"Shaura got kicked by a horse?

As she blinked her eyes when asked about unexpected things in the military school classroom, the fox beast girl with golden ears and tails sighed as if she had been stunned.

"Uhm...... There's a big white horse in the army stables. It's a famous one as a rampage horse, but the great layers of splendor have completely captivated Shaura. He touched me and kicked me in the head as I turned behind the horse without any warning."

"Isn't that dead?

"If you're a normal person, yes, but he's sturdy, so... Blur your neck, but keep watching the horses."

It's ridiculous to go around behind a horse.

At the same time, I became just a little interested in the horse that even that fat chaura of eyes fascinated me.

When I asked Rocha where she was and headed to the stables, there was Shawla and Charlotte. Behind it is Elsa quietly withholding.

"Hmm? Theo, it's your brother. What's the matter with you?

"I'm here to see how it goes because I heard Shaura was kicked to death by a horse."

"I'll scratch your neck.... Hmm, is this something that kills me to the point that I was kicked by a horse? Although my neck hurts a little."

At that time, the horse was hissing.

The girls in front of the stables turned their gaze towards you, and I was followed and peered inside.

There were more than one horse in the cabin - probably one used by the cavalry - but there was an eye-catching presence among them.

It was a giant white horse threatening the soldiers in front of him, honking high.

That horse, more than once larger than the others, was old enough to tell from a glance alone.

Still, however, it does not try to attract the soldiers who are trying to forgive themselves by hissing with a great deal of power.

"What is that white horse?

"She says," Brendan. "My father rode it during the war. Don't be frightened in front of the dragon. He saved my father."

"Oh, that's funny. A horse ridden by a great hero. You look a lot older though."

The arrow tip that said so, the horse that was rampaging became hushed and quiet.

I thought I stopped keeping it slight, and I lay there as if I were going to fall flutter on the spot.

"Are you all right? Though I don't seem to be feeling well."

"Yeah, I think I'm tired these days. Because people used to go around just being nearby, and now they're gonna grow up..."

I thought the grown-up horse wouldn't be that long if I were certain of my view. [M]

The white bristles are also less lustrous, and the giant body is thin.

I know it used to be a very fine horse, but this could be hard to even walk with people on it anymore.

"Brendan didn't forgive anyone but her husband and Nastasha."

Elsa, who had refrained behind her back, leaked pompously.

"I never miss anything but those two, and don't try to feed them until they are no longer popular (one person). If you don't keep it under control all the time, you'll soon burst out, so there's a lot of people who don't want to take care of you."

"I see. So you're a proud horse. Is Charlotte unauthorized?

"Yeah. I'm telling you, if you're so rambunctious, you're gonna be horsemeat, and you're not listening to me at all"

"How dare you flesh such a splendid and beautiful horse! Woohoo, nice. These white horses are great, aren't they? Put Rocha on her back and I'll hug her from behind... haha, it's time for bliss"

The wolf girl, whose head was filled with flower gardens, said grudgingly.

"Is it something that even beasts admire horses?

"Horses are more important than living in the meadows. Rocha or I can run faster than a horse, but a normal beast man doesn't have that fast legs. Unlike other countries, starting with the Empire, we don't do much to run through the battlefield together."

"Because the beast man's weapon is his own body?

"Yes. I don't have a sword or a spear, so I'm not going to take a special attack on a horse. Is it normal for horses to be used for milk squeezing and loading? Although we are different from other countries, we beasts and horses are important companions living together in the meadows."

Saying so, Shaura clouded her expression somewhere lonely staring at Brendan now just lying around.

That's when Charlotte squeaks.

"Brendan, I wonder if it's been long"

"Miss Charlotte. Such a thing..."

"Fine, stick around. I'm used to that."

The girl goes on to say it as if she had been objectified somewhere.

"I would have liked to see it just once. Where Brendan runs with my father on board."

It was a stronger word to give up that you wouldn't see such a sight than you admire.

It's funny how the windy chaura that usually blows wherever other than Rocha says it, grates it with care.

Elsa remained silent and watchful of the sight. Around not breaking the faceless look even in this situation, it seems to be the same as General Duras, the Lord.

I see Brendan again.

The body is indeed thin and fading. I thought there were no more lights of life.

But I felt like I could still feel a strong desire to run from the eyes of a white horse who had put a tall hero on its back and ran through the battlefield with him.

"Lady Charlotte, it's time to teach the Magic Gun. Let's come."

"I'm not interested. What if it's just Elsa?

"That's not how I'm going. The Magic Gun will be a must substitute for the future Elberian Imperial Army. Charlotte, please take a tour for the rest of your school."

"No. As much as I do that, I'd like to have a sword audition with your brother Theo."

"Hey, why don't you leave a guy like this alone and study physical arts with me? You're good at swordsmanship, but you're still good at it, aren't you? I'll teach you everything slowly and slowly!

"Shaura's sick."


Elsa grabbed Charlotte's shoulder disappointingly as she sidelined Shaura, who was shocked by no more words of rejection.

"You can't be selfish. In the first place, today we are invited to the military for the purpose of instructing the Granden soldiers with their magic guns. I told you that beforehand."

"Because it's boring! Hey, Theo, where's your brother? Fight with your sword! Now I'm going to compete with you!

"I guess what you call squareness refers to any good battle if it serves its purpose. I don't mind, but I wonder if you'd like to see Charlotte fall to the ground with a tap on her head."

"What!? I'm definitely a loser too...... Ah, hey, Elser!?

Elsa hugged both sides of Charlotte and then just left somewhere as she recieved the complaint of the noisy girl as she thanked her for coming this way.

Seeing that, Shaura squeaks pompously.

"... that maid would be nice too, wouldn't she? I wonder what emotions are hidden behind the faceless expression. I'd love to be near you."

I accidentally leaked a bitter laugh when I saw her giggling at me.

When I left the stables and went out into the city, I felt uncomfortable.

A feeling that I rarely feel first in my normal life. Is this - a sway of space?

I'm blunting to these senses because of people's bodies, but there's no doubt about the unique phenomenon in which this space braces.

That's when I heard a voice from behind.

Lucifer. What's that...?

"It's a shake of space. That's unusual."

Lena has been echoing in her brain.

I continued ahead, making sure there were no other people around me and returning to my original tone.

"It was a long time ago that some event caused space to shake. Shaking occurs, for example, by the tremendous power of the magic of the high staircase, or by the power of the magic itself, which is intended to tear apart space of its own free will"

"Of your own free will, is it? Tear up the space, what the hell is going to happen '

"When the sway of space develops into something massive, a 'door' opens to an unknown realm that we don't know is connected to anywhere: a dimensional rift. The purpose of making it happen is varied, but in the past, in the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, his magic giant, there have been successive instances of throwing the failures of the demonic conductor into its rift."

Magic creatures are also troublesome creatures with great dangers attached to some things.

Seen in the fold of an earlier terminal Shizukuishi case, an elf-only eating demon-induced organism was not even able to walk independently, but its nature was vicious itself.

In the end, Arre was just like a tool that could only create a terminal Shizukuishi, and he was less dangerous.

But many of the original demonic creatures are so troublesome that the god angels of humans and beasts cannot defeat them unless they fight for themselves.

It is a demonic organism that is loyal to orders, has high killing ability, and is excellent in endurance and endurance, but is considered difficult to create.

It is beyond imagination how many failures the hell have produced by the time we create a fiercely fierce demonic creature on the battlefield.

Combat ability is equal to failure if you don't listen to orders, even if you are highly capable. It would be desirable to dispose of it as soon as possible.

But it's not an easy creature to kill. Because they are creatures that survive no matter how many shots of a powerful technique equivalent to a ban, it is extremely difficult for humans simply to be unable to move.

Prepared for this is a method of disposal utilizing the dimensional fissures that arise from the shaking of space.

Whatever power you had, if you hunted it down in that rift, you'd fall into the space ahead and never come back.

This is the only level of information I can find out.

Speaking of which, I think I had a book in my palace library in Tenebrae with that kind of information.

Authentic, it's a book from a time when demonic creatures were used in warfare, but anyway, that magical power has a thorough secrecy. No significant information should have been written......

Whatever it is, only the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna is creating such an exorcism.

I have thought before about the possibility of such dangerous demonic conductors roaming in this imperial land that disposal is necessary, but it is still unlikely.

That would make it more realistic to think that this sway of space is an event that has nothing to do with the disposition of demonic conductors.

However, it is not a rare phenomenon such as the swing of space.

The key to this phenomenon is that it does not happen first of all naturally, and most of it depends on what is' artificial '.

If something else man-made happened again while the raid on the Temple was happening, you should assume that there is some connection between the two.

Previously, Claude Duras argued that the late Shizuku incident in Mirdiana and this temple raid were masterminds by those with the same purpose.

In Mirdiana, if the Elf's disappearance had been left alone, the Heavenly Demon would have destroyed that academic city and left a good number of dead.

In doing so, the Empire wreaks havoc. More temple raids there would make the mess so intense......

In "Only", where the temple was raided, people remain only confused and anxious. While we worry about ourselves being harmed, humans will pay more attention to the current Tenjin raid.

But that can't be it.

Whoever plotted this massive conspiracy should necessarily be thinking of causing a 'equal to or greater than Mirdiana' massive incident in the Granden as well.

If the Heavenly Devil continues his rampage, the military's hands will be focused on you.

And if we make a case in the Granden without putting it between us, we will no longer be talking only about the people who will be confused.

An old crystal rested in the temple. It is likely that I am the key to this case.

The answer should be in there......

When I was thinking deeply, Lena whispered.

Lucifer. I don't like it. '

"... hmm?

'The feeling of this spine freezing seems like a sign of a dense dead'

"The dead. You're not talking about harmless floating spirits, are you?

"Yes, I feel close to the bottomless deep jealousy and hatred directed at the living, which I had previously felt during my visit to the Necromancer's Palace, where Master Leviathan lives. And there's a tremendous number of negative feelings coming to this Granden - and it doesn't feel that way."

Even though I am now a human body, the contents are demons.

Most powers are sealed, but they are also more sensitive to the sense of the dead approaching than ordinary humans. Though I seem to have become more dull than Lena.

But you still can't feel any sign that those dead aren't right around the corner?

"If you are the one who died in this neighborhood, you are often drawn to Levi's Necromancer's Palace. Lena, are there indeed many signs of that dead man?

'Yes, definitely. Slowly, but a lot of signs are approaching'

Strange story.

The Necromancer's Palace is equal to a resting place for ghosts.

You're supposed to instinctively feel it and attract it, but why wouldn't a bunch of dead people?

... is someone manipulating you?

If it is an advanced oblivion manipulating the forces of darkness, it is not impossible to manipulate the Necromancer as he wishes, but he does not know its intentions.

Why should we send so many dead spirits to this land of Granden?

If it is merely a Necromancer, it is visible that it can be easily dealt with by the monks and soldiers of the Temple. It's certainly not impossible to attack hard if you let the numbers say things, but it's inefficient.

Or is the raid of the temple not an end in itself...?

If you look up into the sky, the sunset will dazzle you.

Well, will something happen by the end of the day? Or is it not that time yet?

- Hmm. Not bad.

"I wonder if the spatial sway followed the raid on the temple, now a bunch of dead people? I have no idea why. It's really troubling."

"... Lucifer? For what you're saying, your mouth is laughing, isn't it?

"Mirdiana's case was boring. For me, it was quite a monster. Not bad as a leisure time crush. That's why I'm still unhappy."

'Are you unhappy that you were having fun?

"That's why. I can't wait to see what the mastermind of this case is going to do next. But it's too much of a rush. I hope you start your next spectacle soon. I hope that this march of the dead will not stop."

"... be my supreme lord, I have trouble with the vices of my beloved husband"

"Can't we hang out?

'No matter, I will accompany you to the end. All this life I have given to you. "

"That's the woman my wife deserves. Lena, let's get ready to enjoy this spectacle together."

I started explaining to Lena the guidelines for future action.

At the same time.

The cemetery of the fortified city of Granden was filled with quiet (nasty) air.

General Claude Duras, who was hailed as a great hero in the battle against the late King Zenan Dragon, stands before one grave sign illuminated by the sunset.

The tomb marker overlooked by the blonde general is inscribed Nastasha Duras.

Claude, staring silently at it for a while, opened his mouth quietly.

"... sorry, Nastasha. It may not be an excuse, but this place was pursued by the military and I couldn't even show my face here."

Nastasha's life day had just passed.

The day the Senate meeting was held in Agrea overlapped with his wife's life date, which took time to visit.

"Since you were gone, Char has changed. Trapped in revenge, no one's words will reach that child anymore"

After learning of his wife's death, Charlotte had been crying for days without eating anything.

Afterwards, as if he had become an abolitionist, he was so stunned that he could only live, but he had taken his sword to the border one day and encouraged him to train.

He was a child who liked swordsmanship from the beginning.

It's what I kept auditioning for, trying to innocently chase Claude's back, my father.

Since then, I have been a child who does something right. Besides, he also gains power as an angel of God.

Its power, characteristic of the blue-haired, which can be said to be evidence of being born and under the protection of God, was remarkable, and even doubtful whether it could be counted with both hands, such as the one who could stand with Charlotte and win in the land of the Granden since that time when he was still innocent.

And now driven by vengeance, I no longer think there is anyone else but myself who can fight that girl properly.

Thinking of it that way, nature and the face of Clarice, his own subordinate, pass the back of his brain.

She's good again, too. If it's a normal battle, no matter how many Charlottes are opponents, Clarice wins first. But she has a clear weakness.

She fights the exact way she does. Swordsmanship, physical arts, witchcraft, whatever you take is true to the basics and elevates it. With more experience, it's no surprise that any of them are powerful enough to be generals.

That means if you return the back, you'll only be able to fight the way you did.

Now she has worked with Charlotte many times before, eating a decent attack that didn't even come to mind of that young girl and losing several times.

Yes, Clarice can't lose first if the opponent in front of her puts up a fight with dignity, but when she uses a completely unexpected hand, she stops moving without being able to react aggressively.

Clarice thinks things more sincerely than anyone else in battle.

I just overthink it, my head solidifies, and if I get poked at the intent, it crumbles away lightly. That is nothing short of a clear weakness.

That's worse than inexperienced, because of her overly serious personality. It would be impossible to correct it with a great deal of effort.

She is strong in this Granden land. On the contrary, we fought a battle that wouldn't even pull a step back against those Mirdiana privileged students. It would pass enough elsewhere.

It is a distinctly prominent talent, and that is also her pride itself. But it's connected to nature and her chronic mind.

I've been rebelling a lot lately. I guess I'm not convinced by the fact that I'm only a temporary lieutenant yet.

But if such Clarice meets Charlotte as an enemy on the battlefield, the result is known.

Like many other military men, it would be Clarice who would be exposed to unspeakable body exposure.

Not so long ago, a girl named Charlotte had gained tremendous strength by feeding her vengeance.

"... I couldn't do anything. When Charles was sad, when he was angry, he couldn't do it by his side."

Sometimes now, Charlotte looks like something she doesn't know how to handle.

My words and thoughts no longer make sense to that girl.

Claude closed his lid and now continues to speak to his late wife.

"'That day,' I swore I would defend you by risking my whole life. Whatever you turn to your enemies, I swore I would protect you, protect Char, and hence this Granden... and yet"

Reality, too far from the ideal words it once spinned itself, presses heavily on its own shoulders.

Everyone worships, fears and reveres the Great Hero, the mightiest knight chosen for the divine sword created by the Great Goddess Orphelia.

Who should be the sword that protects the country and the shield that protects the people. It was a man still less than thirty years old who stood that heavy pressure.

A man with a stronger power than anyone as a knight puts his strength into his fist, which he gripped naturally.

"I'm not what I should be called a great hero or anything. I'm just a human being, I just have the power to fight. What should truly be regarded as a hero is a people who still desperately survived that battle without power... not a man like me. I can't even protect one of my loved ones, not me..."

When the words didn't last any longer and I bit my lower lip and leaned down - a flurry of wind blew.

That's when Claude, who was revealing his emotions of instability as if he were a stray walking the road without stopping by, said with all due respect back.

"... are you here"

The wind blows. It's like talking about something.

"Okay. Begin preparing for the battle with this. Whatever you do, we'll protect this land."

The wind blew like a breeze.

"... never mind, it's a minor matter. I no longer have time to be immersed in sentiment. I'll do what I can."

That's how the great hero Claude Duras shrugged and put his hand on the pattern of the Divine Sword.

"It's the Great Goddess Orphelia. It was supposed to be me who wasn't supposed to be chosen."

The eyes of the great hero, who shrugged and turned his heel back from his wife's tomb mark, lit a flaming light ready.