A large number of blue-white flames appeared around the temple.

However, it was an elite alignment that kept the battle in place at the temple.

Clarice screams before more than dozens of blue and white flames hit her.

"Magic Gun - Simultaneous Fire!

The soldiers who stood behind her with the magic gun fired simultaneously.

The magic emanating from the demonic stone placed in the magazine is released as a second level or so of magic by a magic formation engraved inside the barrel.

They didn't overaim and hit the blue and white flames directly, but they didn't get rid of them altogether because of their weak power. But.

Clarice wields it with the sword that was bracketed on her hips.

The sword, whose full body was like a snake belly, stretched out at once, chopping up several blue-white flames - the phantoms - as it became like a whip.

Moments sweep away the ghosts that had electric shocks bursting from their swords swarming around them.

"Ensign Frestier! Increase the power of the Magic Gun."

"I won't! If you take your aim off the streets, you'll just get more unwanted damage. Keep your power to a minimum and only think about shooting through the phantoms! I'll take care of the weak ones."

Clarice had the holy sword in his hand - instantly bringing Sepus Eclail back to its original length.

The Holy Sword, which responds to her consciousness, is a family heirloom passed down from generation to generation to the Frestier family. It enhances the magic of the owner and makes it possible to handle the thunderous technique with greater precision.

I had hoped that the day would come when I would have this holy sword in my hands, but when I tried it, the holy sword moved freely to cleave the phantom as she wished and let it be extinguished by the thunderous technique.

But like I said earlier, you can't handle massive surgical ceremonies all over the city.

For this reason, he has extinguished the phantom by adding a blow that dared to keep it low in power after an attack by a demon-guided gun.

Clarice looked back to those who were holding back behind him.

"No one has been injured!?

"Ha! No problem!

"It's all right. - Ensign Frestier! Ensign's detecting signs of a phantom right away, so we don't have to get burned."

As Private Ilia put it, Clarice instantly perceived signs of a phantom drifting around concentrating his nerves to give the platoon's men an attack command.

No casualties have been reported so far due to prompt action.

But the enemy isn't just a blue-white flame. Few of them were already taken in by the phantoms and became living corpses.

I guess I couldn't handle it anywhere else. I can't help it. Because most people didn't envisage fighting the dead.

Meanwhile, those around this temple did not take any casualties as one, apart from the platoon led by Clarice.

At that time, the loud voice of an old soldier sounded.

"Don't be frightened! Though immortal, the phantoms are moving slowly! Don't be afraid if you don't even fail to be vigilant!

Major General Karsati mutilated the approaching phantoms with his sword, saying as if to arouse those under his command.

The sword, endowed with divine power by holy water, can be cleaved even if it is a phantom that would otherwise almost disable a physical attack.

Even though he was old, he seemed to have the power not to be ashamed of the rank of Major General.

- And at the entrance to the temple.

He loosened the power of his hand with the Divine Sword Revistra in his hand, and there was the appearance of a blonde general standing.

I closed my eyelids and felt as though I was meditating. It just seemed to be full of gaps at first glance.

A blue-white flame gushed out of the ground just beside him and scratched out in an instant.

That's all Clarice could recognize.

By the time he realized all along, the great hero, General Claude Duras, gently waved the divine sword that had just torn apart his phantom and stood as if nothing had happened.

(... Yes, when, did you wave your sword...?

Clarice, who watched the whole thing, could hardly even see Claude slaughter.

If the phantom hadn't disappeared instantly and acted to gently wave the divine sword as if he were going to pay blood, it would have just seemed to stand there.

Even Clarice, who has absolute pride in her power, couldn't help but remember unspeakable emotions.

When I swallowed a lot of spit, my cheerful voice sounded different from the atmosphere on the spot.

"Look, what's going on -? Toto's not weak enough to get caught by a Noroma like you. Okay? Oh, my God, Mere Viper! It's time!

From the blue body of the sword known as the Mair Viper, a stream of water erupted, like a spear, skewering the blue and white flames one after the other.

Slaughter the blue-white flames one after the other while also easily penetrating the cobblestone with a strong current of momentum.

The blow came to the sight of the soldiers led by Major General Karsati, and those who learned fear began to lag behind.

"Young man there, it's too much!

"Oh, I'm sorry. Toto doesn't like to be careless."

The girl with purple hair knitted said without looking bad at all.

When the old servicemen sighed, the blue-white flames, which until then had been disadvantaged, leaned against each other.

"No!? Attention, everyone! This..."

As soon as the blue and white flames came together, the momentum of the flames grew all at once and things like people's faces surfaced.

"O...... O......!!

That is the indisputable cry of the dead.

It was the bitter sound of those who lost their lives in agony.

"All hands, stand down."

A huge blue-white flame looms in front of Claude before Major General Calsatti issues the decree.

Even Clarice was delayed in reacting to a speed that was clearly different from the slow movements that had taken place so far.

It was shortly after that that the flame, which had become a collective and had become immense, was chopped up and extinguished without a trace.

While everyone couldn't understand why that had happened, a blonde general, waving a divine sword in a completely unchanged motion from earlier, slowly opened his lid and said.



Claude continued as the old soldier asked back.

"It is perfectly natural to tighten the security of the temple. But this is the result of the concentration of power on this scene. More than this, this place will be dealt with only by me and some. You must hurry up and join us everywhere."

No one could say it wasn't dangerous.

Neither Major General Karsati, the fierce general of the war, nor Ensign Clarice Frestier, the young god envoy who surpassed his power, were able to withhold any objection whatsoever.

A purple-haired girl said to an old soldier who would still not have made up her mind.

"It's okay here. I'm gonna protect you with that big hero. I don't want the others -. Rather - …"

Toto laughs invincibly.

"Out of the way -. Miscellaneous fish will go somewhere else -?

"Hey, what are you talking about, you little girl...!

"I just said 'facts'. Okay? Besides, Toto doesn't like to be handy, like I said earlier - You guys are gonna wind up and smash it all up, and that sounds like fun, huh?

Some were angry at the girl's provocation, but her excellence was shown to be so unpleasant so far.

Behind the scene's easy-going attitude, it was a very sophisticated move that surpassed military personnel by far.

There was something so immeasurable about a girl's strength that it was not strange for some to lose their will to fight.

But Claude embarrasses it.

"Like Toto. It is not necessary for this occasion if you intend to lower the morale of our army any further. Disease, get out of here."

"Oops... excuse me! Give me a break because I meant it by accident -! Toto wants to fight more! That's why this place is fine!

Claude issued a command early in the arrow as the military personnel were upset.


Frestier Platoon, head to the High Magic Court.

"Huh!... or can you still put it on the spot..."

"I believe in your power. We therefore decided to send them elsewhere. That's it."

"... cum"

Clarice bit his teeth too hard.

Will this man not yet acknowledge himself? That's what I get for thinking.

"Ensign Frestier. Try to defend the city. If you look at this movement of the dead, it's obvious that something is involved, but now throw it away. It is the duty of the military to protect the city and protect the people. Don't forget that."

"... I know, I'm here...!

Clarice said so bitterly, turning back his heel.

A woman's military man who looked worried about it speaks up.

"Fr. Frestier? Are you all right, sir?

"... Private Ilia. As His Excellency Admiral Duras said, we are going to the High Magic Court. Get everyone ready."

"Ri, roger. Oh, uh."

"Anything yet?

"I'm somewhat lower in rank than Ensign Frestier at all, and I'm not smart - but I'm only older for once. General Duras wants nothing to exclude Ensign, not in his sight, and that's not what he thinks."

"I know!! Is that all you need? Get ready!

Clarice, who blocked the words of Private Ilia and told him to scream, leaves quickly as he is.

Given the heavy responsibilities borne by a girl younger than herself, Private Ilia frowned sadly, but that was also a moment.

"Yes, Private Eric there! Don't leave me alone, I'll follow the Ensign!

"Ha! Immediately!"

She broke out to the upset soldiers as they looked at each other and rushed after Clarice.

On the roof of the High Magic Court, I sighed as I sat in a full position.

You thought it was full of gaps, sticking one hand out toward a collection of ghosts attacking you at a quick rate and squealing your fingers.

An industry-inflammatory ceremony about the sixth floor burned the blue-white body of the phantom to bright red.

"Gu...... Azu...... Azu......"

Will it still go away with this degree of blow?

When he instantly released two consecutive equations of the same degree, the phantom scratched away as he raised the cry of the Terminator.

Boring. Boring.

It's hard to knock down a durable phantom in one blow because you're holding back your strength to avoid unwanted damage to people and buildings all over the city.

But that was it. If you can't take it down with one blow, just add another.

From earlier on, the blue and white flames had been integrated into a giant phantom and attacked by people.

If a concurrent human touches that collective, his soul is quickly polluted by resentment up to its awesomeness and soon turned into a living corpse.

In a cohort of military men, it would be about time they lost their teeth, and the number of victims would have increased.

It didn't matter how many people died.

However, if I had only helped people being attacked by ghosts nearby, at some point, people would have pushed me to the entrance to the High Magic Court for help.

It's no bother at all. Even so, I said. [M]

"If you don't want to die, run into the building. All the employees of the High Magic Court have to go outside and let them fight."

In fact, you were right.

One after the other, the evacuees enter the High Magic Court.

This Granden High Magic Court is small. Less than a third compared to the Mirdiana I once visited.

As a result, boundaries were erected in the building, and most of the staff were out and chased at the beginning and end of the phantom.

However, this collection of phantoms cannot be extinguished by just one shot at the 6th floor surgical ceremony.

Even though the staff of the High Magic Court are familiar with the magic tricks, they don't have enough talent to pomp out the 6th floor surgical ceremony. It was the current situation that I was intervening to manage to gradually become impoverished.

- Where is the mastermind? What do you want?

There can be no doubt that the destruction of the temple is the destiny. But a dead man of this magnitude wouldn't even be able to do that with a pawn.

If it weren't for me, maybe I would have let this high magic court fall into place... but what would it be to do that?

The situation will be temporarily unfavourable, but there are clerics in the temple who can handle sacred ceremonies with those who can afford the power of war.

Sooner or later, it is obvious that they will be suppressed. First of all, we may not even need the power of a cleric to have that great hero.

Does the mastermind still have some purpose besides destroying the temple?

We have to do something about General Duras to destroy that place, but what's the way to do it?

What if they all went conveniently and the temple was destroyed.

Something about the swing of space that I felt at that time...

Is that what you have to do until you turn the great hero against your enemies?

I have endless doubts...

When I was thinking about it, my whole body felt like stabbing me to death.

Such an awesome killer I've never felt since I became this body. This also transcends the killing spirit unleashed by the superior species of the Demon Nation.

I look in that direction immediately. [M] Moments.

An outer wall surrounding the Granden, strong enough to have the alias of a castle fort city, was skewered with something like a black spear.

Its black spear pierces the wall one after the other, and the wall, which should have been robust, instantly bursts with a roar.

I laughed all the time as those around me panicked as I saw a phenomenon I had never even experienced before.

And out of the tremendous dust came a shadowy man walking.

It has something like a sword pattern with one hand, but that sword can no longer even be called a sword. I can see as many blades branching out as if they were alien tentacles, each with a strong killing force.

A blade that became like a tentacle became like a willing spear, skewering everything from cobblestones to buildings as well as surrounding walls.

The long, skinny figure with that alien sword stops on the spot and stares at me with his sharp eyes.

I wear a hood and hide it with a cloth in my mouth so I don't really know the face. Perhaps the man stared at me for a while. I stare into those eyes, too.

It's a terrible killer.

If you're a regular person, it's not weird that you just fell in with those eyes.

The intruder shrugged as the people around him fled with us first.

"- It's a ghost (Geschpenst). Keep 'em on hold."

"Yeah? Will you fight me?

Not answering the question, the man waved the sword he had in his hand.

From a swarm of black tentacles that turned out to be sharp spears, there is overflow of temper. A bunch of ghosts emerged from it, surrounding me.

Just for a moment my vision was filled by the dead. By the time I realized, those who were releasing that horrible killing spirit had disappeared from the spot.

Totally. He seemed like an interesting opponent.

I didn't expect you to push these mutts against me and disappear.

I raised my magic in both hands with a slight irritation. [M]

"Well, okay, if we clean it up right away. - Come on, come on, let's die together. - All that resentment, all that grief, I'll give you back to nothing."

Let this horde of the dead vanish without time for misery.

I'll make sure to find that escaped prey and tear it to pieces.

I felt the destructive impulse that was smoking in my belly boiling down to the limits of my patience.

If we don't contain this painful urge soon, it's not strange that this castle fort city itself has vanished without a trace when we realize it.

Poor dead people. I ask you to be my sacrifices.

I lifted my mouth and unleashed my magic against the dead...