Charlotte waited, laughing, for the living corpse to strike.

Waiting for the moment of slaughter as she waves her little neck left and right, looking heartily happy.

As soon as I snap my neck, I stop and get bored. Shall we carve it up a little bit and let him eat a blow of todome in his head at the end?

Or shall we take the limbs and see if they still strike?

On my first battlefield, I just thought it was something to deal with humans and dragon tribes.

That's why I couldn't help but enjoy the unexpected state of affairs surrounding the dead in this way.

I can't move just because I hurt you a little. How far does one's sword work for a body that is stronger than a normal human being?

"Mmm. For now, ha."

View the humans of a city burned by blue and white flames and turned into mere corpses manipulated by ghosts as they please.

Behind such a girl was an unbroken carcass that had ever been slashed and torn to pieces. The cobblestone is littered with blood and organs.

The sword Charlotte had in both hands, all of which were stained with bright red blood and yellow fat.

But the girl who doesn't even look like she cared about that decides what to prey on next.

"Ah, she's a fruit shop grandmother. You're already dead."

He says without much emotion, then slashes off one arm of the old lady of the dead who cursorily approached him.

He fell into the spot as the disfigured old woman fluttered her feet as if she were going to do a lousy dance.

But the dead immediately raise their faces and stare in a direction that is not a lifeless eye.

Charlotte stops by that old woman and speaks up.

"Hey, Grandma. Want it? Want it?


"I wonder if just one arm can tell. Next time, then. Huh."

As Charlotte set her aim and tried to wave her sword, a mass of magic struck the old woman's body directly.

A bright red flame rises, slowly scorching its pathetic corpse.

I saw it. Charlotte swung back as she swelled her cheeks.

"Elser! Why are you interrupting?

"Miss Charlotte. Stop imitating the dead."

"Off the hook...? I don't know, but you're already dead, 'this'."

Elsa remains faceless and says what she has to tell the girl who has had extra power in this body.

"Do you think your wife would want Nastasha not to go like that"

Charlotte, who had never broken her smile before, frowned and opened her mouth uncomfortably.

"That's how you talk to your mother again."

"Let me tell you as many times as I can. That one..."

"Where is my mother?

Elsa couldn't spin her words aggressively.

That's a word the girl has spoken before. And it was the end of the bottomless darkness that the girl still has in her heart.

"My mother is dead. He's gone. There is no place for me, nor in the tomb, nor above you."

"That is not the case. Your wife is not dead, and your heart has always been beside you, Charlotte."

Charlotte screamed as if to block the maid's words.

"I'm not here! You're nowhere!! There's so many dead people out there, and you don't have a mother? If you're so worried about me, you should come right to me, right? But it's not coming! I don't care if you're a ghost, I've always wanted to see you, but you're not even coming! Only in my dreams will my mother come out before me! Always, always, always just look like you're in pain and say 'help'!!

Charlotte chewed her lower lip hard as if she wanted to cry out. I don't mind the blood seeping out of it, keep roughing up my breath.

"But if I close my eyes, my mother will not be there. My mother, who looked painful, ended up in my dreams. Just a blur. My mother is nowhere to be found."

"... Charlotte, my lady..."

"I couldn't help my mother then. But not now. I'm not as weak as a mackerel."

Charlotte says with her staring eyes.

"I will not forgive the man who killed my mother that way. I will not forgive you at all. No matter how strong he is, it's hard to catch him and make him suffer a lot - screwed up! Slash and tear in pieces! Blood, flesh and bones are all messed up before I kill you!!

Charlotte screamed as if frenzied, then scratched off the look she was about to cry out until then, she said.

"That's all I can do for my mother, who is nowhere. I don't have a crying hippo or a grieving hippo. If only we could fight and be strong. So don't interrupt me, Elsa. Still, if you mean to interrupt, even Elsa..."

"Then slay me with that sword."

"... eh"

As if they had said something they had not expected, Charlotte made a loose voice between them.

Elsa remains faceless and says to Charlotte.

"Charlotte, your feelings and grief can no longer even be inferred by me. Neither does the desire to be strong in search of vengeance even come true to stop you because it is dangerous. And I can't even hold it down with force, and my words won't reach your heart. If you are, you don't need this anymore"

"... What...? Ah... uhh...?

"I was originally Charlotte, your daughter's protector. But your absence is no longer much more than a humanitarian undertaking. Neither your wife nor husband would like that. If you intend to continue to hurt the dead more than that, I will stop you even if you present yourself. If that's in the way, you can slash and dump me relentlessly."

When Charlotte lowers her sword as if she was in trouble, the other dead are attacked by the girl, but a mass of magic released from Elsa's demon-guided gun burns them all down.

"What, Elsa...?

The words unleashed by a maid who was somehow following me, even though she usually had something to say in the novel, even gave Charlotte a strong upset in her heart, who was strongly prepared.

I don't know what to give back. The girl was confused. Exactly then.

One black spear after another protruded from Elsa's rear cobblestone, and its sharp blade choked her ankle as she tried to circumvent herself by perceiving the anomaly in an aggressive manner.


"What, Elsa!?

A black spear, which was innumerably protruding from the cobblestone, spinning like a tentacle. Towards Elsa, who was slightly out of shape, he attacked at once.


Charlotte also forgets how upset she was and jumps as if to hit her body toward Elsa.

Clashed the shock involving her onto a nearby private house wall as it were.

The black tentacled spear that had defined Elsa as prey pierces the cobblestone on which she stood.

But the tentacles that failed to capture the prey were quickly pulled through, and they began to pierce the surrounding ones one after the other, wondering if they had branched apart again.

The building was bare, and it also brought the dead, and the tentacles of endless rampage and madness were like a black storm.

"... Lady Charlotte...!

"Elsa! I'm fine!? Are you okay!?"

"No problem. A little bit of a foot injury."

In response to that word, Charlotte, who saw Elsa's feet, breathed.

The flesh in the area from the right thigh to the ankle is determined and the bone is slightly exposed. It wasn't like it could be cleaned up with the words wounded, etc.

If it had been a direct hit, by now.

Second, I looked at the cobblestone that something like that tentacle had decided on.

Strong. Easily penetrates and decides.

It seemed as though - a scar engraved on my once tragically murdered mother.

Someone slowly approached Charlotte before she was confused.

When the girl immediately perceived it, it was a long, skinny, blackened figure standing there. I have something like a sword pattern in my hand, but the part where that blade is supposed to be turned into a myriad of black tentacles, raging all over the city and crazy.

"So, who!?

"... Charlotte Duras?"

Though increasingly confused by the mention of his name, Charlotte quickly rises up and restarts her sword.

"Lady Charlotte, I won't be."

"I will protect Elsa"

Says Charlotte, with a hardened expression, as she sweats cold.

Just at first glance I knew. That this being in front of you is a monster beyond yourself.

But the girl was not frightened. I will not take a step back to protect my loved ones.

"... if you are interested in the taste of that flesh, and kill the scumbag child (whoops) underneath, the path to true paradise will be far away"

"I have no idea what you're talking about... but you won't forgive me. You hurt Elsa. You never will."

Even when his hateful caged eyes were pointed at him, the blackened man did not appear to have moved.

Staring at a man like that, Charlotte says.

"Did you kill my mother... you?

I ask, remembering what happened to the choosen cobblestone earlier, but the man answers nothing.

I was just staring at Charlotte silently.

Those eyes were hard to describe. It's not like turning hostile, it's not like ridiculing - contrary to them, it looks like something calm.

I was upset by my eyes, which were not familiar to the battlefield, but Charlotte must have stared at the long-sleeved man.

"If you don't answer, that's fine. I'll slash your hands and feet off, and I'll ask you one more time before you die."

"... daughter of a great hero under the protection of God? If we don't spare our lives... let's just hang out with each other for a little while."

"All the ones who are alarmed because they are children have done it. Same with you!

Charlotte instantly packs the distance and is slashed by a blackened man.

but the girl's blade was bounced by a black spear protruding from the ground in front of the man standing.

It was a blow all over him, but in contrast to the frightening tentacles, the sword Charlotte had in her right hand was easily smashed and scattered.


"... I can't talk about it. I'll take it with me next time..."

The man, who wouldn't even let the raw pieces feel, put the black spear back in the ground.

Was it because he had destroyed everything around him, the spear quickly shrunk and converged, returning to the form of a sword.

Stick that sword up against the cobblestone and just see how the man sits. Charlotte sets up a sword left in one hand.

"- Huh!"

Charlotte flies at a rate that makes her disappear from the spot in an instant, waving her sword to snap the man's neck. But.


"... stop laughing. The speed at which the impotence is compensated is the same as the tortoise crawls."

The man who took the sword with one hand gently crushed the blade.

With an incredible sight in front of me, I can only get a kick in Charlotte's abdomen, which is delayed in judgment for a moment.


Charlotte was blown away as if caught in a gust of wind, but she postured in the air and managed to make it land.

But weakness on the spot immediately. And.

"Ugh... ugh...!

He spat out the contents of his stomach and cramped his body.

The physiological reaction overflowed with nature and tears, seeping through my vision.

Still desperately looking up at the man.

"... to what extent did the miscellaneous soldiers grow hairs? If you are a powerless child, you have no choice."

Turning to the man who was staring at Charlotte with his untouched eyes, Elsa immediately fired a demon gun shot.

The mass of magic immediately struck a man directly. but.


The man took a chunk of magic with one hand and let it cloud away as it was.

Even though that blow, which unleashed the power of the Demon Guided Gun to the fullest, was the equivalent of sorcery on the seventh floor.

"... even if you are somewhat brilliant at handling toys, what will that be? The bugs are like that. Just like that."

The blade of the great sword, which was protruding against the cobblestone, deforms like a tentacle again, impending to shoot through Elsa's body.

Charlotte reacts immediately and stands in front of Elsa.

A tentacled spear set the girl's stomach.


"Lady!? What, what are you doing!?

"Eh, Elsa... I will protect, of"

Severe pain like I've never experienced before.

Pulsed hard, the pain of pressing the heated iron against her skin makes the girl's voice wave.

It hasn't led to fatal injuries, but a lot of blood spills from the girl's stomach.

When the black tentacles rubbed it as if licking it off the ground, the blackened man groaned as if he admired it.

"... Delicious. It is forbidden to sip and eat children's flesh, and we cannot forget this aromatic flavour..."

The tentacles pierced Charlotte's shoulders and thighs as if they were willed organisms.


"Lady, leave me alone and run!

"Yes, I don't...!! Oh, Elsa too... my... dear family... well, et al."

Hugs to shelter maids who can't even get up off the spot, Charlotte squatting on the spot.

But too much pain and a lot of bleeding clouds the girl's consciousness.

Elsa dies.

Charlotte, whose head was filled with that, forgot even the madness she couldn't contain until then, and didn't solve that attitude to protect her precious family.

"... woohoo, can you no longer taste this flesh? Soft and aromatic child's flesh...... not yet, not enough. But..."

The man, who was calm, holds his head with one hand and keeps whining about something unintelligible.

But that didn't last long either.

"Kuck, kuck... if it's one person, don't mind... if it's just one person, don't mind eating it... this flavor will never be forgotten until this flesh decays...!!

The black tentacles twisted and set their aim perfectly on the back of the girl squatting to shelter the maid.

And when the tentacles tried to wear that little back at high speed.

"Eating kids. What a bad taste, you are."

I made a noise with Guisin and a black tentacle was taken.

It was one boy with bright blue hair who was grabbing it with his bare hands.

"Phew, I'm a little late because of the extra intrusion. Are you okay, both of you?"

"What... ah..."

When the girl, who was about to lose consciousness, looked back, there stood a boy with a smile on his face.

When did he show up, the blue-haired boy - Theodore says, squeezing his tentacles of power with one hand so powerful that he would destroy everything.

"Well done, Charlotte. I'll take care of it. Sleep tight."

Hearing the words, Charlotte laughed as thinly as if she had relieved herself, then fell down so that it could be brought to Elsa's body, losing consciousness as it was.

The Granden temple was exposed to the onslaught of the dead.

But all of the massively attacking dead disappear in an instant as if they had evaporated.

A shockwave by divinity, emitted from Claude's Divine Sword Revistra, easily tore the body of the dead (undead).

Its shockwaves have not done any damage to the surrounding humans or buildings while being incredibly destructive with a swarm of overwhelmingly enduring phantoms instantly disappearing.

The purple-haired girl accidentally leaked a dry laugh as she watched the sight from a little further away.

(No, first of all, I can barely see the slaughter... but what's going on?)

Those of the troops led by Major General Karsati also remained on the spot, but everyone of them was blinded by Claude's actions.

Such an impending phantom is erased without a trace by the shockwave of Claude's divine sword, if you are aware of it.

Even the fierce warrior and the veteran warrior had to stop waving his sword and just look at it.

Eventually the number of looming dead was visibly decreasing, and at last the figure of the dead had disappeared from the perimeter of the temple.

It seemed like a fierce battle, but Toto was the only one who realized that Claude hadn't moved a single step from the spot until he could wait in this temple and completely retreat the dead.

(I mean, the hero Tan at Zenan is exaggerated or whatever... rather, I just have to say no more than I was asking...)

The girl, who had easily butchered her phantom until earlier, approached Claude with a slightly frightened look through the shock as she saw the sight too awesome.

"Uh, well... seriously, who are you..."

"Toto and I do. Are you hurt?"

"Oh, oh, of course -..."

Even without Claude, he was a confident toto who didn't even suffer a scratch, but all I could think of was a bad toothpick.

Dimensions are different.

Something like a tremor runs in front of the person that can only be described as so, but I shook my head gently and then said it back.

"General Duras' activism has left the dead unattended. - What are we going to do?

"I've already decided what to do next."

"Ho ho? What is that..."

An unstoppable slaughter in his eyes tore Toto's body apart.

An awesome blow enough to break off the opponent sweeps away the girl's body and her luxurious body clashes against the pillars of the Temple.

Everyone on the spot saw unexpected behavior and just didn't have to be standing around.

I didn't understand what was happening in front of me.

The girl, who hit her whole body hard on the pillar as she raised a blood splash, fell powerless on the spot, and the divine sword that she had in her hand, Meerviper, made a tease and rolled to the ground.

The Lord who tore Toto apart - Claude Duras waved his sword to make a blood payment in a motion no different than before.

Nothing floated in the eyes of the great hero, such as the sentiment that he had slaughtered and killed humans -.