I was sitting on the roof of the High Magic Court in Granden territory, looking out blurry across the city.

It was only earlier that the junction, which was strewn to cover the Granden, was destroyed. The aftermath was clearly felt by me, now a human being.

By now, the area around the temple will be in a lot of fuss.

This High Magic Court is situated at the left edge of Granden territory.

Though quite far from the central temple, it was already felt with skin that the whole city was surrounded by a different hustle and bustle.

And I could also detect signs that the army of the dead would march towards Granden territory with tremendous momentum the moment the junction was broken.

I can also hear the grudges of a good number of evil spirits who will not let down hundreds.

Not so far away, this whole city will be engulfed in war.

My aim is not to exterminate the dead. [M]

If anyone is going to raid this High Magic Court, I'll get you eliminated, but I'll leave anything else to the military.

- Shortly before coming to the land, the destructive impulse, which had settled under the influence of Asmo's inhalation of precision, began to stir up again.

Not to mention all the miscellaneous fish, the opponents are plentiful. If you defeat without one left, you might get the satisfaction there.

It's just that if you do that, Levy's going to mess with you later.

It's about her, so you'll be aware of the anomaly that's already happening to this Granden.

I hate fighting more than anything.

It is Levi's duty to forgive and heal the dead, to receive all their hatred and grief, and to gently envelop them and eventually help them ascend to heaven without the ghost's untrained.

Of all the royalty, including me, the serenity of the birth most remote from contention. But the power to live in it is amazing. Once you get violent, you can't put your hands on it.

Shaking the dead who have come to the land too much can cause unwanted trouble in some cases. Regardless of the body of the original demon god, how many times will he kill you if you fight Levi with this body?

"But well, forgive me for being as self-defensive as a boulder, Levi. I won't let the dead suffer in vain."

While I'm thinking about that, my grudges are getting closer and closer.

Well, when it's time for the anomaly to start happening, it's not weird -.

I turned my gaze in the direction of the cemetery in this city and sprinkled the sights.

Cemeteries in Granden territory.

Multiple blue-white flames appearing from nowhere covered the entire cemetery simultaneously while several military men were already on watch.

"Oh, are I the army of the dead......!?

"Be careful. They're using the body."

The blue-white flames keep swirling through the cemetery, but nothing more.

I'm just moving every inch around the tombstone.

Seeing the flames just keep drifting, the military came to confusion.

"And don't you walk into a corpse and move it...? It's just floating..."

"But I'm pretty sure the dead got in. Hurry, send a message!

As the conductor ran away, the number of blue and white flames gradually increased.

Some of the watchmen could handle witchcraft, but the majority were equipped with swords.

With the protection of the temple's holy water, it has been granted an effect for the versus the dead, but it was the first time anyone here has dealt with the dead, etc.

The enemy is certainly in front of us.

But there's no sign you're doing anything, and you don't seem to be doing anything.

Besides, I didn't think I'd jump into those massive blue-white flames to give it a shot. The fear of not knowing what would happen if it were fought back dominated the head of those on the spot.

"Duh, what do we do... what's the view of the magic squad?

"Ko, nothing in this situation... Poor magic can lead to stimulating the spirits."

"So shouldn't we release the surgical ceremony at the same time...?

"The cemetery itself could blow away"

"It wouldn't be if you were saying that! What will you do as you are, even though you will be working disrespectfully on the deceased"

"So first, if you're about to go into the ground to see how it goes..."

As the inexperienced military exchanged arguments, behind them - a blue and white flame emerged from the ground without sound.

And it wraps around the body of a soldier at once.

"Guh!? but ahhhhhhhhhh!?

"Become!? What is it?"

"Ahhh, hot!! Do something about it!!

A soldier in a blue and white flame leads to take off his uniform as he desperately tries to pay for the flames as if he were dancing mad.

"Yes, hurry up and get some holy water!

"Wow, I know! How about this!

When one soldier removed a vial with holy water from his nostrils, his body instantly burned blue and white.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!?

If you noticed, a large number of blue-white flames surrounded them.

Were those who came to the cemetery only to do nothing?

Those who have spared difficulty pick up a bottle of holy water that has tumbled down and punch the contents over a flame-wrapped military man.

Moments later, there was a loud sound and the blue and white flames scratched out.

"Are you all right!?

"Ah, oh...... but the others!?

One by one, the blue-white flames that were drifting through the cemetery dive into the ground as more than 10 soldiers who were on the spot were chased to deal with their burning companions.

"but ahhh!! Hot!! Hot good!!

"Does holy water no longer work alone!? What the hell am I supposed to do!

When I was upset to see my flame-burned companions creeping around the ground.

"Hey, get out of the way!

Rin shouted, and the military moved away from the scene.

Shortly afterwards, a bow and arrow wrapped around the green wind fly away at high speed, which instantly wears the body of the one who is falling down and suffering.

A little military man looked back and there was an elf girl with dark green hair.

"Hey, what are you doing!?

"It's all right! Look closely!

Once again, prompted to see how his companions were, the flames were extinguished from his body, and those who were free from bitterness only exhaled rough breaths.

said one of the military members of the sorcery squad who was watching it.

"Ko, is this a recovery ceremony......!? Elf-specific."

"So-so. It's best to let go of the sacred ceremony for the dead (undead), but even an elf recovery ceremony can handle it."

Liz had a bow in her hand that she shouldn't normally have.

Green contoured. I guess that's an impromptu magic guide that braided and created magic.

Either way, her presence was appreciated.

"Sure, did I say Lord Liz? Thanks for your help."

"Yes, yes, not so much. I'm just a student at a military school. - More than that, you know what to do, right? If you calm down and move, the damage will be minimized, so let's do our best."

Liz said, everyone in the military who was on the spot nodded hard and showed it.

But at that time, there was a strange noise from the direction of the cemetery.

Goh, goh, dull sounds.

But I didn't know the source of that audio - no, there was something more important than that.

"Hey, where the hell did those blue and white flames go!?

If you noticed, the blue-white flames that had drifted all the way to fill the cemetery until earlier had disappeared without a trace.

And there's a strange noise like 'tapping' something.

"Isn't this the sound from the ground?

"Was it still true to enter the dead"

As the military whispered to each other, the elf girl thought with a frown.

(I think it's probably here... the rest of the world is going to be worse)

When I felt the cold sweat transmit my cheeks, a simultaneous noise burst from the ground of the cemetery.

One arm after another grows from the soil and begins to be stupid (ugly) as if they scratch the soil.

"And the body's moved!

"Zombies... the magic squad hurry up and start building the ritual!

"Copy that!"

When Liz switches her mind to shake off her unpleasant hunch, she sets up a braided bow with the magic she had in her hand. So that the battle can start anytime...


The head of the dead was shattered and his body collapsed.

Roca, the fox beast who gave birth to golden ears and tails, the tense person who hunted the moving corpse, lowers his leg, which had just finished the dead, to check the surrounding conditions.

"You're getting a lot of dead people. I don't think there's going to be any more sudden battles in this city."

At the same time as the words, the necks of the other dead were mutilated and amputated from their torso.

Shaura, a wolf beast with a white body, snapped the neck of the dead with long stretched nails. Her body greatly enhances her physical abilities during battle, and her nails stretch thick and long.

"... you don't feel very good. Dead people are dealt with."

Shaura frowned slightly as she looked down at the remains, which were no longer moving.

"I don't have a choice. Military personnel in this Granden land are clearly unfamiliar with dealing with the dead. If so, it will be our turn to fight the dead more or less on the battlefield"

"Yeah...... But you didn't have long."

Surrounding Rocha and Chaura was a flock of dozens of dead people.

And most of them shall be the end of the soldiers.

They led the people to evacuate and were burned one after the other by the blue and white flames that had emerged from the ground as soldiers in a state of strictness, instantly turning them into moving corpses.

The Roccas were never burned by a blue-white flame thanks to the slightest signs being sensitive too, but they can't handle witchcraft.

Normally there was no point in trying to extinguish the flames, just watching the military silently turn into the dead (undead).

"Those who could handle magic first were attacked. Possible coincidence - a little too much. Is the other's best friend a Necromancer...?

"It could be. When we met with the Chiaro barbarians before, there were a lot of dead people springing up, right? Even then, one of the barbarians manipulated the dead."

Reminds me of my former battlefield.

With the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna at its disposal, a small number of victims emerged as a result of the unexpected events in which the overwhelmingly dominant beasts were moved by the dead.

"It is. At that time, the movement of the dead stopped the moment we snapped the neck of our brother-in-law... but we were oblivious to the geography of this city. Looking for the culprit will break your bones."

"If you overlook someone being attacked, there will only be more enemies, and it will be troublesome - here comes the next one."

Until then, when the dead, who had been watching from faraway windings, began to move in unison towards the beasts.

"O Red Lotus Flame - dwell in my hand and give the poor dead eternal (eternal) sleep! Flame of Purification (Seiklid Flame)!

The bodies of those who were turning into moving corpses burned in an instant.

The dead will fall and lie down soon after the bitter roar.

It was the red-haired young man who unleashed the magic of fire.

With a giant holy sword, Ville Geeza, as tall as he is, he said as he paid the firepowder from the other hand, where the flaming aftertaste lingers.

"Are you all right, you guys!?

"Mm-hmm? Keith. It's a boulder. You're right, we're nothing..."

"All but us. Unfortunately, we can only deal with beasts who can't handle magic afterwards. Don't feel bad for me."

Keith shook his head when he heard that.

"Sometimes in the battle against the dead, arm power alone can't help it. I'm just glad you guys are okay."

"Thanks. and we can't afford to make any more sacrifices?

"Naturally. Those already burned by the blue and white flames become 'living corpses (living dead)', turning into zombies over time. You guys would be easy to deal with for having an entity. As soon as we find..."

"Should I smash my head?

Keith says with a face like he chewed up a bitter bug as Rocha slapped his head in the face with his finger.

"... right. There is no other way to deal with this. It's painful to give the deceased a taste of the unprecedented humiliation of hurting his remains, but if you don't, it'll only cost him more."

"I know. Both Yu and Shaula have once hunted their dead compatriots with this hand. I can't get lost now."

"There's never been more nausea than then.... Let's get this over with, something that doesn't feel right"

Shaura says so, looking around and whining.

"... I wonder what that woman is doing at a time like this"

"Sure. If it's Theo, there's no way we're leaving this situation alone."

That blue-haired boy looks nowhere.

Keith says with a frown root.

"What are you doing, Theodore... at a time like this, I need your help...!

"I mean the whimsical guy. It might come out a little somewhere. Until then, we'll have to do something about it."

"But what do you do? It's not efficient just because the three of us are solidified."

Keith nods at that allegation.

"Mm-hmm. I'm going to go to the temple and report the tragedy of the city to His Excellency General Duras. If the priests' hands are free, they may turn to defeat the dead."

"Hey, there you go. The chief of the enemy is also concerned, but we must first escort the magicians of the Granden Army. It's tough for us to fight that blue and white flame, so we have to use the magician's hand."

"I asked for it. As soon as I'm done, I'll be back to intercepting the dead."

Keith, who said so, slashes the blue-white flame that was looming nearby with the Holy Sword. It vanished in an instant. Without even looking at it, he ran towards the temple.

In front of the doorway of the Duke of Duras house, the sound of shelling continues.

Elsa, a maid of the Duke of Duras house armed with a demon gun in both hands, was dealing with a flock of looming dead people.

There is no fear in her expression. There's no way to pity the dead.

I was just putting up a gun and even taking an interception stance.



The heads of those who were human until earlier disappear.

Seeing that doesn't make me feel anything. Running through numerous battlefields, she no longer had anywhere to think of anyone dying in front of her.

I just think we need to fix this as soon as possible. That's when I was thinking about it.

Shortly before pointing a gun at the living corpses who were about to approach Elsa, the bodies of the dead are chopped in an instant to become meat chunks.

What Elsa saw, who doubted my eyes too early, was a sight I wouldn't expect.

"Hey, what are you doing, Elser?

"... Charlotte, my lady. You must not leave the Mansion."


Though the dead approached the blue-haired girl, its body was broken apart as if it had been slaughtered by dozens.

What she had in both hands was a sword equipped by the Granden Army men.

The girl with the sword of two waves hunts the dead in a move as magnificent as a falcon running through the sky.

The swordsmith, which cannot be discerned without even watching Elsa, also a warrior in the war, was clearly off track.

But more than that, Elsa saw Charlotte's unusual appearance and slightly clouded her faceless expression.

The girl was laughing.

I wonder if I've turned my sword around like you play, raising the corner of my mouth and making it seem pleasant, and slashing it at an unstoppable speed to those who approach me.

This is not the usual exercise. It's an indisputable battle for life. It's supposed to be Charlotte's first experience, but the girl says without looking cowardly.

"Huh. This is what it feels like to kill people."

"... Charlotte, my lady..."

"It's no bigger than I thought. Hey, these people aren't gonna help anymore, are they? Can I slash them all?

You should only know about the dead in classes in the classroom.

Despite that, the girl was calm...

To help the dead who can no longer help, not. Wave your sword as if to test your strength.

The wind passed directly next to Elsa, who was watching the sight.

Feeling so, in front of Elsa, who waved his back backwards, there was a flock of dead people who would fall up a bloody smoke and a girl who had torn them apart as fast as a gust of wind.

"Too weak to pinch. Elsa, were you struggling with this?

"... no, I..."

"But if I defeat all of these people, my father might even admit a little. Hey, go, Elsa. Because I will protect you."

Wiping the returning blood sticking snugly to her cheek with her arms, Elsa accidentally lowered the gun she had stood on when she saw Charlotte smiling and saying.

(... no longer, so far...)

I realized I had no choice but to at least cover Charlotte from being accidentally taken care of, whilst taking faceless care of emotions that I would never put on the table, and I would only follow her silently from behind the girl who walked delightfully -.