Lucifer, the demon god who even had the lukewarm power of the expression overwhelming, and his wife, the ancient brave man, left the battlefield.

The Dahlia Meadows were no longer wilderness and fruitful.

She appeared as she stood there alone and offered silent prayers to those scattered on this battlefield.

It was a strangely dressed girl who revealed herself from a space like a black hole.

White clothes and scarlet, long underwear.

Claude had never seen such a costume before.

I wonder if the appearance age is 11 or 2.

He had long dark hair and unseemly red eyes.

It also looked the same age as Charlotte, but from this girl there was a mysterious atmosphere somewhere that could not always emanate from a person.

But she showed up the same space Lucifer disappeared into. I guess the identity is still demonic.

There was a sickle in the girl's left hand with a worrying look on her face.

But I can't feel anything like killing, and the girl wearing the quiet air tells me calmly.

"Big Hero, I'll see you first. The wrinkle is Leviathan. The royal family of the demonic kingdom of Tenebrae is one of our pillars, the Lord of the realm where the dead gather, called the House of the Necromancer."

Behind its luxurious and pitiful appearance, it seems that this girl is also a high-ranking demon clan.

Even Claude, who has been running through every battlefield, could not discern how capable the girl was to fight.

While I try not to fail to be vigilant, I name myself again.

"I am General Claude Duras, commander-in-chief of the military forces of the Western Grand Territory of the Elberian Empire. But it might not make sense to raise your name."

"Mm-hmm. I kept the noodles more under surveillance than the other day. Don't take it so badly."

The language is also as close to that of the old.

But the girl who calls herself Leviathan only seems human, no matter where she sees it from. Therefore, the difference between the appearance and the appearance was strongly felt, resulting in a strong discomfort.

"What can I do for you, Leviathan the Demon King? Did Lucifer come to stab his misfitted counterpart in the face?"

"Missed the paperwork...? Hmm......? Oh, I'm sorry. Well, yeah, I guess, if it's a normal human feeling, it just seems so. Are you saying that the wobbles are not enough vessels to embarrass him? It's sad."

"What are you saying?

The girl, seeping her deep worries into her expression, sighed just a little.

"I'm sorry. For Lucifer, the battle ahead is just a pastime. No, I don't even think of it as a war. I was really interested in playing games with my heart. I'm not that kind of guy."

"That's a lot of what they saw down there."

"I'm sorry for not taking the deep hand, but why don't you forget that I thought you were kicked by a rampage horse? As soon as I get back to Tenebrae, I'm going to include him firmly."

Claude regained consciousness of his own physical condition.

He is suffering from severe pain like a broken bone and ruptured inner core. Needless to say, it's miraculous to be able to stand like this.

With the protection of the Grand Goddess, the wound has already begun to heal, but it will take some time for it to fully recover.

Then why did your lord show up here?

"The Great Hero Claude Duras. Apologies for the nakedness and redemption for the damage Satan did to this country, albeit unintentionally - and above all,"

As Leviathan spoke, it was a slightly light-emitting phantom that emerged loosely from the ground.

It looks exactly the same as the lower phantom that raided the Granden.

It was as if they were more than dozens, and at last more than a hundred lights, wrapped around Leviathan.

The girl has a look of mercy with a sickle in one hand, gently touching the phantoms.

Unlike earlier as if he had been worried about this world itself, he opened his mouth with a gentle, gentle grin.

"Umm...... umm. It would have hurt. It would have been painful. His name was... well, it was Illia."


Stunned by the appearance of a familiar name, Leviathan says as he strokes the phantom he called Ilia.

"When it comes to being young, there is little more to observe than mindlessness at such an end. Then Noshi would have led himself to protect his daughter, who stood on the battlefield. It was brilliant to stand up and protect the immature commander."

The other ghosts also wrap themselves around Leviathan's body one after another.

As if seeking salvation.

"Um, um. Let's go to the Soft Necromancer's Palace together. In that land, let me hear the story of a loose lure."

The girl who speaks to the dead with a merciful voice doesn't think she is a demon with tremendous power.

But Claude had words he could hardly read.

"Wait. Your Lordship calls it the name of one of our Imperial soldiers. take home that phantom that is dead, and what are you going to do"

"Wrinkles don't just listen and talk about the dead. After so many years, the hearts and minds of those who are governed by emotions that are neither angry nor sad will be at rest, and it will also lead to the beginning of the path to the underworld."

"You can't overlook that. Calling the Empire to the demonic kingdom? Bullshit too."

"... to the dead, it has nothing to do with country or origin. It is only natural that those who mourn its death seek peace. It is only then that woes must heal these men."

"If it's about saving the dead, purifying them through sacred ceremonies is the best way to go. There's no need to lead us into the realm of evil demons."

"Wrinkles don't like the way they do it"

Leviathan looked at Claude with her lifeless eyes.

"The sacramental ceremony does have strong powers. If we bathe ourselves in that manoeuvre, these lost dead will vanish in an instant. But that doesn't pay off. I don't even think about the emotions that the dead mourn and grieve, and I deny the idea that it's good to just purify. That's exactly what his holy kingdom, Lestaflora, does. How arrogant is it to simply extinguish the thoughts of the dead without thinking about them? A great hero, can you imagine having the same idea again?"

The words emanating from the luxurious girl were too heavy, and Claude showed only a moment of stray.

In the meantime, the Phantoms surround Leviathan, wrapped around his whole body.

Unexpectedly, Leviathan slowly tried to wield the sickle he had in one hand.

Moments later, Claude jumped off the spot and waved down the Divine Sword Revistra without hesitation.

"Until now, my mouth is just a play, or a demon king who can unite the dead!

"No. Not sooner."

Leviathan, with one fingertip of one hand, took Claude's divine sword.

The shock alone runs a crack on the ground where she stands.

I didn't do anything wrong. On the contrary, the girl in front of her eyes stopped the blow of the Divine Sword easily, even though she was taking a close blow to her full strength.

Leviathan looked carelessly at the frightened dead and then said in a calm tone.

"This sickle is a frigid artifact - its name is" Saturnalia ". I can't even remember how many years ago it came from what was once used as a ritual name to celebrate farming on other continents I visited."

Before the girl, who showed no hostility at all, Claude stopped pointing the divine sword and listened to the story.

"I named the pleasure habits favorable - but the woes are also demons again. If you are ruled by an impulse to destroy, all thoughts will be colored by the will to kill. If you notice, the wobble has killed countless people with this artifact. No, it wasn't just the artifact. It wasn't my“ look. "

The girl, who gave a glimpse of deep remorse, speaks of an ancient sentiment.

"Wrinkles have killed too many. Therefore he was resented by those who had sacrificed, and many of the dead were wrapped up in mockery. And I've been listening to the ghosts' grudges for hundreds of years... one time, when I visited a strange land, one girl (stomach) told me. I wonder if I could heal their grievances by listening to the voices of the dead."

Leviathan put one hand on his outfit and added, "This garment is similar to what the girl was originally wearing."

"- If you wield our power, the weak dead will easily vanish. But how about that? He was also called upon to heal those who died without having the power to exchange by overwhelming power, and to clear their carelessness. As a atonement for the sins that have killed many, keep it going as long as there is a woe."

"... did your lord obey that word?"

"Mm-hmm. Wrinkles, they weren't of such a nature as to favour useless biocides unless they were trapped by an impulse of destruction. Therefore, when he returned to his sanity, he was struck by the unspeakable sensation that he had applied to the flesh and organs of men whenever he saw his body. Girls say it's nothing but guilt."

Leviathan wields the artifact.

That was a loose one, and it didn't act like it hurt something.

At that moment, the voices of the dead who were moaning with painfully painted voices ceased.

"Then the wobble decided to talk to the dead. And the voices of those who were at first but vain became clear, and the woes continued to speak with them all the time. I think this eternally decaying body is all for it, and I talked to countless people - and as I spent so many years, the feelings of hatred and resentment gradually disappeared and people traveled to the underworld."

From the artifact known as Saturnaria, light overflowed to envelop the surroundings.

Claude remembered the divine sword of the girl who raided that temple, but he shook his head and now decided to focus on the words of the demon king in front of him.

"It seems that this artifact has the power to tranquilize the dead. I don't know for sure why that is, but perhaps that lively, entertaining sight is sleeping deep inside this blade. I wonder if it will reach the hearts and minds of those ruled by resentment"

"... that is how those scattered in this land will be saved? There is no one left"

"Whatever. By the frivolous dialogue and the power of Saturnalia. It may take some time, but I'm sure these people will be saved if they stay calm in a place where no one else can disturb them. Therefore, O great hero, will you forgive me to bring these many dead back to the house of the wretched spirit?"

The girl with her ravenous eyes on her. But she didn't look like she was lying.

I guess the ghosts who were raising their bitter voices grew up aren't forced to suppress them either.

If those who have died in battle in this land will be rewarded for it. With that in mind, Claude only wanted to confirm one thing.

"It's Leviathan the Demon King. If your lord were to go to war with another country, would he go to war?"

"... if it's inevitable"

"Do you then use them as pawns of war"

On that question, Leviathan shook his neck to the side.

"These people don't have the strength to just fight through on a fierce battlefield. For there are men under the authority of the wolf who are good at battle, so if it is battle, it will be their turn."

"You think you have a powerful dead (undead) under your command?

"..." The Necromancer of Nara (Abyss Daemon) ". That is the name of the army of the dead, led by Woe. Once upon a time, I attacked the Granden, which is guarded only once."

Claude frowned.

The story of the Demons raiding the Granden sounded familiar, but the detailed information is no longer contained in any dossier.

"As a retribution for the invasion from the Empire, the wobble was set to head. I think it was a foolish thing to do now, but at the time, I still couldn't completely contain the impulse to destroy it, and my memory was blurred. The only thing I can recall clearly is the appearance of a devastated fortified city with no one else, such as the living anymore. Perhaps it has nothing to do with the present, but I apologize again. I'm sorry."

"... too long ago. If your lord is harmless now, I am not going to blame him for it. I also knew that I would bring back those who died in this land. But there's something I haven't heard yet. What is redemption for Satan's appearance"

When asked, Leviathan nodded and spoke jewellery.

Claude opened his eyes to the words and heard them, telling her to pack them up after she had finished speaking.

"What's that word for?

"No matter. I haven't told Lucifer yet, I'm ready. There's no stopping him. I'm not interested in it."

To the unexpected suggestion told by the Demon King who could unite the Necromancer, Claude did not ask what he would do if the word was rebelled.

Don't let her be in a bad mood. If we miss this opportunity, we will no longer have the means to help them.

"- Got it. Let's trust your lord. I beg your pardon for the disrespect."

"I don't care. I can't help but kill you. Now, if we decide to do so, we must hurry back to Tenebrae. Now, if you'll excuse me."

When Leviathan said so, he led the drifting ghosts to the black hole, then stopped and turned around.

"Speaking of which, the maid to follow is the living corpse."

"... oh yeah"

"As a dead man, I seem to keep my self and reason roughly impossible. It's not like it happens very naturally. Who said," Made it?

Claude couldn't answer that question.

"I have seen Elsa many times since childhood. Back then, she worked as a maid of honor in a certain aristocracy, but she was quite capable of combat. At one point, I had them accompany me in my archery.... she was not old at all when she later reunited on the battlefield. She died once in front of me when we ran through the battlefield together, wondering about it. Take the dragon clan's mighty brace all by yourself."

Remembering the memories of the time, Claude gives a bitter look.

"But Elsa, who shouldn't have even left a bone, regenerated. If you ask him afterwards, he says he is a dead man. In the end, I didn't try to tell you anything more than that. That's about all I know about her. But even if Elsa is no longer a person, now it doesn't change that she's also my precious family again"

"... well. That's sweet, big hero. It's good to be able to talk to you like this for a while."

Leviathan disappeared into a hole leading to the Tenebrae demonic kingdom.

I had been exposed to killing until earlier, and while I was talking to her, that was completely gone.

When it came to the demons listening in the games, they were all brutally outrageous in character.

Even that Leviathan now can't help it because in the past he raided the Granden.

But is it true that something called the Demon Nation is just atrocious? From the merciful look Leviathan shows, I feel I've caught a glimpse of one of the other sides.

Second, Claude remembered his glare.

I guess the fatigue of the battle so far has hit me all at once.

Claude looked in the direction of the Tenebrae demonic kingdom for a while before returning to the castle fort city of Granden, where he would guard himself.