The red-haired young man skipped the girl's neck in flames.

At that moment, both the girl's neck and her severed torso burned up violently and quickly turned to ashes.

Keith groans when he sees the sight.

"Even if I blade myself, my body will still die...... What the hell happened to her?"

I was old enough to look younger than myself.

But I'm obviously used to fighting.

I was reminded that even Keith, who had experience working with a blonde general with powers off the regular track and a shapebreaking, bottomless, blue-haired boy, could not properly meet Toto's sword.

Still, I would have won only because the girl was full of creativity, yet still overconfident in her own power.

Had she been in full swing, wouldn't it have even been a battle in the first place?

Though I didn't know the power of her immortality, it was because that Rocha and Shaura tried and suffered defeat because of two people.

Even those beastly girls, who would have extremely strong powers among the angels of God, could not win.

An uninspiring monster in the shape of a girl. Keith could only appreciate Toto that way.


Keith glanced at the sword the girl had in her hand.

Reaching for it just rolling to the ground, I felt the pain as if the electricity had run.

Other than those of his own choosing, the divine sword supposedly won't even allow him to touch it.

There are numerous anecdotes of the Divine Sword, and the real Divine Sword is only a small part of it.

The Divine Sword Revistra in the possession of that great hero Claude Duras is its ultimate, but I guess this sword called the Mair Viper is just as authentic.

Unlike the girl who had a brutal personality, I can't feel any signs of evil.

Turns out he's good at manipulating water, but why did Maerviper choose such an evil one as the Lord?

The gods are whimsical.

Every one who is given his power is called an angel of God.

But even if he is a divine angel empowered by God, he is not necessarily a good man.

The case that the murderer who continued to slaughter and kill innocent people was a divine angel, though few, is real.

Good and evil are dictated at will by the species that live in this world, and may be trivial to the gods who supposedly watch it from heaven.

However, if it is the treatment of the Divine Sword, the story is considered different.

In previous history, there have been no examples of divine swords being used for evil.

All of that was wielded only to protect his country, and its users were heroes enough for everyone to see it as sacred - that's how Keith had learned in his previous anthology.

Is this divine sword the only exception?

Or - since ancient times, even those who waved the divine sword, did evil exist?

No matter how much you think, you won't find the answer.

Keith switched his mind as he wiped the sweat flowing out of his forehead.

Not if you're thinking extra now. The next time I put my thoughts around what I was supposed to do, it moved as if the meerviper beneath my eyes was shaking all the time.


Divine swords have a will.

But what the hell is that behavior?

While he couldn't grasp his sincerity, Maerviper made the tremor severe and unleashed a dazzling light.

I feel like my retina is burned by strong irritation and I rush to cover my eyes with my arms.

Only the sound of a razor, and a divine sword trembling, obsessed me.

Eventually, when I perceived the sound had calmed down and I saw the scene...


There was a girl with purple hair.

He was crawling on the ground, but rose cursorily moaning in agony.

Instead of burns, there is no scratch on that body that should have burned it out.

On the contrary, the clothes and robes were in the same condition as if they had just been attached.

Keith, who saw too unlikely a reality in front of him, put his strength into his hand shaking Ville Geeza.

Toto got up looking exhausted and stuck Keith in a rough breath.

"... there's a fucking kid from the Lermit family..."

"Ki, are you... what's going on?"

Toto was still showing the temper of being slashed by Keith even with his divine sword, but that soon turned into a bitter look as well.

"... fuck, fuck...! Kill me, tear me apart and kill me... now, now, no... damn..."

Toto keeps bumping and talking to himself as if to squeal a curse.

Eventually she struck her tongue and then scratched her head with a groan .

"... I'll kill you and I'll do it..."

"Well, if you can do it, you can try it."

"Not now...... When I forgot even one day today. I'll rip you to pieces when you look awkward and stupid......!!

Keith instantly waved Ville Geeza.

At the same time Toto screams.

"Meerviper!! Do it!!"

A large amount of water erupted from the divine sword and hit Keith.

Keith is swallowed by it, whose reaction has been delayed because of a fatigue that irritates her whole body.

However, unlike earlier, the water of the Divine Sword was not of an offensive nature.

Keith's body was not scratched, just to the extent that he was disfigured by the water pressure.

In that gap, I only caught a glimpse of Toto picking up the Divine Sword, but the momentum of the current was too strong to keep my eyes open.

Expect a girl to be slaughtered right now, and soon increase her magic. Only a few more powers remain. This won't be a battle, but you can't not not not do it.

Keith sprays flames up from all over his body and sets up Ville Geeza.

But right after that. The water emanating from the divine sword disappeared as if nothing had happened - even that girl had disappeared.

There are no signs of people around.

Did you run away? Until he made that decision, Keith was firmly clenched enough to make him tremble when he wriggled his holy sword.

There is no more danger in this place.

Was the last throwaway dialogue Toto left meant as it was?

It's possible she's attacking people somewhere in the city again, and a threat that threatens her own life has left, although it's certain that the dead are still wandering.

As soon as he was relieved by that fact, Keith fell in powerless.

The body had already come to its limits, backed up by the strong thought that the city must be protected from unscrupulous malice.

When my consciousness was about to turn away, I could see something pouring down from the sky.

Countless arrows in green pour down one after the other, avoiding which soon strikes Keith's body directly as well.

No matter how much you take on that, it won't scratch. On the contrary, I felt the wounds I sustained in the battle recovering and the feeling of comfort filling my whole body.

"Liz's Recovery Ceremony, or..."

The young man groaned so much and watched the night sky for a while.

The blackened man stuck his sword to the ground and stared at me with his breath rough.

Pretty shabby for a human.

But it's starting to take me a while to heal the wounds I chopped up. Just one more breath, I said.

That's what I thought, arrow tip, I felt a magic magic cast into the sky consisting of the strong magic I had felt from earlier.

This feeling is slightly different from the normal surgical ceremony.

And this warmth that will heal your tired body only slightly, instead of scratchless if the arrows that swing like meteors pierce your body.

Definitely, it would be Liz's recovery ceremony.

And from the magic that cleaved the technique with the blade of the wind, the signs of the dragon clan remained colorful.

- Damn, it's late to come, Julian. If you'd come a little sooner, you'd have enjoyed it more, too.

With that in mind, I look to the man in front of me.

There is no way that the wounds and fatigue of a man bleeding from all over his body and breathing in pain can heal.

I didn't know it would benefit from the recovery ceremony of an elf supposedly healing the less diverse species present in the world.

I'm no longer interested in that power, but I'm not exhausted in who I am.

The hell did Nani tailor this guy to such a body? What's the point of eating people? Why did you try to raid the temple?

The hand of torturing and listening out probably doesn't make sense.

This man would not bitter it, even if he were stripped of his raw skin alive, pierced a needle between his nails and skin, or watered his mouth until he was about to drown to death.

But if you capture that body, it could change the story. If you dismantle your body, it is also possible that you will find something different from a normal human being. If...

It was at that moment that I felt something looming at an awesome rate.

When I jump right off the scene, my sword will wave down where I've been standing.

As I landed, I felt delighted to see the person.

"... Konno Hayashi...!

"I knew you were on that side, too. Toto."

The purple-haired girl stared at me resentfully, but quickly turned to the blackened man.

"Hein. Mission accomplished, I'll be back soon."

"... if we keep this man alive, he's bound to be our handicap"

"That's not the case right now. Hurry up!"

Hain did not answer, staring into Toto's eyes.

A frustrated girl screams at it.

"You still don't know the difference in power, do you?!... Hein, how many times have you died? Not any more."

What is Toto in such a hurry?

I could feel a slight sign of Keith's magic coming from her. Perhaps that flame was unleashed towards Toto.

He didn't have one scratch on him, but I saw that his fatigue seeped in colour.

There will be little power left to fight.

"... Toto, did you use that power"

"Yes. Important. Important. I used the power of that woman who was more important than Toto's life. I don't have the strength to do anything anymore. If you die here, Toto dies too. That's not all you can do."

Hein. The man so called showed something like stray.

Until then, a man who seems to have only thought about fighting has been unable to solve and judge Toto's words.

"... only if I don't finish it on this occasion"

"Don't be mean! Hein, what is your purpose? It must be the ideal place!? A true ideal place for everyone to live without starving and laughing! Are you going to throw that dream away!?

To the girl's words, Hain meditated her eyes.

I speak to them like that.

"An ideal place for everyone not to starve? There's no such thing, Toto."

"Now I'm sure... but the Totos have the power to do it"

"I don't think so. There's no way half a man like you can create something like that. - Even that great wizard Diruna, who loved everything and wanted a world without strife or hunger, could not reach its frontiers."

Toto reacted sensitively to the words.

"There's no such story left in Diruna's anecdote. - But I heard, 'That's what he wanted'.... there's no way a human could know that."

"I just know a little more about things than people do."

"Heh, so what about the god of abundance?

Unfortunately, you don't know that.

Even if you have combined the knowledge of the Demon King, you have never heard of it.

However, Diruna, the ancestor of the magical powers, has a variety of aliases. Was one of them "The Princess Who Gives Abundance"? I miss you.

"As far as that goes, you don't seem to know. There is a God of abundance."

"Heh, funny. I'd actually like to see that - well, there's more to it now than that. Toto, you won't let them get away with it either."

"Hehe. If you do it properly, it will tell you that you can't beat Theodore... Hein, get ready."

To the words, Hain opened his meditating eyes and said:

"… aware. Don't let go of me."

"I asked for it. … let Theodore feel the hell that will happen after this"

I shook that hand as Toto tried to shelter Hain.

There are gaps. And from Toto's words, I also knew I wasn't going to fight anymore.

Then I'll kill you honestly.

After I set up my sword, I jumped off the scene and approached the two of them.

Moment after moment, the evil sword that Hain was holding takes the form of a tentacle. And.

At first, the tentacles penetrated Hain's chest deeply.

At the same time, the procedure is activated. A dazzling light enveloped Hain and Toto's body, and their appearance instantly disappeared from the spot.

Similar to the metastatic procedure I felt earlier.

... Death is not the only trigger condition. Then it's activated at the time I killed it.

Then is it conditional on 'self-blading'?

Hain and Toto probably can't handle magic.

Still, it must be noted that the price for dealing with a metastatic formula that requires powerful magic is probably its life.

And what is the being that engraved those two with the power of imperfection but immortality? What does it have to do with the abundant God Toto was talking about?

I'm often concerned, but the most worrying matter right now is...

I turned my attention to the cracks in the sky in the land west of Granden, close to Tenebrae Demonic Nation.

It is the array that is the right dimensional rift.

A source of sound that sounded like something that had been ringing all along since earlier. Since when the hell do I see it with this eye......

At that time, I look back worried about the girls behind me.

There was an incredible sight expanding there.

A short distance from Charlotte lying on the cobblestone, there was a mass of meat wrapped around a molten maid's garment and so grubbed that it did not fasten the prototype.

As they drift over the flesh, bones and organs, they make a noise and slowly stir, gradually returning to the 'original form'.

A creepy chunk of meat returns to its original beautiful maid figure.

She looked up at me worried, though she was dirty with her own flesh.

"This surprised me"

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry for your loss"

Elsa rose up as if nothing had happened on her own feet and exhaled in relief after making sure there was no abnormality in Charlotte, who remained unconscious.

I saw her leg.

I can't see any damage to my ankle that I glimpsed from inside my torn skirt.

She no longer had one scratch on her body as a result of regenerating after her body had been destroyed so fucked up.

But what bothered me more than that was why she did.

There would only be one cause.

"You suffered so much damage that your flesh collapsed, on the contrary, because of the recovery ceremony of the elves. Elsa, I wonder if you might not be human. No, he was a human being and now... to my surprise, he just seems dead (undead). Who are you, a living corpse? [M] And it's a pretty high place."

"… please keep this a secret. Now Claude is the only one who knows what's going on... my husband."

Even though I look like a human and have all sorts of dull senses, I've never been able to even notice this before.

... the death toll to this point is very rare.

There is hardly any such delicacy in Levi's subordination that unites all the dead.

Curious, but naturally you don't want to be explored.

Besides, there are other priorities now.

That's why I decided to tell you this for the first time.

"Fine, but I have terms. Will you answer my question?"

"Yes, I did. We can do anything."

Elsa has eyes full of definite determination.

"To General Duras, do you serve any other servants besides yourself?


What did you expect to be asked?

Elsa, who was in shape, showed some confusion without breaking her expression.

"Other than me, no one. Charlotte, I'm in charge of you and your mansion."

"Let's change the way we say it a little. Not a servant, for example, a spy or some other job. Don't you know anyone who is true to him? Like you, you don't have to be just a person. I don't care about race."

"I don't know you.... Why would you do that?

At this rate, Elsa really doesn't seem to know anything about anyone serving beside General Duras.

To someone unknown, a maid who's not human. His surroundings are going to be quite interesting.

"No, I was just wondering. Think he's got a lot of secrets."

"… Dear Left, are you"

"Well, we're going to have a chat. You don't have to answer, you don't have to answer."

As I said, Elsa silently urged me to continue. [M]

"You did say you were a wounded soldier. He left the military for injuries sustained on his leg and also said he had ties with General Duras to serve his house. I can't even tell how far it's true when I see how you are. If it's all right, why don't you let me know why you serve the Duke of Duras?"

Charlotte, it's for you.

It was a quick answer.

She keeps saying.

"The only reason I exist is to keep an eye on this one. There's nothing else."

At that time, Charlotte groaned as if she had been fevered.

Elsa looked at such a girl worryingly and exhaled relieved when she realized it was just like a bedtime speech.

"Does your true lord mean Charlotte, not General Duras?"

"I hope you can guess."

"I wonder if that reason has anything to do with his late wife - a woman named Nastasha"

I can't answer that.

I laugh without thinking too frankly.

"It's okay to be silent in that case, Elsa. I told you earlier, didn't I? You don't have to answer.... you and General Duras look a lot alike. I suck at lies and excuses."

"... I have no affection and have never spoken to anyone but the Duke of Duras for such a long time lately. It's a total failure."

"You should be careful from now on. - Well, there's a lot of other things I'd like to talk to you about, but first you finish it all off."

I stared at the dimensional rift that appeared over the western Granden, and I was stuck with a few ideas.

What the hell is that phenomenon? It just seems cracked now, but that can't be the end of it.

'Hell' Toto was talking about. I'm greatly concerned about what that means.

Isn't that funny?

My destructive impulse will not be met if I continue to ravage Hain unilaterally.

Boredom and destructive impulses kill demon gods as well. Let's hope that the event is open for me to enjoy at best.