The moment something like a black hole floats behind Satan, a chunk of red magic pops out of it and wears my body.

In this body, I already hit it directly when I saw it. But I didn't feel any pain.

Such tremendous magic and, above all, the black hole that appeared behind Satan - speaking of the user of space magic.

Something strange happened to my body when the appearance of a gentle smiling girl passed behind my brain.

The sealing ceremony, engraved deep inside the body, splashed in an instant. That's due to the prohibition Lena exercised to keep my human form.

The light overflowed from my body when it was deep in the seal that was instantly destroyed, even smashing and scattering a small mass of magic that was making me look like a human being.

If you're aware, I am.

"- Woohoo. It's been a long time since I've had this feeling. I feel terribly nostalgic that it hasn't been months since I became human"

Your back length changes and your voice goes back to its original height. The garment is on a black tone that was once worn, a red cape.

I don't have to look at you anymore. Now I was regaining the form of the demon god.

My body feels very light. It's as if I was sinking into the mud when I was human.

"... it's Satan. Can't you remember me even if I look like this?"

"appearance catachiga weirdo jitatokorode how many tonal. I, Ga Li no, Ni Jiang Ego Terga Liang Yi."

Satan set up a huge battle axe, Kadesh Segel.

If we wave like this, Satan's body will collapse without even being able to hold on to its successful (occasional) giant body. I don't have a choice.

In the moment Satan showed a slight stiffness, I was already cutting off both of his wrists with a knife and snatching that axe.


"I'm sorry, Satan. If we don't do this, it's hard to stop you. Forgive me if I play as many wrists as I want later."

I squeezed an axe more than twice my height and stepped down behind Satan.

Satan unleashes a strong spinning kick, but flies it and flies it away, returning again to its original place.

The feeling of a scattered buckwheat and spark struck my arm. It's a reaction that Kadesh Segel is rejecting that which is not the Lord.

If it's the human body, it's not strange that this rejection alone burns my arms, but that doesn't happen to my body right now.

I poked the ground with a stone poke by Kadesh Segel. He squeezed the pattern and sent in a lot of magic as the intense ground sounds occurred.

It was shortly after the mighty battle axe flew like glass.

…… You!!

"It's late, Satan"

Turn away Satan's body, which jumped on him, and tap him gently in the back of his head with his fist, and his whole body is hit hard on the ground and a crack runs on the ground.

I stepped on that head.

This is the quickest way to contain the destructive impulse.

Satan seems to be trying to pull back, but he's not scared.

I've faced this guy's destructive urge so many times before, but I've never seen him so unusual.

From the original you would say that something like this wouldn't even be a commandment......

"- Your Majesty. Can you hear me?

In my brain, a sweet, melting voice echoed.

Just listen to this voice and my heart will remember the deep peace.

"Giselle? Oh, even if I can hear you. You seem to have slept well this time, but you woke up."

"Yeah. I'm sorry I couldn't drop you off on your Majesty's journey."

"I don't mind. Maybe I should have waited for you to wake up... but there were so many things going on. If I had, things might have been pretty bad."

"I'm fine. I heard about it from Lumiel and Asmo. I've been taking a peek at your majesty with space magic for a while now. Will you not be mad at me?

The words of my beloved Second Lady penetrate my head, leaking a dull laugh and saying it like a naughty child.

The more I want to listen to it forever, the sweeter Giselle's voice gets.

"I have no idea how long they've been watching me. I don't think Lena even noticed. - Giselle."

When I changed the tone of my voice, Gisele went with it again.

'Yeah. Here, I'm getting ready to accept Satan. It's just gonna take a little longer.'

"How long?"

I wonder if it's five minutes. It's where Asmo finishes. '

"Okay. Let Satan be powerless. In the time I have left, I'll just play a little"

"Hehe. Don't let it overdo you and outburst your powers, okay?

I put my foot off Satan's head.

When Satan tried to get up powerless, he held that head down with one hand and squealed.

"Sleep often. My friend."

The moment he cast his magic upon him, Satan completely unconscious and attached himself to the earth.

With so much magic, even the top species of the Demon Nation can't stand humans, but Satan's opponents can only sleep for a few hours.

- Well.

I looked at the battle between Lena and General Duras.

Lena waves her double sword as she dozens of slashes that the blonde general rolls out in an instant, dodging on the brink.

But it is also a substitute created with a degree of forbidden magic. There is no way to put it in front of the Divine Sword Revistra created by the hand of the Great Goddess Orphelia.

Lena can't quite make it through the metastasis ceremony at the same time as she decides she can't avoid the slaughter of the Divine Sword, but there is also something immeasurable about the power of General Duras, who reads through that behavior and heads to the destination of the metastasis at a tremendous rate, to launch an attack shortly after Lena sets her attitude.

The concentration of the two is awesome.

If you stray from your gaze at all, you will lose your neck instantly. Such a state of extremes is only poured on defeating the enemy in front of you until you blunt your ability to read the surrounding conditions. You don't seem to have noticed the anomaly that happened here.

but only for a moment earlier, it was General Duras who turned his gaze to me.

In view of Lena's inability to afford the worst weapon compatibility, I can only say that it is an unusual combat capability.

And the horrible thing about this guy is that he's not getting serious about this. I don't know if Lena realizes that much...

The situation that was in equilibrium collapsed.

After Lena is destroyed with her double sword, General Duras' divine sword approaches her, poking just a few gaps to create her next weapon.

It won't be fatal, but it fits.

I jumped on the spot and stood to shelter Lena, who was blinded by a flash of gaps.

A blow of the Divine Sword hits me straight in the back.

"Huh!? Ru, Lucifer!?

"That's it, Lena"

"Ah, ahhh... why, to what you are,"

I pulled Lena's jaw with my fingers and stared seriously at that face.

"You're bleeding out of your cheek. The wounds are blocked, but it doesn't matter."

"Wow, I'm fine..."

I wiped Lena's blood with my thumb and said as I looked into those big, open, dark purple eyes.

"I told you to hold back, but when are you going to kill each other?"

"Huh!! Sorry!!

In anticipation of Lena kneeling on the spot and drooling her head, she gently prevented it with her hands.

"No, fine. Well done. You've made me carry this far against a great hero with a divine sword. The boulder is my Third Lady."

"Also, what a waste of words...... but wow, I..."

I gently snatched the lips of my voice-shaking maid and didn't let her keep going.

Lena had decent eyes, but she flushed her cheeks with a red tide.

"Ru, I'm luciferous, let me kiss you. I'm so happy, yes, in such cases now!?

I stroked my beloved wife's head in confusion, making her squint on its forehead as well, and then whispered.

"I know. Add a piece in the next 4 minutes. Will you wait till then?

"Or maybe......!?

Approximately a silver-haired maid girl still showing confusion, I slowly turned to the blonde general.

You seem to have taken a distance, realizing that you didn't have one scratch on my body in the first blow.

The great hero looked wary but asked.

"Theodore...... no, you were called Lucifer. Is that who you really are?"

"I don't know. And it was brilliant, General Duras. Your powers are real. Satan, who was weak, originally didn't think there was anyone in the human race hunting Lena down this far. Thanks to you, I'm just a little bit excited."

At the same time as my words, explosive magic erupted from my body.

That said, it's just the magic I always emit in my demonic form, but it seemed to take me a little while to erupt because of the long time I was human.

General Duras trembled and laid his sword.

Even though the resistance to magic was exceptionally increased by the divine sword, cold sweat could be seen flowing from its face.

"Sure, as a thank you for helping Charlotte, I remember asking her to say anything she could. Quick, but do me a favor. Just play with me a little bit, big hero."


The distance of dozens of meters was instantly reduced and its torso gently poked in the palm of his hand.

The great hero blew up about hundreds of meters as if caught in a gust of wind, and when he landed and tried to get a passive, I was next to him, too.

The armor that is wrapped around it is already shattered and scattered.


Kicking that belly up regardless, the blonde general's body flew up into the air.

I expand my magic on both hands and build a formation to unleash the magic of the first staircase to fire into the sky.

An awesome big explosion wound up over 100 rounds per second, full of smoke.

Sure, Keith said General Duras destroyed Zenan's Aerial Moving Fortress Beluda.

I consciously tried to imitate the magic cannon that that prehistoric civilization legacy releases, but now, please.

...... hmm? Wasn't the magic cannon 100 shots per second, 300 shots per minute? Well, I guess it doesn't make much difference either.

Feeling the power of divinity from the scorching hot wind, I take a blow by the great hero's divine sword with one hand, exploiting the momentum of the fall.

"... is this the power of the Demon King...!!

"Do I look serious to you to this extent?"

I deliberately drew the divine sword and pushed lighter and lighter the sword of the great hero, who tried to break this body both ways with full force.

At the same time that the losing General Duras blew up, I filled my magic with one hand again and immediately executed it because I came up with something just a little funny.

He stretched the magic that dwelt on his five fingers like a thread, wrapped it around the body of a great hero, and then pulled it hard.

When the body of a great hero, whose reaction had been slightly delayed in front of an attack he would never have received before, was attracted, he fed a spinning kick to its chest.


After an unexpected blow, I will not let go of the Divine Sword.

The moment I drop that out of my hand, I guess it's because I know winning and losing will be the decision.

General Duras forcefully lands on the spot by piercing the divine sword to the ground.

It exhales blood reflexes, but the sharpness of its eyes does not fade.

But its strengths were just empty even when I saw them.

"It was reasonably fun... but each other, it's hard to say that we can't do everything we can. General Duras."

"... what?

"You don't have to hide it. If you're serious, that strength will be even more impressive. Not bad enough for me to be serious, too. But then there will be a whole neighborhood... involving the Granden and turning it into scorched earth."

I stuck my right arm out toward Granden.

"Same goes for me. If we do everything we can, in a moment's time, we can wipe out no one left in that city."

"Let it be done, señor"

"I don't. Don't worry... there are some of my friends over there."

I just thought it was something that didn't get sentimental or anything other than the beloved wives and the great great wizards I once met, but I'm not sure what a heart is.

I have made a good impression on those privileged students when they say that it's just a few months of dating.

It's a shame to kill them. At first I was going to treat him only to train those who crusade me, but for other reasons I don't want to scatter that life underneath.

"Let's say on top of that. Miss Satan."

"... I am no longer in a verbal state. I can't throw it away."

Claude Duras continued ahead with a rough breath.

"With the appearance of Arre, the kingdom of Xenan Dragon has invaded the territory of our empire. And ultimately, the young soldiers of our Imperial Army were sacrificed. I must reward them."

"This situation was unexpected for our demons as well. No one could even have expected Satan to show up. But now this is how I am beside you. I will no longer allow you to imitate the Empire."

"If that thing hadn't shown up, this wouldn't have happened!!

General Duras screamed.

It seemed like the first moment a blonde general wearing a deposition-coolent mask exposed his mind no matter what before.

"If I am a demon named Satan, I am comfortable with what lies in the Tenebrae demon kingdom! If they pass through unknowingly, they will not float the scattered in this land!


That's when my voice resonated in my brain.

'Your Majesty, you're all set. Anytime.'

"... ok"

Giselle's voice invited me, but I turned my heel back.

"Where are you going!?

"I'm taking Satan home. That's because he's my ally, and I'm going to make time for another discussion with you."

"I won't let you get away with it."

"Don't lose sight of yourself driven by the emotions of losing your men and the passion of no place to go, big hero. If you want to stand in the way, you can all just let this place disappear. Every city. My top priority now is nothing more than the lives of my allies. Everything else is second. Until you get rid of everything else if you have to."

"... Kuh!!

I go to Lena with General Duras moaning with his fist slapped on the earth.

She sat down on the spot and looked at me in a frightened manner.

Gently lend me a hand and say.

"Well, that's adorable for an ex-brainer. You are."

"Huh... ha!? also, sorry! I was distracted. The boulder is Lucifer."

He took my hand and went straight to Satan holding hands with Lena up.

While I was walking, I could see Lena staring at me so much that the hole was empty. It's been a long time, and so is this figure.

And when I slightly clouded my brow root when I saw the alien demon god losing consciousness, my voice sounded again.

"Come on, take Satan into space magic. After that, His Majesty will be with Lena, won't he?

"Uhm. Now, when you're taking my beautiful wife's hand, carrying this big fat ass is no good either."


Lena leans her little neck and stares at me.

I laughed at the adorable trick and then I kicked Satan's body rolling at my feet.


By the time Lena raised her strange voice, Satan's body had already been sucked inside the space magic.

"I don't know what happened, but I don't feel sorry for both the royals of Tenebrae. If he goes back to sanity, I'll have to kill him once or twice and then listen to him. Okay, we're going back, Lena."

"Oh, uh, duh, I can't figure out where to go in from... Aww!?

"Just come with me. We're going home, to our Tenebrae demonic kingdom."

I also moved on to space magic as I pulled Lena's hand around most of the time.