After watching my allies remain the same in the basement of the Dawn Palace, the demonic kingdom of Tenebrae, I went out to earth.

Not even seven days have passed since Satan's return. I still want to watch, but I have things to do.

We must go to the kingdom of Zephte Aria and find out who will study the brilliance of the Red Star and find out who the goddess and the doer are.

I'm sure it's far away. But it's impossible to find him in the short term.

Perhaps he is somewhere dispersed in the human race, but what the hell is the reason for that?

No way, not to explore the state of the enemy as well as I do.

It is more than likely that he is involved in the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna than it is in the terminal Shizukuishi and the demonic conductor creatures, and the dimensional fissures.

But judgment materials are scarce. It would be nice to have something more decisive, but it doesn't seem that simple.

The kind of destructive impulse that the belligerent royalty has continues to smoke in me. That's how many times have you thought that if you erase the magical powers, Rugal, Zenan, and without a trace, you might be able to grab the tail or so of its identity?

But you must not be trapped by that urge.

There is no doubt that one of his purposes is to awaken the destructive impulses of our demons and bring them to the battlefield.

If you keep moving with your impulses, you'll be put on the goddess' thoughts at that point.

In the end, if we don't get out of this country once and for all, we won't talk.

I have already decided to leave tomorrow morning.

As I left this country again for a while, I went to my room.

When I opened the door, I saw a girl sitting in bed with long stretches of dark hair and a black dress with plenty of frills.

She turns her red eyes to me and smiles gently.

"Welcome back, you"


Gisele slapped her own knee with her hand.

I tried to be sucked in, put my head on her knees, and lay my body on the bed.

"Good Luck"

"... oh"

Gisele's gentle words strike the earlobes.

At that moment, the feeling of fatigue that had hitherto snapped all over my body annoyed my whole body at once.

"I think you should rest in Tenebrae for a while."

"I can't do that..."

"Your body wounds heal quickly, but your mind doesn't either"

"You're the one who worries about me like that in front of you."

"... hehe. Blunt."


"It's nothing. Never mind."

I can stroke my head by a giggling Gisele that crinkles.

I left myself to that pleasant feeling and wanted to forget everything as it was.

Hard to resist this comfort...... I feel a strong relief in the feel of my fingers stroking my head, and words gently whispered fill my brain sweetly. But.

"Gisele, I'm leaving this land tomorrow"

"... if you decide, I won't stop you"

When I changed my posture and looked up, Gisele's chest caught my eye.

It's as big as Lena. I try to crawl my hands at it.

"It's been a while since I've had a taste of you."

"I'm always welcome, but you'll soon see I'm not really into that. Hehe, I was spending time with Lumiel, so I don't know if I can help it."

"Forgot me a few times, but only this time I restrained myself... That's why I want you..."

I shrugged so, but without touching Gisele's chest, I lowered my arms.

Weakness was attacking my whole body.

"Don't push me. Because Lumiel and Lena are better at healing your body's audience... I'd at least support your heart a little"

"You think I'm unstable?

"My dear best friend is still in deep sleep, taking the views of the belligerent royalty all by himself, and trying to go to other countries again soon after taking his time off. I don't even know where you are. I know what it's like to ask for an enemy, but I need time to rest without thinking. Even if you are the highest demon."

Seeing Gisele with a look of mercy on her face, I broke my mouth all the time.

Extend your arms and stroke Gisele's cheek.

"She's a busy mouth-watering woman. If they'd said that back in the day, not now - you might have caged your hands like Lumiel or Lena."

"I'm fine with that. Because I don't care what they do to you, dear. He may have courted me after he got plenty of me... Oh, my God."

Giselle gently tells me as she presses her hand against her own cheek, wrapping it with both hands.

"- I love you. Long ago, now, and always will be. I'll keep loving you."

"My love doesn't change either. But I have other women I love. We're all going to love each other equally... but Lumiel and Lena seem so unhappy with that alone. What about you, Giselle? Is there another woman in my beloved husband who thinks something"

"Because I love you the most, but Lumiel and Lena are my important family. It's good for me that you love those kids, isn't it?

Gisele has now gently reached out and stroked my cheek from herself.

"Or isn't a woman who's not jealous of Yakimochi attractive?

"That's not true. Your presence is irreplaceable not only to me, but also to those guys. Stay by my side."

"... oh. Hehe."

Seeing Gisele giggling suddenly and wondering about me, she glanced at my lips with her fingertips.

"You are the Lord of the Tenebrae demonic kingdom. Is that who you are, asking just a woman to 'stay by your side'? Not" Stay by your side "?

"... Giselle, it's busy to take a fried leg"

"Sorry, hehe, sorry"

I got up, pushed Gisele down, and took those lips abusively.

I don't mind Gisele's frilled black Katyusha disrupting her shape, pulling her head and flapping her lips over and over.

After a brief indulgence of Gisele as she was, she slowly let go of her lips.

Damn, the moment I distracted myself from treating you more abusively like this, Gisele has been pulling my neck forcefully and kissing me.

He turns his arms around his back and hugs him with a much stronger force.

I also let myself be like her earlier.

Gisele's kiss is sweet. Though it was only at first that I was forcefully deprived of my lips, after that I have repeatedly spoken so that the little bird would touch it properly to put nuts on it.

And finally, after an exchange of kisses for just a little longer, she giggles with a tickle as she releases her lips.

"Your surprised face, cute"

"... what you do is too unexpected and difficult -"

Gisele pulled my head and held it against its busty chest.

The soft feeling you can see over the dress makes me feel so sweet that my brain marrow melts.

I try to move my mouth in protest to at least make it to the end, but it doesn't work because of my abundance of breasts and tightness.

"You show me all kinds of faces. Sometimes I panic when I do something like this, even though I'm usually calm, bold and invincible and I don't move against anything. I can't help it. It's lovely."

"... mugg..."

"Oh, it tickles. Are you saying something? I don't know, I'm sorry. Hehe."

Shit, my majesty's ruined a lot.

I don't want Lumiel and Lena to see this sight alone......

But I don't feel like turning against wonder.

"Hey, remember? When I came to this country and it hasn't been long."

There's no point in moving your mouth anymore, so there's nothing more to it than moving your head and nodding.

"You took me to various places in Tenebrae, pulling my hand when I was just a young boy. I was still timid back then, and when I was taken to Levi's Necromancer's Palace, I was scared of the ghost's grudging voice and I couldn't move with you in my arms, could I? That's when you embraced me crying. Until I stop crying, all the time."

Would that have happened?

I remember taking a young Gisele around a lot, but it's suspicious when it comes to detail memory.

"Other times, when I visited the Palace of the Weather, he embraced me to shelter me from severe weather fluctuations, and stared at me and said, 'It's okay,' as I took Mamon's murderous blow all over its back"

Mamon has no mercy for humans.

Whether it's against angels or not. Therefore, I keep my Ladies away from Mamon.

There's nothing I can do about it if I'm around.

"... I love you, and I admire you. I've always wanted to be strongly attracted to your inclusiveness to protect me from anyone, so that one day I could gently envelop someone too"

While I feel something remorseful about Giselle's softness, I slowly look away at that adorable face directly from the front.

"You are no longer more inclusive than anyone else in this country. With a little more power, I don't know if you should sit on the throne."

"I'm not the type of vessel to be entrusted with such a major role. I just want to be your support in assuming that role, which is too heavy, and wishing the Demons peace. One day, when I find a way to eliminate a destructive impulse that is equal to the disease that plagues the Demons, I want to spend some serene time with you. We want to be friends in peace and live together forever -"

"Phew, that's a word that doesn't look like a bloody demon... but"

I portrayed such a sight in my brain and then squealed.

"It might not be a bad idea to relax with you again, like at a time."

"Yeah. There are plenty of places in Tenebrae with great views, too. Leaning against you by the lake, spending time knee-pillowing at you under a tree on a hill, looking around holding hands with you inside a palace that's not in use now... But is that boring to you?

"I don't think I'd be bored spending time with a loving woman if I didn't have the destructive urge to erode this self"

Since when did the destructive impulse in me hurt so strongly?

I continued my days of loving to forget that, but it also came to its limits.

You've had a lot going on in the short term since then...

"But, Giselle. I can't even say that now. 'Goddess', than there is a clear threat lurking somewhere against the Demon Nation, I must destroy it."

"Yeah, I know. But from now on, I don't think anything's gonna happen just because you're that human being."

"... right. In Theodore's appearance, you can't beat General Duras. It's probably even hard to cross with the other five heroes."

I remember Lt. Gen. Ludio Lambert in the half elf.

The man destroyed the Tendemon Summoning Ceremony unfolded at the end of the terminal Shizukuishi case by his own magical powers. That's synonymous with understanding the structure of the surgical formula. It's an anomaly in itself that a mere half-elf would destroy such a high-magic maneuver.

But it's also true that that didn't seem like the man's limit.

What happens if you fight that man in the figure of Theodore?

Perhaps it would be och to be magically wiped out of charcoal before my sword arrives.

Even when that man was under control of most of his magic by the power of the crystal in the High Magic Court that he destroyed in the terminal Shizukuishi case, he was made to feel something bottomless.

That's why I also wanted to try to fight him...

"I don't know where or what will happen next. But I can't contain this murderous magic without being human. What's the matter?"

"That's easy. I'll give you control over your body with a higher surgical formula than Lumiel and Lena did at the same time."

Speaking of which, the sealing ceremony that had anchored me to the human figure was easily smashed and scattered.

Both Lumiel and Lena can use fairly advanced surgical formulas as long as they are proscribed, but Giselle has comparable powers and knowledge to our royal family when it comes to exorcism.

Using a technique that is going beyond the forbidden framework and even beyond the realm of magic - all of which must lead to great magic.

"What are you going to do? In the human body, there is really a limit. Out-of-standard beings like General Duras were given mighty protection but the late ones. Even though the degradation of power is inevitable beyond turning me into a dwarf vessel called a human being without the help of others."

"Usually I'm fine just staying the way I've always been. I just need to be able to show some of the power of the demon as a human being when a really strong opponent comes out and you have no other existence to rely on and you have to face it alone."

"It's a lot easier to say, does it work that well?"

"Yeah. I'll adjust for you. So now it's easy to slow down in my chest? In the morning, because it's already over."

Gisele held my head again and whispered gently.

"Good night, you"

"... oh..."

I quickly fell into a deep sleep, as if hypnotized.

While my consciousness wandered, I could hear the conversation between the two women.

"Lucifer, your sleeping face...... haha, she's adorable......!

"Lena. You can't get too excited to attack me, can you?

"Ugh... in front of me, you can't show me such a pretty sleeping face. I want to be an inclusive lady like Giselle and mellow Lucifer."

"Already. Lena... Are you sure you want to stay?

"You say?

"Lumiel is bright and innocent, and Lena is serious and dedicated. And that I may heal His Majesty's fatigue. I think we have a role to play."

"I see...! You'll learn!

"You don't need to imitate someone. Let's continue to support Your Majesty by what you can do. Of course you're with me, right?


Looking at how it was with a blurred consciousness, it seems I was sleeping with Gisele's arm pillow.

Opens the lid, but still heavy.

With the kind of sight it took, when Fuji and Gisele gazed at each other, she stroked her head gently - and I, again, fell asleep.