I squeezed it with my left hand to see how it felt. [M]

It's like a black, long tentacle. The tip of it is like a sharp blade.

Thanks to you, the palm of my hand that took it is grumpy. [M] Ma, I don't care because it'll heal soon.

When I loosened my strength, like a tentacle, it slowly returned to the Lord as if I had been vigilant, and instantly became the figure of a great sword.

"... what guy (what guy)"

"I'm Theodore. I'm a privileged student at a military school in Mirdiana... well, I'm confident in my arms even if it looks like this. More than that, is that the sword you have" evil sword "?


Men don't talk about anything.

But what I have in my hand is definitely a sword that houses evil powers.

Unlike the Holy Sword created with the help of God, a sword made through various outrageous processes is called the Evil Sword.

"The sword tends to be all about destructiveness, but its reality looks like a substitute specializing in 'eating people'. And it is also like 'dwelling the eaten human soul in its own body'. All those ghost collections you've been pointing at me just now are victims of that sword, aren't they?

"... you're not human. 'Taste' is different"

"Are you sharing your taste with the sword? The relationship between you and that sword is really interesting. I'd love to hear more about it."

I increased my magic with one hand. [M]

He creates a black sword at the middling ceremony and turns it toward the man who darkens out.

"It's going to be quicker to actually fight than let me talk to you. I'll deal with you, call me."

That's when Elsa said she was holding and supporting Charlotte, who had lost consciousness.

"Master Theodore. No matter how much you are, that man..."

"It's okay."

I showed her the palm of my hand that took the evil sword.

There are no more traces of it in my hand that should have been chopped with a blade. Injuries of this magnitude will heal quickly.

Seeing it, Elsa opened her eyes as if surprised, but still opened her mouth.


I sighed and then whined quietly. [M]

"Keep your mouth shut for a second. be shredded."

"... eh"

"You hold that girl. You just have to sit there. If you don't want to wind up and die, just stay out of the way."

Breathtaking signs are transmitted. This will make you grow up.

Well, I'll concentrate on hunting the man in front of me.

The blackening man clenched his evil sword hard.

Strong temper overflows from its black body, turning the blade into several tentacles.

"... let's go, Redo Mescuole. Stop my breath."

Moments later, the tentacled blade pierced the cobblestone one after the other, approaching me from the ground.

The ground violently rings, and a swarm of tentacles flying out of the ground snipes at me from every angle.

I don't move. [M] If you move, the helpless girls behind you are in danger.

From the evil sword of the main body, the power of darkness is felt in color. dwelling on the power of darkness. It will diminish its destructive power to those that have the power of darkness as well.

Bounce back the looming tentacles one after the other with a magical sword made impromptu.

Huh! And the blade blurred my cheek. Blood splashes, but it's not a big deal.

But there's nothing we can do just to keep it from attacking.

I measure my distance from a black man. [M] About 10 meters or so.

That's enough distance...

"... on the defensive side?

"Quite fast and full of flattery."

Hit back one sharp blade after the other, and the metal sounds echoed.

The man stands still dressed with his sword pierced into cobblestone.

I didn't make it faint as if it were a bronze statue placed there from the beginning. but look at the current situation, no matter how many tentacles you wave, just a little irritating color floats in those eyes. - Now.

I instantly portrayed the magic formation and unleashed an industrial flame ceremony on the eighth floor.

Flames appear enough to burn down the perimeter and strike a man.

That strikes directly at the blackest man, but it turns out that one hand that was sticking out was disabling the magic.

"Heh. Doesn't it work around 8th floor? Normally, a direct hit would burn the bones out."

"... playing with fire like that, it doesn't make sense to a certain"

That being said, the tentacle momentum weakened.

They're not enough to just stand and deactivate it.

And - I also found that I didn't really understand how to deal with magic. I guess because I've hardly ever fought a mighty enemy over myself.

"Well, how about this? Try to prevent it."

The perimeter has already been messed up by the blow of a man's tentacled sword. I don't need to lose my hand now.

When the man stuck his hand out again, I activated the operation.

Flames and winds. A composite technique consisting of two techniques - magic equivalent to the power of the eighth floor, activated towards the "cobblestone" on which the man stands, not against the man.

An awesome explosion blew up the cobblestone.

"... chip"

The man jumped right up. That's a good response.


"You're full of gaps."

Anticipating the landing spot of the blackened man, he quickly moved and waved the sword I had behind it in one hand.

Immediately a man's evil sword prevents it.

I laughed as the sound of guisilli sounded and each other's powers antagonized.

"It's definitely strong there. Now I know you're not normal."

"... who are you"

"I don't like it. What do you look like but a simple boy?

I weakened my right hand slightly with a sword. [M]

You realize it's a good opportunity, a man tries to strengthen me at once and cut me off from sword to sword. At that moment, I activate the procedure.

An explosion sounded like a doggy ear squeezing behind the man's back.

I flush his sword and a man blows forward who couldn't handle a magical ambush from his back.

A man who had just taken a passive position said it before he could see me.

"That's it. Well, that was interesting."

The moment the man tried to look at me reflexively, he slit that neck.

Blood erupted. I mutilated the carotid artery, and I'm pretty sure it's a lethal dose.

The man fell in while keeping his neck muscle under control. Looking down at it as it seemed painful.

"I was strong, but I relied too much on the power of that evil sword. Not to this extent, but you can't defeat that great hero, can you?

Eventually the man stopped moving.

Is it only to a greater extent than a coarse angel of God?

I enjoyed it a little, but something hooks me up. With this much power, you should be able to measure the difference in power from your opponent. Then there's no way you're turning that great hero against your enemies.

It won't even mean you're a fool who doesn't even know that anymore.

There's something behind it...

I felt the slightest release from my back and took it with one hand.

Look, that was a black tentacle. Soon some of the evil swords seemed like tentacles and circled behind me.

That means.

"I see. You're still dead."

A man jumped up at an awesome speed and waved an evil sword.

I'll take it.

A blackening man groaned as he groaned.

"... the monster"

"He died once, didn't he, you? I guess it's out of my mind to be told that way by people who come back to life as if nothing had happened."

A man jumps up, takes a distance and stares at this one.

I said with the sword I had, tapping my shoulder. [M]

"I'm not scared to just die once. Sometimes boulders just manipulate the dead. How many more times do I have to kill you?


I laughed when I stared at the wary, blackened man.

"That's boring a couple of times. At least 10 times, right? - I've been bored so far. I just need you to keep up with my destructive impulse."

"... what?

"Oh, I'm sorry. Wouldn't it pass it on if I said it like this? Then let me be clear with you. Be my toy. [M] I'll play until you're broke."

"... bullshit!

Even those with this much strength are extremely rare in empires. Besides, they don't die just for killing once.

Then why don't we at least chop him up until he stops regenerating?

Come on, let's get started then. My whispering leisure time.

Major General Calsatti, the highest ranking of them all, said while everyone was losing words to Claude Duras' barbarity.

"... I wonder what the hell you mean. Why did you slash her......!

"Because he is the one who raided the temple around the Granden."

The soldiers led by Major General Karsati made a deliberate noise.

"How do you know that...? Instead, she was fighting to defend us and the temple by presenting herself! It's impossible to kill a girl like that! Still, if that girl is the one who raided the temple, show us convincing proof!

"... I cannot answer that question. But behold. If you look at that, can you say," I killed a girl? "

I look in the direction indicated by the old servicemen and I am stunned.

There was a girl there, full of blood and desperate leaving her body in the pillars - no, there should have been. Until earlier.

But now.

"... uh, hey..."

The girl with purple hair braided stood still, holding down her still bleeding unceasing neck muscles with one hand, and said as she drooled blood from the edge of her mouth.

Soldiers who saw it start making noise at the same time, and even Major General Karsati hardens with a look like he doesn't know what to say while confused.

Toto had been deeply torn from his neck muscle to his torso.

He also took an awesome blow breaking his bones, and normally it shouldn't have been strange if his upper and lower body had been separated.

Nonetheless, she got up. And Toto turns his vain eyes to Claude.

"... that's funny... did Toto make a fool of himself like being slashed by a big hero -? That's so bad. I mean, so... Grr... Oops!!

The girl, who threw up a chunk of blood tangled in her throat, continued roughing up her breath.

"Where... Kuh.... Ha, ha... Found out, did you... For later school, why don't you teach me, big hero? Well."

Watching the bloody girl say as she wiped her mouth, the military whispered to each other, "Weren't they possessed by the dead?

But Claude kicks the word over.

"No. The man is not dead. Undisputed living human being. There's only one thing that makes me different from normal people. Its ability to recover instantly even if you die. Only amazing vitality, possibly given by the evil God"

I assure you so, Toto's mouth drew an arc...... laughed softly.

"Pfft...... haha! Nah, have you even found out about that yet? Sasu - Toto was also surprised by this -! So."

Toto screamed his previously delightful face, suddenly distorted into hatred.

"Toto's beloved, Toto's beloved, I don't mind dedicating all of Toto, you treated Toto's existential 'goddess' like an evil god!? Oh, my God, I won't forgive you! I'll kill you!!

Unlike the military men who couldn't swallow the situation, Claude unleashed a shockwave by the Divine Sword.

That's so overwhelming that even Toto, transformed into a being beyond human beings, can't tell.

It was the blue glowing sword that stopped that divine speed blow.

"Heh heh... sasu, but it's a meerviper - You used to protect Toto."

Divine Sword Mair Viper, who moved alone to protect the Lord.

But the sword shuddered as soon as Toto stroked his patterned head.

Says Claude, who saw it.

"You're scared of the divine sword. Divine swords do not originally follow an outer path like yours. How did you make that sword? How can you handle that sword? Why would a godsword frighten you? I'll get an answer, Toto and I will. Until then, I'll snap your neck as many times as I can."

"Knock it off... at a time when you're missing such a sweet little thing, you're just a human being. No matter how powerful you are, you're just a normal person! - You're dying, you big hero!

Toto raised his right hand in heaven with a mair viper in his hand.

A stream of water overflowing from his body swirls, and becomes a spear of multiple pieces of water, striking the soldiers.

The ever upset military also reacted immediately to this, and those who could use witchcraft stretched the junctional ceremony. but.

The water spear 'slips through' the junction ceremony to the military.

Claude prevented all of those dozens of spear attacks with shockwaves emanating from the Divine Sword Revistra.

The water, which kept the spear in shape, disappeared as if it had evaporated since the splash was raised.

"The power that dwells in the divine sword is no more than magic. God's power - it's insane. There is no such thing as an advanced juxtaposition."

"Well, then."

One of the sorcery squads tries to build a surgical ceremony, but Claude stopped it.

"Stop. Divine swords are nullified if they are magical enough to be banned. It's not your act."

Toto, who was watching a series of moves, laughed at him in spite of his overwhelming disadvantages.

"I think you finally know about the Divine Sword... you are a great hero. But you are to that extent. Even if I know about my divine sword, I know very little about other divine swords. This mare wiper, she doesn't specialize in destruction or anything like that. Okay?

Shockwave by Claude's Divine Sword approaches Toto only if he no longer has ears to listen to.

Toto said as the blue divine sword Meerviper prevented it.

"We're done playing. - Okay? Come on, Meerviper. It's time to show your true power -!

When Toto squeezed the Meerviper hard, the divine sword tried to get away from her as if she were a conscious creature.

But it is no match for the power of Toto, and again it is raised high in heaven.

At the same time, Maerviper's fullness glowed blue, and.


A deafening sound is emitted from the Maerviper, which is very similar to the cry of the female Terminator.

Those who see the light and hear the cry cease to move as if they had all solidified on the spot.

Toto confirms it. No, he just fell to the spot.

The effect of being slashed by Claude and the recoil using Maerviper's 'ability' deeply annoyed her body, but Toto muttered as she sweated.

"Goddamn it... I don't know... My plans went a lot crazy because of Hein's idiot... that idiot, if I find him later, I'll kill him about 3 times. Er..."

Toto laughed as he moaned at the unexpected behavior of his partner, who was acting together.

"But well, welcome to the world of dreams. So I met the one you guys cared about the most, shared the joy of reunion, and while I was dreaming - there's not one left. I won't let Toto tear you apart... hehe"

From the temple, which until then had been full of hustle and bustle, no longer made any noise.

It's like there's no one else on the spot anymore, no one says anything, just sitting there watching the void.

And the Divine Sword Meerviper, who remained in the hand of the Lord, was trembling as if he were sobbing.