A fallen angel and a silver-haired maid walk through a dim forest with pure white wings.

From there I feel signs of low-level demons - goblins and oaks.

Knowing the unexpected visits of those who do not normally visit, they are watching from a distance, but they do not come close.

I couldn't help it.

Dementions are emanating from Lumiel's entire body.

It is also very natural for angels to exude divinity, as humans breathe, but that is tantamount to fierce poisoning for the Demons.

Especially if you are a weak low-level demon clan, you disappear to evaporate just by touching its sanity.

Goblins and orcs originally never try to get close for fear of her divine signs, even some powerful species such as Auga.

Though both Lumiel and Lena are Lady of Lucifer, they are angels and humans who are formerly hostile to the Demons.

Naturally, many of the demons had ill-conceived feelings for them, but many also remembered what end those who resisted followed, so much so that they were telling their own descendants that they should never put their hands on the Ladies.

There are many such demons living in this depressed Great Forest.

But as we go back, the number of beings that Goblins and Orcs have gained even more power and intelligence increases.

They didn't go as far as to escape even as the Ladies approached because they didn't just get some sanity.

'This is for you, ma'am. What can I do for you, our Lord, Belphegor? "

That's what I've been saying, he was one of the most powerful species of orcs.

Protecting the gateway that leads to the deepest part of the forest, he alone has a thousand powers.

It was the fallen angel with pure white wings who answered the words of Oaklord, who had the same intelligence as man.

It's a royal council meeting.

"Belphegor says you're not interested in public discourse. Please pick it up. '

"This is an 'order'. Get out of the way."

It was Lena who told Oak Road that.

The powerful oak, perfectly mingled by the words she uttered, cruised, then moved its gigantic body and retreated from the front of the enormous gate.

"Will the battle begin?"

"You're not talking about that this time. Well, we're not the ones who decide what to do - Rin and the other demon kings."

Lumiel, who answers softly, just dived the door with Lena.

Further from there, we eventually reached an open location in the Great Forest.

In the center was a giant twisted rock, on which was a large man sitting and closing his lid.

The man with long gray zabular hair is standing on one knee and putting his arm on there.

It was full of wild flavor, producing a muscular beard and wrapping a thin dirty cloth around the muscular brown flesh.

There was a little bird on his head that didn't make it faint. It's ringing all the time.

There is no sense of intimidation emanating from that body, but Lena finds herself in a tense face.

Meanwhile, when Lumiel tried to talk to a man who looked asleep while he put his arms around him who didn't even look like he moved.

"... fight"

"What. If you're awake, welcome. Isn't it disrespectful to me, Rin's First Lady? In the first place, the fact that your pigs and you are only interested in battle doesn't change anything."

"Which is disrespectful," Lena muttered, staring half-eyed at such an angel.

Lumiel said, "Ah?" When I saw the maid, "the man said.

"... if it's not a war, go home. I'm sleepy."

"Oh, Rin, this is a direct call? I came all the way out for you."

When he saw a man who didn't try to answer him, Lena told him sternly when Lumiel floated blue on his forehead.

"" Belphegor. "This call is Lucifer's order."

"... Ha, Satan's back, so let's talk about it"

When the man known as Belphegor opened the lid, the bird on his head went winged.

The Demon King, whose seven pillars are one of ours, says as he looks up into the sky.

"... I can't even feel the magic of Satan."

"It's - I put on a sealing ceremony after Rin busted it. Now he's sleeping in the basement of the palace."

"... I'm bored. If you're filled with destructive impulses, I'll be the one to deal with them."

"Satan's condition was clearly unusual. Belphegor, I don't think your opponent will be here."

"... I'm not interested, but if it's my husband's order, I don't know what else to do."

Belphegor shrugs as he narrows his red eyes to his sleeping velvet.

"Let me know when you have a formal date. I'm sleeping till then."

"Yes, sir. Sounds like you."

Lumiel just turned his heel back, and Lena followed suit.

After getting out of the lazy demon king's realm, the maid's girl exhales more.

"What, are you nervous?

"... naturally. Belphegor, if there's anything that might upset your mood, it's beyond my control."

"You're not going to use your strength for that lazy bastard to get clean. Well, I don't know what happens when the royal council starts."

"... I know very little about the Royal Council. Belphegor and Mamon are always absent. Belzebub just goes when he feels like it, and usually only the moderates, including Lucifer, finish the meeting."

"Speaking of which, that's what it's been like since you got here. It used to be amazing. Just be careful this time. Especially when royal opinions collide head-on."

The First Lady, Lumiel, holds his own arm.

"... not just you, but me too. Because I may be made aware of how awesome the existence of the Demon King is and how small a creature I can't help but be. If you lose your mind, you'll die."

"Oh, is that really a meeting...?

"You'll see. I hope nothing happens, but you can't."

He was Lumiel, who didn't even look like he moved in front of the demon king Belphegor in any way, but the cold sweat was telling his cheeks.

Having never experienced a disputed royal council so far, Lena felt unspeakable anxiety, imagining the sight of even a fallen angel fearing through this weather-permeable attitude no matter what she saw.

Asmodeus, the demon king of lust, was walking through the land of ice.

Every time you step forward, proceed with the magic emanating from her body crushing the boots she is wearing instantly to be ice pickled.

Asmodeus quickly regrets wearing wide open chest clothes and a skirt of short length.

"Ha... it's cold. As much as I want you to hold me, not at all."

Walking away for a while with a leak of stupidity changed the view around me.

Until now, as far as the ice was concerned, the scorching flames transformed into a sea of boiling fire.

Asmodeus manipulates magic in a fed up manner and walks away in the sea of fire. The fire pillar rose with momentum pounding heaven right next to her, but without looking concerned about it, she said.

"At all, I'd like you to either be cold or hot!

The wind blowing into the ground, which was turned into a scorching hell, could not but be called a hot wind.

On the contrary, humans, even the middle devil tribe, cannot endure this environment in the end. It's not a place where ordinary creatures live, but there are big warcraft sitting there.

I guess for them, who deserve to be at the top of the Demon clan, nothing is even possible in such a harsh environment.

"While... Hey, there you are."

As Asmodeus fans (ahh) his flaming cheeks with his hands, he turns his gaze toward the warcraft of one lion - Kimyra.

Kimyra, who was sitting back as though she were also the Lord of Warcraft, jumped up and immediately approached Asmodeus just to send her gaze.

The demon king of lust says across its back.

"Will you give me a lift to the deepest part? It's hot and invincible."

Kimyra nodded without resisting, flying over the sea of fire with wings grown on its back.

As we progressed, the sitting warcraft became even more mighty, but then the unimaginable sight was expanding.

Big wave of burning heat under my eyes. Blowing winds are terrific blizzards that instantly freeze the organism. The sky is cloud-covered with heavy rain and hail (hiccups), with numerous lightning and lightning strikes, and spooky ground ringing from nowhere.

It was a space that could no longer be explained by natural phenomena.

The servant Kimaira also shows a bewildering trick for the first time to this occasion.

"What's so fun about being here... oh, you can go home now"

Asmodeus, jumping from Kimyra's body, put his foot on the scorching sea.

If you are not covering your body with magic, you will suffer some wounds, albeit of the body of the demon god. There's no way any creature can live in this land anymore.

"You must be there, Mamon. It's me."

The moment I say that, a great wave of flames and a fierce snowstorm strike Asmodeus.

As soon as she clapped her shoulders and waved away, a storm similar to the giant tornado rolled in, forcefully paying off the natural disaster that struck her.

It was obviously a murderous attack on Asmodeus, but he says it like a mother sighing in front of a wasting child.

"Will you stop making these teary performances? How many times do I have to tell you? Or do you think you're too retarded to forget it right away?

When Asmodeus, whose sarcasm was meant to be true, proceeded to walk, he eventually caught sight of a giant creature.

That seemed like a horse with seven colored body hairs boasting over 20 metres of giant.

From tategami to its body color and long tail, it changes the red, blue, purple and color flavors. He slowly turned his horse body toward Asmodeus, who felt even a kind of divinity, and opened his mouth.

What can I do for you? It's a shame that a lustful, horny devil talks to me. "

"... as usual, you're arrogant yourself. I wouldn't have wanted to go to such a ridiculous place if I hadn't been your life."

"Watch your mouth, bitch pig. I can't live with the harsh climatic changes in my" Palace of Meteorology ". Sick, walk away from this place."

Asmodeus talks in a fed up way about the space, not sure if it's hot or cold anymore.

"I'll do that even if you don't tell me... - There's a royal council nearby. You will also be present."

"Is this about Satan? I hear that the presence of magic worthy of that mighty man has now become fragile. Pathetic. '

"Say what you say in front of me just like that. That neck will fly."

'Nonsense. If you can do it, you can try it. If only the royal family could succumb to one of our pillars, Mamon. "

"Damn, I've challenged you many times in the past to kill countless people each time. I can still afford to slap you in the mouth like that...... let's call it arrogance? I'm impressed with that attitude. - If you're an idiot, you're one talent."

Fire columns rose from Asmodeus' feet and multiple lightning strikes wore.

But it never reaches her body.

'Stupid woman. You want to die doing that?

"Hey, I didn't come here to fight. I had no choice but to call the royal council."

We cannot turn only to the men of our ranks to summon to Mamon.

Because you must be ravaged by this overwhelming beast with fierce madness.

Even for the three Ladies of Lucifer, each with strong power, it was hesitant to let them face this mamon directly.

"Don't disappear from this place right away. And you should tell Lucifer. I have to be interested in a crappy royal council."

"Unfortunately, this is an order from you. Whatever it is, you will join us. If you still refuse."

Asmodeus raised a tremendous amount of magic in his right hand, creating one whip.

The moment you wave it once, the earth in the palace of the heavens cracks, and the tremendous sounds and earthly smoke rise

"You can just throw up that filthy word. You can erase your head. I don't like war - I don't hate it, I don't like it."

"Disrespectful. Are you going to fool me and the Heavenly Palace? Your shallowness, which equates to stupidity and favours human appearance."

"... hehe. 'Cause, hey? How convenient is this look? You're the only outdated demon king who doesn't take the form of a human being."

Mamon's murderous gaze stared at Asmodeus.

Strong magic caged. That was enough to shoot (where) the weak with only a glance, but the peach-haired girl doesn't go through with it at all.

"Maybe it's not a bad idea to horse meat you here and use you as a royal council horse d 'oeuvre, huh? And even though it sounds bad."

"I'll try, but I'll do it."

"I'm sure we'll all be delighted. If only a half-minded man like you could disappear."

Asmodeus puts his finger on his chin there and then says.

"... well, Levi may grieve. I haven't seen you in a long time."

It is a lie.

But Asmodeus did not miss the first time Mamon, the arrogant demon king, showed a slight upset.

"... what can Leviathan do for me"

"Sa ~ ah? I'm just saying that she's lonely, 'I haven't seen Mamon lately. I wish I was well,' I just heard the blur. Shouldn't we actually see each other?


I roared and shut up. He's a really easy man to understand, and inside Asmodeus laughs.

Turning himself slightly, Mamon said in a remorseful voice.

'... Got it. All this time, I'll be there. "

"You can honestly say that from the beginning."

Asmodeus secretly put out his tongue, and then quickly followed the temple of the heavens.

Gisele, Lucifer's Second Lady, entered the dark palace dominated by the night darkness.

Lumiel, Lena, and Asmodeus. In summoning the royal family, the palace, where all three of them say, 'I would never like to die just going over there', is the home of Belzebub the Demon King.

As Gisele relied on the slightest light created by magic, instantly a large quantity of white thread wrapped around its body and quickly wound around it.

When the brunette lady shrugged "Oh," something slender and huge fell from the palace ceiling.

Giselle chuckles when she sees a furry, multi-eyed and legged being.

"Long time no see. You welcome me?


The giant bug - the spider spoke sweetly with his face close to Gisele's eyes.

This spider demon clan had a deep respect for Gisele. I guess I'm captivated by the sweetness and tenderness she has.

What I bound with yarn is a kind of expression of affection that I don't want you to be gone right off the spot. Having said that, I have had trouble getting through to other Ladies and Asmodeus at all.

Gisele releases the magic in her body and untangles herself when she does the thread that binds her tightly before stroking the hairy spider's face.

"I'm glad to hear it, but it hurts. Don't worry, I won't run away. Right?"


Something approached me with tremendous momentum from the depths of the palace as I stroked to soften the spider that sounded sorry.

When the spider, who sensibly perceived it, took a collisionary stance, a giant Mukade demon clan, with a stately dragon-like physique, raised his body with a deafening voice.

"Greece aaaaa!!

"Oh, it's been a long time for you, too. Look, come here?

Mukade was in a threatening position, but he immediately lowered his torso and looked in front of Gisele.

The earlier oddity was not an expression of hostility, but rather a welcome to Giselle's visit.

Its thick, long body makes a gibberish noise whenever multiple grown legs move.

The other ladies were scared to run just to hear this sound, but Gisele didn't have that feeling.

Gently stroke Mkade's face, okay, okay, stroke his head.

And I gently stuck my forehead to that head.

"Long time no see.... yeah, I get it. You grew up so splendidly when I saw you before it was enough to fit in my arms."


"Oh. But I guess the contents are still lonely? Pretty girl."

When Gisele said so, who felt clearly what the great mukade wanted to tell him, the spider who had grown up until then also snuck up.

Mukade perceives it and roars depressingly, but Gisele speaks gently.

"Don't fight? Let's all get along. Right?"

Gisele said, regardless of the spiders and mukades who became submissive to the word pressing their entire bodies.

"Today, I came to see Belze. If you'd like, could you show me around?


"Heh heh... you don't have to"

When a squeaky voice was heard, the two worm demons immediately left the scene after being surprised to jump up.

It was the old man standing there.

Back to back with a small body woven with a robe, the temper and magic emanating from it are too far off track. If you are a regular person, it is not strange to just be nearby and lose your reason, to be in a state of panic, or die too much of a shock again, but for Gisele such magic was just one of the comforts again.

"Been a while, Belze. Looking good. Best of all."

"Heh heh heh, no one else would say such a thing when they look at the complexion of Non."

"That's the usual Belze thing. Pretend your blood is bad, you're actually full of energy and much worse. You're a brown old man with all the crumbs."

Seeing a giggling Gisele that creaked, the servant Belzebub sighed as well.

"Of all the women that Lucifer married...... no, look at the whole Demon tribe, there are no other mutants like you. I don't know if anyone else would be happy to touch the family members of the Snake Scorpion if they didn't scream one."

"Oh, because these kids are innocent and good kids. I don't think we should lose sight of the essence. No matter how alien they say they are, these kids have a heart. I feel sorry I don't have the right person to figure that out for you."

He held back beside him, clinging to the spider's face, Gisele continued as he gently stroked the tentacles of the mukade.

"You guys are good kids. Can I play for you before you go?"

"His kindness, which also leaves the family of Non, passes by his arrogance. In a way, perhaps the most deserving of that man and his wife... heh heh."

"Isn't Belze sweet? Long ago, it wasn't Levi and you who came to Tenebrae and reached out to me first, not right or left."

Speaking of once, Belzebub had a less creepy grin on him.

"That's just that I was interested in talent about your magical guidance. When they go to battle with a country where humans live, we'll see what happens to that battlefield."

Belzebub licked his tongue as he rubbed his long jaw.

"I don't know, I can't forget it yet. It has that sweet taste of brainmilk that roams on the head of a human - among other children (wasps), and sips after crushing its soft skull. Don't you want to do it again? If it wasn't for Lucifer, we'd do it again, right? You're gonna eat and kill humans for that delicious ingredient."

Giselle didn't break her smile when she saw the old demon dripping out her long tongue and salivating.

"But I won't do it anymore. Because what Your Majesty is."

"... I would have prefaced without you?

"Your Majesty will always be with us. Although that other one looks free to run, the fruit of it is always a desire for the prosperity and tranquillity of the Demon Nation, so it is impossible to leave no other Demon Nation behind. So, Berze, don't say that anymore?

When he sees the girl who tells him peacefully, Belzebub laughs bitterly.

"Heh heh... okay. That's a good thing if you think about it when that man dies. So, what are you doing at the royal council?"

"Yeah. Will you join us?

"Heh heh heh, it's been hundreds of years since he ordered me to participate in the royal council. If you go, Lucifer won't know how many times to kill you."

"Oh. You've been taking a good peek at His Majesty and Satan."

"Even if it looks like this, curiosity is not great..."

"Then it's settled. I'll let you know the official dates, so maybe you don't have to come. You'd see anything, wouldn't you?


"Heh, I know. What do you want to play with? Ah..."

A spider pressed his body and put Gisele on his big back.

"- Yeah. You've had a new family lately. Well, can I introduce you? Will you come with me?


Then Gisele, gently stroking Mukade's head as it came, was carried away by the spider and disappeared somewhere.

The old demon god is blurred when his own family has been taken hostage.

"Where did you go to be frightened when you first visited this country? Lucifer, if you hang around at will, let alone the Second Lady will take away all of your power... if you're definitely a witch"