I'm The Strongest Demon Lord but nobody is coming to slay me so I decided to infiltrate heroes training facility

Tabernacle "The Great Dragon General of the North and the Head of the Necromancer"

The border between the Elberian Empire and the Xenan Dragon King.

Above the high mountain range, an aerial moving fortress, Lindvlm, was floating.

The automatic defensive surgical ceremony for the green-based fortress was lifted, and a big man over two metres tall stepped out onto the edge of Lindvrum.

The man who covered his muscular body with red armor with martial bones gives the crude impression that his hair produces a barren beard with blush, and that his physique is also (now) close.

He has a large spear in his hand that is more than his height. A number of sharp sword-shaped protrusions protruded at the spear's spear tip, machined with magic silver and dragon fangs.

The man gently wields that viciously shaped spear. And its swordswallowing eyesight sharpened, while his pupils elongated as if they were reptiles'.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

He jumped off the moving fortress, raising his voice as he deserved to describe it as a dragon roar.

The frozen air is nothing, and the big man falls at an awesome rate.

That's when something came flying with tremendous momentum from the other side of the sky.

That was a flying dragon about twice the height of a big man.

The body stains bright red, masterfully manipulating large wings to plummet.

The man stepped down on the giant body as the dragon approached directly below him.

Fei Long, who reduced his speed just a few dozen meters from the ground, turned his face toward the Lord as he roared.

"I made you wait, buddy. Oh, good boy. Head to the western garrison."

The red flying dragon nods, gliding straight over the mountains.

Ahead is the territory of the Xenan dragon kingdom. And there was a soldier's squad yard.

Every soldier who was making a special training while shouting out on the ground stopped moving and saluted him on the spot, realizing the presence of the red flying dragon and the big man who rode it.

As Fei Long continues to glide at tremendous speeds, the man bangs Fei Long's hard scales before jumping all at once.

The big man stepped down to the ground as the finished Fei Long flew away for him.

"Good day, my Lord Berger!

"What do you think? I went all the way to the West. How's the training going?"

"Ha! Guys, we're vibrant! Training in this wide squad is something you wouldn't even wish for a dragon cavalry!

Hearing the words of the deputy's man, he stares at the soldiers and the flying dragons as they reach squadron size.

Dailong General - General Rudolph Berger said - saw a soldier who is saluting without being slight and a flying dragon who is only staring at us on the spot without wandering off.

"Well, you seem to be doing well. I don't care when you attack the Empire with this, does it?

"Everyone on this occasion is how it feels! If you want to defeat the Hate Empire, you will have no regrets or dust if you set up a special attack without regard for your life!

"Hehe, it's fine to have a good prestige. But there's a guy over there, right? You're headed by Ludio Lambert, the good-looking half-elf who smashed the drag flashly, and the great hero who smashed Beluda on a single ride. No matter how strong you are in the war, you can't beat a monster like them. You're reckless. You should stop."

Berger was remembering the battle five years ago, rubbing his inert beard.

The Folkus Grand Mountains match, which was also responsible for the gradual cornering of the Xenan Dragon Kingdom, which was an overwhelming advantage at first.

At the time, Berger had decided that the Empire would have no choice but to defend itself in front of the Fortress of Air Movement Drag.

In fact, you were right at first.

The pressure exerted by a banned magic cannon, which spanned 300 consecutive rounds per minute, was overwhelming, bracketing high that no magician or other could prevent the arr.

Led by Marshal Audran in Mildiana in the South, the 'Mildiana Territorial Demon Legion' also decided that if it was in Draig's hands, nothing would happen.

Regardless, you can't keep shooting demon cannons.

I really needed some time to restore my magic, and there was a limit to how many times I could shoot in a day. Still, though, it should be noted that we can't possibly counter his fortress of air travel. That's what I was deciding.

"... oh. Even if I remember right now, my bowels are boiling back. That half-elf bastard's face isn't gonna be forgotten if he dies."

"It was just out of standard. Everyone in my country didn't even imagine that kind of delicacy."

"The guy who can prevent the direct hit of Draig's magic cannon is one of God's angels. Yes, he is. Even Marshal Audran, who had been flattered by that genius and had gained protection from multiple gods, couldn't sustain his bond by himself... that's what changed his common sense because of that bastard"

Out of Mildiana's Legion of Demonic Conductors, who were thoroughly defended, Lyudio, who saw the plane and got out, has unleashed successive powerful magic against the Draig.

Its power also outweighed Draig's artillery fire of demon cannons.

At the same time as the destruction of the troops, led by Marshal Audran, intensive bombardment was carried out towards Lyudio, who also decided that it was an immediate threat on the part of the Drag. But the hardness of his tensed surgical junction was something of a different dimension.

Even a direct strike of 300 series of magic cannons could not completely destroy the junction, and on the contrary, the powerful magic caused Draig to suffer the worry of shooting down.

At the time, Berger, who was in command in the drag, had no choice but to escape.

Remembering bitter memories, anger solicits, tongue-in-cheek with monsters inside. But now there was something more important than that.

"Well, the old story is good. Lindvlm sensed something stranger than that."

"Something strange..."

"It's 'The Swing of Space'. Now there's only such a weak reaction that no one notices, but it's happening near the border between the western part of Elberia and the Tenebrae demonic nation."

This time, Berger was to conduct an exercise using a small number of dragon cavalry, the squadron size, by the immediate life of the king.

Besides, it's a squad field near the border with the Elberian Empire. No matter how well suited you are for training, it can also lead to provoking that country in vain if you can see a flying dragon cavalry.

We all had no idea why the King had given us such an order, or could have anticipated this.

He is the current dragon king who has no idea what he is thinking, but he is also supposed to have the power to pass through various gods.

Berger would not have been able to laugh and deny that they were sent to prevent this minor anomaly from eventually becoming enlarged.

"Is it a sway of space...... Never in the last hundred years of history have such things been observed in our Zenan dragon kingdom and empire"

"Oh. It wasn't an empire with Zenan. But that's what happens to Chiaro, who's starting to fight with the Beasts now."

"Sure. Speaking of the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, His Excellency Princess Dragon General Lafielle Balhaus has been invited as guest general. He is not only a magic guide, he is also a profound creator of history, so you may know something."

"Lafielle, you're a good woman. I guess that's what you call a charitable Virgin. If you push it down hard, try and see what that gentle smile will look like."

Berger had a lowly grin as he thought of the adorable Princess Dragon General - but he returned to being so faceless.

"But well, yeah, I don't always trust the guy with the smile the most. I'm getting into a lot of relaxation. That woman looks good, and the guy out to the right when it comes to shaking people's minds. Yes. Hey. At best, they didn't fool me with that look."

"Ha! I understand......! No matter how old the young girl is, there is no doubt that these powerful warriors will be able to take up Dragon General's position in the Xenan Dragon King kingdom."

"That said, the sway of space may have a deep-rooted relationship with Chiaro. It would be best to talk to Lafielle around there... but if my mind wasn't dull, I wouldn't have time for that anymore"

The deputy looks nervous when he sees the Great Dragon General smile invincibly.

The men under his command also waited for the next word to follow as they remained upright immovable.

"Something will happen on the border between the Empire and Tenebrae soon. Something I've never experienced before. If that's a phenomenon that just fits within the Empire, you can let it go, but it's not going to happen anyway. In that case, the foreword is withdrawn. We have to get into the empire and crack it down."

Everyone was shocked by that word.

The deputy man was one of them again, but serves and says in a calm tone.

"An inviolability treaty has been signed with the Empire. Regardless, taking such action would also amount to interference in internal affairs......?

"Except when it comes to 'my country is in crisis' as well as the Empire. Besides, we're not going to kill any of the Empire guys. It only moves to suppress the anomalies that would have happened if left unattended. It's only thanks that you get blamed. - Well."

The Great Dragon General laughs.

"Not if the Imperial Army seems to get in the way."

Everyone who was on the spot could not help but stiffen their bodies when they saw a fierce grin as if they had preceded their prey.

"Oh, my God. Until then, be as well trained as you have ever been. I'll be here for a while. Whoever decides it won't help at all, I'll slap him in the neck. Be prepared!"


Satisfied with the salute of the dragon cavalry, Berger was watching the Elberian Empire and doing so in a way that he could not help but enjoy anticipating what would happen in the future.

The anomaly detected by that airborne moving fortress - as if it wished to be a source of war.

Lucifer's Palace in Tenebrae Demonic Nation.

In a huge library set in that corner, the Second Lady of Lucifer, the mightiest demon king, a long-haired girl - Giselle was fishing for old books.

A girl dressed in a dress with plenty of frills turns the page of the book in her hand.

Everything was spelled out in ancient languages, or lost proprietary languages, all substitutes that no ordinary person could comprehend in the end, but for her to live the eternal moment and get acquainted with the book, nothing is different than just reading.

Another girl appeared in the library as she continued to read books enthusiastically in that place, which boasted a huge amount of books.

"Giselle, may I have a moment?"

"... I don't mind. What's the matter with you?

"Mr. Leviathan is here. You think it's urgent?"

When Carla, the vampire of her true ancestors and Lucifer's maid, tells her so, Gisele closes the book with a flatulence.

"Levi did? It's unusual that she should be in a hurry. All right, let's go."

Carla asked while walking in the form of leading Gisele out of the library.

"What do you know about the space sway in the matter?

"In the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna there was a record of similar phenomena happening many times. Is that also due to man-made force?"

"The swing of space eventually creates a 'dimensional rift'. What does that have to do with anything?"

"Though we make demon-inducing organisms in that country, failure to experiment is an accessory. There was a record of a demonic creature that could not be successfully built that was thrown away in a dimensional rift. That's a terrible story."

"Do you mean to abandon the failures in places where you don't even know where they are connected? That's what that country is going to do."

The other day, I felt a slight sway of space in the Granden Territory.

Gisele, who was concerned about it, had been caged in the library for the past few days, examining events relating to the shaking of space and the rift in the dimension that it eventually wound up in.

And just a few hours ago, once again, there was a swing in space. Now I felt clearer than before. I didn't think that was something I could ignore anymore.

There's a good chance there's some kind of anomaly going on in the empire.

And it is also suspected of being linked to the ongoing temple raids.

If my predictions are correct, it should be a foretaste of something extraordinary happening.

With that in mind, heading to the tea room, which is always in the courtyard garden used by the ladies, there was a girl there who wrapped up a strange atmosphere.

"Long time no see, Giselle."

"Yeah, it's been a while. Could Levy have been doing well?

"Ask this man who is neither old nor sick."

The girl, who laughed calmly and tilted the teacup, looks like she is leaving her youthfulness dark with an appearance of about 11 or 2 years old.

Long dark hair, the girl with a neat face like a doll but seeped her worries in her adorable face.

What you are wearing is a white garment called a white garment, and a red underwear called a white garment.

It is a peculiar costume, and I have never seen anyone wearing such a garment other than her, even from a long living Gisele.

Ask, apparently, clothes that were sometimes worn on some other continent during the period of ancient prehistoric civilization.

"Levi is always restless, even if he is physically well. Don't push me."

"... nothing is a prospect. Until now, he said he was only a weak child."

"Hehe. It's been 900 years since I've been here. Humans change. Unlike demon gods, neither appearance nor contents"

Sitting on the chair in a form facing the girl, Gisele spoke sideways of Kara as she quickly embarked on preparing her tea.

"Levi, do you prefer the Necromancer's Palace? Until recently, I heard that there were a lot of rough spirits and it seemed very difficult."

The Necromancer's Palace refers to the palace where Leviathan lives.

As its name suggests, there are many dead people (undead) roaming her territory like ghosts and zombies.

It was only recently that the grudges were noisy, but it is usually a quiet place because the hearts of those who can die by the power of Leviathan are calm.

"Um, keep my conversation going. Everyone's heart is somewhat at at peace. I'll never be able to show you around again.... than that."

Levy - Levy Athan, who looked like a girl, with seven pillars of the royal family of demons being one of them, turned those lifeless eyes toward Gisele.

"In the western realm of the Empire, I felt a lot of signs of death"

"… I wonder if it has anything to do with the case in question. I haven't told you yet, but will you just give me a little ear?

Leviathan stared at Gisele, who drank tea and spoke gracefully while eating tea confectionery, with a magical face.

At the end of the story, the demon god girl said.

"Five temple raids... I guess the dead are up to a good number now. And as for the shaking of the space that happened at that time, I was able to feel the friction for just a moment. Let's get something going."

"Your Majesty is here in the West. I hope you're okay."

"What do you need to worry about? Instead of not moving no matter what, the more dangerous it is, the more indulgent it is in nature, and it has the power to match it. Isn't that what worries you?"

"That being said, His Majesty is now a human body. Even though the Lumiels are adjusting to a stronger body than the cohort of god angels, they are so fragile that my body ruptures just because I graciously embrace them. I really care."

To the worrying Second Lady's words, the young demon god laughs all the time.

"It's not a problem because Lena, who is stronger than Nanashi, is here to live forever. It's more strange that Lena didn't kill me before."

"That kid is always calm and sensible, but when you're alone with His Majesty, you're a very sweet girl. But I know exactly what to add and subtract, so I'm fine. Though it looks like Lumiel broke his neck bone once. Last time I died, I was surprised."

Leviathan exhales when he sees Gisele talking like it was nothing, teasing his neck.

"Can't Nura take care of something called life a little more... No, well, that's enough. The story has gone astray, but signs of death are drifting colorfully from the western realm of the Empire. But strangely, the Necromancers are not wandering. Those who have died carelessly, whether they are harmless ghosts or malicious spirits, will be scattered among the people. Especially the softly dwelling Necromancer's Palace has the nature of attracting ghosts, but it never comes to the land of Tenebrae - slowly turning to the Granden as if it were led by someone else."

Gisele nodded at the words of the demon god, who believed in binding and healing the dead spirit.

"First of all, it must definitely be a sign to raid the temple inside the Granden. It's just a roundabout. There must be many in the temple who can handle the sacred ceremony. It's simply inefficient to use the Necromancer as a tool for raiding."

"Right. The purpose of the mastermind is probably to create a dimensional rift and do something, but the herd of Necromancers is nothing more than a mere scratch... how pitiful those who are being manipulated are."

"Let's continue surveillance with spatial magic even on my part. I wonder if Levy can help us out when we can."

"I didn't mean it better than I did. I'm not going to stick my neck in human circumstances, but if it serves to heal those caught up in it and die,"

Numerous dead spirits appear and many more human lives are lost.

The Second Lady of the Demon King closed her eyelids softly when she heard Leviathan's words, which were equal to affirming so.

"… Your Majesty. Don't be impotent."

Such a grunt leaked as I floated my dear husband's figure behind my brain.