A fist waved down by a blue and black alien aimed at Claude wears the earth.

There was a crack on the ground and its shock waves hit Claude as hot air with high heat.

Claude waves the Divine Sword Revistra and protects himself from its hot air.

The alien kicked the ground and came under tremendous momentum.

Without avoiding a blow by a fist that would have shattered your body just by a direct hit, you wave the divine sword and slash off the two arms that grow all the way to your right.

It does not lead to the amputation of what is splashed with blood. And the wound instantly recovered.

The deformity moves at a rate that scratches it off the spot. Approaching directly next to Claude and hitting him with those four rigid arms.

He bounced back with a divine sword all the attacks by fists with hot winds that were shot in at an awesome rate, poking a flash of gap and piercing its chest with a divine sword.

But swollen muscles prevent a blow by the Divine Sword along the way. Claude immediately pulls out the divine sword and sees a slaughter that doesn't even give his eyes time to defend at an unstoppable rate.

Claude leaves the spot the moment his blue and black alien legs move.

At the same time, the shaken legs tore the earth apart, and the burning magic erupted as a firepillar, causing a huge crack to reach far off the ground with its impact alone.

Claude took a distance and emitted multiple shockwaves by the divine sword as he sounded and his feet were about to be caught. An attack by mighty divinity winds a vortex and knocks it into a foreign form.

The anomaly is wounded but recovers at the same time as pale flames erupt from its wounds.

Angry as he looks at Claude with red eyes.

"Stop laughing! Kono, I'm dealing with Li, Shina slaughter Niru Multha What's up Ka!!

"... a man of tremendous power. Why do you want to fight?

The anomaly looms at high speed, knocking down the land where Claude stood.

The anomaly screams for the blonde general who jumped and dodged.

"No need to talk nad! He Ga Li no all teh liberation shi, I ni full of tar blow see dance Miseyo!

"Are you so dominated by your combat instincts that you can't even discipline yourself while you solve the words? - Your lord is insane right now. Now for once, aren't you going to be able to change your mind!?

"Sanity, frenzy. Battlefield (Sawata) Nite Consideration Sulma Demonaki Matters. Power, Al, Ga, Loser, No Corpse, step on Missimel, Nomi!

Claude looked at the angry alien and gave him a look of pity.

He has dealt with numerous dragon tribes in his former battle against the Xenan Dragon King kingdom.

Those who dwell in wisdom beyond human beings are also incapable of thinking other than killing once they have lost their sanity. I don't get any words there. Until you burn down your opponent, it never stops.

(- Poor thing)

Is there no more to perish?

It was when Claude set up his divine sword and narrowed his eyes.

I felt something flying in a tremendous wind from the East.

It falls like a falling meteorite, landing with the smoke up. And I screamed.

"Satan! You're Satan!?

He was a blue-haired boy.

I wasn't expecting his sudden break-in, but it always seemed as if the word was so off to something that I didn't think of him as a boy in the skins of a good man.

"What guy?"

"... Satan. This is what I look like now, but you'll see, won't you? Just because it's 1200 years old doesn't mean I forgot!

"Vulnerable too! Shina Shorty (Waku) Ni Ming Enashi! Disease (and) Ku Consumer Eyo!!

Satan. The anomaly so called shook his rigid arm.

The boy dodges it, but a shockwave wrapped in hot air hits him.

Theodore immediately put up a junctional ceremony to prevent it.

"Remember. Remember, my friend!!

"Featherworm ga like xono body, consumer shifei basi techlerwa!!

Theodore immediately created two pairs of swords by witchcraft to begin engaging Satan.

Satan hasn't caught up with the boy's astute move.

But that was nothing more than chasing.

A tremendous wave of magic emanating from Satan blew the boy's body away.

It is not witchcraft or forbidden. "It's just a wave of magic," that boy blew it up.

"... don't do it, Satan"

"Dust Mustard Ga!!

Claude tries to break in between the two after the tour.

But Theodore said to turn around.

"Get out of my way, big hero!


"Lena! You must be here!?

As the boy shouted, the space in front of him distorted and a silver-haired girl wrapped in maid clothes suddenly appeared.

Lena stood so flat on the spot that she didn't think she was at the center of the battlefield as her silver thread-like hair breezed.


"Keep that man on hold for a while."

"Yes, sir."

Answer so, the maid clothed girl instantly increased her magic and held a silver sword in both hands.

It can be inferred that it was made with a high ecclesiastical ceremony.

"Great Hero General Claude Duras"

"Oh, Lena..."

"It is the command of my Lord. Let me be my opponent for a while."

An ancient beautiful brave man, admired at an early age.

There are only a few anecdotes to be told that honor Lena's beauty, all of which turn into clichés if they put her in front of the real one.

Lena set up her sword as she looked to Claude with dark purple eyes.

That's all I guess.

That this woman is like an incomparable dimension to every swordsman I've ever seen.

I've always admired it.

To her that the beauty was always a lonely being, back-to-back.

Relying on no one, by virtue of its overwhelming strength, to her supposedly formerly possessed the power to support the Empire, albeit by her squire.

I want to talk to the brave man.

When I was a kid, I heard about brave, brave men, and everyone would have thought about it once.

How could that strength be gained, what aspirations made you a brave man, what did you think when you headed to crusade the Demons...

Regardless, we're not talking about making it happen.

A brave man with such rare strength is a man of the past. Because he's already a deceased, and he can't even see it.

But not now. In front of himself, the brave man stands. I have a sword in both of those hands, and even in a hostile position, I am certainly there.

Claude had his mouth open naturally.

"- Master Lena. I've always admired you."

"Really? It's an honor, hero."

Squirting sarcastically, Lena laughed all the time.

"Every night, now it's something I begged my late parents to hear the anecdotes you left behind. In any story, you were beautiful and noble."

"... is it Master Left? I didn't know there was such a story left. I don't think there were people in the empire who praised me back then."

"Why is that?"

Claude tilted his head to the right reflexively.

Blood seeps through my left ear.

Lena's sword was spurting directly next to Claude's head.

Though I was alarmed, I couldn't see through the first speed. If you didn't understand by instinct, you must have been properly attacked by that.

Claude, pull back, set up the sword.

"The boulder is a tall man with a great hero. Though I was stuck, I wanted to do enough to cut those ears off."

"... do you really think you can cross swords with me"

"Because of your order. Come on, call me, big hero. Contemporary heroes crusade evil spirits who call themselves ancient braves. Aren't you truly worthy of the hero you dreamed of as a young man?"

Ironic Lena's eyes are mixed with a hint of killing.

If that blue-haired boy's order was' kill 'instead of' stop ', he would have tried to do it without any hesitation.

She also appears to have hoped somewhere to be the latter.

"I just want to ask you one thing. Did you... abandon the Empire because you were caged by the Demons?


I got an unexpected answer without getting my hair in.

Lena continues.

"I was foolish enough not to think of the Tenebrae demonic kingdom - hence the peace of the Empire, even before I left to crusade my Lord."

"... to protect the Empire, didn't you become a brave man"

"At first it was. Feeling the power to dwell in this body and to gain the protection of various gods, I have inspired patriotism to my heart, to my workouts. But there were also a lot of people who didn't feel comfortable about it. The title of brave woman doesn't deserve it.... hehe, well that would be true too. Family style, blood muscle - in front of them, real strength will also be sumptuous"

- Even as Lena said that, right there, there was a blue-haired boy and Satan banging each other's magic and deafening explosions, and there was a roll of sand smoke.

A major explosion ensued, which also struck Lena and Claude, but stretched out an impromptu juxtaposition that Lena would not even chant.

Lena's eyes mocking herself remain directed at Claude. Calmly enough not to think she had prevented a collision of magic that would have turned her body into wood terminal dust, she said with her sword tip to Claude.

"I hate this country so much. Past and present, that thought remains the same. If I may say so, it would be the Empire's turn if I were to succeed in the annihilation of the Tenebrae Demonic Nation."

"!? What..."

"If I had the power to crusade a powerful demon god, it would be easy to ravage an empire where there was no one, such as someone with comparable power to me. All you have to do is destroy this ugly country and the people who live in it. That's what I thought."

"You didn't have a loved one - a family?

"I was there. My father and mother were very kind, and the old couple, revealed to be the lords of the mansion they were serving, were wonderful. - Guys, they killed me, though."


Lena waves her double sword again.

When the evasion was not received in time with a divine sword, the sword made of a proscription-equivalent procedure was easily smashed and scattered.

Shortly after destruction, however, a new sword has already been created and its slaughter will soon strike.

Lena's dark purple eyes glow demonically the moment Claude, who suffered a scratch on her cheek, quickly retreated.

There was a blast behind me, and the moment I deactivated it with a divine sword, there was Lena in front of me.

My two swords were stopping on the verge of touching my neck muscles.

"Aren't you more willing to fight if you're also a great hero?


"When I was doing a bare sword arch on my irresistible opponent, I accidentally snapped my neck. Do you mind if I report that to my Lord? With that in mind, it will be a battle against your guardian Granden and hence the Empire, but that's not bad either. It's where I want it."

The moment I heard the word, Claude's eyes, who was just attacking me, lit a flaming, stiff light for the first time.

"- Words no longer to be overheard. Whatever is in the Empire in your past, it has nothing to do with the Empire today. If you threaten this country with that hand."

Claude set up a divine sword and let out a sharp glance.

"Monsieur Lena. I will not forgive you."

"That's the intention."

Lena also raised her killing temper to dark purple eyes, and set up her double sword.

"What are you provoking in vain, that idol?"

Tenebrae Demonic Nation, on the terrace of Lucifer's palace, the blonde girl groaned with a cheek wand on the table and a full twist of cookies to relax.

Her attitude was arrogance itself, backed by pure white wings growing on its back and a loving appearance.

Says the little maid who held back behind such a fallen angel.

"Then stop devouring cookies for nothing, too, Lumiel. How many dishes do you think you have?"

"Shut up. It's with spatial magic - it's not Gisele who told me to take the time to meet you for tea while we live stream Rin"

"You're right. This tea treat was prepared for Giselle and the royal family, and was not made as bait for a vain angel."

"That Gisele, Asmo and Levy, they're not here now, are they? The Lord of this Tea Party is me, me. Look, the cup's empty, too."

"Why don't you pour it yourself?"

"You must be a maid of honor. What are you doing here?"

"Crazy birds. To slaughter humans when they run wild."

Maid - The moment the magic formation appeared at Carla's feet, a shining giant spear pounded heavenly high.

but Kara stood as if nothing had happened through it.

Lumiel pounded his tongue and began to build a surgical ceremony by uplifting his magic to let him eat another blow, but it made a pungent noise and broke as if it were going to break the glass.

"Already. Without me, we'll have a fight soon. No, Lumiel?

"Hey, Giselou! No more sexual evil maids!

Seeing a long-haired girl emerge from inside the palace, Lumiel jumps screaming.

Gisele, wrapped in a black dress embraced as if it were to be hit by her body, takes it gently and strokes the fallen angel's head.

"Carla, don't bully Lumiel too much, either, okay?

"If that's what you say, Giselle."

"He's saying that, but inside, he's tongue-in-cheek, because he can see it!

"No, inside, I'm pulling those wings out and baking them round."


Gisele holds Kara with one of her empty hands and strokes her head as well.

The poisonous tongue maid, who was close to faceless, was caressed while softening the atmosphere just a little bit.

- A girl wearing a black dress with plenty of frills shrugs like a wrapped girl in a white coat (bickering) coming out of the back of the palace in front of the incredible sight of a fallen angel and a small maid holding her and stroking her.

"Beast man too. Giselle, don't spoil them too much."

"Oh, Lumiel and Carla are my precious family. You deserve to give me your unstinting love, don't you? Of course, Levi, too, right?

"... right. If I had another arm, I might have been caressed and caressed."

Gisele, who was stroking Lumiel and Carla's head, peered at the end of space magic with this one.

A silver-haired maid and a blonde general are facing each other, and the blue-haired boy is throwing words at Satan, the blue and black alien demon.

"Levi will stroke you later, too. By the way, how about 'prep'?

"Mmm. The tearing is over. Asmo is working on the final finish."

"Yes. Later. - Your Majesty's worried, but Lena's worried too."

Growling like that, Lumiel clearly said that until then he had been stroked in the head and let his face completely melt.

"Leave me alone and I'll die, Lena. Are you sure?"

"From Lumiel's point of view, I wonder if that hero's power can be perceived as incredible."

"Because Lena, you can't use a divine sword on your ex-brainer's ass. That's right. And that man, obviously, is now - stronger than Rin. Besides, I'm willing to kill both because that stupid maid provoked me. You want me to go and stop it?

"Han. If you go out there, it will only cause further chaos. Until this one's ready, I'm sorry for your patience."

Told by the demon king who could reign the dead spirit, Lumiel sighed all the time.

"Tsumana. Are you really an ally of Rin's?

"Satan is an oligarchy, and Lucifer is... I don't know, but is he in the mood? I was often intertwined with Satan, who was the owner of the opposite character from me, and Satan somehow attached himself to it. Sometimes we spent days talking to each other."

"Huh. But he doesn't seem to know about Rin?

"Satan will never forget Lucifer, even if the heavens and the earth turn upside down. As far as Satan is concerned right now, he's probably losing me because of an impulse to destroy..."

Leviathan answers her questions with Lumiel, who is sitting in her seat and staring at the blurry battle going on ahead of space magic while holding cookies.

They don't look worried about Lucifer or Lena.

Gisele, still stroking her little maid's head, sighed in a hush.

"... Your Majesty always indulges in dangerous things, but I don't want to leave you alone all this time"

"Hmm? Do you want to?

"I have an idea. Just give me a minute."

The girl in black gently released Kara by stroking her head pounding and then sat down in her seat.

The emancipated maid was as blurred as she had dreamed, but soon she coughed back to me and regained her original calm.

And Gisele makes those red eyes shine as she stares at the sight ahead of space magic.

"- Your Majesty. Just show me what's in that pretty body."