Lena calls the march of the dead.

If that were to be done in full, it seemed like it would be after night.

On my way back to the dorm of the military school, I witnessed many times the soldiers of the Grand Territorial moving in haste.

About an hour from that word of Lena.

I still can't feel any sign of the dead at the moment, but maybe the information has already gone through in the military.

That's when I just run into a girl with her blonde hair tied to her right side of her head.

"Clarice? What's the matter, so fast?"

"Theodore......! Oh, no, this is..."

Behind Clarice, she thinks she's under her command, and she's in a state of war so that the soldiers can be attacked whenever they want with their swords and demon-guided guns in their hands.

"Have you noticed any sign of the dead?


"You don't have to hide anything. You don't have to talk about it."

When I told him that, Clarice said he was pompous after the tour.

"No. It's an emergency now. We believe that no matter what happens, we can always lead the military alone to a solution… in case you need to tell your privileged students what's going on."

According to Clarice, General Duras told the soldiers in Granden territory to start preparing for the war.

At the same time, did the Temple inside the Granden tell you that there were signs of massive deaths approaching the land?

... If the Temple felt it first, would General Duras be first?

No matter how big a hero you are, the contents are human.

After spending many years in Tenebrae, I also know that half of them are sensitive to the signs of the dead if Lena became a demon.

But it's hard to believe that humans who wouldn't have had that experience would quickly come up with signs of the dead.

The face of the platoon led by Clarice now also holds a weapon, but I got the impression that I was just a little confused.

Suddenly, it would be natural for this to happen even if they told me to prepare for the war.

If you're just a soldier, it's normal that it's already too late by the time you realize the signs of the dead.

Is the reason General Duras realized is due to the protection of the Grand Goddess Orphelia, or - is it due to the intervention of someone unqualified behind that general? I'm not exhausted.

As I listened to Clarice's explanation along the way, I was called out.

"Hey, Theo, Clarisse. What the hell is all this fuss about?

"Everywhere is full of military men. Don't be a jerk."

Two beast daughters have been watching the soldiers cross the road and yet they have spoken to us.

"Oh, you're here, too."

"Mm-hmm. The rest was in the middle of dinner at rice restaurants all over the city with Shaura. It's kind of noisy, so when you come out, it's like this guy."

"My time with Rocha is ruined because of this. Hey, did the assailant from the Temple raid attack you?

Rocha looks around intriguingly, and Shaura says blurry looking at her long nails as if she was not at all interested in anything other than Rocha by contrast.

"Detailed circumstances have not yet been communicated to me. Now anyway, I'm asking you to assemble in the temple... I told Theodore earlier."

Clarice on my ass again explaining the same thing. I twirled my heel back.

"So - so, Theodore? Where are you going!?

"Just remember some errands. Call me when the battle gets real."

"Oh, hey, wait...!

Without even listening to Clarice, I just left the scene behind.

Eventually it arrived in an unpopular (one-way) alley.

Nobody. I groaned as I kept my back on the wall there.

"Lena, are you there"

"Ha, here"

I hear a sweet voice coming from right around the corner before I say it.

"How's it going?"

'Yes...... after all, the great army of the dead is approaching this land. But because they have the power to penetrate objects, some seem to be diving deep underground before marching on. Because of this, direct interception seems difficult'

I had Lena look for the army of the dead approaching the land.

The enemy still doesn't seem to be a glimmer either.

Not if you destroy every ground, but then this city will collapse.

'It's just that there are apparently boundaries in this land that prevent the intrusion of the dead. It's due to the sacred ceremony, and you can see it's pretty advanced. Wouldn't it be hard to break through this'?

"It can't even come helpless. Imagine how a strong bond can be broken by some event."

"Yes, sir."

Encouraging the continuation, Lena says.

'There are also cemeteries in this land that bury the fallen. If the spirits possess that remains, they foolishly think that moving bodies are likely to occur in succession. Shall I slash it from one end?'

"That's certainly possible. But it will mostly be the mountains of Sekiyama that become zombies or skeletons. The military should be enough, throw it away."

When a phantom enters a wreck, it can sometimes be a nasty dead person (undead).

If all the remains of the cemetery move, it's no surprise that we can have a level beyond the reach of just military personnel.

The strength of the dead is greatly altered by the person's lifetime strength and negative emotions such as obsession, resentment, and hatred for life.

In rare cases, powerful evil spirits come together and become great grudges, and if they enter the remains, sometimes even demons become monsters so troublesome that they burn their hands...... only this time it won't be there.

If there were such evil spirits, they would have sensed it some time ago.

In short, it seems less dangerous at this stage.

Some of the military men may be sacrificed, but the intrusion would be to that extent.

That's why I'm hooked.

What the hell does anyone who leads this army of the dead want?

To identify that trend, I also ordered Lena to:

"Lucifer, are you sure you want to just 'watch'?"

"Mm-hmm. A bunch of dead people. They're not enough to take it. You can leave that to the military. That Claude Duras will take care of the Temple's security. It's not our curtain. More than that, I have a place to be concerned"

"... it's the High Magic Court"

Earlier, I was telling Lena what I thought.

The point of this Granden's defense is, of course, the military, but there are other places suitable for defense.

That's the High Magic Court that was used to create the terminal Shizuku in Mirdiana.

In that land, the discriminationism of the elves grew, and the High Magic Court was manipulated in a good way by Gislan, a puppet of Nani things called goddesses.

But in this land with few such doctrinal claims, the High Magic Court should also be tasked with the defense of the city, which is one of its original aims.

A large number of magicians have already assembled and will have no extra time to prepare for the battle.

By Claude Duras' command, however, the majority of the military forces should have been turned to the guard of the temple.

The High Magic Court also has the power of war, but it would not be enough.

- I therefore wondered if the enemy was likely to poke there. I still don't know what they're up to, but it's obvious they're up to some sort of conspiracy in this Granden land.

The most intrusive is the military, but the High Magic Court is also a presence that can never be ignored.

Not as big as Mirdiana, the city's High Magic Court has a long history of facing many wars against demons.

- In conjunction with the Temple, there was no room for demonic countermeasures. I'm pretty sure someone had a lot of trouble attacking the land.

If so, if the dead are to be used to attack this land, a diagram can be made to target the High Magic Court, where vigilance is really loose.

Regardless, the dead are only strong against attacks by weapons, but not many are resistant to attacks by witchcraft.

Even if the High Magic Court were exposed to war at once, it would still be the army of the dead who would suffer defeat as a result.

There is one conclusion to be guided.

It means that the flock of the dead will be nothing more than a disposable tool.

And tools are only effective for the first time when someone uses them. My aim is that.

"That general should be on his way to the temple. If so, I shall go to the High Magic Court. Suppose you wait for an unexpected big man to get on the net while appropriately dealing with a bunch of dead people"

"Can't I be Lucifer's escort...?

Lena asked me in a tone that seemed a little lonely.

Damn, he's an overprotective wife. What do you say you have to worry about in such a few things?

Well, I don't feel bad about being thought of so far.

"Lena. I trust you, and I trust you. That's why I didn't take part in this fight, I just kept my eyes shut."

"... what do you mean,"

"Something more alarming is likely to happen than, for example, a flock of dead people. Remember the red stars that glistened in the night sky we looked up together on the way to this city?"

"The brilliance of red stars, right? It was a nice phenomenon...... but what does that have to do with the status quo?

"I'll tell you more when I have time. The array is certainly beautiful. It is also certain that it has the charm of capturing the mind of the beholder and not letting go. But that phenomenon undoubtedly bodes ill. There's a good chance that something will happen that even I can't imagine."

…… A vicious sign, is it...... There's a story about how a man and a woman who see that glow can be happy. '

"Legends vary from country to country, but when those stars shine, it is my belief that the seeds of disaster are scattered across this continent. - Lena. You said I trusted you and I trusted you. You know what that means?

"Kiko, I know the pleasure is ultimate...!! Yes, what does it mean?

"- That swing of space must also be a sign of something. In some cases, there could be catastrophes that I cannot deal with right now. You're supposed to be ready for that. In short, keep an eye on my weak husband, my wife, who is reliable and comfortable."

When I told him that, Lena, who had been bewildered by vague instructions until then, said in a suddenly awe-inspiring tone.

'Yes, I did! As the Third Lady of the Supreme and Mightiest Demon King, Lucifer, I swear I will defend you with all my might!

"It's a good spirit. The boulder is a former brave man. I'm counting on you, Lena."

'Yes! I'll take care of it!

As soon as she shouted, Lena showed up on the spot to hold me.

"I'll be sure to protect you, Lucifer!

"I expect"

I couldn't help but feel a strange heartbeat holding Lena's body as if she was a dog waiting for her husband to return.

I'm going to be dominated by an unspeakable sense of impatience, like having my heart gripped with my fingers before.

Is this a concern, or...

After forgiving Lena for pushing her body around and managing to get her to disappear, I decided to head to the High Magic Court in Granden territory.

Claude watched as the militants specialized in combat continued to gather in the temple.

The population of Granden is approximately thirty thousand. The least populated of the capital of the Empire.

The number of military personnel is roughly less than a thousand.

With the exception of the paramedics in charge of rescue and support from among them, the force falls to 70%.

The headcount itself would increase if we included students from military schools, but we cannot introduce them until such a time as this happens.

On top of the likely increase in sacrifices in vain, the opponent is not a living person, beast man, dragon tribe, etc., but a dead person.

The military school actively teaches interpersonal tactics and tactics against the Dragon Nation in view of the history of the previous battle against the Xenan Dragon King and the situation in the surrounding countries yesterday.

It also teaches what to do when the dead come raiding on the battlefield, but it wasn't enough.

Therefore, the students at the military school were not placed on security, and a circular was issued within Granden territory asking them to work with the health soldiers to guide the residents to evacuation.

That's the same for those Mirdiana privileged students.

I have heard that in the battle against the Heavenly Demons they have achieved tremendous results, but then again, the power should be used to protect the people.

It is utterly unknown to what extent there is a respite of time.

The signs of the army of the dead have not yet reached the land, but I feel a friendly number of grudges from somewhere not so far away.

That is conveyed by the power of the Divine Sword Revistra, but it just seems vague and vague.

It was more another being who clearly told Claude that the army of the dead was imminent.

Without advice from that person, it would have been much later to notice the signs of the dead.

and then.

One old soldier stepped forward from among the military men who were packing in front of the temple.

"His Excellency General Duras. Anyone who specializes in combat is ready."

"I'm sorry, Major General Calsati. I would have had a hard time getting everyone together in this short time."

"No, they're all rather lively. Anyway, a lot of people haven't been in action. It's a great opportunity to test your power."

When the old servicemen said so, some young servicemen began to make cute noises.

I'll take the medal, but there's no such thing as the dead, but there's definitely a motivated voice coming up from there.

Claude looked at the sight with no expression, thinking of his men and friends on the day of his presence.

"Claude, let's just clean up this fight and go get a drink! I know a good store."

"Major Duras! Be sure to defeat those dragon clans with our hands!

They were all ravaged by the power of the Dragon clan, without the skill of doing so.

Until a few hours ago, a friend who had spoken cheerfully was exposed to an unbroken and chopped body in the corner of the battlefield. I've seen him like that many times.

We must not repeat mistakes like those of those days. So Claude said.

"Town down."

As soon as a low but often sounding voice passed around, those who were dizzily noisy shut their mouths perfectly.

Even Major General Khalsati, also a military man of war, turned a blind eye to the sight that quelled those who were as noisy as Arre with just one voice.

"The enemy is the army of the dead. Now we gather away from this Granden land to see the opportunity for raids. The dead do not know when they will be attacked. It is not convenient for you to strike where you have waited for your courage, and it is possible that you are now or now waiting for us to drain that gathering. Never get distracted. I clapped out without anything happening, and I felt tired and drowsy, and that's when I knew the lights of your lives would go out."

An old woman appeared from behind the temple as the soldiers uniformly saluted her.

"Ho ho. I didn't know all these kids would listen in silence, but the boulder is His Excellency General Duras."

"Chief Dorothee, your lord will be waiting in the temple. The target of the dead is none other than our soldiers. You and the other priests who work in the temple are likely to be."

"Oh, scary scary scary.... but well, the great hero will protect you. I know that. It's easy for us."

"Don't be alarmed. When the armies of the dead push in large numbers, they also need the power of your lords and the priests. Be careful."

"Yes, yes, I'll take it. … but we are constantly putting up a junctional ceremony that will not bring the dead to this Granden land. If you are a concurrent dead person, it is something that could be extinguished just by touching it. I think I'm worried about you."

"... not just the dead. Assume every possibility."

Perhaps the line will be broken.

by the hands of those who are not dead.

When I was thinking about it, I heard a voice that was too unlike the air in that place I was straining.

"I heard it was a war, and it came even though I wasn't a soldier -! Can I fight Toto, too? Oh, Toto says Toto -! Nice to meet you!

Everyone on the spot turned to the Lord of the Voice in unison.

A girl wearing light clothes for travellers was the one who said well in some prolonged tone. Remove the hood and the purple braided hair and face will be exposed.

"Oh, isn't that Toto!

"This place is in danger...!

Some members of the military were familiar with their faces or whispered to the girl with the purple hair.

"It's daiji-bu. It looks like this, Toto is pretty strong."

"... toto!? Why are you here...!

Even Clarice was speaking out in surprise at the unexpected intruder.

Plus Toto answers cheerfully.

"I heard the soldiers talking about it - we're talking about a bunch of dead people coming, aren't we? Then I think I can help you. Toto's love sword, this Maerviper, is good for slashing the dead."

From the sword that had been placed on the sheath she was bracketing on her hips, she felt divine to her surprise.

The Divine Sword is not a substitute for those who are chosen by God to be treated very well unless they possess even more special powers.

Does this girl live with tremendous power, not according to its appearance?

But Claude tried to open his mouth by detecting too different signs emanating from the girl - exactly then.

Bisilli and 'Space' rocked.

Moments later, the divine ceremonial junction that had covered this Granden territory was shattered and scattered.

I feel uncomfortable even with a regular person. Besides, everyone in the military took a breath.

"Keh, the junction has been broken......!?

When the chief Dorothee raised his voice of consternation and those around him bothered, Toto said as he pulled out his divine sword and revealed his fullness.

"Oh. I don't think you have time to worry, General Duras.


"Hooray, I hear the filthy dead. Okay?

At the same time that the junction was broken, the roar of resentment emanating from the dead roared.

To the unknown experience, the young soldiers, who had been bloody until then, were uniformly frightened and confused.

"Town down! The enemy's position is still far away. Hurry up and form a formation and prepare for the battle to come! Never act alone!

"Yes, this is the spotlight, military men!

Shortly after Claude's directive, Toto broke in loudly.

"Dead people - in this case I refer to ghosts - they use 'bodies' - If an ally is killed by a tochi, the body is instantly taken over by the dead and attacked as a moving corpse. So if you hesitate, no matter how powerful a soldier is, you'll die in no time - Whoever the other body is moving, please slash it mercilessly?

"And if you use the body..."

"I do remember learning that in teaching..."

Seeing the confusion spread at the head of the young military, Toto approached Claude laughing funny.

"Toto is good at fighting, even if he can see it - I'm sure I can help you, but do you want -?

"... ok. If only you could help me."

"I need to get rid of that. Sarasu is a great hero. That kind of flexible thinking, - I think it's also important -!

Happily shagging Toto came by, Claude said in a voice no one else could hear.

"How many have you killed so far?"

"... Someone asked me the same question a little while ago."

"If you make a slightly strange move, you instantly snap its neck. Yume, don't forget that."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Copy that."

Even as noisy words were uttered, Toto quickly left the side of Claude as if he had moved.



The resentment of the dead echoes.

Towards the castle fort city of Granden, there were steady imminent signs of death.