look like my spirit is crumbling like Gislan.

"This city of Granden is good, isn't it? I'm not bored just listening because he's there, headed by that big hero. But unfortunately, when Toto and I have to leave this city, it's a good idea."

"The guys? Are you traveling with someone else?

"That's right - I'm a guy named Hain. I didn't see a man like a skinny, tall suspicious man with a full body of black -?

I honestly shook my neck to the side because I didn't remember seeing such a person even as I traced my memory, Toto sighed in a great deal.

"Uh, shit already. That idiot, where are you going to be nasty? I should have told him it was time, but no matter how much you look for him, you won't find him. Maybe he went outside the Granden..."

The girl who talks a lot about her free-running counterparts seemed more frightened than worried.

The divine sword placed on the sheath, which is bracketed on the girl's waist as she talks relaxed, is shaking her calf.

"Ma, I don't care if that idiot thinks he's gonna show up one of these days. That's why I've been looking for Theodore for the last few days."

"I see. But since this city isn't very big, I think as soon as you do a conspicuous imitation, you'll find it and you'll be in the ropes."

"Nfu. You don't have to be so vigilant. Okay? I'm really worried about what I was looking for, but I don't even think I killed anything. So far, but..."

"What would you have done if you'd died in that greeting earlier?

"I didn't think there was such a clutterfish. It's okay. Seriously, if I wanted to kill you, I'd kill you more daringly."

Toto laughs slightly and invincibly.

That was like being told I'd kill you whenever I was right around the time.

"I'm satisfied that I also felt the strength of the rumor Theodore - So, hey, what I'm worried about right now is the culprit in the raid on the temple we've been talking about lately. Do you know what kind of guy he is?

I face Liz. [M]

Unlike me, who's getting information there from General Duras and Clarice, Liz won't know much about the matter. Something like the extent to which I heard rumors at best?

As expected, Liz flaunts her shoulders.

"I'm curious about that, too. Toto, how far do you know about this?

"Mmm. Toto went to the temple guard a few times, too, but all I know is that he's so, uh... At least by the time I left the land, I thought I'd find it and take my neck to the army and get a prize..."

That's a little odd.

This battle - rather than murder, perhaps. It bothers me where a girl who likes that kind has to go without being able to get her hands on her while keeping her excellent prey in front of her.

"Do you have something to do until you leave someone who seems so strong alone?

"Hmm? Heh heh, right. There is a revelation from our God. The next battlefield is far away. That's why I can't stay long. Is it just a few more days?"

Toto strokes the patterned head of the mair viper.

He was shaking and shaking. After it jumped just a little louder, he became quiet.

"Toto, do you already know that four temples have been raided?

"Yes, yes, it's a mochi. It's like one of them was a raid right after the Tots were off guard, so seriously, I feel like it was a shame. If I had stayed a little longer, I might have seen the killer and killed him."

Liz, who was listening to it, hides behind me a little and stares at the purple-haired girl, lower in length than herself, like she's afraid.

"It's okay, Liz. Because she's not dangerous."

"You just got attacked, didn't you?!? You would have really died if you were bad......!?

"It's just a greeting, that one. What do you need to be afraid of?"

"I think it's better what Mr. Liz says. - Okay? Theodore is pretty awesome, huh?

"I don't care if I get bored. I don't care when or where you attack from next time. Yeah, but this time it's nice to meet you when there's nobody else. Otherwise, I can't play with you in return."

"Oh, no, no, no... what these two...!

Liz is trembling as she grabs both of my shoulders.

I've been assassinated by accident and done things I never expected. [M] Especially since becoming the current Lucifer, he was raided many times by those who learned to rebel. Of course, it all ended in an attempt.

Compared to that, there is no such thing as this. But from a normal kid, I wonder if they think I'm off track.

"Theodore, you're a Mirdiana privileged student, aren't you? How did you get here?

"Sounds like a little study abroad. I'll be back in a month or so."

"Ho ho. Well, that doesn't seem like a problem."

Without knowing what the word means, Toto continues.

"Actually, it is. Toto thinks so. He said he didn't need to look for anyone else in the Temple Raid."

"Why would you do that?

"It's easy. He's the one who did all this. The killer will not come, and this Granden temple will come to raid."

It was a sure tone.

I've always wondered. I decided to say it.

"... do you really think so? It is true that four temples have been raided, and the fifth temple may be in danger. But there's that big hero in this city. Naturally, the security of the temple is strict by awesome. I don't think anyone with any strong powers can do anything about it."

"Mm-hmm. Sure, you're a big hero, you're a monster. But, well, how strong and only one body is - You know what I'm talking about?

So you're saying we're not raiding the temple head-on?

Or is it possible that a positive move or something would make it a situation where General Duras would have to go out and raid the temple in the meantime?

"Oh, uh, can I talk about something, too, atmosphere?

"Go ahead?"

When I said it, Liz opened her mouth as she hid behind my back.

"There are two more temples, aren't there? Why doesn't Theo or Toto care about that at all? It's like that temple is already premised on being raided...?

Say what you understand.

"I mean, you know, I mean, you know, you know..."

"Oh, you say that so lightly...?

"If you spare your life, you just have to run. I don't care what anyone thinks, it's dangerous. But I guess it's not so easy to break it off."

I'm starting to wonder how the killer breaks through this strict alert posture with Liz on his ass who is being distracted.

Maybe you'll see something quite interesting.

Thinking about that, Fujito says as he rubs his stomach.

"Mm-hmm. This is how they saw the rumor of Theodore, and I'm hungry. So I think it's time for Toto to have dinner, but how about you two together?

"Oh, I'm a little...!!

"Because Liz is scared because of someone. I'm sorry, but another time."

"Well, that's not what I meant. Well, if that's the case, I can't help it."

Toto muttered with great regret before turning back on his heels.

And I just turn my neck around and say.

"If you catch the killer safely, will you eat Theodore next?"

"I'll be here any minute."

"Damn. Theodore is a really funny guy - I really want to kill each other once, don't die by then - huh?

He left the scene with a torn laugh.

- Oh, boy, there was a monster.

Headed by General Duras, I've seen Clarice, Charlotte and the powerful, but I felt a different vibe from that girl who named me Toto.

Really funny. As much as I think we can be interested in killing each other as we are if the other cares about it.

"... gone?

Liz totally shielded my back and seemed to be meditating on my eyelids.

"I don't see him anymore, so I'm fine. Better than that, didn't you and that kid know each other?

When I asked, Liz told me how things were going.

Liz was also accompanied by Shaura when she intended to buy Rocha's gift. I seemed to know that girl named Toto there.

It just seemed like she thought she was a cute girl then.

"If I'd met such a funny kid, I'd have liked to walk with you guys"

"... I think Theo-kun's sensibilities are crazy. Really. Really. You almost got killed earlier, didn't you? Why are you looking so fine? Normally..."

"A normal person might be scared."

I laughed and answered all the time, and Liz moaned and leaned down as she did and shut up.

I'm not always afraid. Can't she even react like this?

... But I felt like I had just seen something else with Liz that scared me like this.

What was that? After a while of thinking, I shrugged inside. [M]

The sword that a girl named Toto had. Did you call me Meerviper?

That sword, also known as the Divine Sword, was trembling 'as if you were afraid of something' just as Liz is now frightened in front of you.

Was it fear after you discovered who I was, or...

Castle fort city granden exterior.

Four temples had already been destroyed, and the blackened man with the long lean body (just like that) had suffered behind the last remaining temple.

The military men on the lookout who watched each other look at each other in such a way that they don't know how.

"... Has it been three days?"

"Mm-hmm. It's so strange how you can live forever without eating any grain of water..."

The man never tried to receive any food or water offered.

But a man's symptoms are clearly nothing more than symptoms coming from extreme hunger.

Many times the nun courageously behaved to the man to eat and water, but all were rejected.

Still, it should be noted that she stood single-handedly in a glass of water in front of a man who still suffered without giving up.

"Why do you refuse to eat so much? As it is, you are really... called, aren't you?

The man answered nothing.

He drools his saliva out of his mouth, glances around with his bloody eyes, and clenches the sheets of his bed, which he has put to sleep because of the anguish of hunger.

"You can't do that anymore, the man."

"That's the way to put it......! This one has another blessing from Orphelia. Proof of this is that I still have this breath. It's not time to die yet."

The military man saw the nun looking impatient and did not carry on two sentences.

The nun immediately turned back to the suffering man and carried water to her mouth.

But the hand can be paid off. I almost dropped the glass and cracked it. I've seen this several times already.

"Why don't you take it...? The hunger and suffering should heal as soon as you eat properly."

"... starvation... and immortality, suffering. That's... but some kind of living food"

A man spun words for the first time.

But it was not a pleasure, and the nun was greatly confused by what seemed to make no sense.

A man who was suffering roughing his breath again, but his stiff-minded lid opened up slightly, waking up a sleigh and body from the spot.

"Oh, did you care to drink your water?

I do not respond to the words of a nun.

But the man seemed to listen to something all at once, as if he were listening to a birdie in the woods.

And that mouth was opened.

"… it is in this place that the voice reaches… you are the God, the proof…"

Words with no meaning continue.

"Here is the sacrifice that corresponds to the offering of the God of abundance. Not for you, all for the rich nature - come, 'Redo Mescuole'......!

Shortly after the blackened man screamed with a squeezing voice, the great sword of a man kept elsewhere vibrated and flew at a tremendous speed. Breaking down the walls of the temple room with a roar, he broke into the room and stuck in the hands of a man.

It was a sight for everyone to be taken aback. But the guy just says he doesn't care about that.

"The time is full. There is an ideal paradise at the end of a hunger that will never be filled. - Don't leave one, eat as much as you like."

The pitch-black sword that the man had in his hand instantly distorted its shape, dividing it in multiple ways, like a tentacle.

Tentacles pierced that mouth the moment the nun opened her mouth to scream, when she was out of time in front of the alien sword. In an instant, multiple tentacles pierce the body of a desperate nun, 'sucking up' the ejected flesh and organs.

"Hih... Hih no!

"Hih, don't be frightened. Take the sword -"

The slow-moving soldiers followed the same path.

Deadly without even being given time to blink, he sips blood on his alien black tentacles.

There was no time for the military men who had rushed to hear the sound to lay their weapons, and the black tentacles moved around irregularly, ramping through the floors and ceilings. As he instantly devoured all the men on the path, he covered the entire temple and devoured and killed without sight the temple men and soldiers who were inside. Unilateral killings, which do not even leave a scream of the Terminator, fill the temple.

The man continued to walk through the temple where he began to collapse, pierced in all directions, clenching the pattern of the great sword that he had transformed into a foreign form, eventually reaching the deepest part of the temple.

There was only a giant crystal floating there. Nothing else.

If you notice, the look of distress had disappeared from the man, turning around and returning to a calm face.

No longer a great sword turned into a monster of giant black tentacles, like a blowing storm, devours human remains and destroys the temple itself.

The man shrugs as the debris begins to fall from overhead.

"Don't worry. You have been sacrificed by the gods of abundance. The death is never in vain. Before an ideal is pursued, paradise is necessarily created"

The man, who realized that he was no longer the only one breathing in the temple, looked at the pale, shining crystal in front of him.

But I don't have much interest in it, so I turn back on my heels.

The tentacles in his hands and the great sword that had turned into a black storm destroyed the crystal into dust. In his ass, the man followed the temple, which was about to collapse.

The peace of mind in the meantime stabilizes the man's spirit.

No hunger, no dryness, no pain. In a calm mood, the blackening man - Hain looked up at the night sky.

"One sacrifice left behind."

The Great Sword, which had become alien, had at some point returned to its original form.

Nearly 100 human beings who were packing in the temple were instantly eaten and killed, and even though they were supposed to have bathed in flesh, there was not even a drop of blood left in their possession.

But from his captivity was unleashed the resentment and hatred of the victims to their desolation.

"Poor ghost (Geschpenst) - no need to mourn. Your numbers will increase soon. Come on, there's a lot of people waiting for you."

At the same time as that whine, an enormous number of grudging spirits overflown from the great black sword flew towards the castle fort city of Granden with a grudging cry.