Three days before the Royal Council was held in Tenebrae.

The fallen angel with pure white wings said carelessly in front of the strong outer walls surrounding the castle fort city of Granden, lit by the sun, and the gate that leads to the city's interior.

"Ha... why should I do this..."

It's the blue-haired boy who answers that word.

"It's the only thing you can do, Lumiel. Please."

The moment they say that, fallen angels hold their own bodies like fear ran.

"It's - don't say something disgusting in Rin's face!

"? I think I'm your husband, but am I not?

"It looks like it, but the contents are different! Stop freaking out, you sexually evil maid vampire."

The blue-haired boy clasps his shoulders.

"You don't know what you're talking about. I'm certainly not human, Maid? Vampires? Oh, my God."

Seeing a neat boy, Lumiel frowned.

With such a girlfriend on her ass, the boy - Carla, who turned into Theodore - proceeds with her steps.

"Come on, Lumiel. From now on, I did what I had to do."

"... KUH!! Patience now... Clean it up immediately - we have to get back to Rin!

The blonde general greeted it as Theodore brought Lumiel to the front of the gate that was open.

"... Theodore. Are you sure 'em' helps in the way you guys suggested?

"Yeah, I'll take care of it. More than that, did you pay me some money?

"Let those who can move be mobilized to keep the safe inhabitants away, but that's not all either. In some cases, angels will see you there."

"Well, I just don't want it to be a big commotion, so that's enough. Lumiel. Shall we go?"

"… Yes ~ I"

Lumiel follows him with an attitude that he doesn't really feel comfortable with.

My eyes met only for a moment with Claude, the guide, but I missed my gaze as if I wasn't even interested.

And the one we reached was the temple that was the target of the raid.

There are military men there who still talk and cry too much of joy with a smile of happiness imprisoned by phantoms.

It has already been half a day since the power of Toto's mair viper was used, but no one recovered.

We cannot let this situation appear to the inhabitants.

And there was no way to make angels look big on those who were completely confused after a mysterious raid.

Payments were therefore made - they were the exception.

"Oh, isn't that Theo! Where have you been..."

The expression of Rocha, the fox beast man, who said with such expressions as delightful faces, froze in an instant.

Keith, Julian, Liz and Shaura, who have been trying to speak after her, also ran nervous as soon as they saw the pure white winged presence behind Theodore.

Especially Liz screamed "hiccup," hiding behind Rocha and gripping her clothes sleeves tightly.

"Hey, guys. I'm a little late to go home. - You don't have to be so nervous, Liz."


She is white wing phobic.

That hasn't changed since the incident in Mirdiana.

(Your husband's alumni. Humans, beasts, elves, dragons. My memories and emotions have passed on to me, which reassures me that they're safe even though I'm the first to meet them myself.... Totally, your husband likes these people on the big floor. But showing Liz the white wing phobia this sight is called cruelty)

I wondered what was wrong with Carla, who had turned into Theodore, but was accidentally held fluffy from behind. When I look at you unexpectedly, Lumiel chuckles.

"It's okay not to be so scared, Elf princess there"


"And the other kids. It's not like I'm gonna take them all and catch them. Today I just came here because my precious Theo asked me to. Hey, Theo?

Lumiel has a full smile, but his face is slightly drawn.

This is as far as the advance meeting goes. For Lumiel, who didn't seem to be able to perform at all, this would still be quite good.

But Theodore said that without even letting it out every yawn.

"Yeah. This kid is called Lumiel. I'm the angel who took me away from Mirdiana... and Liz's never seen it before."

The elf girl snorts, desperately off her face with her pure white wings in her sight.

"In the Granden West, you'll be reunited with her by chance. When the people who were guarding the temple said they were in trouble, they were supposed to help us."

"It's no other Theo's favor. Huh?"

"Thank you, Lumiel"

Stare at each other with a smile.

I can no longer imagine what the inside of an angel is like.

I can't stand the impossibility of acting, and I'll just have to clean it up before the mess comes out.

"Now, are the only people here who have used the power of the divine sword against the murderer who raided the temple?

"That's for sure. Preferred students, some of you fought that girl, but they don't seem to have used the power of illusion."

It was Keith who followed Claude's words.

"Only me and Rocha and Shaura fought an assassin using that divine sword. There was something to be afraid of just the sword and the skill, but fortunately it does not depend on such an illusion"

"I tried the rest because of Shaura and the two of us, but I can't imagine how difficult it would be. By the way, Shaura, does the wound still hurt?

"... a little. But to this extent, I'm fine."

As far as the privileged students are concerned, there doesn't seem to be a problem.

When I thought so, a little boy with a hood in his eyes said.

"I guess the angel that you brought in is really harmless."

Lumiel chuckles, blatantly alerted.

"I wouldn't do anything unless you guys did something unpleasant. You're Theo's friend, aren't you? Hey?"

"Yeah. That little one says Julian, but he has a bad mouth, but the roots are sweet, so don't you think it's bad"

"... small is extra"

said Lumiel, approaching Julian, who grumbled irritably.

"Then I'll wake all those who dream happily ever after there. With my divine power."

When Lumiel said so, her wings clasped, and at the same time a tremendous amount of divinity twirled like waves with white light, covering all those who were gradually on their way to death watching happy phantoms.

Moments later, nearly 100 soldiers woke up from a long dream and roared "Ugh".

Some fill their eyelids as if they were still in a narrow space between their dreams and their present, and some begin to look around as if they were searching for the phantoms of their loved ones who suddenly disappeared.

Seeing the sight of those who had never been able to save no matter what, regaining consciousness with just that, the great hero of the servant seemed unable to hide his surprise.

"... the severe headache and nausea that was causing this body also disappeared. That's awesome. What have you done?

"There was a 'distorted divinity' creeping into the head of someone who was taken in by the power of that divine sword, so I just smashed my strong divinity into him and removed him."

"Oh, what the hell am I..."

"Mom... Mom, where are you? Hey, get back to me."

"Everybody, get down."

The moment Claude said that, all the soldiers on the spot stopped making a perfect noise and turned their gaze to the commander-in-chief of the Grand Territorial army.

"You were taken into the world of your dreams by the power of that girl's divine sword called Toto. There is no resurrection of the dead. At least if that's human. - Those who have lived and endured like us must also live a strong portion of those who have lost their lives. Many will be baffled to be free from the illusion of happiness, but please remember that in your liver."

The military seemed to think of the sight they had seen until earlier, looking at each other in the face.

Some have embraced reality immediately, while others are desperately trying to face reality with tears and teeth to eat and bind.

Rocha leaked her exclamation as she watched how it went.

"Truly this is equal to the work of God..."

Liz, hiding behind her, squeaks too.

"Even though all the people who received the recovery ceremony didn't do any good..."

"Naturally. There's nothing magic can do about it. Unless you have more magic than magic."

When Lumiel snorts and says, the soldiers begin to bother.

"Oh, is that an angel...?

"Angel? So this is your guide, Orphelia...!

She nodded as Theodore muttered "Lumiel," watching how it was going.

"Sa. I've done Theo a favor, and I'm leaving now."

"Thank you, thank you for your help."

Lumiel grinned and followed Theodore's cheek.

"You owe me a lot of money, don't you? I need you to give it back to me later."

"That's scary. Can I help you?

"Yikes. Until Theo gets a tear in his eyes, he could bully you...... hey?

What the hell are they doing?

Maybe a real Theodore. Yes, I thought on the inside, but I didn't put it in my mouth.

Claude said Lumiel would fly up with his wings open on the spot.

"Thank you for this."

"I'm not interested in that. Give him a thank you, Theo? Bye, big hero. Next time you see me, why don't you fight me?

Claude grinned bitterly as Lumiel laughed invincibly, touching the choker he was wearing around his neck - Grand Guignol.

"Please don't. I am Orphelia, your blessing. I do not intend to exchange my sword with any angel of the Great Goddess."

"Really? I'm bored. Bye, Shit."

Lumiel flew away quickly from the spot.

Then after Claude explained to the military how it happened.

Anticipating the time, Theodore asked Claude.

"Is Clarice okay?

"There's nothing separate about life, but now I'm deeply wounded in my heart. We'll have to stay calm for a while."

"Oh well. If the troops are wiped out, we won't have to. I think General Duras was most afraid of what would happen, isn't he?

"No, you're right. She was very noble and worthy. But on top of the lack of experience, the opponent and the situation were too bad. He's still a kid, even if he's capable of fighting. Almost the same as Shall, still young enough that someone has to watch over him by his side..."

"It's an idea to be inclined to meritocracy. Because humans are not like demons."

Whatever it is, this will have successfully fulfilled the redemption Leviathan brought to him: 'Help the temple men imprisoned by dreams'.

"Well, now you owe me nothing, General Duras."

Theodore left so much to say before heading to the privileged students.

Night and a half.

in Charlotte's own room at the Duke of Duras house.

A long-time girl finally opened her eyelids.

"... um... here, ha"

"Charles, are you awake?"

"Father? Me"

Claude embraced his beloved daughter thoughtfully.

"I'm sorry. I almost lost you while I was there......! I'm really, really sorry."

"Father... I'm fine."

Charlotte said as she cheeked on her father's chest.

"For I will not die until I have avenged my mother. More, stronger."

"... right... right. But that's no good."

"What do you mean?

Says Claude as he strokes Charlotte's head tilting his little neck.

"Thou shalt not die when thou hast taken vengeance. Because that's where your life starts."

"Hmm...? I don't know what you're talking about."

"You don't have to know now. Just protect this one. You have to imitate your life."

"? Yeah......"

When Charlotte answered in wonder, the door to the room was opened.

It was Elsa who was there.

"Ah! Elser! It's okay!? What happened to your legs?!?

"Lady Charlotte... I'm fine now. I recovered enough to walk on my own because I had a very armed healing technique user."

"Really? Good... I wish I was gone to Elsa..."

Charlotte sniffing her nose.

Claude stroked the girl's head before moving away softly, glancing at Elsa to leave her behind.

she says after nodding.

"Sir. I mean Brendan..."

"I know. Without him, I couldn't even move out of the temple. As soon as the turmoil in town calms down - we have to mourn him."

The white horse, who ran through numerous battlefields with the great hero, said he fell in after bringing Clarice into the city.

By the time Claude returned, it was already after he was summoned.

He lost a Hummer equal to one of his two best friends, just in exchange for the safety of Charlotte and Elsa's irreplaceable existence.

I was aware that I no longer had a few lives left.

I wonder what Brendan thought when he burned up the lights of life that could go out just breathing all the time and followed the life of the Lord to the end.

Even if I had been at peace, I was prepared that this would have happened not far away.


After leaving Charlotte's room and quietly closing the door.

Claude leaned over and made a fist grip, praying for the blessings of his friends as he endured to shed tears for a while.

In the office of the Duke of Duras house, where the light of the morning burn enters through the window.

Claude shrugged as he sat in his chair and silenced.

"- Right. Lena, you have such a past... I can't tell you not to resent the Empire if your mouth is torn. Too, too harsh."

Listening to the ancient beautiful brave man he admired, Claude slowly opened his lid.

In front of you, there is only one you can see.

'Let's see. She was beautiful and full of talent... but too different from those around her. Its beauty, its strength, it was all made obscene by ugly jealousy.'

There he was, one old man in butler clothes.

While growing gray hair and a white mustache, his spine is firmly stretched.

"Ramond. Why haven't we talked about it before"

Ramond. The old butler, who was so called, says with a grin on his cheeks.

"The boy had a vision for Lena. I just say it's wild to tell you the hard truth. '

"... you can't turn away from the truth. Do you know anything about her yet?"

'Please know that it is only a rumor. After the tragic murder of the old couple and her parents in the mansion where Lena was serving, it was one of the leading aristocrats from the Empire who set fire to the mansion - one of the brave candidates. "

"... what, stupid"

"But Lena was behaving in a temperament. I guess I grew up turning the killing intent that smokes in its chest into a force for demonic crusades. It's the thought of losing your head. '

"Lena's intent to kill had still not disappeared. After 500 years, did the hatred never fade..."

"Exactly. And those of you who haven't vanished hatred are right next to the boy,"

"... sooner or later, what will Charles look like when he achieves his grief on the day to come"

Claude grabbed the teacup that was on the table.

I included that tea in my mouth that was completely chilled, exhaled, and then said.

"No, I can't help thinking about it right now. Ramond, I've had a lot of trouble with you as soon as I got back, but have you looked into the case?"

"Ho ho. I also struggled a lot with my boulder. It took me over 3 years just to complete the investigation...... '

Ramond is invisible.

Not a god, not a spirit, not a ghost - only the Lord of the Duke of Duras can sense its existence, an unidentified thing.

They've been around for a long time, but Claude doesn't even know much about them.

Ramond's appearance is never perceived by anyone but Claude. Apparently, some of them were the only good exceptions, but the person is no longer in this world.

His presence is kept confidential, so Charlotte, of course, is laying low on Elsa. I didn't even tell Nastasha, who was my beloved wife.

Claude had asked for an investigation in anticipation of Ramond with that special qualities.

It was the other day that he came with the findings. In other words, it was just after the Temple raid continued.

Claude immediately dispatched him to grasp the presence of those who raided the temple.

Two assassins with extraneous powers.

Ramond identified the killer, but did nothing more. Because it equates to him not being able to fight.

I had knowledge of the culprit of the Temple raid, but if Claude moved, the culprit would immediately guess it. So I left it alone, and there was nothing else than luring it into the Granden. That was the cause of Claude's immediate slaughter with a gap in the toto he was fighting with.

It can be said that the case has managed to converge, albeit causing great damage.

I had to do everything I could to rebuild the fort city, but I had to know that I was letting Ramond investigate before that.

Claude sighs after hearing all about the investigation.

"Again, did you"

'I was also surprised by the boulder, but there's no doubt about it. But, boy.'

Ramond said, even as he showed a bare gesture that led him astray from telling.

"When Boy learns about this, Boy's life can lead more to the ruin of the Duke of Duras family. I forgot everything I heard tonight and wondered if I should continue to be guardian of the Granden '

"I can't do that. I have to fix this problem. If that's why Orphelia gave me protection I shouldn't have been chosen."

"... if you die, this country may lean itself."

"Don't worry about it if it's after the problem is solved. I can't die till then."

Not while I mourn the death of my best friend who ran with me on the battlefield.

There are still a lot of things I have to do.

"Sometimes Ramond. What was the situation between the Northern and Eastern territories?

"There was food and supplies being bought by the military. Confusion was considerable. The North in particular is the most desolate land under the influence of the war against Zenan. Finally, the first step in reconstruction. The rebellion of the inhabitants will be deeply rooted, but some will not obey if it is also the life of His Excellency Marshal Severan. That woman has tremendous trust from the people. '

"... obviously willing to bring it to a short showdown. There will be no magical powers, no exchanging them in the hands of His Excellency Marshal Severan and His Excellency Marshal Burnett."

When Claude, well aware of the strength of both marshals, says so, Ramond shakes his head with such faces as an impossibility.

'I guess.... Diruna and Rugal's built love will crumble in the true sense. It's sad no longer.'

"You had an exchange with the ancestors of both countries," you said before.

"This body is invisible, but only Master Diruna and Mr. Rugal have ever broken through who I am. Rugal is also known as the King of Divine Beasts and God. Or maybe that's the case, but Master Diruna is only human. I don't know why it took me so long to see who I am. '

Theodore - When Lucifer referred to Ramond's presence, Claude felt his heart jump.

I didn't seem to be able to even see it, but if it was what the demon gods were supposed to look like in the western lands, the story may have changed again.

Even though I felt bitter remembering that time, Claude urged ahead.

"Is that what started the AC?

'That's right. Diruna, a magician with more than a demon god, was only 15 years old at the time. It was a personality person who was too far from the power to dwell in that body. You're innocent, you're running away, you're being nice to everyone. Against people of unknown qualities like me. That hasn't changed, for a time it's what I was forced to talk to...... no, how could you quite have a splendid ideal...... I miss you "

Remember that time, Ramond laughing bitterly.

He goes on.

"Rugal was beside Diruna like that. The beast of God itself is truly as grand as the oligarchy. Me, the boulder, was very upset, but Diruna was not afraid of such a presence at all. They were always together...... '

With a distant eye, Ramond remembers the day of his presence and is in a complicated mood. It looked that way.

Shortly after I left the kingdom of Chiaro, Diruna and Rugal were united, and his country flourished as the present kingdom of Chiaro Diruna.

"It must have been shortly after the presence of the Beast Man"

"The Beast Man. That's definitely a testament to those two crystals of love." A beast man is a filthy creature created by an evil god, "advocated by today's magical powers.

Quiet anger was felt from Ramond, who pulled his lips together and shook his body.

For Claude, it's just the realization that the great Great Wizard and the King of Divine Beasts were also long ago, but I guess there's a lot to think about the old butler who came into direct contact with the two.

"History turns into something convenient for the winner. Will there be a true history of what you say, or... I wonder what the winners will think when this battle is over."

Claude takes his seat as he gives thought to the battle that is wrapping up in far eastern lands.

I don't have time to rest, even to rebuild the city.

Whatever you think, because the people and the military want the guidance of a great hero...