Claude regained consciousness immediately.

It was only for a moment, but even he, being treated as a great hero, had lost consciousness by the power of that girl's divine sword.

But the surrounding scenery seemed blurry.

The soldiers are standing there staring into the void on the spot, and the girl named that toto is about to suffer, yet trying to stand still.

We have to deal with this right away. But I remembered the strange feeling of whether the view I was seeing right now was really real.

I feel as if I've gotten lost in a space like this.

And I soon found out that it wasn't just my fault.

"- You"

When he heard the voice and saw “her” face, Claude, who was firmly squeezing his expression, accidentally opened his eyes and raised a groan that was not his voice.

And he opened his mouth several times, and shut it, and nevertheless never called the name of the man.


"What's wrong with you? Look at me like that."

A long-haired woman tilted her neck.

The bluish hair was lustrous, a woman with a serene atmosphere.

For the Duchess, she was wearing a dress that looked almost primitive, but that hasn't compromised her beauty.

I felt a gentle light on those blue eyes, just like in my lifetime.

But she was smiling, quickly clouding her expression.

"You? Somewhere, is it painful?

A woman walking in an unspoiled foothold gently stroked her cheek as she looked up at Claude. I accidentally grab that hand hard with one hand.

"Are you okay? Something happened...?

"Nastasha, I..."

Claude looked full of bitterness.

Right away, but I want to hug the woman in front of me. I want to hug you hard and make sure that you exist.

The day before I refrained from getting married. When I embraced Nastasha, it was because I was too powerful to hold her, or because she said, "It hurts." When I let her go in a hurry, now she hugged me from Nastasha's side.

"Welcome back".

That's how she squeals and hugs me. Her adorable figure and her beautiful voice like a bird whimpering still burns in the back of her brain and doesn't leave. I couldn't help but immerse myself in that feeling again and want to spend eternal time as it was.

"You? Give me a hug, won't you?

"... Huh!

"Well, from me today...... yeah"

Gentle embrace.

A warm, soft sensation dominates Claude's brain.

Claude shrugged as she gently stroked her loving wife's back.


"? How can you apologize...?

"I couldn't protect you..."

Once, I think I said the same thing in front of her grave.

Nastasha gently returns to the words spouted to groan.

"You still cared about that? It's okay. I'm fine."


"Already. You're thinking of me and saying it, aren't you? If I say I'm okay, I'll be fine. So don't look so dark. Right?"

It was a word that would sweetly melt my stubborn heart.

I'm about to be engulfed in an unspeakable sense of happiness just listening to that word.

Claude said, desperate to make reason work.

"You're a phantom."


"It's still in my heart, gentle and warm... just an illusion, as you look adorable"

Nastasha didn't say anything.

I'm just waiting for the next word. I felt that way.

"Still, I must apologize. I couldn't protect Charles, not just you."

"That's not true. You've always been beside her."

"I was nearby. But that's all. I couldn't support her heart..."

"That's how I blame myself again. It's your bad habit."

Nastasha looked up at Claude, lifting his heel just a little and stroking his head.

It was like giving up a child.

You've done this to me several times before. That was embarrassing at the time, and I took an unscrupulous attitude.

Now I just give myself up to her kindness like that.

"If it weren't for you, Charlotte's heart would have completely broken. Though I'm gone, Charlotte has managed to stay rational because you were there. She's counting on you. And Elsa."

"Even though Schal's heart has broken so much that he can no longer apply his hands...?

"Charlotte's getting stronger, isn't she? Really if it's just the arm of the sword. Surely that was brought about by hatred. Now he's trapped in a strong vengeance, but he hasn't lost his kindness."

Nastasha continues calmly, staring into Claude's eyes.

"That's what you have to figure out beside that kid. Are you sure you're facing that girl right? Aren't you reluctant to treat me weirdly consciously? There's only one thing that that kid needs now. Just a spare affection from you. Remember that."

I can't save her anymore.

I don't deserve to be loving to you.

But it was an indisputable fact that we were avoiding facing each other. I was putting it on the military to keep me out of deep contact with that girl.

"Please, wrap that kid gently around you. In my place."


Claude remained unanswered.

With one hand stroking her back - the other hand gripping the sword is shaking and shaking.

This gentle word of hers, too, is all an illusion created by her own heart -.

"I'm sorry, Nastasha. Sorry......"

"I haven't seen you in a long time, and you're just apologizing. If it's so hard and painful...... are you here with me the whole time? Charlotte and Elsa, let everyone in the Granden go, they're here? Don't think about the people who need you, are you here? If you want it, I won't stop. Because I am a phantom created by your heart."

If I could do that, how easy it would be...

But there are those who must protect themselves.

Charlotte and Elsa are not the only ones. It is incumbent upon the people of this city as soldiers and hence as protectors of all the Grand Territory.

Claude chewed his lips hard and made up his mind, shaken by gentle phantom words.

Then gently release herself from Nastasha and stare into those blue eyes with gentle support for her left shoulder.

"I have something to tell you."


"It's very, very hard."


"You can resent me. You deserve that."

I don't resent you.

Claude left his expression unchanged.

While he was as faceless as usual, but he didn't realize there was only a glimmer of Shizuku flowing from that one eye.

"I'll kill you."

Saying so, Nastasha smiled all the time.

"I thought you'd say that."

"... sorry"

"That's how I apologize again. It's okay, if that's the path you chose and what it takes for you, you just have to keep talking about me."

It was a tone as if to speak lightly.

Nastasha stays laughing. He showed it to me on the day of his presence, with a gentle grin.

"Come on, slash it?


Even though I know it's a phantom, I'm driven by the thought of my chest being tightened.

If you slash her away, you'll be free from this weird feeling. This world of fiction, which gently erodes the brain's marrow, also collapses.

Claude set up a godsword all the time - then.

Nastasha's grin shades and she clouds her eyebrows like only a little trouble.

"But you wanted to see it at the end."

"... what,?

"Your smile"


I can no longer even remember when the last time I laughed.

While nature and breathing become rough and cold sweating, Claude is -.

"... sorry, Nastasha..."

Nastasha, who raises a blood splash and falls in, quickly vanished.

And the sight becomes clear at once.

There was a girl with purple hair looming in front of her.

She exposes her consternation.

"Ah! Heh, it's easy to slash your beloved woman, too, you big hero."

Claude's divine sword was waved.

Toto reacted instantly and retracted, but still bears a deep hand on his chest.

Seeing her like that, Claude said as he laid up his divine sword.

"The woman I loved (one) is gone -"

The great hero Claude Duras sets up a divine sword.

However, although it was not in the expression, I could see the cold sweat conveying its cheeks and the roughness of its breathing.

Though phantom, it would be caused by the slaughter of my beloved wife - and the strong erosion of that brain by the Divine Sword Meerviper.

That ability makes the human brain melt.

If you're a concurrent person, rejoice in reuniting with your once lost family, lover, or best friend, and immerse yourself in the mood of your dreams without realizing it's a phantom. That is such a strong peace of mind that it covers any pain or suffering.

Leave those whose brains have been eroded by that ability, which should also be the embrace of the devil, to spend time with gentle phantoms - eventually starving to death.

The humans of the temple, who had been raided so far, predicted when they had become comfortable, feeding on Hain's evil sword, Redo Mescuole.

The victims will have imprisoned their souls by his evil sword, without suffering or being given anything.

Many of the phantoms who raided the temple this time were the end of those who were not long out of breath to taste such pain.

Originally, the dead gain strength if their lifetime suffering and resentment are strong. Naturally, it would have been more or less militarily advantageous to kill them with a feeling of fear and suffering.

Then why did you do it? From Toto's original personality, he should have given him a laugh (like this) as he chopped up the humans who would gladly escape.

Still, I chose to kill without pain by the phantom - because of the words of one being.

'Hey, Toto. There's something I don't understand.'

My dear, those other words.

When Toto was perplexed by the unexpected thoughts emanating from her, who was supposed to be omnipotent, the thing muttered as she thought with her fingers on her chin.

"A creature called man will eventually die. Neither a tranquil death, nor a death full of anguish, makes it any different that it is death. But by the likeness of the mind when breathless, the person can sometimes be a dead (undead) with tremendous power. But sometimes they are satisfied and called to heaven while reaching the end of the same death. - What is the difference between the two? It's very strange. I know why that happens, but I don't understand. '

You don't know that because you transcend death.

Being out of the concept of death, I don't understand how much you think about it.

You don't have to go out of your way to figure out what it doesn't matter whether you or a foolish human being dies so that humans don't know the heart of ants crawling around the side of the road.

Tell them what you enthusiastically think from the bottom of your heart.

My beloved goddess said this after tilting her little neck and listening to the story all the time.

'Is that what it is? So, what kind of death does Toto want?

I answered instantly.

"If I'm going to die for you, I don't care how you die," he said.

said the beloved goddess.

'Really? If it's for me, it's more about dying in bitter pain than being called to sleep on the bed, isn't it?

Toto snorts.

At that time, the goddess approached Toto and embraced her luxurious body.

Warm and soft, surrounded by unspeakable happiness.

'Toto is a good boy, isn't he? I don't want to see you die in pain. - I have seen many who are called to the end of my misery. But I've rarely seen anyone with happiness - or a tranquil death. Even in this case, a good number of people will die in pain. "

The goddess stroked Toto's purple hair.

And it ties my hair slowly with gentle hands.

This is how you always love me when you have time.

With gentle words all alone, the hand of the supreme being, the goddess, just touches the tip of her hair, and such a tremendous sense of happiness that she has never felt before sweetly fills her brain.

"So at least for your help - this time give you a painful death. Toto already has the power to make it happen, doesn't he?

Divine Sword Meir Viper.

Such was the power of the sword which was given to her by her beloved goddess.

He said that in his dreams, he could catch a glimpse of the loved ones he once lost.

Toto was comfortable and wielded that power in this case.

Maerviper's abilities were tremendous, and even those on Hain's fierce blade looked tranquil to death. It was proof that he had passed away with no pain at all.

But there was only one time when a nun, who had left the temple until then shortly after Toto had finished the raid, made his return.

Hain tried to put it in her hands too, but Toto stopped it.

I wanted to see what would happen to humans who stayed happy thanks to the power of Meerviper.

So after using his abilities, only the nun kept him alive.

A later investigation showed that he was starving to death.

Starvation is a prolonged pain in death. Despite this, the nun seems to have been dreaming long before she died.

To be deprived of life with a moment of anguish and to immerse yourself in dreams in between until you starve to death with nothing to say.

Fulfilling, which is more cruel?

Many who were devoured by Hain would become ghosts forced to serve him, but the nun would not become a dead (undead), and the soul apparently traveled to the underworld or to the absentee.

I don't know if that's due to a strong sense of well-being that doesn't even make you feel the pain of starving to death, or whether it simply never became a phantom because there was no untrained.

But both those who died in the temple and the nuns who ended up starving to death passed away with happy illusions. There can't be any discontent there. Thank you very much for your kind words. Without it, you would have died gasping for pain. Toto squeals so in his heart.

And Toto got up instantly after checking the regeneration of the wound.

The great hero finally stood up. Though he overcame Maerviper's abilities, the strain that would be on him shortly afterwards would be considerable.

But even in that state, he made an immediate decision that he could not win on his own, abandoning the great hero and rushing to the inside of the temple. If it's just quick, I have a minute here.

The priests and monks waiting in the back of the temple greeted each other in unison, but the attack by the spear of the water of the Maerviper was unleashed endlessly and pierced everything.

Run through a temple full of blood and organs and reach the deepest point.

There was a giant crystal there, before which one old woman stood.

"... are you saying that a kid like you is the culprit of a temple raid?

"You shouldn't judge people too much by their appearance, okay? Hey, Chief Cleric's" Lady "?

It looked like Chief Dorothee, close to age 70, couldn't figure out how, but he was trying to activate the sacramental ceremony.

Toto consecrated himself to the Mair Viper and unleashed it at the same time as the activation of his opponent's sacramental ceremony.

A powerful flash by divinity easily nullified the sacramental ceremony so aggressive that it approached the prohibition and mutilated the clergyman's old body, also penetrating the giant crystal she was protecting. Crystals shatter and scatter.


The chief cleric falls and falls, and where the crystal is smashed and scattered, the power of his feet is about to fall out.

It was painful to be standing.

The power of Meerviper is mighty.

The burden rests heavily on Toto's body.

Normally, we can manage to withstand it. It was also a boulder for Toto, who was fatally wounded by the slaughter of a great hero. He nearly collapses on the spot and exhales roughly as he rushes to stick his mare viper to the floor and keeps his weight on it.

It was then that I felt tremendously murderous from behind.

At the same time that I noticed, the shockwave swept Toto's luxurious body away and slammed him against the walls of the temple.


There stood a great hero.

The appearance of full-bodied creativity, yet its powerful blow does not change anything.

But Toto laughs invincibly.

"Knock, knock, knock, knock..."

"… what is your purpose"

"Come on? That's from Toto's mouth... Grr, I can't believe you're here...! I'm not going to get along decently with you, well, good boy, I'm not going to keep myself...!

Toto had a distressed look on his face, but accidentally pointed the cutting edge of the mair viper at his own chest. And -.


A divine sword pierces his chest deeply.

Moments later, blood erupted from her chest and blue and white light emanated from her entire body.

"Guuuuuuu... And true hell begins... from now on. Toto is goodbye once... From afar what death you will receive... watch over you, give you..."

Toto's words ran out on the way, and her figure instantly scratched off the spot.

Claude was stunned when he saw it.

"... metastasis, surgery...?

A large amount of cold sweat dripped off my forehead.

She has only ever carried out attacks by divine swords and never used witchcraft.

I didn't expect to be able to handle a metastatic formula that is considered extremely advanced in magic.

Moreover, its activation condition is probably to self-blade. It's an unbelievable phenomenon, but that girl is still alive through her heart.

Claude returned her heels to look for the tip of the girl's metastasis as she was struck by an awesome headache that was just as if she had not been crushed in the head and a fierce eyesight that blurred in front of her.

My feet flutter and I step on them. Still, when I tried to move on.


Something made me feel uncomfortable.

I thought I was hallucinating or something, but the feeling gradually became clear and echoed around.

Striked by a fierce sense of impatience.

A tremendous chill shook my whole body like I've never felt before.

There is an unprecedented crisis looming in this Granden land.

Claude proceeded to walk out of the temple, driven by such thoughts.