The anomaly, which appeared by tearing through something like a cocoon, entailed a freezing atmosphere.

But that's all.

I can't feel magic or anything.

Behind that belligerent word, I look to those who are just around me in silence.

That seemed awful and disgusting.

I didn't even know if I could fathom it if it came to me frenzied, but the situation of just standing there doing nothing creates more and more confusion.

"Whoa, what's up, Haunted Mon? If you're not coming from that way, I'll let you go from here. Huh?

Soon after the grated Clarice stops, a fierce fire is thrown out of the flying dragon on which Berger was riding.

A direct blow to a pale black alien body. That was a far more powerful blow than any other dragon cavalry's.

The momentum shall not be known to remain, but shall burn down the alien body.

- But nothing happened.

The alien just stands there and doesn't even move like he does a defense.

Only on both legs did he step on the earth and continue to receive a burning brace - did the servant flying dragon also exhaust, its exhaling momentum weakened and stopped altogether.

As the other dragon cavalry who saw the sight bothered, Berger had a fierce grin that showed his mighty enemy in front.

"We'll do it. You don't look the same as those whitewashed monkeys."


The anomaly answers nothing.

Standing there, it looks like he's waiting for his next attack.

Clarice finally finished sorting out the situation and said after taking a deep breath with her hands on her chest as if she could forgive the heart for hitting the early bell.

"Rudolph Berger. No more, please. If you find that your attack on the Fei Long will not pass, then that will suffice."

"Is that enough for you?

He was stared at with a swordswallowing eye, but it is by that great hero that he is accustomed to a sharp eye.

Clarice said without fright.

"It didn't seem very plausible to the monsters until earlier, but this alien seems to be intelligent enough to understand the story. First, you have to calm down and listen."

"... it's not a matter of not making sense. This guy fell out of that rift over the sky with that whitening monster. I'm one of them, you know. Hey."

It was a mouthful like telling an ill-minded student.

That white monster tried to invade the land of Zenan.

And this pale black anomaly appeared with the white monster. So we should crusade.

"His alienation hasn't done anything yet"

"We can't do anything until we've done something. You know about that, don't you?

"What do you say is slow without even trying to have a dialogue!?

"Then that haunted mon would have already told you. He says he's the one who wants it. All I can think about is fighting. Hey, burn that thing down!


Berger, who commanded the other dragon cavalry, will also cause the flying dragon he rides to spit out a fire.

Clarice created an impromptu junction and strained it as if to protect the alien who was about to be engulfed in a tremendous flame.

But Feilong's braces were too powerful, almost pointless, such as a low-ranking junction ceremony. The surgical ceremony is destroyed, and the anomaly showers the flames all together.


"Hey, I told you earlier. Lady."

"Huh... what?"

If you don't want to die, stay out of my way.

The moment Dailong raised his spear in the sky.

The fire of the flying dragon was unleashed towards Clarice.

"Huh!? Ra, thunderbolt!

A junctional ceremony where you don't even have time to chant.

I realized that I could not contain it, and I thought it was no longer the case, but the flame quickly healed.




The dragon cavalry swirls at a tremendous speed, putting up a spear and approaching from behind Clarice.

Clarice was on the bar when he was delayed in reacting to the unexpected, but Private Ilia, who had rushed out loud, thrust Clarice.

Clarice, who wouldn't normally make such a shock slightly mobile, but her body, which was at the extreme of confusion, rolls to the ground as if she were a less combat-trained person.

A few moments.

Clarice, who understood what had happened, saw those who had awakened their upper bodies and thrust themselves.

Blood is dripping.

That was the first thing I understood.

And soon I also understood what had happened, but Clarice blinked again and again wanting to reject that reality. But the result remains the same.

The body of a female soldier skewered through her chest by a dragon cavalry spear was raised in the sky.

She is cramping her whole body as she drips blood out of her mouth.

That is not the case. From those already desperate eyes, the iris disappeared, just cramped when the body was frightened.

"Yes, Ilia... First Class, soldier...?

Clarice reaches out to her as if seeking salvation, but it can't even reach her.

Blood runs out of the body of Private Ilia, pierced by a single blow through his heart.

The voice of joy rose.

Clarice looks in that direction.

"Oh, well done"

"As His Excellency the Great Dragon says."

It was the other dragon cavalry who were raising their voices as if they had taken over the enemy general.

Everyone praises the soldiers of the Empire, but they cheer.

"Yes, Private Ilia...!

"Huh, Ensign Frestier! You need to get away from the spot."

Thunder wore the earth, as if to scratch off the voice of those in the platoon.

That was caused by the magic of dwelling in the Holy Sword Sepus Eclail.

Clarice, whose lightning strike was supposed to have struck him directly, gets up in a loose motion and waves the holy sword whining about bumps and something.

"... I will not... never, ever forgive..."

"Ho, good magic. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey."

An instant speared dragon cavalry strikes from all directions to Clarice, but an awesome thunderbolt emanating from her entire body wore the soldiers who were riding the Feilongs.

Without even an end demon, the dragon cavalry burns black and dies as they raise the black smoke.

It was General Dailong who laughed out loud.

"Nice. Good magic. Oh, I like it. Before that haunted monster, lady first. I'll clean you up."

"... I won't forgive you!!

Clarice jumped toward Berger as lightning struck the battlefield and an ear-splitting roar rose.

A blow by Clarice's Holy Sword, approaching at an awesome rate, strikes Berger.

But it was prevented without difficulty by the spear.

"Lady, that's no good. I'm so overwhelmed with killing, I can see where you're going."

"Shut up!!

The girl is cursed with a loud voice she has never uttered before and immediately amplifies her magic with the help of the Holy Sword.

Thunder with explosive power wears the Great Dragon General.

but a spear raised in the sky took the thunder all by itself, overflowing with magic from Berger's entire body to awesome.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

He took a thunderbolt of power equivalent to a ban, with magic emanating from his own body, and offset it before waving his spear.

"That was a good blow, lady!!

"I won't forgive you, I won't forgive you, I will never forgive you...!

"But, miss. That's right. I need to calm down and look around."

Heavy thunder strikes Berger, but as he releases his magic from his entire body, he no longer let the spear alone take it.


"Listen to people, lady. Just calm down and look around."

Clarice, whose blood was rising on his head, exhausted his rough breath, checking the surrounding situation with his side - dropping the Holy Sword out of its hand.

The faceted remains of the Frestier Platoon are raised by spears.

All but the previously desperate Private Ilia had been skewered and drained of blood from his body.

"Ah... oh..."

"Miss Clarice, you're strong. If you work out some more fools, you might be enough to do it with me and the bees. But my men are different."

Clarice fronted the carcasses of his already finished men, and the fierce anger he had felt so far disappeared, sitting perfectly on the spot.

The dragon general laughs delightfully when he sees how it is, and the dragon cavalry raises their mockery.

"Complete meritocracy. Nice, I like that part of the Empire. But, you know, no matter how powerful you are, there are things you can't do if you're inexperienced. Not even at this age. You seem to be entrusting your command to the lady, and the empire hasn't - hey, you think so, you're the haunted monster standing there."

The anomaly of the pale black body was just a silent look at what had happened in front of him.

I can't see the emotions from that look.

Berger smiled belligerently and waved his spear.

"It's your turn next."

Magic gushes from the entire body of the Great Dragon General, and that concentrates on the tip of the spear.

Around a few people died in Clarice's attack without even being able to fight back or defend themselves.

The dragon cavalry, who cluttered the remains of the Frestier platoon's crew, tried to form an arrow tip to surround the pale black alien.

Something runs through the earth, and the Lord of sounds hissing and stops with his upper body raised wide on the spot.

Said a knight with black armor on his blonde hair, riding a white horse with a huge body, sounding at the bottom of his belly.

"What the hell is this tragedy? Answer me, O Xenan Dragon King."

"... ooh. This is this."

The sharp eyed knight found Clarice.

Sitting on the spot, he looks at her suddenly in a state of self-loss - faintly closing his lid.

"When's the first time, General Duras? No, should I have said big hero now?

"I'm asking what this is all about."

Claude shrugged the dragon cavalry around him.

The mighty dragon cavalry of war also shows a flash of fright with their eyes alone.

"Nothing. Nothing. We were just trying to get rid of that haunted monster."

"Then why did those under your command point the blade at our Imperial Guard?"

"Because the lady there got in the way. If I spared my life, I wouldn't listen to you, but I told the inexperienced kid what a battlefield was."

"Has the alien given his hands to you?"

"You'll do it from now on. We have to finish this as soon as possible."

So the Imperial Army was ravaged underneath.

Look as Claude's eyes shoot through Berger.

The Great Dragon General gives a lowly grin as he trembles all over his body in anticipation of what is about to happen.

"That's why. I'm sorry I didn't make it, hero."

"I just clear their mindless with what I can do"

"Let's see. - Oh, hey! Burn this guy down!!

At the same time as Berger screamed, the Fei Dragons, who at some point were positioned to surround Claude, unleashed a flame in unison.

Claude puts up the Divine Sword Revistra and waves it.

The divinity to awesomeness prevents the fire, and the great hero grates away, not even one scratch on that horse.

"Shit, is it useless to work in front of the Divine Sword? Until you crush it with the quantity!!

A dragon cavalry consisting of dozens strikes at Claude simultaneously.

When those huge jaws and nails were imminent, Fei Long and the soldiers riding on their backs were instantly mutilated.

Brendan rushes toward the open-eyed Dragon General as the blood smoke and flesh pieces to awesome sprinkle through the air.

It was an instant speared Berger, but the Divine Sword Revistra slashed and dumped that sturdy spear as if it were going to break the paperworker.

"Hey...!? Shit!!

Berger's flying dragon tried to spit out a flame, but the divine sword pierces it before his jaw opens.

An explosive flame that was accumulating in his mouth rumbled through his body, and Fei Long groaned in bitterness.

A blade pulled out of its jaw deeply cleaves Berger's right arm.

"Guh!? Him, back off! Back off!!

Berger kicked Fei Long's belly hard and jumped off the spot while trying to keep his right arm down.

Moving more than a few dozen meters away, Fei Long wings as he raised his bitter voice.

No one exists who has seen through the slaughter of Claude too fast.

"Oh man! Get out of here! Win!"

Countless shock waves emanating from the Divine Sword Revistra instantly chopped up dozens of dragon cavalry that were dancing in the air.

I don't know, I'm desperate when I realize it.

That was the end of those who made the great hero Claude Duras their enemy.

"Brendan, get some rest."

Claude stepped out of the white horse and set up a divine sword.

A blade of divine sword was touching its neck when Berger instinctively perceived his position as giving instructions to the Fei Long.

"... Huh!

"There is one dragon general of the kingdom of Zenan, Rudolph Berger of the Great Dragon."

When did they take your back?

When did this man jump on this flying dragon?

How did you get this distance out of that situation in the first place?

Berger waits for the words to follow, sweating massively cold.

"The price of killing our Imperial soldier, it is not redeemed only by your neck"

"... haha... hah...!!

"Return to the kingdom of the Zenan dragon using the flying dragon and tell the dragon king." I will surely receive the reward of rebelling the Armistice Treaty, "he said.

The last word is spun in Berger's ear, which was in hyperventilation from the crisis in his life.

"That's why your neck is still connected to your torso. Yume, don't forget that."

Claude jumped off a flying dragon when he told him that much.

The Great Dragon General ordered the severely injured Fei Long to retreat with a severe tremor, unlike earlier when blood was gushing and fleshy.

The dragon cavalry, which was squadron-sized, would never empty anyone except Berger. All of that, including the Fei Long, was already deadly.

Claude ran over to Clarice with it on his ass.

"Ensign Frestier. Are you okay?"

"Ah... or, my lord...? I, I..."

"Calm down. Zenan's men are gone."

"Yes, Private Ilia sheltered me... Private Eric, everyone... oh, oh!!

"I'm fine. Don't even think about it now."

Claude, with his divine sword in his sheath, can hold Clarice.

Brendan approached me as if he had guessed.

"Will you return Ensign Frestier to the Granden?"


"... made you a lot more impotent too"

Brendan's footsteps looked unpleasant somewhere.

He ran all over the city, jumped out the gates, and this is how he rushed to this point with all his might.

It would have been harsh itself for an old horse.

"I know you will never allow anyone but me to ride. But only this time... you know what I mean?

When Claude said in front of Brendan, he was licked in the face.

"I had a good friend -"

When Claude shrugged like that, Zdon and the ground sounded as if the shelling had hit the ground directly behind him.

If I look you in the eye, the alien, who has only been staring at the trends on the spot, smiles less. Beastly dog teeth peeled out.

"- The Strong, Come Tarelli"

"Who is your lord?

"I, Ga Opponent Ni, deserve Shiki Masterpieces. Sono, all teh, teh, teh, teh, teh, teh.

Explosive magic emanates from the body of a pale black alien.

Too much disastrous magic intimidates Claude as if he would paralyse his whole body.

The moment I saw it, Clarice, who was being held by Claude, screamed and rumbled.

"Hih, hih...! Hino!!

"! There is no respite anymore. Brendan, Clarice, please!


When I forced Clarice in a frenzied state across Brendan and pressed his horse body, violet electricity burst out of his whole body of blue and black aliens.

An awesome lightning strike has worn through the earth, flames have exploded from the alien eyes, and frozen exhales are overflowing from the mouth.

When the anomaly unleashed a struggle with force, the surrounding ground fell. And.

"The Strong Yo. Sword Structure Eyo '

"... definitely nothing. You can't leave that power, that power, close to God. Come on."

When Claude pulls the Divine Sword Revistra out of his sheath, the anomaly jumps hugely and hits against the great hero -.

"I guess this is the place"

I erased the sword I had knitted with magic in my hands.

The remains of the white monsters are rolling around with smoke raised.

"I think we've done a little too much... okay. Looks like General Duras will take responsibility."

The surrounding buildings have been destroyed without being left by a superior surgical ceremony, and the cobblestones have been turned up and messed up to the far road.

It feels like I've tried how far I can go with this body, but is it a person's body?

I feel terribly bad.

Scratching his head that he might still be tired to this extent, said the blushing haired boy who was just around the corner sleeping.

"How are you feeling, you monster?"

"It's not very good. How about you? Though it seems to have maintained the dragon family's body for a long time."

"You see, damn it... I think I'm going to spit out all the contents of my stomach..."

The boy in the robe could no longer continue to maintain his dragon tribe appearance, and his magic was in a state of total teasing.

He is throwing his body out on the ground and spitting evil while lying on his back.

"That's all they've been since the Mirdiana demons. Damn, I've been made to deal with Haunted Mon twice in such a short period of time. Fuck me too..."

"Yeah...... a runaway angel and a demon-inducing creature of failure. Both felt alike, though."

The demonic resistance of the devil, who was originally an angel, and the demonic conductor, who has more than equal resistance. Besides, I'm surprised it seems to be a failure.

Perhaps the technological capabilities of the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna are not comparable to those of hundreds of years ago.

I'm afraid I couldn't fight things because I thought it was a success.

There will be no more white monsters coming at us.

The guys who pushed us to this city disposed of it as quickly as they could.

Some guys have crawled up the outer walls, but if such a monster was rampant elsewhere, it would be fussing. But neither does it.

The figure of the dead is gone, too.

You may decide that the battle in this city is over.

That's what I thought, the moment I casually turned my attention to the West - an explosive magic burst, and I felt it reach all over the city of Granden in this body.

"Hey, what the fuck is that stupid magic right now......!? Is he better than Lieutenant General Lambert?

"- Sata, n?

"Ah? What?

- I accidentally opened my eyes and performed the magic sensing of the western lands.

But I no longer had to sense it, and I could not help but remember the feeling of nostalgia, knowing that a lightning strike was occurring that would wear the earth.

This murderous magic, no doubt. That's him. Why are you here? Where and what have you been doing so far?

"Hey, Theodore?

It must be you, Satan.

Wait. I'm heading there right now.

I manipulated the greatest magic I could use on this body and flew all over my body with a wind speeding ceremony -.