I pierced the heart of a black man, confirmed his death once, and then pulled out my sword as I kicked his body.

"I guess this was the 18th time. What do you say, now?"

The black man gets up soon. But sticking an evil sword to the ground is weak.

It would be due to the recoil that has been losing lives.

No matter how much you come back to life, eventually the limits come. It is the same for those who have survived death.

I had already lost interest from the man in front of me. [M]

More than that, I am now interested in the fact that this whole sky is sounding different.

This phenomenon is clearly unusual. I don't think it's like anything happens suddenly.

- Have you failed to defend the Temple?

That's what I decided. The enemy still didn't seem to be just the dead and this man.

But what the hell does it mean that General Duras couldn't protect the temple?

Immediately after the sky burst out, it was also felt on the skin that the prohibition was activated, presumably due to a metastatic procedure.

Extremely trace amounts of magic were also immediately transmitted to me, who was sensitive to magic sensing with only a few excitements.

But there's no way I can handle a normal metastatic formula with this amount of magic. Is the enemy the same mage as Gislan that he came from that magical power, or is it something else?

I was most attracted to the overwhelming magic that scorched my skin that I felt afterwards, even though my interest was endless.

Because in an instant I realized that was emanating from that red-haired young man.

- Nice, Keith. Excellent. Its magic, which is still nothing more than a seed fire, could eventually start a big fire (or not). If it eventually entailed the protection of the sacred flames, it could even be comparable to the volcano.

Be stronger, Keith. You have that talent. [M] Of all the powerful privileged students, I can feel the most future from you.

With that in mind, I played the attack by tentacles with my sword.

Until now, I've slowly killed them for fun, but I'm tired of it.

It would be best to just finish this off and head elsewhere.

The dead sprung from the Granden cemetery were soon being blown away by the hands of the military magic squad.

But the blue and white flames that appear from nowhere instantly burn up the bodies of the soldiers.

A deep-green haired elf girl was rescuing her every time, but she was badly worn out by repeated exercises of restorative techniques.

"Ha, ha... Mmm, dull...!

He stands squeezing his strength as he is about to enter the scene.

But that goes for all the soldiers around. Some of the sorcery squads have already lost their magic powers, making it impossible to continue fighting.

Those who specialize in swordsmanship were overwhelmingly disadvantaged against the poorest compatible dead. It will also be a matter of time before it is wiped out as it is.


"Now what!?

And there was another, wrapped in a blue and white flame.

Liz immediately converts the healing ceremony into the shape of an arrow by means of a bow knitted with magic. I let it go - but.

Blue and white flames simultaneously burst out of the surrounding ground and they hit Liz.

Liz, who couldn't tell instantly, unwittingly stiffened her body. Right then.

A flock of blue and white flames disappeared without a trace by a sudden explosion.

Extremely eary Liz raised her screaming voice as she felt a severe headache after that blast.

"Wow... hey, what!? Now what!?

"Don't make a scene, you idiot elf."

It was a brunette boy who only looked about 11 or 2 years old who walked in whining about that.

Look at the boy in the robe, Liz makes a decent face.

"Julian, huh? When, to the Granden…"

"Just now. Pretty funny stuff. Mix it up with me."

"This is not a game! Seriously, I know it sucks."

"Fuck you, the dead have come and gone insane. Not even a decent battlefield. If you are, try to stay alert like you just did. Now you're gonna die."

Liz sighted by the murderous silver eyes.

The blue-white flames approaching in the meantime attempt to strike Julian, but he quickly evaporates it by precise surgical formula without having to confirm it.

"Understanding the situation first is a prerequisite. Be brief about what happened."

"What!? Uh..."

Explaining as Liz wandered around, Julian sighed furiously.

"Did the Temple's defense fail?"

"... after all, is that what's causing this weird sound that's been going on since just now?

Something sounds like it echoes across the Grand Territory.

Liz also found out it was coming from above, but looking at the sky doesn't look any different.

"I don't know exactly. But if you like it, yeah. I'm sure it's in good shape. Just a runoff of the dead."

"Right... I wish I had more power to fight..."

Liz bites her teeth remorsefully.

She can't handle an aggressive surgical ceremony without a magic guide.

I was relaxing outside, and Liz, who rushed in haste after a sudden summons, didn't even have time to go get the cane she needed to exercise the offensive technique she had brought to the land just in case.

However, the recovery ceremony is effective in order to punish the dead. This is how he helps with his defensive mission, but the exercise of repeated surgical ceremonies was almost depleting the magic surrounding her body.

Julian says I just guessed it after seeing it.

"Hey, fucking elves. How many more big surgeries can you shoot?

"... Oh, I have to have a cane. The aggressive technique..."

"That's fine. I asked him how many shots he could shoot that worked great in a recovery ceremony."

I wasn't sure what the dragon boy said, but Liz answered honestly.

"One shot. More than that... underdeveloped or could fall at the point of shooting"


It's useless. I thought they'd curse me for what, but Julian looked like she was thinking of something while being serious.

And exhale small and then nod.

"I'm not very good at wind speed ceremonies, but this is all I got."

Julian, whining to herself, immediately gave Liz instructions.

"Hey, let go of the healing ceremony that instilled your magic."

"Ha ha...? Doh, what do you mean"

I said, "Let go of me to the sky, guess what."

"I don't have an explanation!? I'm asking you what you mean."

Julian pounded her tongue.

"Let the mess go. Can't you see there are dead people out there while we're doing this?"

"... oh, because..."

"If you don't want to make any more sacrifices, use the biggest recovery formula you can use. If you need chanting, I'll buy you that much time. Can you do that?"

"Wow, I get it...... if that's all you say, I'll try. But are you sure that's all right?

Julian raised enormous amounts of magic from all over his body.

Liz unwittingly retreats into a tremendous wave of magic.

"Do it quickly. The temple people who are good at sacramental ceremonies probably won't be able to use them anymore. Now all they can do is do it."

"I got it, I got it!... If I fall, say hello later."

"I'll pick up some bones."

The boy continued afterwards.

"We're talking about selling elf bones pretty high, right?

"This damn busy kid is really annoying......!

Liz created one magic formation from the magic that swept through her entire body as she raised blood on her head.

And start speaking elf-specific language fast.

Occasionally approaching ghosts were quickly blown away by Julian in sorcery.

"- Watch over us, great spiritual god. Give me one end of that wisdom, and give merciful healing to all who live and live. ――

He was also Julian, who had some grasp of Elf's language, but didn't know from there until the content of the earlier chant.

Even then, that blue-haired boy's face passes behind his brain.

He'd be like, "How do you not even know about this kind of procedure?" It's no surprise that instead of the elf girl who is desperately trying to uplift her magic and unleash the greatest sorcery in front of her right now, praising her shoulders, she handled the same surgical ceremony herself without even chanting.

Eventually, Liz tied the chant as she shouted, shaping a huge green bow that reminded her of a crossbow (dust) in the palm of her hand, solidifying it in a position that kept her aim set toward heavenly heights.

I was surprised. Julian tells me to hurry.

"Ah? What's the matter, shoot quickly"

"I'm waiting for instructions. This way! Come on, you little lizard!

"That's why I'm shooting you fast, you fucking elf!

"This......! I'll definitely kick your ass later, so ahhhhhhhh!"

A green bow and arrow wrapped in immense magic from Liz's huge bow was released into the sky.

At the same time, Julian also raises his palm in the sky and shouts.

"Rise to heaven, Father, a disease that cleaves everything apart!" The Great Wind Blade (Magna Ventus) "!

Liz, who was fumbling using the greatest sorcery, shouted unexpectedly at the sight of a recovery ceremony in the form of a giant arrow deployed in the air that was slit in an instant.

"What are you doing, you asshole!? What do you think of my magic?

"Don't be an asshole. Look closely at the complaint before you say it."


A large, mutilated green arrow descends simultaneously into Granden territory, becoming countless little arrows.

Herds of arrows flying from heavenly heights are usually fatal wounds, but her arrows only dwell on the healing effect.

Its flock of little arrows, pouring down one after the other, was no more than a healing blow that could be described as an assault to try to break through human flesh, healing the wounded, and a handful to the unfortunate dead.

The elf girl's all-powerful arrow still exists even in the wake of Julian's wind speedy ceremony, and continues to pour down into the Granden area as countless little arrows.

The arrow has poured down against us, but naturally it does not cause any pain upon us.

When it hit an injured soldier, the wound seemed instantly blocked.

Everyone but the dragon boy on the spot is hardened with incredible faces.

"Really - I can handle this..."

Liz crumbled on the spot and lost consciousness as she was.

She said she could only use one big operation later, but without looking at herself, she probably unleashed the biggest sorcery she could now use. Looks like my magic has completely broken off.

This will wipe out many of the dead that are spreading throughout the city and heal the wounds of those who survive.

It is not a good idea to use Liz's magical powers, which specialize in healing for a reason, solely for the defense of this occasion. It was an act based on that judgment.

Originally, it was visible that even one later use of witchcraft would make her incapable of combat. I would say that this was the best course of action.

Julian stares slightly at the stunned elf girl, exhales with a hunch, and then whines so that no one can hear her.

"You didn't do a good job of being an arrogant elf. I'll take care of it later. Sleep tight."

Seeing everyone stare over and solidify, Julian said.

"Hey, whoever it is, get that elf out of here somewhere safe."

"Ri, got it... but what the hell are you"

"Mirdiana's special treat. You know what I mean when I say it alive? Better be careful. It's not that simple. Something big is gonna happen again. Instead, this could be the real deal."

When Julian said that, I felt something cross the edge of my vision at high speed.

When I looked at you, I saw horses running wild all over the city.

The soldiers who watched it panicked.

"Has the stables been damaged..."

"Oh, that can't cause unwanted damage to the people. We'll have to kill him."

Julian's gaze nailed to a certain horse as a whisper leaked.

Obviously with a greater body than any other horse, it was a fine white horse.

The horse, who circled his neck as if to check what was going on around him, stood up with his forelegs raised as soon as he stared at a certain point, hissing and then running at an awesome speed.