Forced metastatic formula activated due to Hain's self-harm.

The way ahead, involving Toto, was in the deep forest.

Hain turns to the purple haired girl next door as she pulls out a sword that pierces her chest deeply.

"Ugh... I feel like throwing up... Kimochi no"

Toto groans so much as he keeps his head down, leaving his entire weight on Hain's shoulder looking painful.

Without shaking it off in the dark, Hain looked around at the surrounding scenery.

It's time for the sun to show its face in the deep forest. I felt like I recognized you somewhere.

"... is this' Gilligan territory '?"

The moment Hain shrugged so, Toto looked around his body, which was weakening him, bulging up.

"Uh, merge... Is it the imperial capital Agrea that even sees thin over there -... Hein, let's get going here, yabe"

"... can you walk, with that body"

"It's so hard to die... if I stay here, I'm seriously going to die..."

Toto managed to move forward in his footsteps, relaxed but with the Divine Sword instead of his wand.

As Hein also silently followed it, Toto said, seemingly breathless.

"I figured it out by killing each other with General Duras, the head of the five heroes. That's not the kind of opponent Toto would have fought for hundreds or thousands of years. If it weren't for the accidental blow of the Mair Viper, you wouldn't be able to stop such a haunting mon..."

"... the Empire's power of war is no longer what it was before"

"Miscellaneous soldiers are the same as before, hey... some god angels have different dimensions together. You may not be very interested, but Toto loves their stories, so I gather stories about the five heroes as much as I can, but I always laugh because this guy is only a monster... I'm even jealous that all of these guys aren't even half the tots alive -..."

Hain keeps walking silently as he sees Toto's hindsight talking in a bad but upbeat mood.

"Marshal Severan, who is now in the battle against Chiaro, will use his first demon-guided weapon, which he said was developed during the prehistoric civilization period. I don't know how powerful that is. After releasing it with all my might, the junctional formula of that airborne moving fortress temporarily stopped working... I wouldn't be scared to take it as long as it was banned."

Just one Grand Marshal in the Empire.

He is a well-known user of the Thunder Bombing Ceremony as "The Righteous General", but also a rare modern famous general who simultaneously wields the original Magic Guided Weapon and two holy axes in this world: the Holy Thunder Axe (Fulmerio Zarnitsua).

Since I was young, I have been told by Toto that I have been an integral part of that martial arts tradition.

"Marshal Burnett is so cute, or beautiful, I don't feel like there's a woman who doesn't look as good on the battlefield as I do. I'm a sick lady in the Duke's house, and I don't care if my husband tells me she's a pathetic woman bought out of gold or something, but Marshal Burnett says it's just past 70 Baba - what's wrong? As far as I can tell, it looks like it's the result of taking the original demon weapon into your body..."

As for Marshal Burnett, I knew he was a never getting old.

I don't know what action it has on the original demonic guidance weapon, but if it also transcends human life, it is equal to God's cause.

Both myself and Toto have different histories, keeping immortal body and youth. but that wouldn't be perfect either. One day it is destined to collapse away.

"Anyway, just keep it thorough that if you see Marshal Burnett like he said, run away immediately without thinking about it. - Hey, Heiny? I'm talking about the passing of the afterlife in the moment I'm alarmed where it just looks like a bean grain. Toto saw it was the eastern part of the empire. Nothing happened because it wasn't even during the war on top... but I think I only got my eye on it for a moment... is this what you call horrible?"

The strength of a cheerful talking girl in front of you is real. It is not the kind of opponent who can win even when a bunch of concurrent god angels are formed.

General Duras, that she wouldn't even have been opponent if she hadn't used the power of the Divine Sword like that. And if you become one of the five heroes with the power to shoulder with such a man, that power will be overwhelming.

Toto, who was walking in front, exhaled a much louder sigh when Hain thought so but was silent.

"I really feel like I'm talking to a doll when I'm talking to you. - Do you have any thoughts? This guy is amazing! Or something."


"Ha, Tsuma eh. Fine, I'll tell you the last story has just to do with the Totos right now......" Marshal Gilligan ". This is the last of the five heroes, the most mysterious person in the world. I don't know my age or my gender."

Hain remembered the Duke of Gilligan house.

It is famous enough to stand alongside the Duke of Duras family among the empires, but its reality has been riddled with mystery in recent years.

No one lives in the Duke of Gilligan's house today, dying shortly after the Lord had twin children a few decades ago.

After that, no one knew what happened to the children who were born, but a knight wrapped in black armor who appeared in the imperial capital Agrea as if to protect the royal family from some time ago, he said, was of Gilligan's genealogy.

"Marshal Gilligan takes the form of guardian of the Imperial Capital Agrea, but I'm talking about the fact that he rarely comes out on the surface stage with a presence specializing in protecting the royal family - As well as the civilians who live in the Imperial capital, even the nobles rarely see you... Sometimes I don't see him on a yearly basis, so some people wondered if he was really there, but the first time a large crowd witnessed him was when the Prince of the Elberian Empire, Loran Dakitus Elberia, came to the Volkas for a Divine Sword Revistra."

Crown Prince Loran asked for the Divine Sword only because he decided it would be the trump card for the battle against the Xenan Dragon King.

It would also be an inexorable story because historical royalty has used a divine sword to build a thousand years of prosperity for the Elberian Empire.

"But something strange happened there, didn't it? You think the Crown Prince couldn't pull out the Divine Sword Revistra standing on the pedestal of the Great Temple?"

Toto says funny.

"Originally, there can be no legitimate successor to the Divine Sword but the royal family. Nevertheless, Revistra rejected Loran. You didn't really inherit royal blood muscles, or that kind of harsh truth. Lorraine seems to have big fine blue hair... so there will be a case at that time."

Already feeling better, Toto continued while gently avoiding the forest grass.

"Zirnitra, led by Zenan's Dailong General, the airborne moving fortress Draig, White Dragon General, and 'Idawed', led by Kowloon General, suddenly emerged near the Volkas Grand Mountains. When it's extremely difficult to control - you're surprised that three of those damned big air travel fortresses from the story showed up in front of you without any foretaste. Toto could be freaked out by boulders too -"

The Fortress of Air Movement is Zenan's point of attack.

If those three groups emerged, their purpose would be obvious.

It would be the murder of the Crown Prince who headed to the Grand Temple to hold the Divine Sword.

"Loran is protected by the great goddess Orphelia, but he can't use the divine sword. So instead it was Marshal Gilligan who was accompanying him - the story is that there was a concentrated bombardment by three magic cannons and the Volkas Mountains were supposed to be so messed up with all the temples..."

Toto says in such a tone that he does not fall to his heart.

"But which way. Even in the midst of the intensive bombardment of the Magic Gun, the temple was not grated, nor was the Crown Prince or Marshal Gilligan on the spot scratched one... I don't know if that's possible. Toto thinks it's a story, but hey, because the destructive power of that airborne moving fortress is far more powerful than a single shot of magic. If there's only one thing that bothers you, there may be rumors that the bombing of the Magic Gun didn't reach its target in the first place - it's strange."

If you get that intensive bombardment of an airborne moving fortress at close range, it must blow up without a trace with a big mountain range like it.

But it didn't.

"In the end, the attack by the Aerial Moving Fortress continued for more than a few hours, but not only did Crown Prince Loran, who was the biggest target, but he also said there were no traces of shelling in the temples of the Volkas Grand Mountains - Marshal Gilligan didn't look like he was doing anything just standing there sheltering Lorraine."

Hein listened silently as he stepped on the grass at his feet and breathed the dense air filled the forest.

"Marshal Gilligan became one of the five heroes after being praised for continuing to protect the Crown Prince and the Temple. Well, the really interesting part is that the biggest scandal, 'The Crown Prince Wasn't Chosen by a Divine Sword', was made obnoxious by the work of Marshal Gilligan. In the alley, Loran was not chosen by the Divine Sword, but is believed to have been raided as he went to pull out the Divine Sword -. Is it an information manipulation?

Toto, speaking pleasantly, changed his voice color slightly there.

"... and as time went by, a chosen one appeared by the divine sword. It's that General Duras. If I had accompanied the Crown Prince as his escort, I would have heard the story, but I don't know the details."

Claude Duras is not the authentic successor to the Divine Sword Revistra.

It was not only that he did not have beautiful blue hair, the greatest characteristic of the recipient of the protection of the great goddess Orphelia, but also that his blood muscles with the royal family were mixed hundreds of years ago.

It can never be more than not a direct royal family - something that must not have happened.

"What the hell kind of tease is that? No, it's refreshing to Toto. The only thing I can say is that Marshal Gilligan is the most defensive of the five heroes - he's bullet-eared the dark side of the empire. Don't you know the rest of the story? He said intelligence units were organized that didn't even know they existed. Marshal Gilligan's main command is not combat, but information-gathering and the obliteration of inconvenient things - and I'm pretty sure that's what he said."

The girl, who would not stop believing in those she believed in as omnipotent, said after stopping her legs without any foretaste.

"More than that, Hein. I just want to ask you something. - Hey, why didn't you do what you did?

When Toto, who had floated until then, looked back, she was angry in those eyes.

"... more than originally, one moves only for the ideal home. I'm not used to you..."

"It's okay because it turned out to serve its purpose. The problem is that you betrayed the lives of our loved ones. Toto can't forgive it."

The girl with purple hair had a murderous look that rarely even floated during the war.

"I've known you a long time. I've always hated it, but this time it sucks. The next time I turn against you, I won't forgive you for how much you love me, just like Toto."

"… the task entrusted to a certain is to allow this Redo Mescuole to absorb the resentment of those who have devoted themselves to the end of living hell. Therefore, I acted separately from you on the way. In advance, yes, 'I was commanded'"

"Is...? 'Cause that man... told those who sacrifice to die painlessly..."

Seeing Toto say as confused, Hain faintly changed his expression.

I can even say that the eyes of pity directed at a girl who doesn't understand the truth are sobering.

"... you know nothing"


"... do you even think of 'Arre' as a merciful being"

Hain said as he remembered the face of a woman speaking with a smile full of charity.

"... that woman is not a goddess or anything. I am an unmistakable evil god."

"Huh!! Hein, don't..."

Hain said, sensibly perceiving the gradual change in the air filling his surroundings, looking at Toto, who was about to forget me too much of his anger.

"... This is Gilligan territory. If you make any more noise, you'll die."

"Goddamn it..."

It seems that Toto, who had been murderous, also realized the strange atmosphere that would finally begin to fill this forest.

- Something is looking at me.

Ten, a hundred, a thousand, a good number of gazes are directed at us.

Things haven't changed in the vicinity.

It didn't seem like anyone but myself and Toto, but there's definitely something about it.

Toto and Hain ran out at the same time.

The comfortable forest atmosphere changed as the grass was scratched and the sound of falling leaves and stepping on branches sounded.

We hear nothing but the sound of ourselves rushing through. But I felt unspoken discomfort like I was being tailed by something.

Besides, something about it has given me so much pressure that it doesn't seem strange to be directly behind me and exhaled.

It was not until more than a decade or so before this area, originally known as' Agrea 'as the territory of the Imperial Capital, was renamed Gilligan territory.

The part close to the heart of Gilligan territory - for example, people may disappear from time to time around this forest.

According to the merchants and adventurers, never leave the streets in the middle of the night or dawn hours.

I broke that insanity, but at the end of the day, people disappear instantly. That's one of Gilligan territory's mysteries whispered by Makoshiya.

Since when, the one in Gilligan's genealogy that he appeared beside the royal family.

The full command of the army protecting the imperial capital rests with the emperor, but that is only a nominal story, and in fact many believe it will be moved by the life of Marshal Gilligan.

A land protected by an unidentified being that suddenly appeared. Naturally many did not feel comfortable with it.

If we think that humans disappear in such a place, many necessarily speak in association with stories of children missing from the Duke of Gilligan family.

Therefore, Gilligan territory is inherently a disdain.

Until in the battle against the Xenan Dragon King, a large number of military men saw the work of a knight in black armor on the battlefield and recognized his accomplishments.

"... Redo Mescuole. Eat all those who surround us!!

An evil sword responded to the word, and his fullness instantly changed like a tentacle.

An evil sword, understanding Hain's thoughts, skewered the surrounding trees and ground one after the other, feeling distinctly different only for a moment.

Have you finished? But there's nothing like blood being sucked away.

"Hein! I'm not wasting my time!


There was definitely a feeling that I had put someone behind me.

But that was it.

There is no barometric pressure on the momentum of the evil sword that turned into a black storm, and the signs that someone is staring at this one just around the corner will not go away.

Hain turned his heel back and lined up with Toto running through the woods.

"Hein, we're in a hurry! If you go through Gilligan territory, they won't even come after you!

"… Accepted"

The speed of Toto and Hain rushing through the beast path at all costs exceeded that of the beast man as well.

But there is never any indication that the gaze that comes around us will leave.

Eventually, when the sun gradually began to rise. When I ran to a place where I was likely to be able to get through the forest, the two were breathtaking at the same time.

Black armor stood up as I bathed Morning Yang on its back.

For wearing a helmet, I don't know what it looks like. But I felt a tremendous sense of intimidation from the armor of a giant body far beyond the grown man.

The moment I saw the man wearing that armor try to pull his sword out of the sheath of his hips.


Thoughtfully attracting Toto's body, Hain instantly put an evil sword to his heart.

Sharpen the sparse lights of life, but we decided we shouldn't fight this man. Even if it's better than fighting wherever they fly next.

The forced metastasis ceremony engraved on Hain's body is activated and the two figures scratch off in an instant.

Until the two appearances disappeared, the presence wrapped in black armor was just bypassing.

That was only momentary time, but Hain learned to be sure.

We must have gotten away with it on purpose.