A gaze with intent to kill shoots me through.

Regardless of Belfe, who has little magic, the heart of those who have no magic tolerance will burst just through the gaze of Mamon and Belzebub.

And the first thing that jumped at me was still Belfe.

Take a blow by that sword with one hand.

It's no longer an attack that cuts something off, but there is something that blinds you to the power that crushes you.

Awesome weight makes my standing ground sink and cracks run all around me.

"Nice blow, Belfe"

"Sir, get the artifact out. Seriously, if you're gonna hang out with me."

"You don't have to. I don't have to use it the way you do."

I stop the attack with Belfe's entire weight on it and feed the elbow iron to the back of Belfe's disfigured head.

Shockwaves and roars rang as if meteorites pouring from heaven had struck directly, and the demon king's body was slammed to the ground.

I just swung up my magical right leg and swung Belfe's body down into pieces.

As soon as Berfe quickly evaded the previous attack, his heel struck directly where he was, and several fierce pillars of fire erupted from the ground.

Heavy snowstorms strike me as if freezing to my heart as my vision is blocked by earthquake and fire.

While making sure my legs were frozen, I absorbed the magic of the snowstorm into this body and immediately released a double return by magic reflex toward the target I had been attacking.

A fierce heavy snowstorm strikes the Horse King in seven colors, but the moment his body shines deep red, the snowstorm, which was momentum to freeze everything, quickly evaporates and a blast of flames rolls over the whole of the land.

A scorching hell that burns down even the plateau itself, which has no trace or other trace of the ancient castle already existed, covers the whole area.

"Lucifer, release the artifact."

"Unfortunately, I don't have to use it."

"You want to die doing that?

"Nonsense bullshit kills me once before you say it. It's still warm, Mamon."

'Come on......!

White light emanated from Mamon's body.

His artifact is a mass of magic itself. The name is' Lumegnis'.

Hundreds of giant rocks descended in flames as the light pierced heaven.

This platform blows away as soon as even just one array crashes into the ground.

Regardless of my body, the other damage will be enormous. A strong bond must be forged -.

"Heh heh... ugh!?

I jumped at Belzebub and kicked him in the head watching from earlier.

With his skull smashed and his brains scattered, his body, like an old man, rolls into a courtyard turned into a wilderness.

When I confirmed that and then tied the line, I had a funny, laughing, deafening voice.

"Phew Phew Phew Phew... Non has nothing yet Shirazai"

"You were going to get in the way. It's a must-have."

As soon as I left Belzebub and set the line that way, he would have immediately undergone a surgical destruction and a meteorite would have fallen all over the land.

Don't be alarmed. He can only finish soon.

Even if he blows his head off like this, it may not make much sense for this grandfather to play it right away and talk the same way he always does.

The meteorite surrounding the fire released from the artifact Lumegnis is bounced into the junction and scattered in pieces.

As we continued to maintain our mighty bond, the Berfe with the Great Sword approached us in an instant.

I caught a blow from a sword with my elbow and knee.

He fed the palm bottom to the slightly eye-opening face of Belfe.

My head bounces and flies, and its muscular body falls to the ground.

I said as I held the great sword Belfe had with one hand and stepped on a body rolling to the ground.

"Well, you're the only one who hasn't died yet this time, Mamon"

"That's the same thing with you."

"What does a guy who can't put one hand wound on me say while he uses the power of the artifact"

All of the meteoroids generated by the effects of Lumegnis were scattered by my junction.

But his red eyes are still caged for murder.

It turns out that the earlier attack was an addition or subtraction.

"Now it's time to get rid of me. With your beloved inferior creature!!

"Do you disparage my wife? Nice work. Let me see what you mean."

Mamon's body glowed again.

An overwhelming light incomparable with earlier.

Lumegnis' all-powerful blow exceeds the magical upper staircase, and is comparable in power to the completed form of the Magic Guide.

I saw a fire column rise from the far other earth.

It sprays up to surround this platform with dozens or hundreds at the same time.

I kicked Berfe's body and put my sword up on the earth.

"There's no point in absorbing magic! It burns me down without leaving any bones!!

"Mamon, surely the power of your artifact is strong. I don't think it's too much trouble to be square from the front."

"It doesn't go through with small craftsmanship. You deserve a fool and you'll end up here!

"But there is as much to do. That's why they say you're half of the royal family."

Thanks to the power of Lumegnis, a giant fireball appeared in the courtyard.

Fire columns spraying up from earlier increased in power and numbers and approached the land at once.

I guess the combined power of the fireball and the firepillar is going to make me hit directly with super-high heat magic. As a result, I don't mind getting burned down on each of these platforms.

I don't move with my sword on the ground.

Mamon would have wondered, but the power of the artifact can no longer be suppressed.

When countless hordes of firepillars approached the earth, I made the 'black space' appear to surround the platform.

The hordes of fire columns are sucked into the space on the verge of a direct hit to the platform and disappear.

The giant fireball was also quickly sucked in.

And by the time Mamon realized my intentions, that gigantic body had been seared by an awesome flame.


"How does it feel to be targeted by space magic when you're willing to kill yourself?

"Ki, you......!!

Spatial magic is a technique that allows you to master all seven attributes and handle them.

Some of them naturally include sacramental ceremonies.

Death of the demon god, I'm not very good at handling this ritual - but my First Lady is truly sacred in being itself. Thanks to years of accompaniment, I also no longer make such things as using one or two of the sacramental ceremonies.

Mamon was screaming something, but I don't know what he's talking about because the momentum of the burning fires is too strong.

But the price would be great for having showered powerful magic all over himself.

It should be noted that I was not far enough from him that a hot air struck my body that would instantly burn me to death if this body were to remain Theodore.

That's when I take it when I sense something flying from the rear.

It was Saturnalia, Levi's artifact.

"Lucifer! It's time for the whole thing to be over!

"I know. I'm just gonna borrow a little bit."

Saturnalia will not reject me either, who is not the original owner.

Probably due to Levi's will.

Well, it's a todome blow.

After the flames burned hard and prevented the Great Bang from happening in the junction, I jumped on the spot and approached Mamon.

I look into those eyes, stunned, and laugh, and snap Mamon's neck by Saturnalia's blow.

The horsehead, which fell to the ground with a sledge, made a sound and disappeared.

If you had lost the top from your neck, Mamon would instantly regenerate.

He looked at this one resentfully, but he looked at the sickle I had and it seemed to hold that anger.

"... Ku"

Are you feeling a little better?

"I will not forget this humiliation..."

"I'm tired of hearing that line."

I release Saturnaria to my senses.

Levy, who was stopping by nearby, grabbed it or raised his voice.

"These bastards! Can't you see that now is not the case if you are fighting within your peers!?

Mamon thought he would listen to what he said aloud, and told him to whine.

"Leviathan. I'd like to ask you one question. It doesn't matter to me, even that Satan is the same for you, my compatriot. It is clear that there is someone who captured his compatriots and weakened them so that they only possess the power of the inferior demon degree. You think you're gonna shut up and overlook your people being humiliated like that?

"... That's not what I'm saying. Relatively to those who weakened Satan, they were willing to kill him."

Levy continued, biting his teeth remorsefully.

"But it's out of the question to start a war. Think about the situation in the countries of today. Despite signing a truce agreement with Zenan, the Empire still stares at his country and even joins Rugal to attack and defeat the magical powers. Zefte Aria should remember a little less of a sense of crisis due to an earlier Celestial Summon. It is no exaggeration to say that all the major powers are exposed to war, except for the Holy Kingdoms, which are similar to the clan countries - let our demons go out in such circumstances. The continent will undoubtedly become a crucible of chaos."

'You think you care about other races and don't look at the shame your countrymen have been subjected to?

"No! It's not!

You're rarely overwhelming Levi for Mamon.

I thought he was just thinking about the war, but has he grown a little?

But this is nothing more than an unanswered question for moderates like Levy. Whatever you say, because it will produce a spark of contention.

"Mamon, the way you say it is cowardly."

At the same time that the first feud was over, Asmo approached.

"We have to make careful decisions. There are things I think about Satan's humiliation. But don't just think about starting a battle with the nagging. That action will also lead to the massacre perpetrated by Lucifer's predecessors."

"How can a foolish succubus speak the truth?"

"As much as you provoke. As I said earlier, this is not the time."

Listening to what Asmo said, I was remembering one day.

- Yes, I'm sure that was when I was invited to General Duras' mansion.

I thought the thought of the mastermind was to create havoc throughout this continent.

At that time, we thought that if the empire weakened, the Xenan dragon kingdom would rise, invariably attacking Tenebrae and leading to total war.

But that's a little different considering what happened after that.

If I had not been involved in the empire at all, it would have been much later to realize that Satan had emerged.

I will not move to the point where a dimensional rift has been made. It would therefore have been decided to send scouts from the Demons for confirmation, but at that point it is possible that Satan already has the artifact in his hands.

When I first noticed the anomaly there, when I went to the Empire, Kadesh Segel must have been wielded. At the time of the destruction of the temple's crystal, it was certain that the Great Dragon General came from Zenan.

I don't even know if there's a big hero on the spot, but I'm certain there will be a fierce battle between us Demons who have no idea what's going on and the big heroes who are equally upset by the unexpected results.

I don't feel like losing to him. but that doesn't just fit the problem.

Whatever the triumph or loss of the great hero if Kadesh Segel strikes enough to destroy the Granden, the Empire should undoubtedly instantly put Tenebrae in a fighting position by turning it off as a threat.

And if I lose to a great hero, though it's unlikely.

The same thing starts in Tenebrae, and it's not hard to imagine an empire being exposed to war.

In other words, either I or the great hero win, the damage is enormous, and eventually the battle breaks out in both countries.

The purpose of the mastermind goddess must be, as initially anticipated, the Great War involving the whole continent.

Satan was used as a sprinkler.

As bait to create a situation where Tenebrae, who had never moved himself for 500 years, had to join the war.

Every country will enter a war where they no longer even know who they are dealing with, and they will continue to fight without knowing what they can do to end the war.

It is obvious that Tenebrae will eventually remain given the power of the war.

But then what happens? What happens to demons who fight against all nations and paint their flesh?

That's the worst ending I ever dreaded.

The demons invaded by the impulse of destruction will no longer be able to contain the impulse even in a continent where there is no longer an opponent to fight.

At the end of the day, the demons killed each other for nothing.

An over-daughtered destructive impulse will eventually always be directed at our compatriots.

Worried it would happen when the hegemony of the continent that Lucifer's predecessors aspired to was realized, I destroyed him...

The demons, who were pushing towards the path of doom, were to follow a different path by their deeds.

But the goddess and they want us to kill again.

I don't know what that will do to the goddess. But there's no way I'm going to do such a big trick without any purpose.

Extremely prudent judgment is required.

I proclaimed once again.

"- Is the contention over? We will now resume the royal council."

The moment I told him that, the platform rocked.

With the fierce ground ringing, the ground dashed - in the next moment, the old castle, which had been blown without a trace by the royal attack, manifested itself as if nothing had happened.

The identity of this huge ancient castle is a mass of magic. Built in advanced surgical formats, this building is starting to regenerate over time, no matter how much it's destroyed.

This is not the first time anything has been disputed by the Royal Council.

In the past, there have been rougher times. Each time this castle was also blown up or wiped out, but it was repeated each time to the present day.

"... for Christ's sake, you're as strong as an asshole, sir"

I guess I played this one too.

Ringing his neck cockroachfully, Belfe said as if he was frightened.

The sword this guy was using is not an artifact. It's just a big sword.

If Belzebub and Belfe had also used artifacts, I would have been somewhat more difficult to deal with as well.

I'm fine with myself, but it's tough dealing with as many as three pillars of royalty until I care about my surroundings.

The meeting went on again, surrounding the old castle, which played as if nothing had happened, and the table in the centre of its courtyard.

What I talked about was the goddess and the purpose of doing it earlier.

After I finished telling you all about it, it was Asmo who opened his mouth first.

"The purpose of the goddess is not only the war involving the whole continent, but also the end of our demonic race, which will eventually survive. If you think about what happened and why you're doing it, Tsuji might fit."

"... husband, one to follow"

"Oh, my God, Belfe."

It's unusual for this guy to cut out like this.

Belfe continued scratching her gray hair.

"... the whole continent fought and we're definitely the ones left. But not on this continent. There will be them - the great goddess Orphelia."

Indeed, Orphelia's power is mighty.

Even from the fact that the protection granted to General Duras is out of the ordinary track, that is for sure.

However, it is doubtful whether the intervention of the Great Goddess is realistic. Because.

"Sure, if Orphelia shows up, our damage could be enormous - but has anyone seen what that great goddess looks like?

Even when I asked, everyone in the royal family would be silent or only shake their heads.

Yes, no one has actually seen Orphelia with the Great Goddess of Genesis. Lumiel, now also an Orphelian apostle, also says he has never seen the figure of his great goddess.

That's when Levy opened his mouth again, too.

"So does Orphelia. Then I care about the Holy Flame. Who did you see that look like?

I've never seen it.

I have seen those protected by holy flames on the battlefield several times, but I don't even know where they are, rather than the figure of those who are holy flames at the heart.

... that blessing also made Keith's father disappear at the end, and now no one should have taken over the power.

Belfe snorted and then shrugged.

"... those guys are treated as two great gods in the surrounding countries, aren't they? If we ravage this continent, we might just show up."

"Heh heh, I don't know about that"

Belzebub grins creepily as he rubs his long jaw.

"If a mighty God is to manifest himself, it is all too inexplicable that Lucifer of his predecessors will not come out around the time of the rampage. By the power of our predecessors today, the West of the continent has become our territory."

What this guy says is the best story.

The outburst of the Demon Nation can also be termed a crisis on the continent.

But no matter how rampant the predecessors were, neither Orphelia nor the Holy Flame would appear.

It is clear that these two great gods are not fictional beings.

Because there is no doubt that there are people who have been protected by both.

Why didn't the two great gods show up...

... No, no more speculation makes much sense.

Assuming that by the time those two great gods emerged, it would already mean that this continent had been ravaged by demons.

I'll stop it at any cost. To avoid repeating the same mistakes as our predecessors.

"Interpretation is going to be a crappy result of opportunism. Are we still going to continue this futile discussion?

"Please wait. Hey, my you. Did you see that" Brilliance of the Red Star "that occurred the other day?

"Oh. Only with these eyes. What's wrong with that?

When I asked, Asmo frowned like when he mouthed something bitter.

"There's something about that beautiful glow that appeals to my heart. - But I'm definitely a vicious sign. Just before Satan disappeared, just before Lucifer's predecessors ran wild and we couldn't keep our sanity, the Red Star glowed brilliantly."

"Oh, that's what I remembered that the moment I saw the arr, too. But you think there's more to me than a vicious omen?

"Heh heh heh heh, I guess what that phenomenon brings is far beyond our imagination."

"It's certainly a bad story to clean up by chance. Satan also appeared shortly after the previous phenomenon. I can't imagine how much damage I'd have done if I'd let it go. But that is due to the artificial things done by the men's subordination, called goddesses. I don't think there's a direct causal link."

"... I care about Zefte Aria"

A little surprised by the unexpected words from Belzebub, but silently urging ahead, said the Demon King, who looked like a disastrous, exasperating old man.

"Elves die long lives, many get tired of just living days and raise their blood paths to the exploration of things of their own interest. Among other things, people who do research on celestial objects say they have followed. You know why that is?

"... in the east of Zefte Aria and Rugal there are traces of prehistoric civilization. Is that the factor?

"Ruri. In his civilization, advanced technology had developed, and even stars far beyond the sky could be foreseen. And it comes out of the existing prehistoric materials about those red stars."

The letters in the prehistoric civilization dossier are older than the ancient letters we now call them.

I have also found some things like the paper, but few parts I have been able to decipher.

I had heard that Belzebub had some material in his hands long ago when he went out to the land of the East, but was it also any progress?

"According to that. It can be seen that both humans during the prehistoric civilization already recognized that there was something about the brilliance of those red stars. Besides, it's not an ambiguous story that it's an auspicious omen, as it is now, but a specific 'threat', he said."

"A threat. That's how you perceived it for all the ominous events that follow that phenomenon?

"I don't even know the deep end to Non. But to see from the few parts that can be deciphered, every time that phenomenon occurs, 'the continent disappears'."

"What...? What does that mean?"

"Literally. In this ancient world, there were many continents and islands. But not now...... Leviatan. You know what I mean?

"Mm-hmm. The continent I once visited disappeared sometime after neglect. Neither the Festival of Our Families, nor the women who haunt the strange senses we once met, are even traces of it anymore. I thought it turned out to be seaweed, so I missed it."

I knew there were several continents in the outer world of this continent.

As Levy says, there and there again were humans living there.

But that's also more than a thousand years old.

Especially after the annihilation of my predecessors, I could not leave this continent.

For better or worse, the demons of today were frequently rampant until hundreds of years ago.

If I wasn't in this country, maybe I'd stop it. Okay. I am therefore oblivious to circumstances outside this continent.

"There will no longer be very few continents left in this world."

"Belzebub, is that the result of what I saw with your thousand-eyed eye?

"Nor is this power of Non such as to foresee everything. I don't know where or who you are with the goddess. But out of this continent... as far as I can see, the ocean is all I see."

Belzebub has a history of turning Lumiel aside when the demon was summoned.

He's one of the most belligerent guys in the world who doesn't know what to think.

It may be dangerous to pepper that word, but you can listen to this guy for all this time.

"It's Lucifer. If you want to find a solution without sacrifice, go to Zephte Aria and find out who will study the brilliance of Red Star. You might get some information about the goddess from there."

"Is it possible that the brilliance of the Red Star has something to do with the Goddess... If there were only a few continents left in this world, maybe the next time that astronomical phenomenon occurs, this continent itself would be doomed to disappear. It's not like there's no part of it that passes with the goddess that leads the whole continent to chaos. Is it worth checking..."

To the north of Zefte Aria lies the Kingdom of Rugal, and the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna.

After examining the brilliance of Red Star, it wouldn't be bad to go there once.

... the situation that the descendants of those who once became intimate are in contention is not very pleasant. I guess we'll also have to see what size that is.

There is also the option of leaving the investigation to Kara, who is now infiltrating the Empire, but to the north of Zefte Aria is his magical power across Rugal.

Though Kara also has the power of a superior demon degree, it's dangerous to leave it to him alone.

Anyway, the other guy is a monster that could have almost rendered that Satan powerless, too.

Besides, even though he doesn't have a lot of blood sucking impulse, it doesn't exactly keep him down. I won't be able to leave you alone in the field forever.

Quietly tell as everyone stares at me in silence.

"As soon as I am ready, I will go to the kingdom of Zephte Aria. In the meantime, you're the one guarding the throne, Asmo. If Satan ever breaks the seal, you can stop him."

"I understand that. My orders and anything."

Asmo is moderate and doesn't like to fight.

But a thousand years ago, when Lumiel and his army of angels attacked, it was this woman who buried the most angels.

Even from the point of view of combat power, I can trust you the most.

"Levi brought back. Focus on healing the masses of dead. Don't let them run wild."

"Whatever. If it's for the sake of fright"

Later persuasion to the militants?

"Belzebub. How far have you learned about prehistoric civilization?

"As I said earlier, it's only a few. The bundle of books in the Palace of Noh still says a lot of things that don't make sense."

"Then continue with the investigation."

I next stared at Belfe and Mamon.

"I know it turned out pretty good for you guys, but just keep it that way for a while."

"... I know, sir. I'm not expecting more than I originally expected. I'll be watching the Holy King again."

"Oh. The temporary play between me and the great hero will already be known to his country. There is also the possibility of taking some action. Your territory is closest to the Holy Kingdom, so don't be alarmed from now on."

"... if you can fight, you're welcome, this way. What if they attack us?"

"Asmo's judgment after the interception. Just stop moving arbitrarily."

Pressing so, Belfe nodded in a sigh.


"Horse there"

"If you're going to be selling fights, I'll buy them, okay?

"Keep control of the distribution. Every day, the Warcraft will be incisive to each other, but they haven't had a real fight."

What's the reason?

A flame erupted from his body.

It is a sign of slight excitement.

"Here we go again," Asmo said, clapping his shoulders, fanning his face with his hands.

"I don't know what I'll have in the future. But if the identity of the goddess is revealed - I alone could be out of hand. That's when you guys move. Only when you deal with the goddess and those who guard it, come to the battle with all your might."

"Hmm, I understand. I don't think you'll struggle, but it wouldn't be bad if you could kill someone who might have dropped Satan. '

Mamon's acceptance would have led all the royalty on this occasion to agree with my words.

I declared.

"All the opinions of the royalty came together. This concludes the royal council"

Now the long royal council is over.

When I look back, there's Lumiel and Lena, who remain mysterious faces.

And there was Gisele smiling calmly all the time.

"Hey! Rin! Am I leaving again?"

"You must have just done your job in the Empire."

"Carry that sexually evil maid, and do it. - Clean it up. That's it! Pinch!!

Lena never remembered the jealousy she always had, even as she walked along watching Lumiel hug Lucifer sweet as she wasted time.

As I walked with my expression darkened, the girl next to me held hands.

"Lena. What's wrong?

"Oh, yes, no... I..."

"For you, it was your first pressing royal council. I'm a little surprised."

Naturally I knew Lucifer's power was out of standard.

But I never thought the power of the other royals would be so great.

When Lena had once invaded the land, she entrusted the battle to those she had taken with her and immediately boarded the palace of Lucifer.

There were powerful demons on the road, but they were not her enemies.

And Lumiel, who came out halfway through the game, let it go because he began to cry as soon as he flew his arm, and reached between the kings to meet Lucifer.

Yes, I knew very little about the powers of other royalty.

After many interactions, Asmodeus and Leviathan were moderates and did not show any hostility, killing, etc. even before Lena.

Belzebub, who rarely showed up, felt extremely dangerous signs from Belphegor, but that was all.

The only thing I didn't fail to pay attention to was Mamon showing intent to kill, but seeing the awesome magic reward I glimpsed at this royal council, Lena felt like something had broken her heart supporting her.

I knew I couldn't beat the royal family.

But as soon as I thought I got to Granden, I was nursed into Charlotte, I didn't even realize the presence of someone behind the great hero, and in my battle with the great hero of the day, Lucifer would have borne the deep hand if he hadn't gone into a stop - nothing more than a defeat of substance.

Having gained the status of Third Lady of the Most Powerful Demon King, I was just thinking, after all, I was only to a degree a little better than a normal person, too. Ex-brainers, etc.

I just think so, and only when was Lena biting her lower lip hard.

Without even realizing that my vision is already seeping in the membrane of tears.

At that time, Gisele gently held Lena.

"You did your best to follow His Majesty to the Empire."

"... I, I..."

Words don't last.

Gisele raised her voice as she hugged Lena like that and stroked her head.

"Your Majesty. Will you be back in the palace first? I'll be on my way."

"Really? Ok...... yeah lumiel, don't stick around!

"I want to leave today. I won't let you go! I'm gonna offend you until Rin has tears in his eyes!!

Lena was crying like a child surrounded by the soft feel and sweet smell of Gisele as her lively voice moved away.

I was desperate to push him to death so his voice wouldn't leak, but Gisele whispered gently.

"It's okay. You can cry as much as you like. Because it's just me and you here."

"Ugh... Ugh!!

Lena remembered her childhood.

When the mundane broke the expensive pot that the Lord of the Mansion cherished, I cried, not knowing what to do.

When my parents managed to beg for forgiveness when they found out about it, the old couple laughed calmly and forgave me.

It may have been since then that I cried so much tears and woe.

- After crying out loud for a long time, Gisele said to Lena, hissing and squeaking.

"Lena did a great job in Mirdiana, in the Granden. So don't blame yourself so much?

"But I... you know, kids spot me... and don't even realize there's something I'm not good at...!!


"Lucifer... fought Satan... and he left me to stop him, but he took on General Duras... and he made a crappy provocation..."


"And the result of the fight is that zama...... Oh, my God, I don't know if I should apologize, but welcome you today... ugh."

Gisele opened her mouth as she tried to give up the child.

"You used to run into something very hard in the empire. You've been chosen by the sword, and you've achieved tremendous results in battle, and you're still treated like a great hero, and you can't contain your feelings when you see General Duras looking at you with a vision from everyone."

"... yes... sorry, sorry..."

"It's okay. Everyone has a little bit of restraint."

"Lucifer's Third Lady and I are no longer qualified..."

"Hey, Lena. Could His Majesty have ever been angry with you about that?

Lena remembers when Lucifer found out about her previous failures.

I never had anything to get mad at. Rather, it's what you've always worked for.

"Your Majesty speaks clearly of what he thinks. If I'm disappointed in you, I'll say so. If it doesn't help, go back to Tenebrae and make it look good."


"Don't despise yourself. You have done your duty as Her Majesty's Third Ladyship."

Is that really the case?

Am I helping my beloved husband?

Thinking about it made me anxious, and I accidentally hugged Gisele to snuggle.

"Lena is a serious and good girl. But once in a while, pull out your shoulder strength and just try to sweeten it to Your Majesty. 'Cause I'm sure you'll be kind enough to support me."

"... such a thing..."

"Can't you be ashamed?


Strengthen the power to hold Gisele instead of responding.

I was embarrassed to feel like I was back when I was a kid, but I can't resist the inclusiveness of this gentle Second Lady.

"Well, sweeten me now, just the two of us. Right?"

Gisele gently strokes Lena's back and then puts her eyes together with Lena, who is only a little taller than herself.

"What Lena cares about is trivial. When I asked His Majesty, it was about 'that could have happened'. More than that, the Shizukuishi tears you shed will confuse him."

"... excuse me"

"Shall I stay here until I feel calm? If there's anything bothering you, tell me anything."


Lena and Giselle spent some time together in an ancient castle where no one was anymore -