Three days after Kara headed for the Empire.

A strong morning burn lit up the Tenebrae demonic kingdom, which often allowed dark clouds to stand even at noon.

I left my own palace, the Palace of the Dawn, for a vast plateau slightly away from the heart of Tenebrae.

Ahead of you is the giant ancient castle.

Since Lucifer's predecessors ruled the land, it has been a special place used only for royal councils.

Being the current Lucifer, I also choose this land when I hold the Royal Council.

No more till the prescribed carving limit.

The royals will already be assembled in the courtyard of the ancient castle.

I also proceeded to the entrance to the ancient castle, where the silver-haired maid standing - Lena, the third lady - entered the interior of the castle sideways to drool her head deeply. Set aside for a moment, Lena followed me too.

It's something similar to my palace that imitates the castle where humans live.

There is little decoration, but the interior of the giant castle overwhelms the first seer. Inside, huge demons come and go, but the height to the ceiling of the hall on the ground floor is preferably over 100 meters because it is also made assuming to stay for a short period of time.

The aisle, the stairs, everything could be said to be of substandard size. Well, some demons feel narrow even at this height.

In a nutshell, does it feel like a place where a giant monster lives, a place that imitates a human castle?

As me and Lena walked down the hallway for a while, a huge door caught my eye. And one blackened woman sitting in front of it - the Second Lady, Giselle, waited for us with a gentle smile.

When Gisele rings her fingers after she has thanked her deeply, the door will be opened with ease, which the human hand will not be able to open.

Ahead was a place similar to the temple used by non-demonic races. It also looks like it just changed the size of the temple visited in the Granden realm of the Empire.

This place, called "Between Prayers", was prepared for the enduring peace of the Demons, but it was not me who made it, but my predecessors Lucifer.

It wasn't peace or anything that that man wished for, but a struggle that lasted forever. For the sake of peace, etc., is only before construction.

- Crap. I walked without any emotion.

Standing in front of the door far ahead of the temple was the fallen angel - the First Lady Lumiel - who had begotten pure white wings.

Lumiel and I had just returned the other day, and I dared not see each other before. I was wondering if there might be as much as one stuffing, but her red eyes created an atmosphere that could be described as harsh in a completely different way than usual.

If this is the first full-fledged royal council to be held in hundreds of years on a boulder, how can we be so nervous about this guy?

"- The seven pillars that support the demonic kingdom of Tenebrae make it one of them, the apex. Lucifer, the Demon King who unites our demons."

Lumiel said in a tone far removed from the usual girly tone.

"Now more than this, the Royal Council. Now that one pillar is lacking, it is the Supreme Lord who will make the final resolution of the agreement that will lay down the fate of the demonic kingdom of Tenebrae. Now, do not forget to listen to and consider all the words of the royal family"

Lumiel continued.

"A cheap reception to the majority, shallow reckoning with the minority, all of which can be a prelude to the ruin of our demonic nation. When both opinions are scaled at the end of the discussion, it shall be shown in the ruling that they are the vessels of the true Demon King."

I nodded at Lumiel, who spoke with a sincere look at me.

"What I wish for is eternal peace of mind for the Demons. Only do your best for it."

"... the same battlefield where the storm of intent to kill blows before this. Brilliant, calm yourselves."

"Absolutely. All intent on killing, all intent on killing, all intent on malice, I'll hold you in these arms."

Lumiel says with a soothing expression.

"Please, what if you were the beacon that will guide us..."

... What's up?

All of a sudden you let your face down and shut up.

You were so nervous, you even forgot the line to go on...

"Ya ~ already!! Rin is cool!!

Lumiel has held me as if I were going to hit her sooner or later.

Damn, this guy is at the end......

"A guy named you... ruined the First Lady's majesty."

"I don't care about that! Rin, I love it!"

As I gently stroked Lumiel's head as he cheeked with tremendous momentum, I could hear him laughing as he shrugged from behind.

"Hehe. After all, this is what Lumiel has to do. Hey, Lena?

"... the atmosphere has been ruined so far. I don't think the First Lady has the attitude of a wanderer."

Gently peel off Lumiel, who is in a good mood and sweet as if she hadn't arrived, such as Giselle and Lena's words, and face her.

Those stingy red eyes were looking at me.

"I'll see you later. I asked for Gisele and Lena during the meeting."

"Ha ha! Let me go!

I bent over trying to gaze at Lumiel, who said well and laughed, and mouthed her on that forehead, before I opened the door she was protecting.

Spread out there was a huge courtyard.

As I walk with the ladies, the gaze of the high demons on the spot pours all over me.

It comes with the royals.

Among the succubus, many of whom looked close to humans, horns grew from the sides of their heads, moving armor drifting colorfully with signs of death, and even the top species of oak.

The few who were allowed to see the royal council with its eyes only give a bowl of grace towards me. Unless there are any special provisions, I have no say.

Eventually we reached the heart of the courtyard, where the rectangular black table was located.

There was already the figure of Asmo, the demon king of the succubus, and Levi, the demon king of the dead, and Belzebub, the demon king of the worms.

Well, he's not here yet.

"Whoa, whoa!

Something came down from the sky with the roar.

I prevented the blow of the sword of great swing aimed at my head with a magical junction and kicked the belly of the Lord of that sword.

Even the superior demon god was a blowing blow like paper, but the guy got up right after he was lightly flown and slapped to the table.

"... as always, your arms seem to fade, sir"

"Belfe, I'd be delighted to welcome you, but give me a moment."

The man with the gray zabular hair drew an arc on his mouth.

"... I heard it's been a long time since the Royal Council. I'm stuck."

"The table is not something to put your feet on. Come on, let's go somewhere."

Seeing Levi say in a shy tone, Berfe flaunts his shoulder.

"... it's Nori's fault, this woman is. I came all the way here in my sleep. Forgive me for what I've done."

If I looked behind my back, there was a crack running on the earth, even though I prevented Belfe's blow in the junction.

No injuries to Lumiel and the others, but it's totally stupid.

With just one blow right now, I can see that your demons are in a killing mood. But that's also just due to strength. Inside, it would be trembling at the destructive power of Belfe's blow.

At that time, a flame of burning appeared instantly in the courtyard.

Shortly before the massive fire that covered all the vast gardens approached the Lumiers, I joined forces to prevent it.

A tremendous fire burned brilliantly - eventually, after converging into a mass of about 30 meters, it was a seven-colored shining horse boasting a huge body that appeared as if to break it.

'Excuse me for being late. Because of the rush, the metastasis ceremony was unwittingly engulfed by flames... but the weak would not be here to be burned down by such a weak fire?

Among the demon kings of the seven pillars, Mamon of Flaming Hell, who hates man most, has turned his red eyes to me.

I don't have to strain myself, but the Lumiers would have suffered some minor burns.

There is nothing more to describe as a mass of killing intent at all because it unleashes a flame that causes even a hand injury to Lumiel, who is an ex-angel and still has powerful magic resistance, not just an attack, but just a metastatic formula. In front of this guy, the superior demon god is just like a baby.

I said with a rough demon king in front of one of our pillars, sighing.

"Long time no see, Mamon. But it looks a little messy with the metastases, doesn't it? Do you want me to tap you straight into that next time?

"You fool me, Lucifer. You're as stupid as a shallow human being."

"Either it's stupid. Put a scratch on my wives. I'll kill you till your life runs out near that infinity."

This one pretends to be on provocation too and sees how it goes.

Mamon, however, turned away as if he had lost interest.

This is the character of this demon king. The flames that reach the magical realm of today are just plays. He really just came to this place with a metastatic ceremony, no other reason. Most of all, I would have looked down on this fortunate if my beloved wives had suffered even from hand wounds in the flames ahead.

I hear it's the royal council, but you're going to start killing each other.

"If you guys had grown up, the meeting would go on without delay. Get in your seat... there's no chair for you."

"Stop. If you ask me from the beginning, it's ridiculous. It's a waste of time. Good morning. Why don't we start a meeting?"

The moment Levi said uncomfortably to the dew, Mamon's wrapping atmosphere changed.

'... oh, I'm sorry about this, Leviathan. It's just that for you, that much flame doesn't mean anything. "

"It's the royal council that's about to begin. Don't put crappy tea in it when you're not even a stranger."

'I'm sorry. Do...... Leviathan. To me... that, what'

Hmm? How's Mamon...


"... I feel like I heard rumors of the wind that I was showing you about me"

"Hmm? Well, I don't really remember if I said that."

At that time, Asmo laughed as she blew her face off both sides.

... Speaking of which, Mamon's convener was Asmo.

It's about Mamon, so I was just wondering if I'd have some pretty harsh resistance. I was a little surprised when I heard I'd join in without anything in particular, but I guess Asmo wrapped me up well.

"Nevertheless, I always tell you what to do."

"Oh, is that so?"

"Its arrogance that leans no one else. anxious and frustrated to think that if you let it go, you might run wild one day"

'... right...'

Mamon groans in a faint manner.

This guy is extremely arrogant toward everyone, but only toward Levy has something like respect.

That relationship was triggered by a little thing that happened a long time ago, but, well, it doesn't matter now. Let's get down to business.

"Now, a six-pillar royalty gathered, except Satan. Begin the royal council now"

When I proclaimed, the atmosphere of the place strained at once.

Most importantly, it is only the royal family, and your entourage is wary of the unexpected appearance of Belfe and Mamon.

"The convening of this royal council is by my command. As you already know, Satan appeared before us again after 1,200 years. It would be a pleasure if it were, but his condition was completely different from the previous one -"

I explained from the dimensional rift that appeared in the western part of the Empire that Satan appeared with the white monsters and what happened afterwards.

When we finished talking openly, the first person to raise his hand was Belzebub.

"Heh heh... it's Lucifer. It emerged from the rift in that dimension, and it was a failure of the demonic creature, right?

"Probably. I figured it out against him, but it was obvious that he had strong magic resistance. But many individuals behaved unintelligibly, even though they did not think they were intelligent or rational. It is highly likely that it is a demonic organism because it is unlikely to be just an organism."

"It's been hundreds of years... I remember that Nong and the others have also fought demonic creatures. They were quite tough opponents because they were highly intelligent and highly resistant to magic, as well as masterful and advanced coordinated attacks. … even if it was a failure, does it mean there was something remnants of it?"

We know that there was an intervention by the demonic conductor when an army led by Belzebub raided the empire.

I also watched the battle with interest and played with a few magical creatures.

"Speaking of magical creatures, they were made in his magical powers. I don't think anyone outside his country can handle the magic technology that creates the dimensional rift. Unless you're a Non Ra Demon... Phew."

"If it's the Xenan Dragon King kingdom, isn't it possible?

It was Asmo who said that.

Continue ahead, stirring your peachy hair.

"Speaking of dragons, some of us are as familiar with magic as we are with demons... and more importantly, we don't know much about that country these days."

"Speaking of which, Asmo. You said you were sending your family to gather information? You're letting Zenan go too?

"Let me go. 'There he is'. I forbid you to go to that country now. - Because there are so many kids who go to that country and don't come back like that."

Asmo is right, there are many dragon tribes that have enough power to compete with powerful demons.

This guy's family basically has a lot of people who look like humans, and it's not the first thing they get to figure out who he is, but he still understands.

I don't know what happened to the non-returnees, but it could be that they were killed or imprisoned.

"And lately, I've also heard rumors that the Xenan Dragon kingdom is keeping a close relationship with the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna. It seems that Zenan's Fortress of Air Movement is flying over that magical power from time to time."

It was Levi who reacted to the words.

"According to Zenan, controlling the Fortress of Air Movement is extremely difficult."

"You hear stories about people named 'Dragon General' being in control during the war and finally being able to move freely. It's just a frowny story, too. Ever since that airborne fortress entered the airspace of our demonic kingdom?

"Not when Satan destroyed Fafnir, who drifted all the way over the Devil Nation. Surely no other fortress will come to the land after that. There have been several times when I've come close enough to see it."

As Asmo and Levy put it, Satan, who was suffering from an impulse to destroy, once dusted his fortress into wood ends when Fafnir, one of Zenan's airborne moving fortresses, broke into Tenebrae airspace.

Since then, we have come to the question of why the fortress of air travel, which should be out of control during normal times, is not approaching our Tenebrae demonic nation. But if you believe Zenan.

"I'm a little off the record, but I don't think Zenan's power is insulting. As long as I've been peeking into Gisele's space magic, I don't think the Dragon General himself has that much fighting power... but I can tell you that he was just a bad opponent."

General Dailong took a squadron-sized army to protect his country from the monsters that emerged from the rift in the dimension, broke into the empire and destroyed a platoon led by Clarice to buy General Duras's wrath, and the squadron was devastated. I have heard reports that one of the dragon generals has escaped.

Clarice is also a powerful divine angel, but the experience and number of places varied too much for a boulder. Perhaps strength still does not extend to Dragon General.

It doesn't sound right when it comes to being instantly ravaged by General Duras. Conversely, no one could have stopped the Great Dragon General without that man. And what did the Great Dragon General try to do when there was no one to block him...

"My you. General Dailong was very wary of Satan. While he had yet to do anything, he used the total strength of the squadron to mount a focused attack. If the Ensign of the Empire hadn't stopped, it would have gone on forever."

"He was also looking at the wobbles, but Satan was tempted to let his body suffer a hand injury. If the attack on Satan continues as it were, and the Imperial One doesn't come to a halt - it's likely that his destructive impulse has awakened again and his surroundings have become scorched earth. I was wondering if it was the aim of the mastermind."

Said Levi, frowning.

Satan's runoff. If that winds up, the damage will naturally extend to the Granden. And as a result, the great hero Claude Duras will necessarily head to Satan's crusade.

Battle between Satan and General Duras. Is this what you're after? It is certainly difficult to deny, given the circumstances.

"While you were playing with that black man, there was a girl in the temple with a sword. It appeared that the force did not even extend to General Duras' feet in the end, but by its immortal properties and the power of the divine sword temporarily rendered that great hero powerless, destroying the temple's crystal. At the same time, there is no doubt that a dimensional rift appeared. Not only me, but Levi and my wife have seen it."

"... Hain and Toto. It was quite strong for humans."

Their aim is definitely the destruction of the temple's crystals.

There is only one giant crystal I saw directly, but it is possible that that crystal was also placed on all the other raided temples.

And after all the crystals were broken as they aimed, the phrase Toto used to say "make you feel the hell out of it" probably referred to Satan.

Satan, who was weak, had no power to cross with General Duras.

But Satan's artifact, Kadesh Segel, could be manifested.

If a guy who was losing power and reason wielded everything he could after waving the artifact - after waving it, without thinking about what would happen to his body, etc., then the power of an artifact of equal power must have been wielded as in sanity.

I don't know if that great hero can stand the blow Satan unleashes all over himself in exchange for his life.

But even if I could protect myself, the mighty blow of the artifact would do immense damage to those around me.

Once, when Satan, ruled by an impulse of destruction, waved Kadesh Segel, he remembered that the shockwave had broken the land of the island and that the blow that had torn the sea apart had destroyed far off the other coast.

But with that blow, the weakened Satan's body is likely to collapse.

If Nanica, who hides behind Toto and Hain, had been involved in Satan's weakening, there might be some other purpose to Satan's resurrection, his rampage, and his confrontation with the great hero... but why would he do that?

"General Duras said that a girl named Toto has evil protection, etc. He said he was close to immortality. And when she pointed it out, she was furious at the thought that she had been molested by the goddess she believed in."

"From scratch, that woman (stomach) looked human. At least not the dead (undead). If it were only human beings, aside, even magicians who stepped into the realm of outsiders would not be able to gain such power...... Lucifer, isn't it still the 'goddess' who is pulling the thread behind those people that Nutsu heard in Mirdiana?

The terminal Shizukuishi case and Satan's summons that began with this temple raid.

The elements that directly link these are in line with the 'God' spoken by those involved in the crime.

'Goddess' as Gislan calls it, and 'Goddess' as Toto said.

I couldn't abandon the possibility that God is just a metaphor, but the power given to them is too awesome.

If you are not a man of divinity, you cannot be granted such protection.

They were all human. Gislan had no longer even lost his own flesh, but he was originally a mighty sorcerer.

And Toto and Hain hadn't gotten to that stage, but they had the immortality to resurrect no matter how many times they died.

What they have in common is that they transcend the death that is bound to be visited by a species called man.

Even in the light of this common matter, it would be extremely likely that what lies behind them is the same. And that Nanica will transcend human death, and if she were to be involved in Satan's disappearance, she would have immeasurably powerful powers.

There are numerous gods in this world, but rarely are those who possess so great power.

And with so much power, it should be believed by so many, like the Great Goddess Orphelia... I don't even realize God giving such blessings.

I ask the man of the royal family who is most versed in magic and history.

"Belzebub, from you, do you think it is God lurking behind this case"

"... hehe. Generation of the terminal Shizukuishi and the Celestial Summoning Ceremony in Mirdiana with it. The fact that, albeit incomplete, it gives man the added protection of immortality. And there's a good chance he's involved in Satan's disappearance. If you think that all of this was set up by the same being, it's no longer a person."

I remember the mysterious woman I glimpsed in Gislan's memory.

It only seemed like a normal person, or maybe it could make a change to a human being that was close to perfection, like me or Kara.

"Let's assume that the goddess is something truly worthy of divinity. Then what is the purpose of the person? I thought it was only at first that there was animosity towards the Empire. But it was the crystal that rested in the temple of an empire like no other that maintained the seal of the Rift of Dimension. I don't know what he's after."

That's when the gray-haired man who was sitting in a chair and putting his foot on the table said.

"... dude, what did you hear earlier? You care all the time, don't you, husband?"

"I guess nothing starts by not pinpointing the target?

"... Zenan, Chiaro, and the Empire"

Belfe laughed all the time.

"... the goddess or something. He's lurking somewhere in it. Then it's easy. If you crush those three, you'll end up dealing with him. Time for a fight, sir."

"What a fool -"

"I agree with that."

Explosive flames roll from that body with Mamon's words.

The courtyard is as powerful as blowing up the walls of an ancient castle.

I instantly tied the line and prevented it, but I made it impromptu. That shattered and scattered.

This demon king just utters words and burns down his surroundings.

It's evidence of excitement and concern.

"It's Lucifer. Tell him to start preparing for the war immediately. We're always welcome."

"You really haven't changed a thing since you were a previous Lucifer. Now is not the time to talk about war."

"There will be no more way to broil out that goddess. If we ravage all humans and dragons, that's fine. '

As Belfe and Mamon's murderous gaze concentrates on me, so does Belzebub, who has always grown dear, another creepy grin.

"Heh heh, that's good. I would love to bite my head off again and sip out the contents while listening to the human severer...... heh heh!

A black temper erupted from Belzebub's body, enveloping the entire courtyard.

The superior demons who have accompanied the other royalty are frightened out in unison.

And Belfe laughed delightfully as she bathed in that indignation.

"... oh, isn't that nice, this air. I can't stand the urge to destroy. [M] Let's do it, sir. Zenan, Chiaro, the Empire - the Holy King, the Elves, the Beasts, you can kill them all."

"This is the royal council. Restless......!

"... shut the fuck up woman. Or what. Can I hit your body with this gushing urge?

"I'm used to hearing such provocations. This isn't quite the battlefield."

Belfe jumped instantly and waved down the sword with the momentum to break Levi's head.

Levi even prevents it with his own artifact, Saturnalia.

That shockwave alone caused a storm, which blew up the walls of the old castle that remained to be burned.

"Don't listen to me."

"... you've been listening to me? I'm sick and tired of the moderates' opinions. Let's use our strength and power to decide which one of us is right."

"Please wait. The royal council is such a..."

There was a massive explosion.

And a number of lightning strikes wear through the courtyard, causing heavy snowstorms.

"It's where I stand and other laughing tens of thousands. We want war. Empires, magical powers, dragon kingdoms, all that needs to be burned down. There's no other option. '

Usually the gentle Asmo also wrinkles between his brows, and Levi keeps the artifact out of its hands even if he doesn't want a fight.

Will this still happen?

Those who have been suppressed by power alone will try to solve everything by force alone. The consequences of this are on me, too. Trouble.

I unleashed a shock wave of magic towards my own front.

Neither the kingdom nor the reception make sense. With that, all the other royalties are blown away.

Asmo and Levy got involved, too, but now I can't help it.

Where it became a wasteland that no longer even fastened the castle's prototype, I told him quietly.

"Whoever obstructs the progress of the royal council will not be forgiven. Call me if you're unhappy. After I smash it all down, I'm gonna fall down and use you guys as a chair to keep the meeting going."

The gaze of the belligerent royals was directed at me at the same time.

It looks like it's completely dominated by a destructive urge.

Totally laborious guys. Let's just try to get a little pain in the eye.