in the palace of Tenebrae.

I was informed about what had happened in that land by Levy, who had returned from the Empire.

And also about the 'redemption' she proposed to the great hero.

"- That's not why. Is there any objection?

"I don't mind. Do as you please."

Not if it's up to the state of the empire now.

Nearby, because we must concentrate on the agenda of the royal council to be executed.

Until now, the occasional royal councils have been nothing more, but not this time.

If only the belligerents of Belfe, Mamon and Belzebub would gather together. This time, however, the presence of Satan is involved.

Those three pillar royalty show only interest in those who are powerful and powerful. Satan, who once surpassed himself and surpassed himself, would not even be in his eyes if he were now as powerful as the weak Demons.

- That's what the original demon tribe is. Fellowship, for example, is only the first thing born with power.

No one should have anything to think about this unexpected return of Satan. Because there is no use for the weak when they return.

But that's not the problem.

How did that powerful Satan go through and emerge from the rift of dimensions? The focus is narrowed down there.

The militants think that's fine if they can fight.

Besides, this time they are bound to poke there more than the Empire or the Magic Powers, or both, are likely to have some involvement in Satan's disappearance.

Ever since I exterminated my predecessor Lucifer, I've been less involved in battle, and I haven't been to the battlefield enough to say at all for the last few hundred years.

So far my presence alone has kept the militants under control and put them on, but their impulse to destroy may also be close to the limit.

A clash of names is expected with the conference.

Though it is also my role to suppress the royal impulse to destroy, that is not the thrust of this meeting.

It's not like we're fighting each other.

"It's Lucifer. Are you okay?"

"... yeah? Oh."

If I noticed, Levi's red eyes were looking at me.

As usual, those eyes narrowed as if they were not lively and worried about something.

"Tell Lumiel about this incident from scratch." Stay in your room for a while. "

"... I'm sorry, Levi. I don't have time to hang out with him right now."

"Mm-hmm. After the royal council, you can like nothing, so now I'm gonna tell him to be patient."

"Oh, that's fine. I asked for it."

After Levi left among kings, I snapped my fingers.

At that moment, there was a voice from behind no one had ever been there before.

"May I call you, my lord?"

"Carla, I need to talk to you. Follow me to my room."

"Yes, sir."

Without even turning around, I leave between kings to my chambers.

Kara followed it again, face to face with one woman as she walked down the long corridor.

"Oh, your husband and Carla? Are you going to night games?"

"No... no... well, something similar"

"Oh really? I've cleaned your room. Take your time."

said one who looked like a maid of honor with brown hair stretched out.

He's just a horny devil and has a brilliant body. If it wasn't for times like this, I could have played a lot.

"Ugh, now it's been a while since you've loved me too ~?"

Just doing a flash of sight seems to have slipped my mind.

Formerly a member of Asmo's family, but the woman, who is a maid of honor in my palace for all things, said so in a prolonged tone, giving her a grace and then leaving.

Eventually, when I arrived in my room, Carla opened a door made of special metal and invited me inside.

The room has simple bookcases and tables, starting with a huge bed with a ceiling, with chandeliers on the ceiling and carpets on the floor.

It mimics the room where human nobility and royalty live, and I often use this room when I occasionally devour sleep or when I spend time with a woman, starting with a lady.

There are times when you can also place sofas and tables on the edges between kings that are nowadays not visited by guests and use them depending on your mood. - Think about it, I said as I thought the reason I went to the Empire was when I was spending time with Lumiel over there, etc.

"Kara, there's only one thing I can ask of you. Don't you do it."

"Yes, I did. What is it like?"

With the submissive maid girl on her ass, I laid back on the bed and loosened the collar of my clothes.

When her cool eyes opened just a little surprised, I roughly scratched my own left neck muscle with my nails.

When the blood erupts like a fountain, Kara wriggles around my neck and starts sucking blood uncontrollably.

- One, how much time would you have put aside?

Carla pulled her dog teeth out of my neck muscle and let go of her face with regret as she licked the blood seeping out of it over and over again.

With a tactile look, Kara stared at my neck muscles as she was reddishing her cheeks.

The maid, who is also such a true ancestral vampire (vampire), said in a vexed manner when she finally realized that her entire face was painted with blood.

"Also, I'm sorry. What I did, I lost my reason..."

"I don't mind. It's been a long time since I let you drink blood. For a long time, I struggled."

"There is no such thing. It's just that when I look at your husband's blood, it's like I'm really out of my tag. I can't even open my name..."

"He says it's good. Smoke more if you want. Until you feel better."

"Then your husband will be dry."

"Blood, etc., springs up like hot water anyway. Drink without worrying."

I drew Kara's head to my own neck.

She hesitated a little, but once again stuck her canine teeth out.

"Drink until you're satisfied. And carve my 'memory' into its brain."

When you're letting Kara breathe blood, you don't need words.

No matter how much will goes through, you can't convey your thoughts to the other person if you go through words. Humans often say that, but not in the case of our demons.

Many can feel directly what they do not know by word, with unbelievable force to man. Among them, vampires were good at their power.

By doing blood suction, he said, he senses everything from the other person's memory, knowledge, and thoughts to the finesse of his mind.

No matter how much I stand at the top of the Demon Clan, I don't have the ability to do that. To the extent that, at best, you can do something similar using forceful methods such as forcibly pumping magic into your opponent and forcing him to pull out memories?

"... Your husband, we got everything. This is an urgent matter."

"Oh. You'll leave everything to Lumiel, but you can't let him do it alone. You could get used to that horse, couldn't you?

"Yes, there is no construction."

Kara, who was supposed to be satisfied with her sucking blood, remained hugged by me.

"What's up? Is there anything missing yet?

"... no. I'm just indulging in the feeling that you're holding onto your husband. Fallen angels, who are always alone in this mood, will be willing to kill."

"I'm no longer going to say anything about your company, but just stop messing with Lumiel over there. If you don't mind, your surroundings will perish."

"I am always calm. It's always that bird person that sticks around."

"It's okay because Levy would have included me. Instead, it's you I have to convince."

"... I am aware. Have I ever defied your husband's life?"

I also think I've told Lumiel several times to stop killing each other, but I didn't order anything else.

Except for such trivial novels, this submissive maid has never betrayed my life.

Kara and I have known each other for a long time. Not until before Lumiel came to the land, when his predecessors Lucifer ruled the Demons.

"I miss it. Your husband."

Looks like they were reading the idea.

Even in old memories, Kara is no different than she is now.

When it comes to things that were different from those days, is it just that we've reversed each other's positions?

At the time, both Carla and I served our predecessors Lucifer. And of all the family sequences, I was inferior.

The vampire power of his true ancestors, starting with Kara, is comparable to that of the superior demon gods. There were a number of people with that much power at the time, but now Kara is the only vampire of true ancestry.

That is also because the family members who were the lords of Lucifer the earlier generations were the superior demon gods and true ancestral vampires.

In exterminating his predecessors, most of his family were also to be destroyed.

Few did not resist, but this little girl supported me.

strong destructive impulses of previous generations and those who follow them.

We had only the power to control this continent. And what happens when all the continents are ruled by demons? Carla was so thoughtful and rare.

"I'm grateful to you."

"Now it's time for me to be your husband's squire, but not at the time. I cooperated with you because I was anxious about the fate of the runaway demon clan. That's just it. It's not something to be thanked for."

"Right. At the time, I felt like I was halfway home to my predecessor, Lucifer."

"... I'm sure that's because I learned the strong shock and excitement of the taste of your blood I drank on a whim. It's just a vampire or something like that."

Speaking of which, that happened.

Contrary to now, you were drawn to your body forcefully and sucked blood. From then on, if you realize it, you spend a lot of time with something...

... No, I don't. I was delayed by too much emotion of nostalgia.

"Carla, I asked for Lumiel for a while."

"Yes, but, sir, please don't force me while I'm away."

"Don't worry about it. How do you think I killed my predecessor Lucifer and defeated the many demons facing him?

"... I'm not insulting your husband's power, and I'm not even worried in that regard. However, you are not like other demons. The power is more than the heart..."

"What do you mean?

Kara has been so far apart that she has looked to me.

"Something. Never mind. … and now you are being discouraged by your dear lady. Sweet to those people while I'm not here."

"Well, I'm always sweet on them. You can't be sweeter than a kid."

"That's good. No matter how lonely you are, you need a place in your heart. - I'm sorry. I've spoken too much."

When I told him so, Kara's whole body was wrapped in light.

And - the way it looks, it changes.

"Well. How about this?

In appearance and tone while I was in the empire, she - no, “blue-haired” he said.

Brilliant transformation. I can't tell at all what I look like when I'm in the Empire.

Memories, words, emotions. Kara took all of mine for herself. I would be relieved to entrust my life over there.

"Perfect. For a while, I asked you, my shadow."

"Copy that. I'll be there, then."

Kara instantly disappeared from the spot after completely turning into Theodore's figure.

Lumiel will be back as soon as he completes what Levy asked.

Then the royal council begins after losing about. Was it Lena's first time, though Lumiel and Giselle are also used to meetings where royalty clashes with each other?

... Charlotte saw me through, and in the battle with the great hero, I was suffering defeat if I didn't stop, and I couldn't notice any sign of someone behind him.

I would have been quite impressed with the serious Lena.

Add to that the sight of a harsh royal council up close, which could be severely upsetting. In some cases, the self-esteem that underpinned my heart may break flat.

Do you have to tell Gisele, who is delicately savvy at heart, what's going on around here in advance? That guy would forgive Lena for reacting like she did.

Oh, boy, there's so much more to think about.

After I went out of my room onto the balcony, I felt the wind stroking my cheeks as I elbowed on the railing and blew into the demonic kingdom.