A white horse with a great hero on its back runs through the city.

There were signs of intense fighting here and there.

We no longer see very little of the dead, unlike the military personnel we were dealing with and the inhabitants who fled the ordeal.

I didn't even have time for words of encouragement.

Because Claude had something to check on right away.

The city of Granden is narrow and unsuitable for horses to walk at all costs.

Still, even if Claude didn't say anything, Brendan kept running to where he wanted to be.

Is most of the fighting in the city over, without any interruption at all? Claude reached in front of his own mansion, and Brendan stopped on the spot with a hiss.

"Shull! Elsa! Where are you......!?

The voice that should have screamed as if to raise the anger blurred, and that's all it takes to heavily pressure Claude's body with strong fatigue.

As if I had run all I could, when a large amount of fatty sweat fell off my forehead and checked my surroundings as I wiped it with my arms.

I walked in holding one girl, a blue-haired boy figure in my eyes.

"Oh, General Duras. It's an odd encounter."

"Char......!? Is Shall all right?!?

Claude jumps off Brendan's back in a hurry.

My brain was shaken hard and I didn't mind being attacked by intense nausea, and I rushed over to Charlotte, held by Theodore.

"I'm fine. I've had some pretty bad wounds, but thanks to Liz's recovery routine, I'm recovering, so there's nothing else in my life."

"Yes, is it... Schal"

Charlotte's clothes were blurry and painted with blood, but I could see that the wounds were gradually healing.

The girl at the time was in a deep sleep with such a calm expression that she did not think she had been wounded.

Seeing that sleeping face, a maid with a demon gun appeared from behind the boy when she learned a deep relief.

"I'm sorry. On my own, Charlotte, I was no match for protecting your daughter. Theodore, if you weren't here, by now you'd be no more."

"Well... Theodore, I can't thank you enough. As soon as things converge, I want you to say whatever I can."

"Really? Nothing. I just helped because it seemed fun, and if it didn't matter, I'd abandon it. If you want to thank me, I think I should make you Elsa, who's been badly hit by that recovery ceremony."

Claude opened his eyes to the boy's unleashed words.

And when I saw Elsa, she was drooling her head deep.

"Elsa, did that recovery ceremony still have an adverse effect on you?"

"Yes, there was even enough power to withstand the junction that surrounded this city, but there was no art of exchange in front of that mighty recovery ceremony. I can't even open my name."

"Is your body okay?

"I had a boulder, but nothing happened to me once I died."

Elsa had the same faceless expression as usual.

If only maid clothes were in decent condition, you wouldn't even have believed that she died once.

"... well. If Shall and you were safe, that's fine. Elsa, you used to protect this girl."

"It is only natural to protect my Lord. But I'm saddened that I can no longer protect you, Charlotte."

"I've had a hard time so far. From now on, I'm gonna have to face Shall more."

When Claude gently reached out to Charlotte's cheek, saying so.

"So, you failed to defend the temple, General Duras,"

"... you're right. The opponent was a girl who used the power of the divine sword. Arre traps the opponent at the end of his dreams, an outward moves that lead him to starvation while dreaming comfortably. Once he inflicted a fatal wound, he didn't die, and the second blow didn't stop him."

"You're a monster. I know very well because I've dealt with the same thing. By the way, could you defeat the power of that sword?

To the boy's inquiry, Claude shook his head sideways.

"No treatment makes sense in front of that power. Those who now survive, with the exception of Major General Karsati, all of them have fallen into their dreams. I can no longer apply it by hand."

"I see. Is that how powerful the sword is?"

Theodore was smiling like a child when he heard an interesting story.

- No matter how human the figure is, will the Demons still have nothing to do with this kind of story or anything else?

When Claude thought of that, another noise began to sound from the cracks that appeared over the western Granden.

Says the blue-haired boy who saw it.

"Apparently something interesting has happened."

"Do you know anything about the arrows above you?"

"Somewhat. I'll tell you later when I have time, because it's crap to such an extent that I'm not even going to hide it. That's not the case now, is it?

"I understand.... Elsa, can you cage in the mansion and ask me to continue with the char thing? Consider only protecting this child, rather than joining the fight."

"Yes, sir."

said Theodore, who was looking at Elsa's demon-guided gun, which lowered his head.

"If you're going to carry Charlotte, that demon-guided gun is in the way, isn't it? Give it to me for a second. I've only tried shooting before."


Elsa turns her gaze to Claude.

"Theodore, can you fight without relying on a magic gun?"

"Naturally. I'm just interested in this weapon. It was used in the battle against Zenan and has since continued to improve to its present form. In the future, even those who cannot handle witchcraft may be able to carry out an attack equivalent to a ban. I can't tell you how interested I am."

"It takes a lot of demon stones to do the shooting in that area. It doesn't seem very realistic."

Theodore, who received a demon gun from Elsa, gently turned the barrel and then slapped himself on the shoulder with it.

"That's why the Empire intervened in the battle between Rugal and the magical powers, isn't it? If you join Rugal, it's not impossible to further develop the Demon Guided Gun using a large amount of Demon Stone that can be mined from that territory. I think it's horrible just to think about how much it affects the battle to have just all the military men in line to carry out an anti-arts class attack. The aim of the Imperial Army would undoubtedly be mass production of this and its development. Didn't you?"

Claude couldn't have answered.

If we consider the current state of the empire's military technology and its support for the Kingdom of Rugal, it would not be the answer that anyone who turns a little head would reach. Who believes in the epitomic beauty phrase (twitching), listed by the Imperial Army, humanitarian aid to beasts, etc.?

But that's not the only reason the Imperial Army joins Rugal.

When you find out about that other reason, what does this inexperienced boy - the Demon Clan think?

Claude shook his head loosely before saying that he was about to let his thoughts wander by accidentally.

"... let's allow the use of the Magic Gun. However, if you do anything to harm the people, no matter how much you do, you can't forgive them."

"I know, that's not true. Is it better than that, General Duras? You look pale, though?

"No problem."

Claude told him so before riding Brendan's back.

I made sure Charlotte and Elsa were safe, and I felt some relief.

Now I can concentrate on getting things done.

The redirected Brendan horseshoe stepped on the cobblestone again and ran all over the city -.


The total number of white organisms with creepy squeaks that split their ears was over 10.

One of them opened his big mouth with his long neck pointed at Clarice.

Sword-like fangs grow distorted in your mouth. The shape and length clearly deviate from their original use, and fangs pierce their own jaws and drip blood even when their mouths are simply opened and closed.

It does not take shape as an organism.

Clarice waved her own holy sword, even though she felt like goosebumps appeared so unusual.

Serpent-belly-shaped Sepus Eclail's fullness becomes like a whip, cleaving the body of a white life form.

Though it was the scratch, the skin was as hard as a rock bed.

Clarice instantly wraps her own magic around the Holy Sword, and a blade tip wrapped around the current wears a life form.

When the tremendous electricity emanating from the holy sword that pierced the body ran through the body of a white monster and a current accumulated in a part of the giant body - the thunder was released as if rising heavenly high from the earth.

A tremendous roar and lightning occurred, combining the magic of the girl with the power of the Holy Sword. It had even reached the realm of prohibition no longer.

But after the thunder had healed, the white life form roared as it rose smoke from all over its body.

It's hardly working...

To that fact, Clarice gets upset. When the girl's instant gap was shaken down that the monster's rigid arm would not smash her luxurious body, the simultaneous shooting of the limiter unlocked demon gun wore the monster's body one after the other.

It was about the 7th floor of the procedure, but if it combined more than one, it would be a destructive force approaching the prohibition.

The insignificant monster was also frightened by a two-time, forbidden level attack.

"Ensign! Are you all right!?

Private Ilia says.

If you look, everyone on the platoon was aiming only at one of them.

"Wow, I'm fine......! More than that, pay attention. These monsters seem to have strong surgical resistance!

When Clarice screamed, two of the white life forms that had been looking in an unpredictable direction until now opened their big jaws toward the platoon faces as they circled their long necks.

Having felt a great deal of magic from his mouth, Clarice immediately pours magic into the Holy Sword and chants.

"Hear the weather, God. Protect us with that thunderbolt!!

It was almost simultaneously that Clarice's junctional ceremony and the braces of the monsters were released.

The pitch-black exhalation opposite its body colour strikes, but is prevented by the junction that has obtained the protection of thunder.

Blocking his sight like black smoke. Then, pointing to the mouth of a monster that caught only a glimpse for a moment, Clarice instantly stretched the holy sword vertically through his jaw.

The slaughter, which was increased in power by the power of the Holy Sword, which increased its magic, splashed the head of the white life form.

Cheers from the crew who saw it.

"Whoa, it's Ensign Boulder -!

"Long live Ensign Frestier!

While Clarice heard the joyous voice, she glanced at the roots of her eyebrows to see how the other monsters were.

The monster now completely terminated, but had terrible toughness.

If something like this strikes us in unison, we will be ravaged in an instant.

But the monsters watched somewhere far away as if their own people had been slaughtered and killed but not willingly.

Some things are in Granden territory. One thing is the Xenan dragon kingdom. One thing said he didn't even know where he was looking while turning his long neck hard, and at the end of the day he slapped his own head on the ground many times.

And the thing that was staring at the ground is stuck in creepy pieces of meat poured down with itself from the cracks above, devouring it.

Humans are instinctive fears of things that go beyond their comprehension.

That was no exception to Clarice.

It was frustratingly horrifying to have no idea what the aliens in front of us were thinking.

Looking at how the crew were, everyone retreated naturally to see if they were in the same mood, and some of them were not nauseated by the effects of seeing things that were too creepy.

So far, no harm has been done to the crew, but what do we do now?

Things that have unleashed the monsters and braces that have hit me earlier are also slowly swinging their long necks around as if they weren't there from the beginning, such as the Clarices, just looking around.

"Fu, Ensign Frestier...... this, these guys, what is it...?

"... that strong magic resistance. It's very similar to what we've seen in the literature before."

"Ma, was the demonic conductor a biological weapon used in war before... But, you know, these guys look like they're missing something important as an organism."

"A demonic conductor is a generic term for a creature created by human hands. Some of them, I say, were failures. These identities could be its failures."

The demonic guiding creature should only be built in the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna.

Why did it suddenly appear in such a place?

What is the causal relationship between the cracks in the sky and these demonic creature-like things in the first place?

I don't know why.

But the individual combat abilities of these organisms are extremely high.

It just seems like we're acting unintelligible right now, but if we stimulate it at all, it's also possible that all of that killing will be directed at us.

What should I do at a time like this?

Clarice clenched the holy sword pattern tightly with her aversion to the creepy creature and her eyebrows rooted with intense anxiety and impatience.

"Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr -"

One of the whiteners made a creepy noise about whether it was ringing or what.

Until then, the monsters who were shaking their heads violently or devouring mysterious chunks of meat that had fallen to the ground react to the sound.

The difference between the individual making the sound and the other individual was not known to Clarice, at least. You think I'm leading this flock of creatures - when I think so.

The monsters with carcasses resembling humans ran across the earth simultaneously as they crawled on all fours.

Nearly half of the monsters each rush out in a different direction, as if they don't care about Clarice and the platoon faces, etc.

The three went to the castle fort city of Granden, and the two quickly drove off like lizards towards the Xenan Dragon King kingdom in the north.

When Clarice, who couldn't figure out why, tried to switch his mind and order something.

From above the north, we could see something over 100 coming this way with huge wings spread out.

Clarice revealed her dismayed expression when the brightness of the light arising from the cracks lightened those appearances.

One red dragon, flying in the lead, spat out the flames of the Red Lotus.

It instantly burned up one of the white monsters, and the skin scorching hot wind reached where the Frestier platoon faces were forming.

A man with red armor riding a red dragon stormed as he swung a giant spear toward the boring monster with his firepillar raised.

The spear pierced the monster but did not stop its momentum, and a huge crater could be made on the earth as it roared, and fierce earth smoke filled the neighborhood.

When the smoke cleared, the man said as he lifted each spear with one hand through the body of a black-burned white monster.

"It's been a long time since you've come to the Empire, and I don't know what a monster hunt is from the beginning! This guy looks like he's having fun, hey you guys!?

"" Whoa, whoa! No match for His Excellency the Great Dragon General!!

As the dragon cavalry ridden on the flying dragon shouted one after the other and excited about the work of the man known as the Great Dragon General, the man swung his raised spear.

The moment the body of a giant monster is thrown out into the hollow, the white giant body slices into thin pieces and falls to the ground as if it had bathed its body with multiple slaughters all by itself.

It was very early work, but Clarice managed to spot it. The moment a man called the Great Dragon carved the body of a monster multiple times with his spear.

The shape of the spear in my hand was disastrous.

There were several sword-shaped blades at the spear tip, which were seen to be capable of being treated both as spears and as swords.

The man hoisted the spear to the sky after turning it only once at hand.

Until then, his servants and thinkers, who had spoken in honour of the Great Dragon General, shut their mouths simultaneously. From that undisturbed sight, it was seen that they were the mighty warriors who had dived through the training fields on many battlefields.

And the man called the Great Dragon General grinned with satisfaction at his inert beard, turning his face to Clarice, who would not even have been in his eyes before.

"Ho ho, I thought it was just a creepy monster, but this is good. You have an adorable princess."

"... I'm not a princess or anything. This is Ensign Clarice Frestier, who is responsible for one end of the military wing of the Granden territory of the Elberian Empire. Name thy name, O dragon kingdom of Zenan."

Though touching his temperament, Clarice felt his spine freeze when he heard the uninterrupted power felt from the man in front of him and his title 'General Dailong'.

Knowing the upset or not, the big man whistles and says.

"Nice, a woman with a strong mind is my taste. That doesn't have to be your daughter's only strength."

…… You rude bastard!

"Whoa, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, did I piss you off? 'Cause she's a good woman. I just wanted to make fun of her."

The man stared closely at Clarice with a licking gaze, then said with a tongue lick.

"I have one Four Dragons General of the Xenan Dragon Kingdom. It's General Rudolph Berger. Hehe, nice to meet you. No, Ensign Clarice, no."

Thus, Ensign Clarice Frestier, who had tremendous power but had first experience in action, and Rudolph Berger, a great dragon general who should also be described as the hero of the Dragon King, who built a mountain of corpses on numerous battlefields in earlier battles against the Elberian Empire and the Xenan Dragon King.