Julian, a dragon boy, was walking through the city of Granden, transformed into a battlefield.

Few dead are seen due to Liz's mighty recovery ceremony earlier and the effect of the healing arrows unleashed as if to cover the city by his own wind speeding ceremony.

Occasionally some ghosts sprang from the ground and attacked, but the ambush did not make sense for the Dragon tribe with a special sensation.

As the military men fleeing the ordeal continued to run noisy about something in their mouths, I heard what bothered them.

"Are the Beastly Girls brought in earlier okay?

"Oh, one of the wolf girls even seemed fatally wounded, but that elf girl's recovery ceremony saved her life..."

"Right. Damn, Mirdiana's privileged students are awesome. I didn't think anyone had the talent to stand alongside Ensign Frestier, but I don't know."

Who are the Beastly Girls? You mean Rocha and Shaura?

Though it doesn't extend to Rocha, I didn't know that Shaura, who had no enemies or anyone else in Mirdiana's physical surgery except Theodore, would be fatally injured.

What the hell happened?

- I remember when I joined Shaura in a physical exercise in Mirdiana.

The other guy was mostly the only thing that blew up with her light kick and fainted as it was, but Julian wasn't.

Because there was a rule forbidding excessive attacks on those who specialize in witchcraft, but I never thought that would be behind it.

Confronted by that white wolf girl, Julian was relaxed to think it was at least a mild protective archery......

Quickly behind her back, Julian soon suffered a painful death after being held down by a depression with her arms removed, and then carefully and very shaken by Shaura while her joints were extremed.

As much as I think I'd be better off kicking one and fainting like any other man if I were to see you like this.

I threw all sorts of cursing noises at her, but she said it was something that, after laughing happily and hurting Julian to the fullest, abused her until she got tired of it, took Julian's arm joint off, then threw it away like garbage and just disappeared somewhere.

- I guess I was on track because I only counted people who were stronger than me.

Julian thought to herself, "Hey," she grinned and hurried ahead.

It was because I was interested in the crack that suddenly appeared over the Granden, but I could see the soldiers rushing away to take me on a journey through the city.

"Hey, what's up?"

It was at that moment that an awesome explosion sounded.

I immediately feel magic and stunned. Because that obviously led to the realm of prohibition.

As we rushed closer to its source of magic, a different sight was spreading there.

"Unlock the limiter and magic the Demon Stone, can it reach the first staircase of the Prohibition... that's a pretty funny toy, this is"

A blue-haired boy with a big demon gun was squeaking about that, watching a certain point.

When I accidentally looked at you, there was a creepy creature of white body color.

He has raised an ear barrier growl and wiggles his long neck unusually.

"Mm-hmm. Ya, Julian. Long time no see, how have you been?

"... it's like laughing and saying hello. Still the same, you are."

"I don't think people change in that short a time, though?

With a slightly uneven response, Theodore shows off his demon gun to Julian.

"What do you say, Julian? This is the magic gun. General Duras told me that I could use it, too. Quickly, something weird came into the city, so I tried and shot him, which is interesting. Depending on how you use it, it can also be a force that can reach the ban that way. It's really interesting. Would you like to try it?

What, like a child given this new toy? Anyway, I felt my eyes gleam.

Theodore was in a good mood to correct the magic gun as Julian gave a half-expression of amazement and fright.

Due to the tremendous power of the Magic Gun, even the surrounding buildings were dusted.

Even the communication corridor, which was just above it, has been blown away by the aftermath of the shooting.

Fortunately, there will be very few humans left around here so there will be less human damage......

And Julian exhaled as he was about to be accidentally swallowed by the atmosphere of this substandard delicacy.

"So. What are you dealing with? I don't think the current banned shooting has worked very well."

"Come on? Maybe it's a failure or something of a demonic creature. I just saw it fail, and above all, it's a weird one with weak intelligence."

I couldn't help but wonder if it was you who was weird, but Julian said as she looked at the monster raising smoke from all over her body.

"There's no way those monsters are suddenly gushing out. I thought the reason was the array above."

"I guess. I didn't see it until the moment it fell because it was pretty far away, but it sounded like it was running towards this city right after the noise."

"I've been running, haven't I? I don't see how a monster like that can carry out an operation."

"That's where you're a little concerned. By the way, Julian, have you seen the other privileged students yet?

"A fucking elf was carried down after using that big magic trick. Well, that wolf was fatally wounded, but he said he managed to stay longer because of the recovery ceremony. I don't know later."

When told that, the boy says, pointing the barrel at the white monster.

"... I wonder if it was Toto who attacked Shaura"

"Ah? Who is that?"

"He's a pretty kid with purple hair. Contrary to what it looks like, the belligerent part is fascinating again. I almost got killed when I first met him. I just stopped for a little while."

"... ahhh. So, how many times does he beat that beast man?"

Saying half-eyed, the blue-haired boy snorts.

"Yeah. I know he's got a lot of strength just to look at... and maybe the temple raid was his fault too. I didn't think I could beat General Duras to a boulder, but what did you do?"

"Isn't that a lot of room? Wouldn't there just be more bodies left alone?

"I already ran away.... Yes, the girl named Toto has a guy named Hain. He had some interesting abilities."

Asked only the main points by Theodore, Julian frowns with tingling.

"... into a human eating sword, an immortal body. And faith in the gods of abundance."

"Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with God's story. Do you know anything about Julian?

As Theodore chatted, he immediately poured his own magic into the demon gun and fired the shots.

An awesome explosion strikes a monster and its huge body is blown away.

The gaze was completely directed at Julian. You mean literally, it's no longer even in your eyes?

"Not that I know of it, but it's actually a little..."

What's wrong?

"There are signs of fellow countrymen"

The dragon boy in the robe turned to the direction of the crack that appeared over the western Granden.

More than 100 people have lived in the same blood as themselves. First and foremost, they will certainly be from the kingdom of the Zenan dragon.

Zenan's army might have moved.

"Oh, that sounds interesting. Do you want to go see him?

"... no, I'll stop. If they find out you're a dragon from the Empire, it's gonna be a lot of trouble."

"Oh well. Bye, yes. This."

Theodore pressed a demon gun on Julian.

Julian, who accidentally took it, said, "What?," he said with a chuckle as he glanced at Theodore with a strange glance.

"It was funny, but I'm tired of it. You're free to use that."

"Hey... hey, hey"

Theodore quickly disappeared after waving flirtatiously as he just walked towards the West.

Julian, left flat on the spot, restarts his magic gun looking heavy and hits him in the tongue.

"Just tell me how to use it, dammit. Uh, the structure of this..."


If you turned your eyes all the way, there was a white monster there who was still surviving the mighty shooting.

It seems to be dying, but it doesn't change the fact that it has high magic tolerance.

Julian alternates between a monster and a demon-guided gun before taking one big sigh. Dropped the Magic Gun.

"Damn, I'm going after the whole mess, you son of a bitch......!

Julian's silver eyes glistened with a grumpy scratch of his head, and a dazzling light emanated from his body -.

A shock wave emitted from the Divine Sword Revistra tore the body of a white monster in two.

A monster that had not been scratched in the attack of the soldiers who had been dealing with it until then was handled in an instant, and everyone was breathtaking, but soon someone began to appear screaming for pleasure.

"Whoa! Our Lord General Duras has no enemies!!

"This is the great hero's high power!!

"I don't know if the day will come when I will see you again as His Excellency on that Brendan...... Must be your guide to the Great Goddess Orphelia!!

You once remembered how Claude ran with Brendan on the battlefield, and even those crying joyfully.

Despite those cheers, Claude spoke to Brendan.

"Are you all right? Isn't it hard?"


"... boulders are my friends"

Claude, stroking Brendan's back, cries out to those in the army.

"If you encounter his monster, evacuate immediately! You make the protection of the people paramount, and you put all your efforts into protecting this city!

"" Ha!!

That's when the roar echoed across the city.

It must have been used in a place where a powerful surgical formula was not so far away.

The figure of that blue-haired boy - the demon clan in his skin - passes behind his brain.

I never felt hostile from him when we had the talks, so I wouldn't do anything unscrupulous to the boulders.

But Claude had only one thing to worry about.

(Lena, where are you...?

A beautiful woman called a brave man 500 years ago.

I felt an overwhelming force as if it were in conflict with its beauty, even if it was just relative.

Where and what is she doing now? Why don't you join me in this fight?

I read in the literature that although I am already with the Demons, I was originally a woman from the Empire.

He said he was a legendary brave man who loved the Empire more than anyone else, was gentle and proud, and had the power to send no one.

At an early age Claude secretly admired such a brave man. Now every time I could tell my late parents the anecdotes Lena left behind, I felt a strong shock and emotion.

What does she think, seeing this Granden tragedy?

For the sake of the Empire, will you take the sword again and bring it into battle?

When I had such doubts, I was called out by one military man.

"My Lord General Duras! I'm in the middle of a safe soldier call around the city right now, and I'm still unsure of the safety of Sgt. Frestier's platoon."

"... gave instructions to Frestier Platoon to head to the High Magic Court. Have you done your research?

"Yes, but the High Magic Court has already been destroyed and some of the outer walls covering the Granden have collapsed..."

No way, did you meet Toto who escaped, or were you in a state of engagement with that fellow?

At that time, further information was brought.

"We have witnessed Frestier Platoon heading outside the Grand Territory!

"What...? No way."

Claude turned his attention to the cracks over the west of the Granden.

Clarice was very dissatisfied with his treatment these days. Even when I now entrusted the High Magic Court security, I had not been able to hide the grievance.

I know what she wanted. He must have been recognized by Claude soon and wanted to be a fine soldier.

But she's immature, albeit with a lot of power.

You can't let someone as talented as her do something dangerous.

If we take the stage, we must not allow a promising girl in the future who can necessarily reach the General into such a creepy case.

"Okay. While exploring the freaks around the city, I also head outside once. You guys be careful."

"" Got it!

Claude ran Brendan again and ran through the city -.

A thunderstorm struck the land in the west of Granden, and the fire burned down the perimeter.

"Ensign Frestier - we're ready!

Then do as you're told.

The blonde girl screamed as the white oxide pointed her long neck this way.


A shooting worthy of the 7th floor was fired from the demon-guided gun where the limiter was released.

Clarice chants when they landed one bullet after the other, frightened of the monster that had been under attack since earlier.

"Cover the thunder, O holy sword - pierce the wicked! Thunderflash (Tonale Pierce)!

A snake-bellied body stretched vertically and pierced the head of the monster.

Hardness, as if it had poked a rock, paralyzes the feel of Clarice's arm.

After finishing the monster, Clarice looks back into the face of the platoon with a rough breath.

"Has anyone been injured?!?

"It's just that, Ensign! Do you mean, we leave it to Ensign? Why can't we get hurt?"

"Then you can fight. The demon stone's magic should have been depleted by the current shooting. Load the spare Demon Stone immediately!

As he hurried to check on those who would exchange demonic stones, Clarice turned his face toward those whose fire swirled.

A fire emanating from the mouth of a red flying dragon consisting of 10 bodies was completely burning the white monster.

Says the Great Dragon General, who sees it, with a slender mustache.

"It's no big deal."

Clarice shrugged inside.

(In front of that monster, what... this is the power of the Xenan Dragon King...?

I had an intuition that I was of a different character.

The Frestier platoon led by Clarice is full of young people and inexperienced, but many excel.

Even compared to the troops led by the Granden officers, they felt that even a full head count would be enough to hold them together.

But the squadron-sized dragon cavalry gathered here were off track.

Everyone and he freely manipulates the Fei Long, and the intense braces released by that Fei Long are so awesome that the more they convert to witchcraft, the more they approach the forbidden realm.

I cannot imagine how a country with such power and its own continued to fight until a few years ago, when it prevailed and led to the signing of a ceasefire treaty.

Regardless, I understand in the story.

Lt. Gen. Ludio Lambert, the current Commander-in-Chief of Mirdiana and the most awesome of the empires, destroyed the Aerial Moving Fortress Draig while seriously injured.

Not surprisingly, Admiral Claude Duras, who guards this Granden, destroyed the Aerial Moving Fortress Beluda on a single horseback and unharmed victory over the thousands of dragon tribes who were guarding it.

That is not only the biggest cause leading up to the ceasefire, but also the biggest factor Claude is called a great hero.

It was a story that was too distant.

Even the squadron-sized dragon cavalry opponents in front of you can't feel elements that can win no matter how you scratch them.

Clarice could only blur inside wondering if the five heroes were awesome.

"Hey, Clarice's lady"

"... Huh! Shit, I told you earlier it was Ensign!

"Yabe's coming."


As Clarice looked up over the sky, that white mass of meat poured down in large quantities.

A member of the platoon screams and lags behind, and Clarice accidentally pulls one step or two.

From part of the meat mass, the monsters, with their intense stench, strong viscosity and rocky hardness, began to twitch again.

When I thought I had to deal with these monsters again.

I look up unexpectedly feeling uncomfortable like I've never felt before from a crack in the sky.

The cracks are no longer like a complete rift, and as meat chunks poured down from there one after another - something different from the other fell.

It was a strange object that could only be described as a giant cocoon (mayu) with purple.

I was just being distracted, and I was called out.

"Lady, if you're stuck, you're gonna die."

"... oh, I know...!

Why am I fighting with those of my enemies, even though I am at a truce?

What are these monsters? And what the hell is this cocoon-like thing?

Without knowing everything, Clarice waved the Holy Sword again, screaming for the next directive to inspire his men.