As ten or twenty explosions occurred in seconds, the beast's blood dweller scratched the aftermath of the attack and cut off the enemy's operator's neck.

With all retribution, the forbidden technique is unleashed to burn the beasts who were hiding themselves in the shade of the forest, and the forest is instantly burned round.

Such a battlefield was overlooked by one old great man (Yijiu) from the top of a nearby cliff.

He looks at the battle to wash blood with blood by the magical powers and the beasts as if to see a boring play, whilst wearing a cliff and a rich white moustache stored in his jaw.

The man, 2 meters, who was so physically unbelievable as an old man, had not worn clothes on his upper body, exposing the human apart, musculoskeletal flesh to the outside air.

His left arm could not be called the human arm.

From his left upper arm, a giant pure white demon guide gun 'grows'.

Right beside the old man, a large axe, as long as his height, stood with a blade pierced into the earth.

The battle under my eyes, apparently, has a share in the magical powers.

Gradually hunted down, a decreasing number of Beastmen moved into retreat action while desperately suppressing their fighting instincts.

It was by the directive of one old man who was undoubtedly sitting here right now that he suppressed their instincts enough to continue fighting until his death.

"His Excellency Marshal Darius Severan!!

Soldiers from the rear rushed for orders.

Darius - That's what they called it, just one grand marshal in the empire answered without even turning around.

"Holy shit."

"The war is a disadvantage on the Rugal side. As Your Excellency has ordered, the majority of those with lives have already moved on to retreat action. - I thought it was a good time."

"Hmm, okay."

The old soldier slowly rises up and squeals as he looks down at the sight under his eyes.

"Enough magic built up. I'll give you one big one."

Darius pointed a white demon gun muzzle integrated with his left arm towards an enemy position.

From the shell, if there is magic as if waiting to be unleashed, it is bouncing and flying with sound.

At that time, some of the soldiers under his eyes turned to us.

You must have noticed signs of immense magic.

"It's too late. I don't have any grudges against you, but I'm gonna have you disappear here."

Moments later, a tremendously magical stream of light was unleashed from the gunpoint of the shell in his left arm.

It was powerful enough to shoulder the top staircase of forbidden art, which also exceeded the framework of witchcraft, and as soon as the running of light struck directly at the position of the magical power, all the things that were in the land disappeared as if they were to be purified.

Immediately afterwards, a purple light drifts from its environs, and they are drunk into the earth.

"Brilliant. Lord Marshal."

"The great powers of sorcery have fallen into the earth. I didn't know I could not even take such a blow..."

"My lord, I'm afraid. I wonder if anyone can prevent the blow of that 'original demonic weapon'"

When the conductor said so, Darius laughed at his heels.

"If it's Lyudio, I won't even chant. I'll stop you in the junction."

"La, isn't His Excellency Lieutenant General Lambert... out of standard? Those who possess such tremendous powers should not exist, no matter how many magical powers."

"Well, I don't know about that."

Far away, Darius says, looking at the 'King's Capital Resquilia' of the magic giant kingdom of Chiaro Diruna.

"Behind this battle lies a tremendous monster. I shouldn't feel that way."

"… are you referring to the example Princess of Death"

"Hmm, a monster that Ludio advocates and comes out to Chiaro's games? I don't know if they exist, but if they do, they're all gone."

I didn't know if I could laugh when Darius laughed happily, and the conductor's soldiers kept their mouths shut with upright immobility.

Darius continues when he sees it as boring.

"What Non is saying is not about the Dead Princess. Something more - I can see the thoughts of the uninspiring. This time Chiaro's movements clearly lack precision. It's like pushing yourself down the path of doom."

"Indeed, the movements of the magical powers among us are often the subject of discussion. Too many unintelligible actions. It's like," Commander's playing with a kid. "

"That doesn't make any sense. If the commander is incompetent, the agitation necessarily spreads to those under his command. The other side is the Rugal kingdom. If you think you're determined to be torn apart where you surrender, it's not strange where someone escapes, and there can be people out there trying to argue for incompetent superiors..."

Darius will look like a mathematician who has preceded the difficult question, whilst twisting his rich jaw.

"The morale of the soldiers in Chiaro is unusually high. That's what makes people so lively that they are sure they will win the battle that they will make reckless moves that they don't imagine even one in 10,000, such as their own defeat. I can't help but remember how creepy it is that someone is dominating my thoughts."

"… yes, is it like being able to manipulate the thoughts of all soldiers of a country, no matter how much of a technique you set foot in the forbidden frame"

"He thinks it's not a technique."

"When I say...?

"That's where it leads to the words. I was wondering if there might be some kind of malicious intervention. - Look at me."

Ahead, Darius pointed out, there was something like a white castle floating through the air.

"You're an airborne moving fortress in the Xenan Dragon Kingdom. That white fortress is......" Jirnitra ". The formerly great fortress of Zenan's White Dragon General (Hakuri-jo) was under his control?"

"Well, Ludio destroyed the draig, and Claude destroyed the beluda. Then it will come true to bring down that Jirnitra, who has come to destroy us by naming our entire army. I have succeeded in taking over the White Dragon General himself."

Darius went on with his thoughts on what happened a few years ago.

"There's a good chance Zenan might be involved again."

"... Indeed. The relationship between our empire and the magical powers is no longer obvious from the surrounding countries. If you are Zenan, it is not strange to put your shoulders in the magical powers. But there have been no reports of seeing dragon cavalry on the battlefield"

"We don't have to do anything obvious before a ceasefire treaty is signed.... No, I'd rather it worked that easy for me to understand. The same goes for the magical powers, but Zenan is also another mysterious country."


The man who serves as the chief commander of the Imperial General Army and the mere silence became awkward, and the Brigadier changed the subject.

"Speaking of which, a battle with the dragon kingdom ahead. I don't know the details because I was tasked with backwards support at that time... but it was the Honourable Marshal Mireille Burnett who took over the White Dragon General."

When he hears the name, Darius laughs.

"Right. Mireille... no, don't you know anything about Marshal Burnett? Her powers are awesome. It would be about Claude to make a decent match and be a battle. If you look only at her strength, she might be outperforming Ludio... no, a woman. Mm, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

"Ha ha... Anything, you think you're the person who can use the relics of prehistoric civilization most"

The conductor said as he looked at the magic cannon integrated with Darius' left arm.

"Maybe we'll also have a chance to fight together on this battlefield. Caution at that time. Because I just saw Marshal Burnett's battle, and the hearts of several talented people were instantly torn apart, and some of them renounced their military nationality."

"Well, I can't imagine, but I'll keep it in mind! For me, just seeing His Excellency Marshal Severan attack is about to lose his will to fight..."

"It's a luggage with only a high status, such as Non. Good morning. I don't want to be in this position. I want to live free."

Earlier, the old man, who devastated a battalion of magical powers with just one shell, said without even letting that happen every time.

And I say tighten up the loose look somewhere before.

"Well, it's about time"


"Now I'm sure it wasn't in Mirdiana, those“ Beastly Girls "

"You must be Rocha and his entourage. According to an order from the South, I am currently studying in the West for a short time."

"Hurry up, call it back"

"I knew it was about time the war ended."

"This is not the right time."

Darius says clearly.

"From this, our Imperial Army of the North and the East also cites their total strength to literally annihilate the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna. It's a short-term showdown, so even after the war, it's time to add the Beast King to the line."

A woman with long, watery hair was standing on the battlefield.

It's not the military uniform she's wearing, it's the water colored dress.

The misplaced dressed woman closes her eyes edged with those long lashes and just stands silently.

I had to say that I was too careless, not even looking like I was carrying a weapon.

It is no exaggeration to describe a skinny, luxurious body and its frivolous signs as a deep-window maid.

The Beast Empress, the Lion Beast Man, Rezan Growe, had a complicated look in front of such a woman standing forward.

"... you. Are you sure you can fight this? Are you sure you're Marshal Mireille Burnett? Isn't that someone else with the same last name or something?

"Credit, won't it?

The woman, whispering cautiously, had morbidly white skin.

And I can't feel anything called war.

"No, I was so nervous that one of the five heroes was coming as a marshal of the Empire... uh, what are you doing right now?

"We analyze the battlefield."

Marshal Burnett, that it is synchronized with Imperial Grand Marshal Darius Severan.

But all I see in front of me is a young woman in her late teens to early 20s at best. Besides, even the aristocratic child who had just enrolled in military school thought it was something that made her feel a little more wary, her now haunting quiet (nasty) atmosphere clearly floated off the scene.

"I'm guessing you and the other humans aren't as eye-catching as you are. Atashi can see the barbarians are far away, but they only look like bean grains."

"The battalion of the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna is about 3.67km away"

"Sounds a lot more accurate... well, that's more or less what it sounds like"

A woman shrugged with one of the five heroes as Rezan blurred as she scratched her red-brown hair.

"The analysis has been completed. This brings us to analysis."


Then just a few seconds later, the woman said pompous.

"- Heat source reaction detection. Enemy Shadow Supplement. 723 total. Magic Holder Ratio 92%. Five (5) Junctional Exercisable Persons Equivalent to Prohibition. The scouts are returning and reporting the power of this side. No alert response to enemy generals. It was decided that annihilation was possible."

"Is...? What?"

Rezan accidentally raised the missing voice between them, but Marshal Mireille Burnett said, tilting her neck gently.

"Empress Rezan Growe. Will you destroy the enemy soldiers?

"Well, it's natural to destroy it, but how do you do it?"

"Now, on this occasion. Command rests with you. Make your decision."

Even if they say such a misplaced thing because of its elegant standing sitting on the spot and behaving with both hands together.

Rezan just nodded yes and yes.

"Okay, okay, if you can do it, try it."

"I'll check, but you don't mind if I kill you, do you? I also believe it is possible to capture the enemy general alive."

"I don't need forgiveness. Kill them all."

When I said that in my heart I thought, "You can't do that," the woman with the water hair snorted.

"I understand. At least a painless death to them who will be flowers scattered on the battlefield."

Mireille clapped and muttered, while something like a huge chunk of water floated from her body.

With Rezan on his ass stunned by a sight that didn't make sense, Mireille stuck her arms out toward enemy soldiers far from home -.

"The distance from the enemy is approximately 4 km. There's no movement with the intersections."

"Right. You must be alarmed because you're far away."

The officer who commands the battalion of the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna said, including leaking a laugh.

"As per the operation, I'll let the squad deploy here for a while now. Then we will send those who can handle the ban backwards, and as soon as they are ready, we will launch simultaneous sorcery attacks."

"No matter what their sight is, their sense of smell is sharp. You can also see verses that recognize the existence of scouts."

"No problem. I guess the interlocutors only think that daylight will be a mere stare. We stayed here for the third day. It's a good time for them to start rushing at night."

The Beasts eventually set up a total force battle directly from the front without suppressing their combat instincts.

Even given the history so far and the current state of war, that's for sure. The opponent is a less intelligent inferior creature mixed with the blood of a beast. I can only think simple, so that's what happens next.

The scoundrel man, who was reporting the situation, also laughed when he saw a grin convinced of the superior officer's victory.

And with a grin, when the superior opened his mouth to say something.

I felt the flash was brilliant.

Dazzled and accidentally closed his eyelid, but it also lasted a moment.

The scourge, which opened his eyes immediately, solidified his thoughts when he saw the sight in front of him.

The top had disappeared from the boss's neck.

I didn't even leave a piece of blood, and there was no head anywhere that was supposed to be.

Did they amputate the top from the neck? The cross section of the neck looked smooth, as if it had been vigorously twisted with a sharp blade.

But the thought of scouts interrupted there.

Because soon after, his head had also been wiped out again.

The moment those who watched the sight shouted in an unclear situation, a flash of light flashed upon the heads of more than 700 people.

Just four seconds after the commander's man was wiped off his head.

He was on the spot, all 723 of the battalions in the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna sprinkled their lives in an instant, purple light popping out of their remains before being slowly sucked into the earth -.

The battle is over.

After Marshal Mireille Burnett told her that, Rezan realized that he could no longer see at all the enemy soldiers who were only as visible as the bean grains, and hurried to check for himself.

There were countless bodies without heads rolling around.


A sight that can only be described as so confuses Rezan's head.

"Purple blue light dancing on the battlefield"

When I accidentally waved in the direction of my voice, it was the woman with the watery hair who stood there.

"With such a beautiful glow, this is the brilliance of life left at the end by the dead. Neither the Beast Nation nor the Magic Powers matter. The light of the dead shines brightly."

"Ah... you... what the hell, what?

"Destroy me, as you command. We have confirmed the disappearance of all 723 enemy forces. Are there any deficiencies?

"Yes, no, hey... hey, hey, hey, hey..."

"I shall now go to those under my command. Call us anytime you have a separate life. Excuse me."

Marshal Mireille Burnett said so, flipping her long, watery hair and walking slowly.

"... are these monsters together, the five heroes..."

Empress Rezan Growe, also a fierce warrior, learned an unspeakable sense of fear, rather than feeling any joy of victory or anything, even in front of the ravaging sight of the word ravage.

What if this power was directed at us, not at the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna...

Instinct refuses to recognize the tragedy in front of him, and cold sweat transmits his cheeks.

Rezan shook his body and couldn't see one movement for a while.