Claude Duras escaped from the temple.

Inside there are the figures of those who were taken into their dreams by the abilities of Toto's Maerviper.

Those who reunite with their parents who once mourned and rejoice in tears.

He who reunites with his mourned friends in the battle against the kingdom of the Zenan dragon and speaks in an extremely touched manner as they struggle with each other.

He who speaks with his stillborn wife to give up my son.

The occasion was surrounded by joy, joy, and serene kindness.

Without realizing that it's all just an illusion.

Claude remembered a previously reported dancing lunatic nun.

She must have also seen hallucinations due to the influence of that divine sword.

And at the end of the day, it comes to the end of starvation.

Whatever treatment she was given, she never went back to sanity.

Instead, she said, it was the circumstances in which she was now placed that behaved with the body of sanity itself.

What was it like to be embraced by a dream of reuniting with a bereaved family and eventually starving to death? Wasn't it really painful?

If I had been bad, I would have followed the same end path as that nun and those who have now fallen into dreams around me.

... Yes, because there is no cure. They should too.

That's when I heard a squeaky voice.

"... General Duras, my lord..."

"Ah! Major General Karsati, were you safe...!

The old soldier sat back as he leaned against the pillars of the temple, staring at Claude as he seeped sweat from all over his face.

He had a sword in his hand, profoundly piercing it on his own left foot.

"I, too, was about to be imprisoned in a prison of dreams... the extreme of unconsciousness"

"No, I endured that sweet, sweet illusion a lot. It would have been hard."

"Pfft... I've seen you die in battle with Zenan. Even if I knew it was an illusion, I wouldn't be able to stop crying... You can't even slash and throw away a blade and stick it in your own leg… somehow, you stay conscious."

If you look, there were tears in the eyes of the old servicemen.

I can't kill someone important. Even if that's an illusion. If you're a regular person, everyone is.

"Your Excellency General Duras is brilliant... brilliant, I see you have overcome that dream"

"I even wanted to throw everything away and be in a phantom - it was a harder time than any nightmare that ever annoyed me"

Just remembering the phantom of my wife on the day of her death is going to make me cry.

Only her day of life makes her drink so much. Claude was still ashamed of himself for not being able to fully accept Nastasha's death.

"My Lord General... the others are no more,"

"It's all my fault. As soon as things converge, I promise you, those who remain imprisoned by dreams will be made easier by this own hand."

"What are you... why are you trying to carry everything by yourself so far?"

Major General Karsati grumbled so as he stared at a young general who was more than two times older than himself.

Claude puts his hand on its shoulder to labor the veteran.

"For it is the destiny that must be done by the great heroes and the disbelievers, as protectors of the land."

"Any hero has the same feeling as an ordinary person...! In that case, one day you will be broken."

"I have something to fulfill. You won't lose anything until you exchange it."

Softly away from the old servicemen who still had something to say, Claude looked up into the air.

A green arrow poured down like rain.

Swordsmanship was the Claude who even deviated from the framework of genius, but it did not bless his talent with regard to magic.

But I could instinctively feel that this arrow was not aggressive.

with healing effects. It did not seem to be a sacred ceremony.

It is a terrible resemblance to the Elf's recovery ceremony I have seen many times before on the battlefield. Although the scale was so incredible that it could not even be compared to any of the recovery ceremonies experienced so far.

I immediately perceived that Mirdiana elf girl would have let it go.

They pour down on those imprisoned by fantasy - but they don't seem to be doing anything.

That illusion was created by the Divine Sword. No matter how much of an elf's healing formula, the effect cannot be removed.

Now Claude was still suffering from severe headaches and nausea. I'm about to fall on the spot even soon, but I ran with my teeth strongly eaten and tied.

But right in front of me, it turns dark and rolls onto the spot.

My brain was shaken and I even lost my sense of direction.

Still, he stood up and stuck the Divine Sword Revistra against the cobblestone to continue his rough breathing.

- The figure of the blue-haired girl passed the back of her brain.

The girl, who was always innocent, mourned her mother, and a monster nested in her belly.

No word resonates with her heart. Because I know those are just bullshit that means nothing.

Beside such a girl, there was always the appearance of a maid who leaned in devotion.

Even though she did not put any emotions on the face more than Claude, she was also an irreplaceable person in her mind who had to take care of the girl at all times and for the girl.

- Even if her identity is no longer human, the love there makes no difference.

Claude goes one step and one step forward, even as he groans.

We must also proceed to protect the families left behind and the inhabitants who seek salvation.

A foothold that fluttered as if intoxicated, when I could no longer even run and walked in a cursory manner, almost twitching again and again.

I heard a nostalgic sound.

Like a horseshoe running over a cobblestone. It stopped roughly, rushing over to the side of Claude at an awesome rate.

It was still a blurred vision, but Claude quickly discovered the identity of its splendid white-haired Hummer (Kanba).


A horse with a huge body called by its name rubbed his forehead against Claude's face.

Hissing low, claude on his nose tips as if he would be happy to reunite for a long time.

"Why are you here... getting out of the stables"

"...... Brrrrr"

Even before, Brendan used to run around the city stealing the eyes of those who worked in the stables to take care of horses.

Fortunately, there were no injuries, and there was nothing to undermine the hearts and minds of the people when they said they saw a horse with a great hero on its back up close, but the military was different.

No matter how many horses contributed greatly to the work of the great hero in the battle against the Xenan Dragon kingdom ahead, they are already old horses. Besides, he was a troublemaker who didn't miss anyone but Claude and sometimes runs around.

After Nastasha's death, the only other person who had forgiven his heart, Brendan felt it, too, and stopped bringing people closer together.

- Should not be disposed of.

It didn't take that long to come up with such an opinion.

But the story of disposing of the great hero's horse leaked among the inhabitants, and as a result of continued opposition, he managed to last until today.

"Brendan, this is where a guy named you comes in... and it's not strange that those who don't like you show up."


Brendan licked Claude's face just fine with such a thing.

"... it will no longer even be hard to run. Are you all right?"

Hummer is also old.

I have heard that I have often fallen ill these days.

It is also possible that 'then' will come. Claude had occasional thoughts about it, even during the military.

Brendan pounded Claude's chest with his nose tip.

This was a self-expression that this white horse has shown more than once when we ran together on the battlefield.

"You mean run with me on it? with its body."


The strong hissing seemed completely the same as it was back then.

"If you can't do that, they might call you."

Don and I were stabbed hard in the chest.

Don't say four or five, but as if you want to tell him.

After such a Brendan appearance, Claude - before she even noticed herself - loosened the end of her mouth.

"You really haven't changed, have you? Just like old times."


"You're really good, Brendan."

Staring into Brendan's eyes.

Everything seemed the same as it used to be.

Riding without horse equipment or anything can also have a negative impact on the horse body but there is no time for them.

Claude immediately kicked the ground and crossed over to Brendan's back.

Since when, this feeling.

If I noticed, it seemed like the severe headaches and nausea that were causing Claude had only slightly healed. It is dangerous, but it also has a good sense of direction.

From his horse, Claude saw something like a crack that appeared over Western territory.

There are no signs of anything more happening, but that girl named Toto broke into the temple without regard for herself and escaped by a metastatic ceremony after destroying the crystal.

There will almost certainly be no doubt that the result is the current situation. It can't be pointless to have done so far at that risk.

Something is definitely going to happen.

Toto no longer seemed to have the power to fight, but he was also concerned about his association with the dead who attacked the temple.

Considering the possibility that other monsters like her may be in the city, we must hold the dead hostage with this hand.

"Are you ready? Brendan."


"All right, let's go!

A white Hummer, who no longer allowed anyone but the great hero to ride, once again rocked its splendid body and ran through the city of Granden.

Frestier Platoon arrived directly beneath the crack that appeared above.

My men, who ran through the wide meadows, continued to breathe roughly in search of oxygen.

Clarice, who had arrived on the scene one foot away, told them to work.

"You've arrived well. Is it the result of daily training?"

With those words said, whispering, "Why? Ha ha. And then a female soldier who kept breathing until it was awesome.

"Shit, the Ensign's mess... really, really tight... haha, haha! This much, no problem......!

"Private Ilia. Don't slap your mouth in vain and focus on getting your breathing ready."

"Ugh, relentless......!

The face of the platoon came into the spot and was laid back.

It was trivial enough for Clarice, the angel of God, not even to be a preparatory movement, but from those in the platoon who were merely military men, it was finally possible to just follow her running in.

Clarice was observing a crack in the sky, but there was no sign of anything happening.

However, because the strong light is glowing, we cannot look directly at it.

"Yeah," Private Ilia said in a weird voice as she also paid attention to what was going on around her.

"This is the first time you've come here, Ensign..."

"Yes, as a student of the military school, you were not allowed to enter this' Dahlia Meadow ', even if you were a lieutenant."

"Is that an alle after all? Look, you can only see because the light is shooting, but what is it, just beyond the mountains, is Zenan's territory?"

At the tip of PFC Ilia's finger, you can see the ridges of the vast mountain range.

"There's that too. Beyond that mountain range, because there is a squad of Xenan dragon kingdoms that really disrupts the hearts and minds of the imperial army. The very reason for this is that I see dragon cavalry as part of my training every now and then. - By the way, it's the Schnae Mountains, because it's the first place you learn in geography, so remember it properly, Private Ilia."

"Yes. So, is there any other reason -?

"... Are you really a soldier? Are you sure you graduated from military school? Not some kind of mistake or something?

"It's terrible, Ensign! You still got the best grades, me! Because the motor nerves are excellent! Seating is, well, a little..."

Private Ilia says as he deflects his gaze from Clarice, who stares at him with a frivolous look.

"Hey. What is it?

"Or that it was pretty bad, that I took two or so extra exams and was forced to pass... and I'm a fine soldier anyway! Hmm!"

Hum and I exhaled my big nose to see how my chest tense men were doing, and Clarice said as she put her hands between her eyebrows as if she had a headache.

"Well, now I don't ask.... You missed the point. The biggest reason is in his western lands"

At the tip of Clarice's finger, a vast meadow just spreads, but Private Ilia also knew the creek was flowing ahead.

"It's a Tenebrae demonic country, isn't it? There are so many frightened demons. If they die, you said so."

"That's right. His land is inhabited by demons, and decades ago there are records of skirmishes with the Imperial Army near the border. Private Ilia, this is also in historiography."

"This, the border is around a creek that's in that direction, right? Did you mess with something?

Clarice says, shaking his head as he feels he's obviously missed the conversation.

"Those who guarded the Granden at the time seemed less alert. Sending scouts to his demonic kingdom to see how things were going has been done with a liver test feeling, and as it continues, it has resulted in stimulating the demonic kingdom side. It doesn't seem like a big deal when it comes to skirmishes, but even a boulder lady will remember as much about what happened to the end of the victim's path, right?

"... I remember the human body of the Imperial Army rolling in this Dahlia meadow"

"That's right. Though there were few scars on the bodies of several victims, it also strangely tells the story: 'There was little blood left on that body'. But we don't know exactly what's at the core because the record might have been intentionally altered."

The face of the platoon is breathtaking when talking about suspicious conversations.

Clarice continued.

"It would be reasonable to assume that the record of skirmishes was also to keep the Imperial Army in shape. I thought it was essentially just a one-sided ravage."

"Didn't the Empire side do anything?

"At the time, oddly as at present, we had a tense relationship with the Xenan Dragon King. I guess you couldn't have roughed things up badly in that state. Because he had no idea how powerful his demonic country was."

With that said, Clarice stared at the western lands.

There is a demon king whose vicious demons nest and unite them.

500 years ago a brave man went on a crusade, but never returned.

Even as eager as Clarice was to study seating, the only information available was to that extent.

"This meadow is close to the border with the Xenan dragon kingdom, as is the border with the demonic nations of the West. Access is severely restricted because its impact is the most -"

Clarice looked up at the sky uncomfortably.

The crackling sound began to sound again, and the crack rapidly spread its scale.

"Huh! All hands, prepare for battle!

"" Ha, ha!

'They' fell from a crack in the air as the faces of a platoon that was completely out of mind tried to get ready.

Every time it hits the ground, it sounds offensive to those who hear Becha, Gucha, etc.

"Hey, what is this...!?

Private Ilia was confused and as soon as Clarice grasped the situation, they poured down more and more.

Gucci, Bicci, Becca...

A chunk of white meat.

One creepy thing after another falls that can only be described as so.

Those of various sizes, large and small, looked closely, and some looked like human arms and feet.

It was as if it were pieces of meat cut with a knife, but some of the larger pieces were stirred up at the time.

It makes an unpleasant noise, and it rises.

Will it be nearly 4 meters in size?

Strange objects with unusually long necks like snakes roared up in the bright white human torso.

"Gearhhhhhhh -!!"

Sounds like an end demon scream. As if to respond to it, the meat chunks that had fastened the surrounding prototype sounded the same one after the other.

Surrounded by an awesome strange odor that snorts, the sticky liquid that surrounds the meat mass drips down to the ground.

Clarice exclaimed the moment she realized that this creepy thing was a creature.

"...... Huh!! Oh, my God! Stand up!!"

"" Ha!

Clarice, assuming all sorts of things, set up the Holy Sword Sepus Eclail herself, enjoying her head about to turn white.

Frestier Platoon set up a demon gun against unidentified, pure white monsters and began firing simultaneously...