When a platoon led by Clarice arrived at the High Magic Court, everyone ended up watching the scene.

Even though it was the smallest of a few high magic courts, the high magic court, which was still a splendid building, was as if it had been skewered by something.

Seen, some of the large exterior walls surrounding the nearby Granden Territory are also shattered.

"Fr. Frestier... what the hell is this..."

Private Ilia squeals so much at the sight.

That makes me want to yell back at you for wanting to hear it, but I'll see what's going on around me.

It no longer seemed like there was anyone around here. I can't even see a ghost or a corpse burned by it and turned into a living corpse.

However, a slight but strong remnants of magic were felt.

It is clear that powerful sorcery was used in this setting.

But I already knew that there were no military men in this land who could unleash such sorcery other than themselves, where there were many who did not master sorcery. Speaking of which I still don't know, it's a lie.

Isn't there only one boy with incompetent powers?

Among those extraordinary Mirdiana privileged students, there is still a holder of overhead talent.

"Also, could it be that Theodore did it...?

"... from this trace of magic, it is likely that the procedure was used about the ninth floor. Keith Lermit should also be able to exercise it if it is an industrial flame technique, but this status quo…"

The perimeter of the building was scorched and smoke raised, while some parts were ice marinated and still not completely dissolved.

Without a doubt, it would be Theodore's business.

Clarice was flattered, but he regains his mind and tells those under his command.

"I can't feel the signs of people, but sometimes just in case. See if anyone's buried under the rubble! It is also possible that there are still ghosts left, so never act alone!

"" Ha!

Everyone in the platoon is scattered and searched, but no survivors were found.

Clarice says after checking on the neighborhood for a while, he decided there was no longer any point in protecting this place.

"All personnel, pour! I don't see any anomalies on this occasion. But..."

The sound of something echoing from earlier became louder and louder on the arrow tip Clarice tried to continue his words.

Bisi, gisi, pissi -.

Sounds like a foretaste of something breaking can no longer be ignored.

And Clarice, who turned to the other side of the collapsed outer wall, saw it.

Granden territory to western lands.

Over the westernmost territory of the Elberian Empire, where the prairie extends - there were cracks in it.

I could only describe it as so.

A crack enters part of the dark night sky, and the slightest light emanating from it illuminates the earth.

The white light, unlike the moonlight, was spookily bright, a sight that could only be described as unusual.

"What are you..."

"Shit, Ensign, crackles, crackles in the sky! Look, look!

"As long as you look at it, you'll see!

From the cracks in the sky, there was definitely a noise that sounded like something clattering.

If we don't even know what caused it, we don't even know why such a phenomenon happened.

Clarice was severely upset before the sight of unintelligible meaning.

- The procedures and practices decided upon were immediately remembered, and Clarice, who could show strength faster than anyone else, actually had a clear weakness.

She assumes everything. Even in this raid on the Granden, we have anticipated a variety of results and have always ensured that the best possible measures are taken. I was even thinking about the possibility that that General Claude Duras would fail to guard the temple.

I also put my thoughts around the phenomenon of what only happens afterwards.

If Claude fails in security, his life will be exhausted in the worst case scenario. Even in those cases, I have repeatedly in my head what I should do.

But in front of me, the sight was expanding beyond imagination.

Seeing it, Clarice sweated cold and shook her body as she remembered the feeling of her head turning white.

She can't deal with anything completely unexpected.

If it were to be taught or anticipated, every hand would be used to make it look stunning, but the reaction would be delayed when it comes to unexpected things.

I've suffered several defeats in mock games to Charlotte, who was supposed to be inferior in strength, also because I couldn't handle that girl's too out of common sense behavior.

Regardless, you can say that what you experience once is quickly learned and that it is not the first thing to make the same mistake.

But what was being interpreted was that she was also still a temporary soldier, only a student of the military school.

Because of its extra strength and excellence, it was given the rank of Ensign as a special provision by the Crown Prince of the Elberian Empire, but the experience is still shallow.

But now he leads the platoon. As a captain, you can never fail.

The pressure hung on Clarice, her body was unintentionally stiff, and she couldn't even utter words, even though she should have to move on to action immediately.

When Private Ilia whispered "Ensign" when she perceived Clarice's wolf, she glanced at you with horror.

I don't know what to do with confusion. Says Private Ilia, who took a look at that intense upset.

"Ensign Frestier. Instructions."

After the sincere words of an usually easy-going elderly woman, Clarice looked around with anxious eyes.

Everyone in the platoon is staring at Clarice, the captain.

It was Clarice who even wanted to ask someone for help, but they were equally expressing their anxiety in colour.

I have to do something about it.

Deciding so at the end of the patrol, Clarice glanced at the crack that appeared in the sky only once more.

If you leave me alone, something terrible will happen to you.

I'm also concerned about what's going on in the city.

What was the tremendous magic that I felt earlier, burning this body?

Did Theodore use it, or was it exercised by Keith Lermit, who is good at industrial flame techniques again?

The High Magic Court is on the edge of the Granden.

Getting back into the city again takes the time it takes.

Then we should know for ourselves that we can head to that crackling position in the sky sooner than anyone else.

Desperately organizing the situation, Clarice roughed up her breathing as if she were a child who assumed she would be caged if she failed to solve the seating problem, and while her heart struck an early bell and calmed down - she gave that order.

"- From this point on, our Frestier Platoon will be heading for the reconnaissance of that phenomenon. Get ready as soon as possible......!

It was Pvt. Ilia who reacted first to the directive as if it had no sense of hegemony.

"Ensign Frestier, General Duras has pressed me to think only of the defense of the city."

"... I know. Then, all the more so, we have to see what that inexplicable phenomenon entails!

To Clarice's words, Private Ilia said with a serious face.

"The General's directive does not include any implications for you to do that. We are understaffed and poorly prepared. Do you still want to go there?"

"Naturally. If only the defense in the Grand Territory can be dealt with by a force led by His Excellency General Duras and His Excellency Major General Calsatti."

"I'm not saying that. 'Don't act discretionary on your own' is the general's decision. Does Ensign Frestier intend to disobey that directive?"

The words of Private Ilia, who is too unusual, determine Clarice's precarious mind.

I was reminded that she was also indisputably a soldier, although she was usually an Ilia Private who seemed cheerful, bright and had a slightly more powerful weather aspect. Besides, the class is also calmer than who you are supposed to be far above.

- But Clarice didn't change her mind.

"It is also essential to respond ad hoc on the battlefield. If you just abide by what you've been told from above, then everyone can do it."

"I apologize for my disrespect only now. You can bust me after everything you want after you've done it. If you'll excuse me, I'd like to point out that you haven't been able to do that 'what anyone can do'."

"... eh"

The platoon faces bothered.

Clarice is not only the rank of Ensign, but also the daughter of one of the Dukes of Frestier, a prestigious house of immense power. To her like that, the words uttered by Private Ilia, who is just a civilian and a soldier, were not a matter of disrespect or disrespect.

Clarice bit his back teeth hard, gripping both fists and letting them tremble as a mess.

- Am I not even recognized by my men?

I deplore the thought again, desperately indulge in the fact that I am going to want to scream out loud, and try and say it in a calm tone.

"Then Private Ilia. I will temporarily entrust you with the command of the squad. You're in charge of the defense of the city."

"I refuse. I'm just a member of the Frestier Platoon."

…… So, what the hell do you want me to do!!

I accidentally roughed up my voice, and Clarice hurriedly mumbled.

Private Ilia said faintly, without the appearance of such a frightened or disdainful look towards her.

"It is Lieutenant Frestier's role to decide that."

"Wow, I... it doesn't change my opinion. Immediately, we will go to the scene to find out what caused the anomaly and prepare for what may happen in the future."

I have eyes for an elderly female soldier.

- There must be no mistake in what I'm saying.

With that in mind, Clarice's eyes were shaking with anxiety that was going to crush her.

"Even if that's against General Duras' orders, right?

"That's what I said..."

The place returned to its proper town.

After a while, it was Private Ilia who laughed furiously.

She said with a tender grin, like she had a certain readiness in our midst.

"Got it. Even though I am under General Duras' command, I am no more than a member of the Frestier Platoon."


Clarice frowned confused by the unexpected attitude.

Private Ilia laughs with her fingers at the brow of a girl younger than herself.

"Ensign Frestier always has a wrinkle between his brows. You ruined your pretty face, didn't you?

"What... oh, a big favor..."

"Hehe. Such a second lieutenant also softens his expression when he eats sweet things ~! I love such a second lieutenant. Oh, of course I respect you."

"Yes, all of a sudden, what are you talking about..."

"It's nothing. It's just that I told you that I give your will the highest priority. So join us later and General Duras will piss you off! I'm sure I'd be shocked if I were alone, but Ensign Frestier wouldn't be scared if he was with me - right, guys?

When Private Ilia said as he looked back, the platoon faces spoken.

"Naturally! Our commander is Ensign Frestier!

"Hey, no matter what happens, I'll protect Ensign Frestier!

It was Private Eric who said it with some bite.

Private Ilia says with a slight laugh.

"Oh, Private Eric, do something bold! I'm trying to make Ensign Frestier look good."

"Oh, I don't mean that!

"You, are you trying to run out!?

"Running out and nothing, Ensign Frestier is a lady of the Duke's house." Hannah told me you guys weren't looking at each other. "

Clarice watched the face-to-face behavior of the platoon, which began to make a scene in an obscure manner, but was annoyed to see Private Ilia give a good salute.

"Ensign Frestier's ready, I did pass it on! The face of our Frestier Platoon promises to obey you. Together, everyone, let's get scolded later by General Duras! One or two may be summoned to heaven after being slaughtered by an angry quote as much as they want, well, that's suppose to be!

"... ho, really, okay"

"What do you say? Naturally, if it's your decision. Ensign. Instructions again."

Courageous by Private Ilia, who smirks, Clarice said after swallowing his sarcasm.

"- Now our Frestier platoon will be heading out to investigate the anomalies that have occurred in the westernmost territory of the Empire! Nice!?

"" Ha!

Everyone in the platoon saluted.

Clarice sees the sight and nods emotionally before heading outside the city.

At that time, it became tangled up in Clarice as if Private Ilia were going to hit me more and more.

"Hey, what is it!?

"Let's do our best, Ensign! When the case is over, let's eat something sweet! Then, of course, ask that Theodore out."

"Ah, that man doesn't matter...... well, if you eat enough sweetness......"

"All right, all right! I'm in the mood! Let's go. Look, fast feet, fast feet!

"Don't push!?

"I want to eat something sweet early with Ensign. If anything seems to happen to Ensign, I will protect you from death!

"It is my duty as an angel of God. Come on, squeeze that loose face, Private Ilia."

"Wow, isn't that the usual Ensign Frestier already -! Let's do our best!

Clarice loosened her mouth just a little while baffled by the sleigh of Private Ilia as if the big dog was getting nostalgic.

There is no more confusion or anxiety for her now. Now I'm just putting all my energy into understanding what's going on in front of me.

Thus, Frestier Platoon left the city of Granden.