When I returned to the castle fort city of Granden, the city was already moving towards reconstruction.

I was actually away from this city for nearly a week, but during that time, I was sent all my memories into my brain by Kara, who returned to the Demonic Nation.

She must still be a vampire, too, who was far from contentious. There seemed to be no particular problem, though I was anxious to stay in this land, where a large number of humans lived, for a long time and whose bloodsucking impulses would not run wild.

But I was a little surprised by the information brought to me by her.

The cause can be “they” in front of you.

"Come on, it's Shaura. Are you ready?

"Yeah. I'm fine"

Among the other privileged students who were gathered, Liz cut out with a slightly disturbing voice.

"Hey, hey, Rocha, Shaura. Are you sure... you're leaving?

"Mm-hmm. Grandpa... oh, I'm talking about Marshal Severan. They gave me a return order. It's time to join the battlefield."


Liz, who is always bright, gives me a flashy look asking, "Are you okay," but I didn't say it.

You guessed that, Shaura hugs Liz.

"What? You miss me so much? We've crossed the line already, haven't we? I can't help it."

"... right. Shaura and I are inseparable from each other anymore! I knew I'd miss you! Don't go!

"Damn these guys..."

Look at Liz, who dared not argue anything with Shaura's Nori, blurry as Julian half-eyed.

In the meantime, the red-haired young man said to Rocha.

"Rocha. There's not much you can say from me that's weaker than you, but don't just push it."

"Mm-hmm. I know. The rest will never die. But it's Keith. Strong with you. You don't have to despise yourself and hesitate."

"No, I haven't. You have to hone yourself more. I'll brush up my body surgery to keep you from falling behind. [M] I look forward to seeing you again."

"... well. Hmm, I'm looking forward to it."

"Roker! Rocha can't go, either! I still want to be with you, hey."

"Mmm, what is it, Liz? You should be dairy with Shaura."

"I'd rather have Rocha with the three of us too...... woohoo, fine. Wonderful sight. Ugh. Ugh."

"Hey, Rocha. You can never die. It's a promise. We'll have another apple pie together next time, okay? I'll find a store for you."

"I don't care about the store or anything. I want another apple pie made by Liz for the rest. That was better than any sweetness I've ever had. Make it again, Liz."

"Ugh... Rocha..."

Was it Liz's apple pie that was served at the end of Roca's birthday?

I turned to Julian, thinking it was delicious. [M]

"Julian. What can I say from you?

"Nothing. You're just gonna lose two of them. This is going to make it a little quieter."

Though Shaura's freezing gaze shoots through Julian, he didn't even seem to care at all.

Rocha tells the dragon boy as he strokes Liz, who is still holding him in a semi-crying state.

"Hey, there's the dragon. You really didn't get along from start to finish. What do you mean you won't even attend the rest of the birthday that was opened?"

"It's about you guys anyway, so it sounded terrible to drink too much, didn't it? I'm not interested in crap like that."

"... Shit, I don't like dragons at all... no, lizards"

Though Rocha spits ill against Julian, who is also insightful in his thoughts, he smiled soberly.

"But, well, today, just here is not a bad day to call by name. Julian, you took care of me too."

"... don't say it like a lifetime goodbye, you too. Well, if that's the case, I'll call you by name for the last hand. Rocha, Chaura, die flashy at best."

"Hey!? Shall I tear you apart first before the barbarians!?

"Chaura. Good and good. You too, see, call it by name."

"What!? Ugh, I don't want to scream... but... you have no choice. Fucking kid like Julian. Be prepared the next time you see him. I'm gonna slit your throat."

"Heck, if you can do it, do it"

... Probably Rocha, Shaura and Julian. I guess I've been through this several times.

Take a casual different path with someone you know - a hard experience you'll never see again as it is. I don't feel that's strongly rooted in these three.

"Well, Theo"

Rocha's eyes looked at me.

"I really took care of you, too. I was going to go back to Rugal after I was strong enough to take you down for the rest of my plans, but I'm sorry I couldn't say that anymore."

"I enjoyed watching you grow up, too. I may miss you a little bit here."

"I think it's time to say goodbye." When the war is over, I will invite you to my kingdom of Rugal. It's not that far away. "

"Yeah, thanks. I hope so. I want to tell Rocha something more important."

I continued watching Rocha tilt her little neck.

"Don't forget that you are the Beast King"

"I don't... I'm aware of that from day to day -? The only royalty left in Rugal is now."

"Do you remember what I said at your birthday?

"Mm... Was it 'Don't kill those unwilling to fight'?

"Yes. If you are truly willing to become the vessel worthy to bear the name of the Beast King and eventually stand alongside Rugal, the Beast King of God, never forget it. Though I believe you will never step off the path if you inherit his blood in the most colourful way."

"Hey, hey. Are you even preaching?

"So are you, Shaura."

"Hey, what?

"I want you to support her beside Rocha. I don't care how much blood you have on the battlefield. But if the time has come for your master to step off the road, you must make it right."

"... but I'm not sure what that means?

"You don't have to know now. Better leave it unclear. But in some cases, you have a responsibility to fight Rocha and lead the Kingdom of Rugal to the right path."

When I told him that, Rocha laughed all the time.

"Regardless of whether the rest of us step off the road, Shaura is not the target. Even if we just hit each other, the rest will win - huh?

"Yes, my Lord is right. Why are you telling me that?

"That's settled. Because you can only ask Shaura to do this. And I believe in you."

Looking at her white werewolf daughter, she opened and closed her mouth with a puff, and then turned to her uncomfortably.

"... well, fine. I'm sure you're strong, and it's my mission to support Rocha from the beginning. I'll shut up and obey you."

"Shawler, why don't you call me by my name"

"Damn. Okay... Theodore, I'll remember your words"

"Quick and helpful, Shaura."

"Heh, heh... I could have asked you a little more honestly if you were a girl. I don't want to hear any more unclean men."

Shaura said so and walked to the door of the Granden carrying a baggage bag.

"Well, Liz, Keith, Julian, and Theo. See you later."

"... Gushu, Rocha, stay well..."

"Okay, okay. I wanted you to deliver me as bright as usual at times like this, but you're a real pain in the ass today."

"Ugh, that's so annoying......!

"Look, Theo. I'll take care of the rest."

Rocha pushed her elf daughter out more and more, and I held Liz back.

"And, Theo-kun..."

You stay perfectly alert. Well, there's no choice.

I looked at Liz for a little while, and then I stared at Rocha.

"Rocha, why are you saying this to someone who's going to the battlefield, but be well?"

"Uhm! You guys are masters too!... You asked for Clarice, too? Bye. I'm coming!

Rocha ran out carrying a baggage bag, then stopped again and looked back at us.

And wave one hand with a full grin.

Such a dazzling morning and yang was illuminating her.

Rocha looked back again and again regrettably, but eventually disappeared from our sight.

"... Me too, I have to go home once"

Keith said abruptly. Liz, who was still in a state of half crying, raises her voice of surprise.

"What!? Keith, what's wrong with you? Like going to the battlefield with Rocha!?

"No, my parents are in Imperial City. So, there's just a few places I'd like to drop by. Nothing dangerous."

"Oh well. Then I'll tell Dean Ludio from us."

"Oh, I asked. Actually, I'm already ready. We're gonna leave soon after this."

"Keith... I'm really gonna miss you."

"Keith. I don't know what you want to do there, but it's a good opportunity to look back at yourself. You should take your time."

"Oh, I know. Bye."

And the red-haired young man is gone from before us again.

Liz shrugged as she shrugged her nose.

"I don't know, it wasn't long..."

"Ma, Keith is that beast man anyway... no, you knew this was going to happen to Rocha and Shaura sooner or later. Just a little bit quicker."

Rocha and Shaura headed for the real battlefield.

Instead of witchcraft, forbidden arts and magic fly, and blood-scented battlefields (Kurosawa) where demon-guided creatures bounce.

They have a mighty back shield called the Imperial Army. You can't lose.

... but it won't be without sacrifice.

Rocha, Shaura. The time I spent with you guys was short, but it was quite intense.

Like earlier again, I wish the time had come for all six of us to talk.

If you don't, Liz will be sad. Look, I haven't stopped crying about that evidence yet.

I do not ask God because I have no god to believe in. [M] I just hope you guys are okay.

I look forward to seeing you again soon.

With that in mind, I looked at the door where the three of us traveled for a while.

A force that won a hard battle against the Beast returned to the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna.

When the recovery ceremony was applied to the soldier, whose neck muscles were torn with nails and who was also in an inevitable state of blood loss, the nail marks, which had been carved unbroken, disappeared clean.

The soldier, whose consciousness was cloudy, said with joy in the way that he could not hide his surprise at being alive.

"Oh...... thank you, Your Excellency Princess Dragon General......! You are the Virgin herself!

Princess Dragon General - Lafielle Balhaus waves her head with a gentle grin.

"No, because all I can do is heal the wounds. Instead, you did well to perpetuate it until you returned to this land. Private Isaac."

"I didn't know you would even remember the names of people like yourself......!!

When I was gently stroking the back of a soldier crying too much of joy, a wild voice was heard from behind me.

"This is the Princess Dragon General. Also, is it a preference for the lower-ranked? There's plenty more wounded."

There was Marshal Fester Braham, a bald-headed military man wearing a red robe.

Rafieu says in a Rin tone as the soldier who has just been treated blues his face at once.

"I've determined that Private Isaac's wounds are life-threatening. The other wounded will be here any minute after this."

"You can throw away the scumbags and all that! Sorcery is inferior to soldiers and other dogs who can't handle much!

"His Excellency Marshal Braham. As I said earlier, there is a way of fighting that any person is good at. If you specialize only in magical guidance, you will eventually be on the path of doom."

"Shut up, little girl! This 1500 year history of the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna began with the Magic Guide and led to its present glory! No need for the genius of the devil!

"That's what I'm proud of. The Kingdom of Rugal is no longer the only opponent of this battle. It must not be the way it has been before, than the intervention of the Elberian Empire has become full-scale!

When the eyebrow root of the bald head general caught and a blue muscle rose on his forehead, there was a sound of something exploding in a distant land without any foretaste.

Lafielle said, as those who were on the spot stood up with a sense of successive battles.

"It's like a beautiful fireworks"

After the explosion sounds emerged something like a giant magic formation that seemed to have been constructed by various colors in the night sky.

That's the only thing I can describe as being like fireworks correctly, as Lafielle put it.

"His Excellency Marshal Braham. I need to talk to you later. It's extremely important for future battles."

"... Hmm? If you wonder what the virgin style of the disputed can say that can only heal wounds."

"We are confident it will satisfy you"

Marshal Fester Braham roared before General Dragon, who did not break his fortitude, he said.

"... the word now, if it is false, is no longer necessary. You know what I mean?

"I understand. Talk to you later in the cathedral."

"Hmm, okay. Let's hope it's a report that entertains Non at best."

When the old marshal turned his heel and left, Lafielle told Private Isaac.

"Are you all right?

"Oh, I... managed to pin down a few beasts... that's all. Very much for those who can handle the ban..."

"It's good. People do what they can, and that's fine."

Gently hold the body of Private Isaac, who was waking his torso, and whine in his ear.

"It was brilliant. No one else may admit it, but I'm on your side. Take a rest today."

"... ugh, ugh...!!

Touching the tenderness of Lafielle, Private Isaac could only leak a whimper without words.

As he stroked the grunting and crying soldier, Raffielle groaned with a voice no one could hear.

"Good luck to you too. - Private Frederick. That life was like a big wheel of flowers."

That is the name of a soldier who would have accomplished the task he once gave in confidence.

Staring at the strange magic formations floating over the sky, Rafieu laughed just a little.


On the spot where the moonlight was pouring, Lafielle had her hands together as if to pray one knee about the earth.

After spending some time like that, she kept her hands together in front of her chest - turning her face to a far western land.

"- Make it a seven-pillar royalty, its culminating Lucifer. Did you like the special gift from me?

Lafielle muttered emotionally.

"For you, there was a 'box' containing very, very important things. It was hard to prepare, wasn't it?

Called the Princess Dragon General, the girl's soliloquy continues.

"But it was unexpected. I can't believe you were in contact with the Empire before you delivered your gift. Thanks to you, my pretty gislan has been summoned. Shizukuishi at the end also ended up just playing half the role...... It took a lot of work to create the array, but it's ruined because of you."

Back to back with that word, a girl with some happy look on her face.

"- But an unexpected event seemed like a rain of grace pouring down my dry heart just through a determined path. That arm that uncovered Gislan's conspiracy in Mildiana and helped his allies in the Granden by defeating the immortal assassin. I am truly in love."

Lafielle looked up to heaven and closed her eyelids, then said, remembering memories of a distant past.

"It's too different from those foolish predecessors who were invaded by that destructive urge to repeat their barbarism. In my eyes, you are a radiant, radiant God. Love... the light is so loving"

The girl, sighing and saying, drew an arc on her mouth, however.

"But you don't know anything. I don't know why prehistoric civilization has perished, why the love of Diruna and Rugal has been torn apart, where Orphelia is, what the Holy Flame is doing - and I don't know anything about the instant red glow in the sky"

Lafielle, laughing at the crease and amusement, squeals toward the most powerful demon king who would not even know who he is or anything else.

"Humans are very scary things. Much more than the Demons and such. There are always things that can't be helped, even with power alone. Knowing nothing, can you fulfill and reach me - like Rugal, once king of God's beasts?"

As soon as Lafielle mouthed the name, she scratched away the grin that had floated until then.

And the door of the cathedral opens as time goes by. A bald-headed, well-widened soldier appeared with a harsh expression.

"Well, Lord Princess Dragon. How can I help you?"

"It's all right now, Fester"

Marshal Fester Braham was humbled by the sudden renunciation of his name.

"... what the hell is going on"

"'Deception' is over. Hey, Fester."

As soon as he heard the word, Fester shook his wrinkled engraved face.

Ichizuki's tears flow down from her eyes like she was even caged for killing until earlier.

"... oh"

"What's the matter, weep or something? You can call me now, like you did before, right?

"Ohhh... Ohh...!! Goddess!! My goddess!!

Marshal Fester Braham begins to kneel at Lafielle's present and lick her wearing boots down.

"Goddess, Goddess......!! Lafielle, Lafielle...!!

"Did you want to be so sweet to me? It's like a dog, isn't it? More than a soldier who cursed you earlier that you were a dog."

"As for me, I'm in your dog, so...! Oh, oh, my goddess......!!

The girl, called the goddess, said as she looked down at the old man who kept licking her boots as if she'd forgotten me.

"Fireworks ahead. It was a really stunning shade."

"Ooh... Ooh, did you like it......!

"It was wonderful magic. Now again, my grief is about to come true."

The contents of the box I let Private Frederick hold are the magic of Fester.

It just looks like fireworks at first glance. I imagined what kind of sight that would create later, Rafieu laughs.

"Lafielle, forgive me for all the disrespectful and disrespectful words I have said so far. There is no redemption enough even by the sins and acts that this little old body style has insulted your goddess. Seriously, I am so sorry......!

"It's good, Fester. More so because I ordered it. Make stronger the electorate ideology that was rooted in Chiaro Diruna and the weak will be thoroughly eliminated. I'll cheer up the poor kid who got chased away. It was a very good leisure time."

Called the Magic Power, the country had electorate ideas, but by the time the peace treaty with the Kingdom of Rugal was signed, it was also becoming much thinner.

That is why he exasperated so much of the electorate thought that was in them, even this, that those who drew the blood muscles of the royal families of both countries died successively.

Those who cannot handle magic are no different from beastmen. I don't mind treating you like a slave.

By doing so, no one, except those who were eliminated, realized the gradual decline of the magical powers.

Because the enemy we have at hand, the Beast Clan, and the great self-esteem that dwells within us, guided us to turn everything down as trivial.

"Hey, Fester. The kingdom of Chiaro Diruna will perish."

"Yeah. Yeah. You must be. You must be. We're trying to make it that way."

"This, too, is the result of your long work as a dignitary in his country. Well done."

"What kind of pride? Everything is my goddess's wish, and there's nothing I can't do."

"But is it good, Fester? In his magical power, you have a wife. This battle will destroy that country. The family you cared about is no exception."

Asking that, Fester, who had been licking his boots like a dog until then, said as he looked up at Lafielle.

"It's only been 70 years since I was in his country. Considering the long moments I've spent with you, even the blink of an eye equals time. It's not worth anything to me, late."

"Really? So here's the deal."

Lafielle stomps Fester's bald head full of strength with her boots, pressing her heels hard and twisting again and again to crack her skull.

old man who accepts it without any resistance.

"This is the current state of Chiaro Diruna's kingdom today. Only ravaged by beasts anymore. The only thing left in the royal family is the decorative princess, and she's useless by herself."

"It's your left... everything you want."

Lafielle took her legs off Fester's head.

The bald-headed old soldier seems to regret it but remains crawling.

"And the last royalty to remain on the ravaging side is - Rocha Callwright, the fox beast. And former royal wolf beast Shaura Brannage. Why do you think these 2 'horses' remain, Fester"

"Well, it's... stupidity. I don't know anything."

"It's similar, those two are"

"You say it's similar to...?

Lafielle continued with a boring look as she leaned her little neck.

"To that filthy god-beast king and the stupid great wizard"

"... are you Rugal, King of Divine Beasts, and Diruna"

"It shouldn't just be the atmosphere that surrounds you. Perhaps they have been given the protection of Rugal and Diruna."

"And are you enough to be blessed with death, the King of the Beast and the Great Wizard?"


Lafielle shrugged like that before being silent.

Fester's eyes looking up in such a way as fear only show a cold look that represents no emotion whatsoever.

The girl closed her lid and then spoke out slowly.

"But it's good enough. The kingdoms of Chiaro Diruna perish without a trace, originally by the hands of the Imperial Army, the Beast Kings Rocca and Shaura, and those under their command. It is the blood muscles that have been spinning with cotton, the crystals of love between Rugal and Diruna, that bury the nation that Diruna built. It would be a very interesting spectacle."

"... I guess so. The same goes for crushing the country by its own descendants. Nothing but funny."

"The King of the Beast, who has fallen the great power of sorcery, will gush with joy. All the beast kings as well as just beasts make their hearts leap into the apoptosis of that country. - without even knowing it would end with temporary joy."

Rafeille said with her hands on her mouth as if she could laugh.

"Rugal, King of Divine Beasts. Do you still think there is hope, even if you mourn your beloved woman, the country you once built with her, and half of your descendants are dead? There isn't, is there? 'Cause at the end of the day, guys -- heh, aha."

A laugh echoed inside the vast cathedral.

After a brief laugh, Lafielle turns to the west again.

"Lucifer, please just wait a moment. Processing remains after the battle between Rugal and Chiaro. As long as it's done, there's only one thing I need to do"

Rafeille says as she joins hands on her chest like a girl she can be in love with.

"Come on, come on, come on - can you get to me? I can't wait any longer. Because you are by far the supreme 'offering'. Just for this moment, I've been preparing for a long time now, haven't I?

Rafeille, with an innocent grin, just said quickly that she couldn't wait any longer.

"But I'm selfish. I'm short tempered. I'm a kid I shouldn't be. He's a very bad kid. I'm a wacko. So if it was too late to get to me..."

Knock your hands tight and chuckle.

"You will destroy this world, won't you? Hehe, if you feel like it, even soon."

The girl, who told me to tell her pleasant things, whispers with only one finger up.

"Because this is no longer the only continent left in this' star '. The next time a red star shines in the night sky, everything is doomed to disappear -"

Lafielle laughed invincibly as she looked to the West.

"Come on, Lucifer. Will you end up as one of the mere pawns in my play or will you find me stunningly off the board? I'm looking forward to it now. Please, don't disappoint me, okay?

Chapter 2 FIN