Hey, Ludio.

How are you? The story of becoming a lieutenant general after the battle with Zenan has reached my ear, which is caged in a twist.

First of all, congratulations. Well done, boulder is my beloved apprentice.

That said, since your military service in Elberia, is it supposed to be Marshal Audran's apprentice anymore?

It's hard for the public not to appreciate this body when I'm the one who beat the foundations of magic guidance into you young and pushed you to work out until you're half dead.

You'd be totally famous by now, wouldn't you? Because, as Commander-in-Chief of the Empire, for the first time, he was chosen to be a half-elf.

That's why I want the public to know my name, who was in charge of your education, using that body to get a footlight.

I am lazy and full of self-love, and while I am a serious fool in the elves - I must say I am extremely blessed with my genius of demonic guidance. Of course this is an objective fact. You'd think so, wouldn't you?

I wonder if the delicacies like mine are sad. Don't you think it's too harsh to just spend some time sleeping in a twist deep in the Great Forest and just rot away like that?

I want you to use your position, your fame and your money to make sure you build my villa in Elberia. The place is a great first-class place to live with a lot of Mildiana nobles.

I go to see her every few years or so for boredom.

Oh, stop being an Imperial Capital. It's noisy over there, and most importantly, it's full of very unpleasant signs.

- You've had a long foreground.

I know a hundred people don't like this kind of long, crappy greeting.

Of course, he's writing it in harassment, isn't he? You'd have been so crappy, you'd have accidentally skipped reading it, wouldn't you? You're really easy to understand. [M] If you frown too much, you'll ruin that righteous face, so be careful.

I wrote such a foreword because the contents of the long time news sent to me by my beloved apprentice are too harsh - okay. I was also interested in your request for an investigation. [M] Shall we get down to business?

"The kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, the ancestor of the Great Wizard Diruna. More about the Dead Princess rumored to sleep somewhere.

Above, I compiled only interesting excerpts from what I learned.

Reference me.

-What is a Dead Princess?

Since ancient times, it is the generic term for inherited monsters passed down to the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna.

As for the anecdotes and identities of his monsters, they differ greatly in each of the few literature and oral biographies that remain today, and do not go so far as to recall a clear physical image.

In one ancient document, it is written that the Dead Princess, as her name suggests, was like a young human woman.

However, in some oral traditions, it has been told that the hair was also a monster that was not quite as good as the front.

The reasons why the appearance does not match are clear.

The biggest reason would be that 'if you look at it, you will die', a matter that is only one in common in every literature and oral history, and synonymous with the very essence of the Princess of Death.

Anyone who sees its existence dies, so there's no way they know what it looks like.

So why do you dare touch the outside?

That seems to be to convey this anecdote to future generations.

Memorizing the unidentified monster threat won't pass on to the afterlife. In order to be told at length, it is still necessary to stipulate the appearance of the thing.

The funny thing is that it goes by the name of Dead Princess, even if it's a monster that can't face the front.

I don't want to speak with speculation about the circumstances around here, but I think it might be about how the descriptor or the person who spoke orally regarded the Dead Princess as a being.

In other words, it was so delicate that a woman with a beautiful appearance would kill all those who see herself, or vice versa, that she hated being seen with that ugly appearance, and the result would still kill those who see her.

Of course, as far as I'm concerned, I hope it's the former. I'm not very interested in beauty and ugliness privately, but it would look more storytelling to me to be a beautiful delicate woman, wouldn't it?

Well, I don't suppose it's the appearance of the Dead Princess that interests you, so why don't we just stop talking about this?

· Relationship between the Princess of Death and the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna

I know you already know about this, but let me get this straight.

Only the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna has much anecdote left of the Dead Princess.

Adjacent to his magical powers and having fought many fierce battles, it is the current situation that such a legacy is not very well passed on to the Kingdom of Rugal. Well, things like you and me seem to be in the Beast Man, though some of them make sense from time to time.

The stories we heard from the ancient people and some of the strangers were similar to the information obtained in the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna.

But unlike the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, those in that country are more inclined to deny the Dead Princess.

That would be so. If such a monster is hiding in his magical power, we must have died long ago.

Whether or not it is possible to control the existence of the Dead Princess seems to be a problem that does not mean much to the Beast Man in itself.

To them who hate the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, a princess of death is like a trump card of a magical power that can be called its enemies, meaning that if it exists, there is no reason not to be used.

Conversely, if we are in a position to use Death Princess, we can also say that we did so a long time ago.

Even if it is difficult to control, I would not hesitate to use it if it were to destroy a vicious enemy country.

This is an idea because they are far from something called witchcraft.

It's like a kid who's just learned magic and wants to use great magic.

From those who explore the path of the devil, it would appear to be tantamount to suicide. For them, that still doesn't matter.

So much so that they resent each other strongly. His magical powers, huh?

And unfortunately, I have little idea what the Xenan dragon kingdom ruled by the Dragon Nation thinks about the Dead Princess.

Like Rugal, I was somewhat hoping that there would be information available in that country adjacent to his magical powers.

Elberia and Zenan are in a tense relationship right now. And Zephte Aria, where we elves live, is in alliance with Elberia. An elf alone gives me no idea what I'm going to do in that country. Totally scary, those lizards.

· Death princess treatment

There are various gods in this world, but the most famous of them is not to mention the Great Goddess of Genesis, Orphelia.

And he who is called the 'Holy Flame', which supposedly burns down all the wicked in this world. I don't even know if I'm really a god, a goddess or a masculine god in the first place about this one.

He worships and serves the existence of these great two pillars in roughly any country and believes in them as the "Two Great Gods".

However, with the exception of the Empire, it is the current situation that we, the Elves, the Beasts, the Xenan Dragon kingdom and, at the end of the day, those of Chiaro Diruna, often add to those two great gods the gods we worship and treat them as' the three great gods'.

In the kingdom of Zefte Aria, our healing goddess' Mystiglia Tisti 'is placed in one of its great frames.

In the Kingdom of Rugal, you have made the three great gods by including "Rugal, the King of the Divine Beast", which supposedly became the companion of the Great Wizard Diruna.

In the kingdom of the Xenan dragon king, the dragon god king 'Gnowsis' that he was once crusaded by the great brave men of the former Kingdom of Lutgaria.

And in the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, you will also know that Diruna, the companion of the King of Divine Beasts, is one of the three great gods and “not”.

Yes, one of the three great gods served in that country is the Death Princess.

Many in the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna regard his presence as more sacred than that of the great goddess Orphelia, who presides over death.

It seems difficult for the rest of us to understand that we deny the King of Divine Beasts, one of the ancestors of our own country, and that the ancestors themselves are not even objects of faith.

As can be seen from this, the connection between the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna and the Princess of Death is very strong.

I wasn't just afraid, I even respected him. I can rightly say that it is one of the ways of believing in God.

Dead Princess - whether or not you can fulfill it and be a god, as it were real.

-About Death Princess and the Great Wizard Diruna

Diruna, the ancestor of the magical powers.

An unparalleled great wizard in history who was born a princess of the kingdom of Chiaro and was supposedly able to control perfectly the immense magic that dwelled in him from an early age.

So what does she have to do with 'Dead Princess'?

Unfortunately, few such statements remain in existing books, inscriptions, etc.

However, according to the information contained in a certain book as if it were a memorandum of understanding, Diruna “believed” in the existence of the Princess of Death.

I don't know what such a thing was written on the basis of. It was just noted that he said only one sentence: 'Princess Diruna seems to want to meet with Princess Death'.

Little detailed record is kept of what the Great Wizard was like.

This, I must say, is extremely unnatural.

There are numerous books in the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna. If you have collected all the books in one place (one place) in the immense soil, it is even thought that instead of the Great Library of Mildiana, where you live, you will exceed the number of all the books in the empire.

His country, famous as a magical power, was also keen to keep a record.

As well as the development of demonic guidance, there is a vast record of all things, including culture, history, climate and terroir.

To read all of that, we will have to have our elf life increased by at least another 1000 years.... isn't 1000 enough? Finally at 10,000, huh?

Such record lovers leave little information about their country's ancestors, Diruna. That's something you can't think of in common sense.

How can there be so little history of those who have become ancestors of their own country, whether they believe or are objects to be abhored?

At the same time, the people of the present Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna also have similar doubts as I do. I wonder why there are so few records about Diruna.

It is no longer true that even in ancient times only Diruna's name is known. You don't have to think about how unusual this is.

By the way, a book with a memorandum mentioning Diruna and Princess Death, which I mentioned earlier, was found from the basement of a flat house in a certain slum.

How could there have been such a thing in the basement of a hazy house that no one would be interested in? I don't suppose you care about this kind of thing, either?

Well, his magical powers are called 'The Land of Death' or 'The Land of Call to Death'.

There are too many so-called enclaves where a meadow is said to be dead when the hills, the woods, reach the coast at the end of the sentence - stay on the spot.

This is the biggest factor that surprises everyone about the existence of the Princess of Death, but makes you really want to believe it.

an abomination that exists countless times in his country. It's like a curse or a sneak. Suffice it to suspect that it has any connection with the Princess of Death.

No matter how many magical powers worship with God, because the existence of a dead princess from the side is nothing but an irrational and terrible monster.

Among the countries so painted, especially those feared by the people and now supposedly no-one even comes close in the daytime, is the 'coast of death'.

It is a well-known fact that about 150 years ago, our elves carried out a survey to a place where they were confined. Besides, it was just a request from the magical powers, and the rewards were considerable.

You know what this means, Ludio? The kingdom of Chiaro Diruna used an outsider named Elf to solve the mystery of solitary confinement. Why the hell is that?

... Well, it was a long time ago, by the way. Things are different now.

Nevertheless, who will cooperate in the difficult investigation?

I have intellectual curiosity, but I don't even have to go to distant lands. You can do your own research. I want the results to be written on paper and given to me.

Having said that, I was eventually half-compulsively taken to his land.

I don't want to see the face of an idiot like Aynlana again, who refused and kept running away, caught me without question and sent me straight to a noisy place called Death Country.

You keep this a secret, don't you? If that arrogant queen finds out about this letter, what the hell will happen? But I can't help but be stupid.

Woohoo, Ludio. Why aren't you next to me right now? I'm starting to feel so foolish that I want to take down that woman's forceful ways at the time! Damn, you look like a kid. You're an unafraid fucking baba. I feel like spitting on your face!

I spell it as my bowels boil back, but when I arrived on the ground reluctantly, I got framed for making me do a serious investigation.

I had no choice but to reach villages and urban areas, I visited numerous lands, I also heard stories from the people of the time, but I did not see anything particularly strange.

It's just that as soon as I stepped into what's called the confinement, I felt intensely uncomfortable.

It's a cliché, but the air starches so much that it doesn't seem like it belongs in this world, and the ground swallows its feet like mud - even though nothing is actually happening, there was certainly such a feeling.

This was felt by all the members of the investigation team but me. It's never like I've been busy or even seen too hallucinating of fear. I don't mind you believing that boulders have nothing to joke about until in this situation.

However, no matter how much I looked into it, I could not explore what was in the place known as the Forbidden Land.

Even as we elves entered the confinement, we never died or went missing.

It was not only me who was not convinced of the results, but also those who were heads of the investigation team.

And our investigation team will be second-hand split.

The regiment led by me continued to investigate the site, and the regiment led by the Commander went to investigate the 'Coast of Death', considered to be Chiaro Diruna's largest confinement site.

I guess I'm not saying this without regret. If I could have predicted the consequences, I would have beaten the captain up and stopped going to the land.

... In the end, as a result of the failure of the captains to return to the coast of death at all times, we were also to head to that coast again.

There, it was a calm, quiet coast during the day.

Nothing else sounds to the extent that there is a faint wave of noise as the pleasant sea breeze blows. The sounds of seabirds cannot even be sounded.

Naturally, there's nothing to be afraid of, not even a shadow. It's like the Dead Princess walked down the beach and let all the other creatures breathe... that gave me such a creepy impression.

And you know what I saw in this place.

Ahead of continuing our investigation, all we discovered was a pathetic elf shaking his body in fear.

Whatever you ask, you can't answer. My heart is not here.

- That's all I told you until today, but this story goes on. You're the backbone of the Elberian Empire. I can tell you.

The frightened elf - "Meltoria Kilfiniska", the head of the investigation team, was in a state of cardiac loss, but he frequently said something.

She says, "Something crawls out of the ocean in the middle of the night”.

The rest of the crew were taken by someone who came out of the sea and disappeared.

The members of the investigative team were all in order.

Even when dealing with unidentified monsters and exorcisms that the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna supposedly continues to study and produce secretly, it was just a strong man who would not retreat a step.

That's how they were somehow taken away without any resistance.

- If you write this far, you'll come up with something that comes to mind, right?

Yes, the Mira Blood Tide 500 years ago.

It is now forbidden to touch that case in our Zephte Aria kingdom.

Numerous books documenting former tragedies and tragedies also saw the incident at the time and were plagued by the burning book by the lives of Her Majesty Queen Aynlana Kilfiniska, who still reigns as queen.

Numerous books were burned at the time of the signing of the alliance with the Elberian Empire, roughly 100 years ago, and severe punishment was also inflicted on those who kept it hidden.

It was very harsh. My acquaintance opposed the burning book to the end, but Her Majesty did not allow it.

Until recently, he was framed for jail time.

Well, it didn't seem so different from my life living in peace with the twist, and when I came out, I looked fine. Yeah, very much.

The story goes back and forth, but what we got on the shores of death was only the tragic result of losing numerous compatriots.

Continuing my investigation, I never saw anything about crawling out of that ocean either. It was sticky in January.

Some members left the ground frightened, but did not even hold back to look into it. But I didn't want to leave his country without getting any clues.

I arrived home frustrated by the fact that I was helpless...

Okay, here's the next story.

This is, in a way, the most important thing you care about.

-About why prehistoric civilization perished.

Lyaft Varks, a prehistoric civilizational city that extends to the east of the Kingdom of Rugal.

Although we still do not know what caused his land to perish, which you were interested in from an early age, the powerful hypotheses are narrowed down to three:

· Epidemiological theory

-Unknown surgical activation theory

-Death Princess Descent theory

First of all, it's an epidemiological theory, but I can only say that it has to be private.

As you know why these theories were put forward, there were no signs of destruction in prehistoric cities.

To put it bluntly, I don't know why it's gone. Without such devastating phenomena as the mighty magic or something struck directly, there was no sign that the inhabitants had fought each other, or that they had been invaded by another country.

Therefore those who lived in the land could not die. Unless something special happens.

That's where the epidemiological theory came first.

Indeed, an epidemic disease is a nasty thing that is not perceived by anyone and sometimes strips vicious fangs of those who live in a particular land.

Whoever suffers from it, which is invisible to the eye, is bewitched by an anomaly as if it were a curse.

It was difficult to fully recover in just a sacred ceremony, and was synonymous with curses and snoozing until we found out certain ways to deal with it, such as administering effective herbs and drugs.

Epidemic diseases were treated that way until only a few hundred years ago.

Isn't that what happened in his prehistoric civilized city?

It's certainly hard to deny. But there are things that don't bother me.

Because the materials left by those who lived in prehistoric cities do not contain any description of them.

Decrypting the letters used during the prehistoric civilization makes it extremely difficult, but we know it is noted that they were burying the dead.

Assuming there's been an epidemic, there's always a statement like that. For example, there must have been someone who would have written something down about a large number of bodies becoming mountains or that they were in such quantities that they could not be buried in the ground, but so far we have not found any books with such descriptions.

However, of course, the vast majority of the books were in extremely poor condition of preservation and not in such a way that they could read the letters in the first place.

What remains today was a relatively well-preserved book that had been left deep underground, etc., and had undergone some kind of embalming treatment.

Yes, I've only found so important a book that I want to leave it there. I mean, if there's an epidemic that destroys that city during prehistoric civilization, it's weird in the first place that those books don't have some kind of description.

Most importantly, the epidemic is acute, and there is no chance that almost everyone will have died soon.

I therefore have to stay in the opinion that there can be no total denial, from my point of view.

Okay, next up is the unknown surgical activation theory.

This is literally something that might have been activated that would have killed people without any trace of destruction.

Unfortunately, there is a technique that takes human life without causing trauma that is not magically tolerable. Because there are a few things that have that effect during the Dark Midnight Ceremony.

However, the difficulty is terribly high, and the amount of magic consumed is enormous.

Where there were two high-ranking, malicious operatives, there was no way they could activate a manoeuvre that would kill all humans in a city of that size, not very much.

Equals no possibility. I'm honest that I only have doubts about this theory.

... the theory of the descent of the Princess of Death, which will not fascinate you.

As I have already sporadically described the characteristics of the Dead Princess. It's supposedly something so horrible that it kills those who see it.

This theory of descent of the Princess of Death resembles an earlier unknown theory of surgical activation and seems like a seemingly cliché hypothesis.


It's also true that even though only in some parts of future generations, it's not something that can be easily denied given the reasons why the Dead Princess's heirloom is left behind.

More than such anecdotes, it also naturally leaves the proof that there are those who managed to spare the Princess of Death from harm.

Compare it to the likelihood that the man of his magical power was just creating this myth and this twitchy tale.

The Dead Princess has many faces. It also leads to the sparse testimony of those who survived the descent of the Princess of Death.

If we consider that each of the anecdotes that remain today were described as an easy-to-understand heirloom to convey the testimony of each survivor to future generations, it would also be the reason why so many such stories are being passed on to the magical powers.

This again goes back and forth, but it is also possible that 'I made a story out of the epidemic disease itself in the eyes of a terrible monster named Princess Death', which I mentioned earlier.

However, it is hard to believe that the description of a monster as dying, if you look at it, coincides with the characteristics of the epidemic. To see it as a metaphor (Yiyu) that if infected, you will die seems to me to lack foundation.

Think of it as only one possibility.

If I'm going to make my point, I guess that means I'm just putting an epidemiological theory and a death princess descent theory on the scale.

I'm pretty sure there was something going on in the prehistoric city. There was something that wasn't supposed to be normal.

It is somewhat negative for epidemiological theories. But the theory of the descent of the Dead Princess is of something that seems absurd and actually convincing - and I can't say this is a hypothesis that comes to certainty either. There is too little physical evidence other than anecdotes left over from the magical powers.

In the first place, as the Princess of Death descended.

Why did Sole descend on prehistoric civilization and kill those in the land?

It goes without saying, of course, that nowhere remains such as the definitive record that the Dead Princess actually descended.

It is therefore difficult to even speculate.

If I were told to explain why I descended, I wouldn't want to say anything. Unfortunately.

· About the brilliance of red stars

It's a little different than what you asked me to investigate, but I'll write this down.

You've seen his phenomenon several times. [M]

I have also seen Arre many times in this kingdom of Zephte Aria, where I have lived for a long time until or around the next or so of the present queen.

And it comes up again and again in prehistoric books, descriptions of that astronomical phenomenon.

Says that when that phenomenon happens, the continent disappears.

I do not know why the continent disappears when the stars glow in the night sky. But those of prehistoric civilization who had built a civilization far more advanced than ours were certainly very afraid of the brilliance of the Red Star.

They had created the foundation for the demonic guidance weapons that were now beginning to develop and spread gradually in Elberia.

It was a very advanced substitute, and I didn't know how to use one so specific that there were multiple substitutes called the original Magic Guided Weapons.

In the midst of that, happiness or unhappiness, a person emerges who understands how to use the original demonic guidance weapon.

Like you, I'm Marshal Mireille Burnett, who played a great part in the battle against Zenan.

When she was young and had not yet been so since she became a soldier, she was bought that knowledge to become part of the Lyaft Varks Investigation Team.

You just graduated from military school, so you couldn't make it to the field. But I wonder if that would have been a good thing.

Marshal Burnett is in that land, 'chosen' for the original Devil's Guide weapon.

As a result, we come to possess such monstrous powers as we do now. The kind of force that would eject a human a few kilometers away without the madness of dimensions and cause him to die instantly could be said to be the crystal of his ancestors' wisdom.

But she stopped getting old, as if to take that as a price.

The reason is now riddled with mystery.

What would have done to her if it had been the first magic weapon?

And what happens to her body if the first demon weapon supposedly dived into her body is removed?

If, on the contrary, she leaves it as it is, can she live for the next 100 or 200 years and live longer than the Elves and Dragons?

I don't know anything.

I'm sorry for her, but I don't see that state of immortality as the preferred one for me. The array is no longer beyond the framework of human beings.

That's why I consider it a good thing that you couldn't make it to that land. At the time, as was Marshal Burnett, if you were heading out for an investigation, you might have been the one who was chosen as the first weapon of exorcism.

I'm sorry, you're way out of line. Let's talk about the rest of Red Star's brilliance.

Even so, they actually have a lot to do with that phenomenon with the original exorcism weapon I've described so far.

Recently, in Lyaft Vulx, a giant demon-guided weapon was discovered.

This is a recent one, and it has also been found in the independent investigation of the Kingdom of Zephte Aria. Hence Elberia does not know about this.

Naturally, you don't either. Maybe they saw your face, which is a rare surprise.

… Demonic weapons are stored in a certain place. Sorry to get to the details, but I can't write them down.

And that demon-guided weapon had a mechanism to accumulate vast amounts of magic. It is difficult to accurately measure the amount of magic that can accumulate, but it is my guess that even a small estimate is enough to unleash what we now call "great magic".

No one is releasing great magic. At least, no one can use it in the Zefte Aria Kingdom.

I let magic go, too, but that's not like reaching the Great Magic Realm.

Historically, it is assumed that only Diruna, the ancestor of the magical powers, has been able to handle such a thing......

Whatever it is, what the hell did you want to do with so much power in it?

The weapon was initially aimed far beyond the horizon.

However, the aiming could be changed by activating a certain scheme.

It was - it was captured a long way from the sky.

Those of prehistoric civilization who feared by far too much the astronomical phenomenon of the brilliance of red stars.

And the first demonic guidance weapon they seem to have created, they can wear heaven as well.

What does this mean? I want you to think about the reason yourself now.

I'm not angry, but you're smarter than me, and you're smarter than me. It would be something closer to reality to the imagination you thought of than my reflection.

Ludio, I know why you called me at this time of year.

Are you going to join the Imperial Army in the battle against Rugal and Chiaro Diruna?

For that reason, the reason you brought it up is "Princess Death".

Perhaps you used other means to investigate his existence. [M]

Maybe you have far more information than I do and have a chilling feeling about a master who can't use this newsletter than I thought he would.

After all, I don't know anything about the existence of the Dead Princess. That's the answer.

But let me just say this.

Princess Death is beyond our imaginary dimension. Do you really believe that his decadent kingdom of Chiaro Diruna can be used?

Assuming there's such a phenomenal presence, there's nothing we can do in that country. Therefore, there is nothing to fear, and if you dare to say so, do not use it as a pretext to attack the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna.

I just want you to think that 'Death Princess' is only an ingredient for exploration to satisfy intellectual curiosity.

Even if it is mistaken, it must not be used as an instrument of politics or war.

There's more to me than that.

It is the bottomless malice of the living and the living.

It is the underlying cause of the war between Rugal and Chiaro Diruna that shows it.

In the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, the royal men who use numerous magic were found so indiscriminate that they could no longer even be called corpses.

The bodies of the royals, who would probably have been murdered in the middle of the meeting, were like chunks of meat in a mess. And on the long table that would have been used at the conference, a head that remained clean with one scratch was placed for the number of bodies.

In the Kingdom of Rugal, the King of the Beast God and his heirs, so resilient as to be no better than those who stood alongside him when it came to martial arts, were exposed to a body in which everything had lost its head, contrary to that of the royal family of magical powers. More than a dozen bodies lost the heads of the fierce warriors were lined up in the meadows. Horizontally. It's ridiculous, but it's a story that really happened. Shivering runs.

This battle between the Kingdom of Rugal and the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna is not about the Dead Princess. Something more obsessed and evil is intervening.

I don't even know who that is, but what I can say for sure is that there is still such a presence somewhere. I've never talked about my hair before.

So, Ludio. I just want you to stop intervening in the battle between the two countries at any cost.

Perhaps even if the Imperial Army were to join the war, it would not move the Mirdiana Army with you because of geographic issues.... although I wouldn't.

I don't really remember how many decades have passed since I stopped looking at your face.

But, you know, you're still my pretty apprentice. He's an irreplaceable apprentice. I will never forget your adorable and righteous face as a child. [M]

I mean you're smart. I don't believe you'll just imitate it like you run short, Ludio.

Next time, on my twist...

In the Commander-in-Chief's office in Mirdiana, a fireball appeared without sound and burned the letter down.

Lt. Gen. Ludio Lambert, commander-in-chief of the Mirdiana Territorial Army at the Half Elf who activated the operation, says as if he had no emotion whatsoever in the letter from the division he had not received in a long time.

"Counseling hurts, Master"

Lyudio, seated in his chair, muttered boringly as he poked his cheek wand at the table.

"But you have a heap of things you haven't told me yet. Just like me."

The lieutenant general of the half elf closed his eyelid and said as if he would miss the old days.

"I went to Zefte Aria alone and the time I spent with you was very meaningful and enjoyable. As a young man, I admired you innocently, encouraged you to train in magical guidance, and vigorously worked in the classroom as well. Maybe that's all I should have done."

Ludio goes on without having any emotions on his righteous face.

"As I continued my training, I convinced Zefte Aria... no, both the Empire and the surrounding countries had the darkness to cover all of it. Naturally His Majesty the Queen noticed about it, and you, though thin, were taking notice of it. It's not just the Mira bloodtide incident where His Majesty is trying to erase the record. That something more is hidden. I have to figure it out. Whatever you turn against your enemies."

His faceless expression remained unchanged, but a slight sigh leaked.

"More and more people hate the whole elf, including me. As it is, it could sooner or later create a crack between the Empire and Zephte Aria. That's why I have to move because I'm being celebrated as the five heroes."

At the end of the day, Ludio shrugged.

"Master, you are not a fool. He's very smart. However, I have a bad habit of turning away from things that are not convenient. That's all we're talking about. Thank you so much for your help... really."

At this time, Ludio still had no idea what was going on behind his country.

To the fact that disgust and hatred for the elves had increased in number and that those who tried to exploit their emotions had appeared.

At the end of the resentment, to the fact that there will be a crisis in this city called Mirdiana - and hence in the empire itself.