Claude waves a divine sword before a large anomaly that has rushed through faster than a horse.

Its blades and shock waves cleaved it as easily as if the body of a monster with rock bed-like hardness were to crack a thin cloth.

Theodore, who had preceded him in that sight, pulled the sword he had created with his magic, and said, out of the head of the strange that he had finished.

"That's amazing, General Duras. The speed of processing is completely different"

You don't look like you're struggling.

"It's harder than I thought. It's a pain in the ass, this... Ha, this body is inconvenient too, really."

"What happened to Elsa's demon gun?

"Because it was funny, but I got tired of it right away, Julian - oh, I'm a Mirdiana privileged dragon boy. I've given it to him."

There is plenty of room for Theodore to rub his neck muscles as if they were stiff even on his shoulders.

It was as if, if you meant it, you could instantly end these countless monsters.

When he thought so, the blue-haired boy glanced at Claude.

"You want to go see what's going on at the crime scene."

"Granden's defense is paramount. We have to get rid of these monsters."

"That's about it, I'll take it. Come on, they've got Xenan's dragon cavalry over there."

Claude was also watching a flock of wings dancing in the western sky.

I have an approximate idea of who it is and what its purpose is.

"If we don't get there soon, we could be in big trouble, right?

"... you're asking me to leave this place to you alone"

"I guess I still won't be trusted if I just helped Charlotte. Or is it not my nature that I don't trust, but my strength?

Blue-haired boy's jade eyes narrowed much.

"You could say that."


The great hero Claude Duras says with a sharp eye.

"Until now, I see it as merely a pastime. From now on, let me show you what you mean."

"… Understood. Shall we take this a little seriously?"

Magic sprays up from Theodore's body.

A magic similar to that of Claude, who was not blessed with a genius of magic guidance, and so intimidating that he could clearly see it, had been unleashed from the boy's entire body.

"I'll kill all those monsters. I will make sure that no harm is done to the inhabitants, but I cannot guarantee anything else. Are you sure you don't mind?

"I'll take all responsibility"

The boy clasped his shoulders gently before exhaling.

"I get it. I'll clean it up soon. I'll go visit you when I'm free. Say hello."

"... you still think you're playing with the status quo"

"It's a game, this stuff"

Teodor groaned boringly, continuing in a tone that didn't seem to belong to the usual refreshing boy.

"If you're the guy, or maybe it's not too bad to be serious - you're a big hero."


Though their sharp gaze intersects only for a moment, Theodore immediately found a new target and instantly flew off the spot.

After seeing it through, Claude slashed and abandoned the impending white alien in front of him before rushing through for the gateway to the castle fort city of Granden.

Private Eric, a member of the Frestier platoon that was being pursued for its processing, said after a massive pour of white monsters.

"Also, I'm sorry, Ensign! The Demon Stone is already...!

"! Somebody, what's the spare for the Demon Stone!?

"Yes, yes, only one after me!

First Private Ilia answers immediately and takes the scarlet radiant demonic stone out of the cloth bag that was bracketed on his hip and gives it to Private Eric.

"Yes, this is loaded. Get ready!"

"Shh, excuse me......!

"Nah, you look like you're about to cry, I'm the same one who wants to cry. Look, let's do our best for Ensign Frestier too!

Unknowingly the puzzle of the situation and the powerful slap on the back of Private Eric, who was in a state of panic because of the danger to his life, says Private Ilia.

"Besides, isn't Private Eric one of those guys who survived Ensign Frestier's hellish training with me, compared to that one? Nothing like this!


Seeing Private Ilia try to cheer him up so much, he reinforced the thought that he had a dependable subordinate, but at the same time he felt a great deal of anxiety.

The platoon had already fired countless large shots that unlocked the limiters, destroying demonic stones that had ceased to function and loading spares, but that was also scarcely numbered any more.

Nevertheless, the number of monsters in front of us cannot be reduced.

The Dragon Cavalry is active in fury.

Now if they had their hands on it, these monsters would have been wiped out soon.

But the dragon cavalry didn't do anything to help Frestier Platoon.

Even among the inflexible military men and the flying dragons who looked like they symbolized the power of the Dragon clan, the man who named them the dragon generals more prominent than anyone else remains spared.

It even seems like an instructor looking at his men's training boringly without any other love.

How can you afford to oh when it's supposed to be the same over there in a situation I don't understand.

Even while I'm thinking about it, the monsters who weren't caught up in Clarice and Berger's attacks run towards the Granden.

Not very much in the present state, but you can't possibly chase them.

If Claude is safe, he can handle it. Or if those Mirdiana privileged students with the power of out of common sense -.

Frustrated by the fact that he was in other forces of purposeful thought, Clarice continued to engage with unscrupulous monsters.

And the Great Dragon General will also be handling monsters approaching his own squadron.

The spear he holds easily wears and crushes that rock-skinned giant body. It only seemed so unscrupulous to use that it could no longer be called spear handling, but its power was too powerful.

When the Fei Long spit out the fire, the Frestier platoon fired with a demon-guided gun ready to die, and Clarice and Berger were slaughtering one monster after another.

Something like a ringing tinnitus echoes through Clarice's brain.

Strange tinnitus like I've never felt before, I don't even know if I can call it sound.

"Hmm? What is this tinnitus?"

When the Great Dragon General said, confusion was raised from other dragon cavalry, and successively from the crew of the Frestier Platoon.

"Hey, there's something like tinnitus, how about Ensign...?

"... Me too, I feel it. It's an unpleasant feeling that sounds in your brain."

What perhaps everyone on this occasion would be feeling gradually reinforced the agitation on the spot.

You hated that, Berger shouted as he swung his spear.

"Hey guys, let's get this cleaned up! Kill all the Haunted Monsters in front of you!!

"" Ha!!

The attack of the dragon cavalry begins, and the spitting fire of the flying dragon burns down the white monster that was in front of Frestier Platoon.

"Become... what do you do!?

"From what I've just seen, congratulations on spending too much time just to crush one. It's like we're not talking about it. If you don't want to die, pull in, young lady."


I didn't think of any objections.

Unlike the inflexible dragon cavalry and the Great Dragon General, this one, with the exception of himself, is still full of inexperienced military personnel.

What you have in your hand is a substitute that can unleash a shooting equivalent to mighty sorcery if you release the limiter, but that doesn't even extend to the braces of the Zenan dragon kingdom's flying dragon.

A squadron-sized dragon cavalry spews a scorching flame simultaneously from the ground and above.

It was such a hot air of power that it didn't even involve its allies, but it looked like no one cared about it.

Too much practice.

After his teeth bite, Clarice moves them backwards so that no damage is done to the platoon faces and he takes the lead himself.

We don't know when the target of Fei Long's braces can be directed at us. We need to be able to put up a junction ceremony at any time.

The monsters of the white giant bodies are burned successively, and those who lived until then, and those who were but lumps of flesh, are burned up. Tough life forms were screaming deaf.

With great momentum, there is no more stopping.

That's why Clarice was being attacked by unspeakable anxiety.

Creepy things like that giant cocoon that have fallen into the center of the monsters.

It emits phosphorescent light. Will it be nearly 4 meters?

Even under fire, which even these white creatures with extremely high magic resistance could not bear, it did not seem to have affected the cocoon at all.

What the hell are the contents covered in such a hard outer shell?

Doesn't General Dailong care about that at all?

When all sorts of anxiety passed, the tinnitus that was causing trouble in my head became stronger and I accidentally glanced at him.

"Battlefield Wearing Thunder"

I felt my tinnitus sound like some kind of voice.

That goes on.

Battlefield Kikkokus Fireworks Novortex -

The voice becomes clear and is clearly conveyed as a word.

If you look at it, the dragon cavalry is simultaneously stopping the attack and showing their vigilance.

Dailong General Berger was watching a certain point as he became faceless. Clarice sees it too.

"Ringing Kido Luha Ravages Salesi Vulnerable No Cutting Demon -"

The voice was echoing in my head, but everyone on the spot was feeling where it was coming from.

That purple giant cocoon. After numerous attacks, the atmosphere was released from the completely unaffected cocoon to freeze the spine.

A chill runs all over my body when I say it's a body lit by thunder and fire.

"Juzo Bishi Strong - Sky Dance Ishidragon Scale (Ryurin) No."

I felt like my feet were rough, but that wasn't a mistake due to fatigue.

The ground is shaking, accompanied by a small earthquake.

"His blade, his thunder, his fire, my ni to Kerga Liangyi."

"Hey, you finally hit me hard."

General Dailong Berger laughed invincibly.

"Oh, my God! This stupid big cocoon guy says that's what you want!! Hit him with literally the biggest offense!!

"" Ha!

"Become... Ya stop!!

When Clarice screams, Berger, riding a flying dragon, looks down.

Unlike earlier, it was like looking at a roadside stone.

"... oh, wow. Are you there yet? If you don't want to die, I won't stand in your way."

"No! You must not attack an array in vain!

That's what Clarice's instincts were telling him.

That if you stimulate the array, it will be irrevocable.

But I can no longer hold ears to ask.

"All right, you guys. Do it."


Fei Long's scorching braces struck the cocoon simultaneously.

As the skin was hit by a scorching hot air, Clarice stretched her junctional formula with a cold sweat.

I can manage to prevent the aftermath of the braces from about to hit the platoon face directly.

If the reaction had been delayed even a second later, the hot air alone would have nearly burned everyone in the platoon.

Clarice shuddered at the imminent danger to her life, but immediately shook her head and raised her voice.

"Dailong General Rudolph Berger! Stop the Dragon Cavalry attack now!

"You're such a good lady..."

"This is the territory of our Elberian Empire! Any further offensive action by your country would amount to interference in your internal affairs!!

"Those whitened monkeys went to Zenan, too. I didn't have one left, but they might have entered our country beyond the Yayama Mountains. What caused that? Hey."


Berger laughed out loud.

"Even Zenan could have been harmed by Haunted Mon, just waiting for us to finish that investigation. - You guys didn't show up over the empire's territory. I don't know. What happens if that happens - if it's that head that seems to be able to study only, can you tell if you think about it properly? Oh, sweet Miss Clarice."

"... Regardless of the unauthorized intrusion into the territory of the Empire, I appreciate your help. But I'd like you to stop switching arguments. My problem is that excessive attack on that cocoon-shaped thing. It's different from that white life form."

In a resolute manner, Berger grins as he rubs his jaw.

"Come on... unfortunately I can't get my head around that much. The other dragon generals - especially the handsome second one of the light dragon generals (this way) - and the princess dragon general Lafielle always wrap me up with words no matter what they put on the agenda. But, you know, nobody outranks me when it comes to battlefields."

General Dailong said as he pointed to the cocoon with a great spear.

"There's a hell of a lot of mon in that. Someone needs to get rid of it as soon as possible. It's an investigation. I don't have time for this."

"But this is our country's problem! I don't need any more help."

"I don't mind. Hey, my hands are stopping! Do it!"

At the behest of Berger, the Fei Dragons breathed out their scorching braces again.

Flames swirl and cocoons flame.

Clarice realized she could no longer stop these men. There is no point in overlapping words, and I don't have to think about it if I look at the difference in my strength such as exercising strength.

At that time, the voice echoed from the cocoon.

"- Dragon Linno Burning Moyu Flame (Yes) Ga Rushi. Kono, Shikato, Dust, and Dust.

Similar to the time to the word, a dazzling light overflowed from the cocoon, extinguishing the flames that had been unleashed just burning themselves out of all directions.

And there's a crack in the cocoon. It sounds like a squeaky noise, but it's also for a moment.

The cocoon bounced and flew, and appeared out of it -.

"I, Ga, seek Murha, the mighty flea."

Boasting a gigantic body over 3 metres, its body is pale black, muscular and swollen, with two arms growing at a time.

Two giant horns protrude from the head, eyes still red over blood, and canine teeth stretched out like beasts.

In front of so many anomalies as he had never seen before, Clarice was shaking when her head turned completely white and both of those legs were distressed.

"Nice to meet you, Monsieur Tanzawa."

Only the Great Dragon General was laughing as even the Dragon Cavalry in the Battle showed upset.