Keith Lermit was running toward the temple while providing evacuation guidance for the people on the road.

The number of dead is clearly decreasing, but we haven't completely defeated them yet.

As soon as I found them, I hit them with a flaming blow. A collection of durable phantoms unleashes an intense industrial flame technique with the help of the Holy Sword Ville Geeza.

Keith ran, feeling something nauseous about burning down the bodies of those who had not yet died.

There is still a distance to the temple.

But the sound of the battlefield, which had been blowing from that direction until earlier, was interrupted.

And I began to hear different sounds almost as time went by. That was a strange sound, as if it were echoing from the sky.

What the hell is going on...

Second, I feel something moving in my sight and I look at you.

It's no longer an outdoor shop after even the shopkeeper ran away. Will the large crate be a container for sale? From behind, I discovered the figure of one looking at this one with frightened eyes.

"What are you doing!?


"Don't be frightened. It's okay, I'm not the enemy."

Hiding behind the crate was a boy who wasn't even old enough.

But there was another behind it. She was a young woman, but she's injured her leg.

"Your mother. You."

"Ugh, yeah... oh, you know, my dad ran away with my mom because he was, all of a sudden, he was acting weird, so, but on his way, or, Mom, oh, my leg... I got hurt..."

Perhaps the father has turned into a living corpse.

Keith strokes the boy's head in tears with confusion and fear.

"Right. You've protected my mother so far. [M] Well done."

Saying so and watching how it went, the boy's mother said, even though she looked exhausted.

"Oh, please. Let this kid alone get away with it. I don't care what happens..."

"Or, Mom! We have to be together!

"Just you go. Because your mother is fine. Hey."

Strengthened, but she seemed to be spraining her legs.

Now you won't be able to get around the city very much. We have to lead them to a safe place first.

"I'm fine. I'll help you."

"I don't mind, just this kid."

Keith shouted unexpectedly at the woman's words.

"Han! What do you think this boy will do if he loses you!? Just think about surviving with this kid at all costs!

Keith flinches at the woman who looks frightened.

Unexpectedly, I pinched my personal feelings, but not now.

"And excuse me. But I'm fine. I..."

When I was about to say that, I suddenly noticed a magic eruption in the immediate vicinity and turned to you.

There was a bloody girl there, wearing a robe in a light outfit. The girl with purple hair glances around slightly looking exhausted.

"Shit, could you only fly this far..."

"Become... hey, what happened to that injury!? Give me a hand right away......!!

"Oh? What is it, you... hmm?

The girl, staring at Keith with her frigid eyes, nodded as if the point had been made.

"Ah. You are the man of that Count Lermit family..."

"!? Why are you talking about me... no, I need a hand first"

The girl's chest was painted with blood.

It's as if he was stabbed through the heart. I don't know why this is lightly discouraging.

"Uh, I'm not saying. Damn... I didn't plan on dying..."

I suppressed my chest with one hand as the girl whined about something I couldn't figure out.

Whatever you might think, it just seemed fatal, but she just slightly distorted her face into pain.

Keith only worried for a moment which would give priority to parent-child protection or girl protection.

When I turned away from the girl and turned to her parents and children - Keith's intuition enlightened her colorfully about the signs of death and she did her eyes to the girl again as she shook up the holy sword reflexively.

A metal noise called Gin sounds and the power of Ville Geeza and Maerviper antagonizes.

"What are you going to...!?

"Heh... that's a good idea. I thought I could slash you just like that."

The girl jumped right back and took a distance.

Keith stared at the girl with the holy sword in place.

"Pretty good eyeball, huh? I can't imagine a man from a family who lost the power of the Holy Flame."

"... who are you? Answer me."

"Toto is toto. Nice to meet you... well, say hello to you. What's the point? Miscellaneous fish like you will die soon, so maybe it doesn't make sense!

A running stream of water manifested from the Mair Viper approached Keith in the form of a spear.

Though I just put up a junction technique.


"Haha! Don't you even know the properties of a divine sword on a boulder? I can't get through a junction ceremony in front of this mare viper. Okay?

"Divine Sword......"

A blade of water penetrating the left leg disappears.

The boy behind them screamed fear, but no harm had been done to them.

"Next time, no help - I'll kill you like a borough rag, huh?

"Wait. There is a people here who are not guilty of anything. Let them get away with it first, and then hang out with your bullshit -"

"That doesn't have anything to do with Toto!

If the junctional formula doesn't work, we can't protect the parents and children behind us.

When Keith chewed up his back teeth,

Something fast and imminent rammed into me as if I were going to crash into a girl named Toto.

Her standing cobblestone was shattered and scattered when Toto, who guessed it, hastily dodged it.

It was the girl who produced the golden ears and tail that accomplished it.

"Ho. Do you want to change that? That's a pretty quick response."

Rocha, the fox beast man, said as he slapped his palms on his breasts and paid off the dust.

Her blow also ran a crack at the surrounding cobblestone. It's just so powerful I think I smashed it with a big hammer or something.

"Rocha!? Why are you here?"

"We've already done what we can. If so, it would be natural to head later to the temple being targeted. Hey, Shaura."

Asked so, Shaura, who rushed a little later than Rocha, gave him a complex look.

"... toto? What are you doing, you?"

"Uh, was it Mr. Shawla? Well, yes, it is, the survival of Brannage - that shameless -"

Shaura stuffs the distance in an instant and waves down her enlarged nails to Toto.

approaching divine speed. That was easily dodged.

The girl with the white body stares at Toto.

"... Surely there are no more Brannages. I don't care what they say about that survivor. But I will not tolerate only words that will tarnish the Brannage family"

"Nice. Where the person I had fun discussing once also tries to get it on his hands without hesitation. Boulders, battle instincts are just high -. Hey, beast man... no, you two mates -?

That's when Rocha became a swordswallowing sight.

"Shaura, I'll deal with it later. Be prepared."

"Hey, why me...?

"It is unacceptable, such as having fun discussing with those who speak of the greatest forbidden sentence for us beasts. Don't think it's just the usual light setup."

"... yeah, right. Sorry......"

"Mm-hmm. Then I'll kill you."

Copy that.

Toto laughed when he saw that the atmosphere of the Beast Daughters was killer.

"Haha! They say you're an idiot because you're a cop. I think that's especially true where there's a lot of blood and I can't get my head around it."

"I no longer need words. Atonement for humiliating us beasts, for their lives."

"... not as much as my mouth. Miscellaneous fish bark. I've been frustrated by all the unpleasant things I've done since earlier. Why don't you hang out with me for a little bit?"

Rocha and Shaura ran at the same time, expanding into a shape that pinched the toto.

When the mare wipers are wielded, the water currents are speared against them.

A number of water spears pierce the place where the two beasts ran through.

Rocha ran up the private house wall in front of him and dodged the water spear. He jumped with momentum just smashing the roof as it was and approached Toto.

Interception and evasion, Chaura strikes from behind Toto to tighten wings to prevent either of those actions.

It was Shaura who was suspicious of not trying to take evasive action, but he put his efforts into never letting go.

Rocha's momentum fist is swung down to crush Toto.

Though it was more obvious than seeing fire what would happen if she hit me with shattered cobblestones.

Toto said with more laughter.

"Do it, Meerviper"

It was a toto with wings tightened and swords unwieldy, but the sword in her hand moves as if it had been waved by an invisible hand, taking Rocha's fist from the front.

"Shit, what is this sword...!

Rocha landed, but left the scene immediately. Shortly after, a water spear sprayed up from where she had stepped down.

"Huh, which one? Toto's Mair Viper is a glimmer."

"I'm sorry it's so exciting, but I'm gonna have you dead."

Shaura pulled Toto forcefully and stuck his fangs up his neck muscle.

Blood seeped in, and when I chewed off the meat, blood sprayed up.


The werewolf beast threw up all the meat and then moaned to nauseate.

"Wow... what, this rotten taste...? It's like a corpse..."

"!? Why don't you, Shaura, avoid it!!

It only took a moment to figure out what Rocha meant by her words.

At the same time I understood that, there was a meerviper piercing Shaura's abdomen.

And the sword moved not through the hand of Toto, and pierced the chaurat with his lords.

"Ha ha...!


I see Shaura falling behind me, and Rocha turns her blood phase and runs.

Toto, still standing pierced by his own divine sword, immediately pulled the divine sword out of his own body while suppressing his chewed neck muscle, waving it on the flesh.

The blow seemed dodged, but the blade of water released from the Maerviper hit Rocha directly.


He prevented it with his arms, but by the time he killed off the impact, he was slammed against the walls of a private house.

"Hoob......! Ah... I have a neck and it sucks... but well... there's no such thing as an intruder... Mr. Shaura will probably kill you later, so let's get that fox first..."

An awesome flame hit Toto directly.

A veil of water emanating from the meerviper takes it.

Toto looked at the opponent with a harsh look.

"I'll kill you later, will you please make me look good now?

"You monster! I won't let you like me any more!

Keith urged the Beast girls to lend their shoulders to the mother of their hidden parents and children to flee as they began to fight.

I hurt her leg. She walks desperately, albeit in a relaxed foothold. The boy looked worried about it.

They're still right around the corner. Toto turned away from Keith and turned to his parents and children.

"Neither do you, but why should I kill that parent and child?"

"... point a blade at an innocent (mucko) people, or this outer road!!

"'Cause that's funny - haha! It's a great thing to worry about!

Toto wields a mair viper.

The water gushed out by the power of the divine sword became a spear and struck his parents and children.

At that moment, a tremendous flame burned up as if it would involve parents and children.

The water spear could not penetrate that flame, and evaporated and disappeared.

The fire column rises heavenly high, but I see no anomaly whatsoever in the parents and children who should have been caught in it.

"... scratched out the power of the divine sword...? It's not even like a junctional ceremony...... flame protection?

Keith poured all his magic into the Holy Sword Ville Geeza and let it go to Toto.

The flame is lightly extinguished by the hand of the Maerviper, but Toto distorts his face uncomfortably by then.

"How dare you draw the power of God to dwell in the Holy Sword"

Keith doesn't answer that, he leaps on the spot.

I waved it down to slap Ville Geeza to Toto.

It was a toto to take it, but retreat as if you struggled in addition to your thoughts.

"Now, Rocha! Take Shaura and run!

"... I'll be grateful!

Rocha grabbed the fallen chaura and tried to run away.

"I won't let you!

A water spear erupts from the mair viper, but a fire column erupted from the ground prevents it.

Rocha confirmed this one only for a moment, but left the spot immediately.

Keith's unleashed firepillar blocks the perimeter as if to trap him and Toto on the spot.

Keith and Toto were relative as they were surrounded by fire columns.

"Chi, do you think the Holy Sword can beat the Divine Sword? You want me to die prematurely?

"Your foolishness, which has hurt innocent people and slaughtered my countrymen, can never be forgiven! Until I judge myself, I will never die!!

Ville Geeza and Meerviper were wielded at the same time.

The metal sound of listening echoes and sparks scatter.

"Fuck you! It's nothing but a low-level god's protection! This is not how the power of holy flames works! It's not like the Counts inherited it!

"That's true, I'm not recognized by Holy Flames. I don't have the strength to fight your sword! But that's what happened! Just because I'm weak doesn't mean I can't leave you alone!

"Funny!! I'm going to chop that neck off immediately and show it to your buddies!!

Toto's swordsmanship far surpassed Keith's.

Sometimes I take it, sometimes I flinch it, but I can do a number of scratches on it without evasion or defense.

Meanwhile, Keith's massive blow had been lightly diverted. But that's to create a gap between them.

"Perhaps, what is it! You think you can hit a cursory attack like a turtle like that!

He immediately flushes the sword that has been slashed at Keith's neck and slashes it to Toto with a blade to return.

It carved a muscle of red line on her cheek.

- Until a while ago, I couldn't deal with a woman.

I don't really remember when I revealed that to an alumni boy. I know it's the effect of having a deep drink, but there were still some memorable words for you.

"- Bet your best to encourage for those who really must protect you."

What you have to protect is definitely a people who don't have the power to fight.

And they're scratched, they're about to fall.

If you want to protect them, you risk your own life.

'I'm not telling you to throw away the past, but let me get over it brilliantly -'

The young man, who had once suffered a deep wound to his heart when he saw his father hurt his mother, cried out because he would not overcome his past.

"Holy flame! And look out!! The flames in my Count Lermit house are not out yet!!

Hot wind-like magic erupted from Keith's entire body.

Holy Sword Ville Geeza responds to it and makes her full body glow red.

The anger and sense of purpose of the red-haired young man brought his magic to its limits.

Toto was barometric and retracted by a tremendous heat runoff.

Not missing a slight gap, Keith slashes Toto with a blazing holy sword.

She was a deeply torn girl, but she waved her maid viper with a distressed look on her face.

Powerless attack. Even if it is by a divine sword with power over everything, it does not prevent the blow of a holy sword that is ready.

The Holy Sword and the Divine Sword bumped into each other directly from the front, and Toto's arms played heavily with each divine sword.

At that moment, Keith breaks Toto's right arm.


When Toto falls ill with so many shocks, Keith waves down with the power of the whole spirit as he dwells so much heat in the Holy Sword that he scorches himself.

"Destroy it!!

A firepillar rose from Toto's body, which was deeply torn apart.

The girl who falls in with the screaming of the Terminator is instantly blackened.

Keith got on his knees when he saw it through.

Obviously it gave him more magic than his own power, and it brought out the power of God who dwells in the Holy Sword.

A divine sword made by God and a holy sword made only by other races with the help of God.

Though it does not extend to the divine sword, divinity also resides in the holy sword. This is what I had to do to counter the Meerviper.

Keith saw a stuffy, painful girl in front of him as he prepared his rough breath.

There is no such thing as a monster to survive the blade and keep fighting.

But the overwhelming vitality of it is disastrous, or she is still suffering. The flames of God dwelling in the Holy Sword added momentum to all that burned Toto's luxurious body.

Keith stood up ready and, with all his magic, dwelt a flame in the Holy Sword.

And with a look of pity, I stood in front of the girl.

Quietly wave down your sword toward the girl who still suffers.