Walking ahead of the space magic, there stood my palace, which I was used to seeing.

"Rin! Rinda! Rinda! Rinda!

I take it that Lumiel, who flew in, hugged me as if he were going to storm me with abandonment.

He has embraced my body with tremendous arm strength as he cheeks on my chest with fierce momentum.

If I had kept Theodore's figure, my whole body would have been crushed in the first assault.

"Have you been a good boy, Lumiel?"

"Eeheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh! Rin!!

Even, it was - a tiny maid squeaked, staring at the fallen angel calling Rin.

"I'm sorry, your husband. That winged angel groom seems to have become the brains of less than dogs because the Lord's return is too happy. Shall I dispose of it here?"

As Lumiel pressed his head around my chest with the same fierce momentum, he turned one hand to the subtle little maid and forced her to poke up a huge spear wrapped in divinity from its feet.

The maid - Carla sends it away as if nothing had happened, and Lumiel sees it for only a moment and tongues it, then still starts sweetening it to me again as if nothing had happened. Yeah, it's the usual sight.

"You're as relentless as ever, Kara. Lumiel, calm down a little bit, too."

"Because it's been a long time since we've seen each other again!!

"It hasn't happened since you took me away in Mirdiana."

"It was then - Rin was a human figure, wasn't he? The human figure is cute, too, but - Rin still has to be like this! Cool, my voice is low...... Mmm-hmm! Rin! Nice!!

Oh, boy.

I walked with an angel holding me.

Then a girl dressed in a black dress with plenty of frills greets me.

"Welcome back, Your Majesty"

"Oh, I'm home. Giselle, there's a lot to talk about, but first."

"Yeah. Satan would have already moved it to the example location. Now, let's go."

When I advanced to the space magic that floated behind Gisele, I had a gaze with the girl in white who suddenly came out of it.

She immediately says as she looks at me with a frivolous look.

"Lucifer, I have a lot to talk about."

"Okay, okay. So calm down, Levi. I can't hide my intentions."

If you're human, you only look like a child, but Levi is also a royal who lives another long time.

He has a personality that he hates fighting, but that's not why he's less capable of fighting.

"This war freak. What kind of trouble do you carry that you don't need to call play?... okay, I'm going to be soggy wiping my ass."

"Are you going to discuss this with the great hero? He's killing me right now. It's just like the beast at hand."

"Wrinkles don't go to battle. I'm just heading out to talk to his hero."

When Leviathan put it that way, he strayed those lifeless eyes away from me and went through Gisele's created spatial magic to the land of the Empire.

After I dropped it off, I gently pulled off Lumiel, who remained in my embrace, stroked her head and then said to all three Ladies on this occasion.

"It is my allies who are ahead of this. You may have been surprised to see that for the first time, but Satan has the strength to be that powerful figure. Now is the time to lose power, but if you fight for it seriously, I am also quite a struggling good enemy. - There is a good chance that if you get violent, you won't be able to put your hands on it. Don't worry about it first, but wait here if you're scared."

When I told him that, it was Lumiel who opened his mouth first.

"Yikes! If Rin cares so much about you, I care too!

Long brunette Second Lady Gisele follows.

"I'll be fine. I'll protect you from Lumiel when you have to."

"The other way around. The other way around! I will protect Gisele! Leave that to the First Lady!

"Oh... hehe, okay. You're counting on me, Lumiel. I don't know about Lena."

Lena, the maid-dressed third lady who had been holding back until then, nodded and said.

"Me too, I'm fine. I am Lucifer's acquaintance, and I know that the great seven pillars want to keep an eye on Satan the Demon King of one of our pillars up close."

"I will protect Giselle, but you will not. I don't even know if I'm dead."

"Fine. Because I haven't fallen far enough to be protected by a fallen angel."

"Heh! Ho! Huh!! You were about to lose to that big hero! How do you feel? Hey, hey!"

"...... Huh!!

Lena shook her hand with remorse, staring at Lumiel jumping around herself.

As Lumiel and Lena stared at each other, it was Giselle who slapped her hands on the bread.

"Look, both of you. Don't fight? Your Majesty will be in trouble."



I sighed lightly before moving on.

"If you're fighting, come on your own away from the palace. I'm leaving now."

"Ah! Wait a minute, I'm coming too!"

"Wow, I will accompany you!

Thus, me and Lady 3 were passed through spatial magic into a large hall.

This is the deepest part of the basement of my palace.

It has not been used for a long time, but sometimes the maids work well from day to day and one dust has not fallen off.

A huge magic formation was painted on the central floor of that room, with Satan lying unconscious.

Until then, a peachy haired girl stood up watching what was going on beside her, and when she saw me, she gave me a much clearer smile and thrust in with tremendous momentum.

I thought I'd take it lightly, but the out-of-digit assault of power blew me away as it was.

I get my whole body slammed against the walls of the basement hall, and my whole body bones snap, while the girl with peachy hair - asmo hugs me thoughtfully.

"My you! Ha, I knew my you had to be like this! Ha ha! My loving you ~!"

"Asmo... you too..."

"You don't mind if I give you a hug, do you? I can't help it anymore! Quickly, but here I am now, making love to me."

"What are you doing with this color madness! Rin, ha-ha-ha!"

"Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y!! I will never let you go!!

Lumiel pulls Asmo's body as much as he wants, but the Demon King is more powerful.

I won't even try to cling to my body.

Because of his awesome power, his spine screams.

"Yeah! Why don't you read the air, you guys!!

When he turned up his loud voice and told him to yell, Lumiel let go of his hand all the time.

But Asmo does not weaken the power of the embrace, on the contrary, he has embraced it more and more strongly.

"Yeah, that's it. That's it! My you need that power. It's essential! Hit my body right now with that impatient frustration."

"Yes, yes, Asmo. Then we'll meet later. Right?"

Gisele said so, lifting her fingers together, her strength fell out of Asmo, who was hugging me with her all-powerful power, and her body floated in the air. And I can land on the spot very gently.

"Already! It was my chance, but no!

"I'll ask Your Majesty to love you again, won't I?

Sitting on the floor, hugging Asmo's body, okay and stroking that head, Gisele.

As always, you don't know which one is in the top position. These guys...

I felt a lot ruined, but I got up from the spot and approached Satan.

In front of an ally who doesn't move like he's dead, I feel bitter but on my knees watching Satan.

The magic that is wrapped around its entire body is too weak.

I didn't think very much that it was the same man who emitted magic similar to previous killings.

Why has this become weak?

If I were to say that, why did Satan emerge from a dimensional rift in the first place?

Does it have anything to do with the destruction of the crystal that was being served by the temple of the Empire? If so, what the hell is the reason for it?

Earlier on, I shrugged as I rebelled in my heart the words I asked Satan.

"Hey, were you really ruled by an impulse to destroy? You wouldn't have forgotten me before, would you? You still can't remember me in front of you when I'm back where I was? How did that happen...... tell me, Satan"

I can't even get an answer or anything back, but the words didn't stop.

"Why did you disappear from before us? How did you show up again from the rift in the dimension? Were you in any way related to his magical powers? Were you hiding in that land? Or..."

I dared say something I didn't even want to think about.

"You and I, we both know you've taken an unconscious look at someone."

When it comes to those who can work on equal footing with the all-powerful Satan, I think of Claude Duras, who likewise freed himself from every neck tree (cuckoo) and gave him his full strength.

It can also be said that he is shackled by that great hero, a maid who refrains beside the Empire and the military, the Granden, the people, and his beloved daughter… If he wielded his power without any consideration of them, he didn't feel he had the potential to approach me and Satan.

But I've never seen anyone like that before.

The physical ability to go beyond just using the Divine Sword and also beyond Lena, who housed my protection in it, is phenomenal.

Does the protection of the Great Goddess of Genesis give so much power to one human being?

A powerful man like General Duras is said to have four more in the empire today. Yes, the five heroes.

One of them met in Mildiana, Lyudio Lambert, lieutenant general of the half-elf with the same rare powers.

The man also made an immediate analysis of the Tendemon Summoning Ceremony using the terminal Shizukuishi, and even let it destroy its magic formation. Besides, the story of an awesome battle against the Xenan Dragon King is new to my memory.

Ludio Lambert could not know the bottom in a different way than General Duras.

And there are three more who are called heroes with so much power.

... Anyway, if it's more than one, or maybe Satan will take the back.

But Satan disappeared 1,200 years ago.

His country was not an empire at the time, nor was it named Elberia.

I do not believe that that country at the time, which was called the Kingdom of Rutgaria, had such a force of war as it is now. No matter how the legendary brave man who crusaded the Dragon God King over a thousand years ago came from that country.

But it was undoubtedly a giant crystal resting in the temple of the Empire that was sealing the rift in the dimension that prompted Satan to appear.

And perhaps the aim of Hain and Toto was to summon Satan by destroying the crystal.

They started the operation at a time of mass disappearance of the elves due to the terminal Shizuku incident in Mildiana. I have to say this is too painful to call a coincidence.

The man named Gislan, who was making the terminal Shizukuishi, was a messenger from the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, the magical power.

And the white creatures that appeared with Satan this time are likely to be the failures of the demonic organism.

Speaking of demonic guiding creatures, it is still none other than the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna that comes to mind.

Is there a magical giant pulling the thread behind it right now who is in total war with the kingdom of Rugal, the motherland of Rocha and Chaura?

But Satan's disappearance was 1200 years ago. To this day, you think you kept figuring out where Satan was without anyone else knowing?

That alone is incredible, but the problem is that the crystals that were sealing the rift in that dimension were in the temple of the Empire.

The old clergyman says that that giant crystal was already in the temple of the Empire at least 400 years ago......

Indeed, there was a time long ago when the empire and the magical powers had an alliance.

It was precisely then that I learned of the toughness of the demonic conductor organism, but it is no exaggeration to say that these two countries are already hostile because the Empire now supports the Kingdom of Rugal.

- I sighed heavily and said to Satan, who is now unconscious.

"I don't care how much you think. I just don't know. But if that's how you lived for me, that's fine. Sleep now, Satan. Rest easy and restore that weak body."

From the magic formation where Satan lies, the magic of Gisele, Levi and Asmo is felt.

It's a sealing ceremony so robust that I've ever seen it compete for one or two. Anyway, if Satan had the power he once had, he wouldn't even try to tell me how much Satan would have ravaged him today.

I watched Satan continue to expose himself to defenselessness, biting his teeth and then whining.

"I don't know why you've been in this state. But if something is involved that would have uninterrupted power, it's hard to assume it's already dead. By some extrajudicial method, you are likely to have lived a long time and still be alive. - Either way, when we find out what caused it and we get to the truth. If there is an enemy in our country, let us destroy ourselves with all our might. Your vengeance is mine."

As long as I'm in this Tenebrae, there's no way anyone's gonna show up to hurt you.

Sleep in peace. If you were able to heal your body and completely wipe out the madness that swirls in its head, let's talk together again.

- I stood up and said to one of our pillars by the Lady 3 and the Demon King, who had refrained behind me.

"Nearby, hold a royal council. Assemble the rest of the royalty as soon as possible. Say this if you refuse to call." This is an order, "he said.

The moment he heard of the Royal Council, Lumiel nodded with a completely different and magical face.

Gisele follows it, and Lena kneels (kneels first) on the spot.

Asmo, the demon king of lust, blurred with his fingers around his peachy hair.

"... it's been a while since you've been rough."