-Appearing characters from Chapter One


The protagonist of the book.

One of the seven pillars that support the Tenebrae demonic kingdom to be the highest demon god and called the Demon King.

He is the most powerful demonic king of them all, and it is he who dominates practically Tenebrae.

He looks extremely close to humans: long, dark hair, red eyes with slightly pointed ears.

The book begins where he was disgusted with boring routines.

Because it can also be a human form, you will go to the Empire in the form of quotes scattered around your beloved wives, blue-haired beautiful boys, which will be described later.


The way Lucifer, the protagonist of the book, turned into a human being.

He is a beautiful boy with blue hair and impressive eyes like emeralds. Usually refreshing, but occasionally the land leaves as the Demon King.

The powers of the Demon King are tremendously weakened because they are not like fitting into a vessel called a human being.

Still, there seems to be a degree of power that outweighs God's blessed and sheltered human beings, also known as God's angels.


First Lady of the main character. Ex-Angel Fallen Angel.

She is an adorable girl with long blonde hair and pure white wings.

A thousand years ago, when the army of angels attacked and defeated the demonic kingdom of Tenebrae, Lucifer liked and married him to get a seat called First Lady.

My personality is innocent, but from the side, I'm being sporadically told that I'm selfish, busy, unproductive, etc.

I'm pretty much at the moment I'm told, but as soon as time goes on, I'm not sure if it's the bulge coming from my status as First Lady, or if I'm a bit of an idiot.

Combat ability is extremely high, and no one else lives turning her against the enemy except the top species of the Demon Nation.


Third Lady of the protagonist. A former brave man from the Elberian Empire, a former human being. I am now a demigod, with the power of Lucifer.

Featuring silver-haired hair and dark purple eyes, she works as a maid even though she is a wife, taking advantage of the experience she once was a maid after being married after losing to Lucifer 500 years ago.

She's a very calm, fast head spinning talented woman, but a bit of a shame that when it comes to Lucifer, she gets all sorts of rampant.

He seems to dislike his own country, the Empire, for some reason, but as a directing and escort for his loving husband, he ended up following Lucifer by using a covert formula that could erase his appearance and signs.

Combat capability is off track, and he has enough skill to cut off the right arm of the alarmed Lumiel in a battle 500 years ago.

I don't seem to get along well with Lumiel, the First Lady, because that thing is pulling its tail.

Keith Lermit

From generation to generation, he inherited the power of the Holy Flame and was a man of the Count Lermit family.

A young man with red hair and a straight face, some serious and unfriendly aspects, but basically gentle.

He is usually quiet and sensible, but he is also a righteous man who cannot miss evil, and when fighting, he also shows his bloodthirsty spot.

When you have to fight with all your might, face your opponent with the fiery holy sword 'Ville Geeza'.

He also has a talent for witchcraft and is good at industry-inflammatory ceremonies that convert magic into flames.

Like Theodore, he enrolled in a military school in Mildiana. I am good at everything about swordsmanship, body and witchcraft, but I am confident in swordsmanship among them.

He was highly regarded by the dean for his strength and became a special student at the military school.

Rocha Cole Light

The last royal girl left in the Kingdom of Rugal. He is a fox beast man and is now the "Beast King".

She is only 15 years old and younger, and she is among the lowest of the beasts called the Fox Beast Man, but there is something very awesome about that power that has gained God's protection.

You will meet Theodore shortly before the start of the exam in the subject of physical surgery for the entrance exam.

The exam seems to use overwhelming force to keep others away and fight Theodore at the end of the day......?

He was later highly regarded by the dean for his strength and became a special student at the military school.

Chaura Brannage

Girl from the Kingdom of Rugal.

She said her blood muscles were born white in body and hair and were called the people of the White Wolf. It seems there were times when the Brannage family was royal......

Currently, as a slave to Rocha, she has been used and treated with all sorts of things, but she looks extremely satisfied in person.

I'm obsessed with a girl who likes to root and is cute.

And a hell of a daughter with a bad mouth and attitude as if she were inversely proportional to her appearance.

We were tested for body surgery together because we are also the guards of the Lord, Rocha.

Good grades on the entrance exam and will later be a special student.


A dragon boy from the Elberian Empire.

It features very rare silver eyes and dark, blurred hair.

For this reason, I rarely look like a dragon clan, and I usually look like a little boy.

I'm 15 years old, but I've been made fun of many times before because I only look about 12.

but basically those who know who he is don't touch that point. What happens if you touch it is because it is more obvious than seeing fire.

Its neutral face and luxurious body may seem like a girl, depending on what you look at it, but the bad mouth is equal to or more than Shaura.

Achieve what can be considered a feat in a way: take the magic exam first and destroy the exam venue….

He will later be recognized for his strength and will be a privileged student.

If there is a real battle or an imminent crisis in himself, his body will be a silver dragon, wielding an overwhelming power.


Elf girl.

Because of their adorable appearance, they often seem to have a good impression from around them to treat them in a bright manner without separation from anyone.

But he is also some mysterious girl with many mysteries, back to back with such superficial elements.

And very carnivorous. You seem to take an active approach to the person you prefer.

It looks like Theodore was chosen as its target, but it doesn't just seem to be the reason that he liked him.

I'm the best at restorative techniques among sorceries, but it seems I can also unleash aggressive procedures with tools that aid in procedures such as canes.

She was also chosen as a privileged student.

Anything, you have a big secret, or you're not here?

Lieutenant General Ludio Lambert

As president of the Elberian Imperial Southern Mirdiana Territorial Army School, he is also a lieutenant general of the Elberian Imperial Army, the half elf.

He has a very neat face, calm in the waist and gentle towards everyone, but the emotions he shows from time to time make him feel something black.

One of five heroes who did much in the war between the Xenan dragon kingdom and the Elberian Empire earlier. It's the corner of the five heroes.

It is said that no one in the Empire is better than he when it comes to exorcism.

I met Theodore in the first chapter of the book and he seems to appreciate his prowess highly.

It shows interest in those who have strength or have something to see, but there seems to be an aspect of indifference when it comes to those who have no characteristics whatsoever.

Queen Einlana Kilfiniska

The current queen of the country where the elves live, the kingdom of Zephte Aria, in the southern part of the Elberian Empire.

older than 500, but with a look like a girl.

For a certain purpose, you will go to Mirdiana in the Elberian Empire, where you will meet Theodore and others.


As of Chapter 1, there is no name, only a maid appearing as a testimonial to Lumiel, who is being plunged while leaving a message in the Devil Nation.

It's quiet, but poisonous tongue. Small and luxurious, but extremely capable of combat, it is the true ancestor of an extremely high vampire.

More than 1500 years ago, he seemed to be more grammatical than the current Lucifer (protagonist), who was not even royal yet, but now a maid of honor who cares for him and manages the palace.

He has also been with Lucifer longer than the Third Lady and is a good understander to him.

The name will be revealed for the first time in two chapters, and there will be a slight increase in turnouts to move from mob to sub.

You seem to hate the first lady, Lumiel, and your response to her runs out of spicy words.

I actually have a strong fondness for Lucifer secretly, but I rarely seem to put that emotion on the table.


One of the seven pillars that support Tenebrae to be the highest demon god and called the Demon King.

He looks like a human old man, and he has a very disastrous temper. but that doesn't seem to be what it is either.

In magic guidance, we are told that we do not have the same power as a genuine Lucifer.

Seems to have the power to foresee anything called 'Chirii Eye', but the details are unknown.

Admiral Claude Duras

A masterpiece so overwhelmingly active that it did not allow other followers in the Great War waged by the Elberian Empire and the Xenan Dragon King earlier.

He has the strength to jump through one of the top five heroes, and he's the only one who points to one and is called the 'Great Hero'.

He is also the most powerful man of humanity allowed to wield the Divine Sword Revistra, with the protection of Orphelia, the Great Goddess of Genesis.

In Chapter 1 it was a face-to-face role, but in Chapter 2 his presence becomes the axis of the story.

Duke. He is a soldier and his rank is general.

Lucifer is the protagonist of the table, and Claude is the protagonist behind it. It's an extremely important being like that. (Normally the opposite is true)

-Appearing Characters from Chapter Two

Nastasha Duras

Claude's wife.

I am familiar with myths, history, heritage, folklore, etc. from various countries.

For some reason, he became deceased.

There is just a rush in the preamble...... it may not be.

Charlotte Duras

daughter of the Duke of Duras family.

Blue-haired, innocent girl. And the Divine Angel. Ever since I wasn't even 10 years old, I've been pounding out trained military men.

One thing prompts me to be trapped in vengeance and to conceive of madness in its innocence.

Seems like she would strongly like to be reunited with her mother because she could be a ghost or even a ghost......


One of the seven pillars that support Tenebrae to be the highest demon god and called the Demon King. He is also the head of the Succubus.

She looks like a beautiful girl with peachy hair and can't seem to tell her from a normal human being.

I admire Lucifer, and when I call him "my you," he sets up temptations from time to time. I'm a horny devil, so I'm good at it around here.

As a demonic, I am moderate and do not prefer war. but its combat ability is very high.

A glimpse of one side of it will be possible by the past that Lucifer has spoken abruptly about in certain parts of the two chapters.

Her lovable and dangerous appearance of colored incense is tentative and seems to be nothing but true......

Ensign Clarice Frestier

One daughter of the Duke of Frestier, the famous family of the Empire.

By a special provision, he is also a soldier who is already in the rank of Ensign while a student at a military school. He leads "Frestier Platoon".

While still a student of the military school, he is a divine angel with extraordinary powers and his strength surpasses that of Mildiana's privileged students as well.

There is an atmosphere that doesn't bring people together, partly because of its overly serious personality and its constantly difficult face, but there is actually a very gentle and caring side to it and it is also a girl who has serious (nasty) trust from her subordinates and residents.

But you seem to be causing yourself to be so chronic that you don't realize it yourself because you already have no one but Claude who has the power to exceed you.

Excellent at handling demon guided guns, but it is the snake-bellied sword that amplifies the power of thunder called the Holy Sword 'Seps Eclail' that is her true weapon.


Little girl with purple hair knitted.

She is very cheerful and laughs a lot, she is liked by everyone because of her nostalgic personality.

It's hard to imagine from that adorable look, but I like unmatched warfare. You think you have an unparalleled interest in the strong?

I travel around as an adventurer and as of Chapter 2, I seem to be staying in the castle fort city of Granden.

The weapon she deals with is a fine sword called 'Mair Viper', but it doesn't seem to be just a sword......


Skinny and long dressed in black. A suspicious man who also covers his mouth.

Toto's other side.

Always remain silent and cold about toto trying to be intimate.

Unlike Toto, who has no eyes for delicious food, he looks like a predator.

His weapon is the Great Sword called 'Redo Mescuole'. You think this weapon isn't just a sword again?

Empress Rezan Growe

Currently, a woman with the strongest power in the Kingdom of Rugal without the Beast God King. Lion Beast Man.

Originally, the position of 'Empress' did not exist in the Kingdom of Rugal, but I dare to name the Empress to bring together the bloody Beastmen.

Did you prepare a different name because "Beast King" was taken over by Rocha, the last remaining royal blood muscle?

In battle, you expose your fierceness and treat your men harshly, but you are inherently a kind woman.

Though he is a fine divine angel, he seems very concerned about Rocha and Shaura, who are still children......


I am from the Kingdom of Rugal. Tiger Beast Man.

Lezan's deputy, and as a beast man, he seems very rare and deeply interested in witchcraft and the history of nations.

It gives the impression that it has a floating personality and no grasp......

He also seems to have considerable strength from the fact that he is the empress's deputy and the queen's cauldron.


Girl wearing long dark hair and black frilled dress enough to attach to the ground and black boots.

She is Lucifer's Second Lady and originally seems to be a human from the Empire......?

It has a lovely appearance, but its blackening appearance should keep the person you see away from nature.

But she captivates anyone with the kindness and inclusiveness that surrounds it all.

I don't care what they look like, and no matter how ugly they touch me, I won't lose that tenderness.

A woman who is recognised as a 'demonic woman' through the royal Belzebub, where the demon king of seven pillars is one of us.

When it comes to magic guidance, he has comparable knowledge and magic to the royal family of Tenebrae.

Combat abilities are unknown, but the ability to use magic about 'time' and 'space', which supposedly enables those who can handle all the rituals equally across seven lineages to touch one end for the first time, makes them appear to have shameless strength in the title of Second Lady of the Most Powerful Demon King.


A maid serving the Duke of Duras house.

Combat ability is high and good at handling demon guided guns.

In the battle against the former kingdom of the Xenan dragon, it seems that there are times when he ran through the battlefield with Claude.

A woman who is quiet and always leans close to Charlotte. You're good at forgiving selfish Charlotte, but you think you have a complicated mindset about the presence of a girl who is no longer capable of surpassing herself?

It has a difficult atmosphere to get close to, but the roots are gentle.

Major General Lafielle Balhaus

I am from the Xenan Dragon Kingdom. There is one Four Dragons General, also known as the Princess Dragon General.

I am now invited to the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, a magical power, as a general.

She's a very adorable girl, and when she sees the weak and the abused, she can't seem to leave them alone. They also seem to be called "Virgins" by such people.

But it is rumored that no one has seen her fighting straight away, who is supposed to be a general.

It is now a mystery as to why such a girl was promoted as a general in the Xenan Dragon King kingdom, home to a formidable dragon clan.

It should be noted that the sacramental ceremonies she handles are so advanced that they are powerful enough to heal even wounds that are close to fatal wounds...

Marshal Fester Braham

From the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, a magical power. I am commander-in-chief of the Royal Army.

He has a very brutal personality, and in his head there always seems to be a whirlpool of electorate ideas.

Most of those who can handle the devil's guidance in the Royal Army can see verses that are heartbroken by him.

They can use mighty magic, but the details are riddled with mystery.

Often, it seems to conflict with Lafielle, who is invited as a passenger general.

Admiral Rudolf Berger

I am from the Xenan Dragon Kingdom. Four Dragon Generals is one and is called "Dailung General".

He is a man with a large, resilient body. Though it has tremendous strength, it looks like a human for once......?

He is a dragon cavalry who fights on his partner, the Red Fei Dragon, and has considerable resistance to magic, such as taking mighty sorcery with his weapon and disabling it.

In the battle between the Xenan dragon kingdom and the Elberian Empire earlier, it seems a famous story to have used Xenan's Aerial Moving Fortress Draig.

As a result, it seems deeply related to Ludio, the corner of the five heroes who destroyed that drag.


One of the seven pillars that support Tenebrae to be the highest demon god and called the Demon King.

She looks like a human girl about 12 years old and is characterised by a costume like a witch outfit.

She is also the head of the Necromancer, who hates battle the most of the 7-pillar Demon Kings and wants peace.

I usually spend some time quietly in a place called The Necromancer's Palace, but you think I sometimes head out to Lucifer's Palace to talk to an intimate Gisele?

He looks like a weak girl, but the height of combat ability that resides in him is shown in one scene in the second half of two chapters.

There is a past that was plagued by destructive impulses that threaten the demonic tribe, whose mind is always unstable behind the back of a personality that favours serenity.

Nor does she seem to be a human being by nature......

Marshal Darius Severan

Commander-in-Chief of the Northern Territory of the Erberian Imperial Army. He is the only person who deserves the unique title of 'Grand Marshal'.

A corner of the five great heroes who accomplished so much in the battle between the Xenan dragon kingdom and the Elberian Empire earlier.

Over 70 and older, but if you look at the muscular flesh and overwhelming combat abilities, everyone will often feel that trivial.

He is good at handling thunder, as he is called "The Righteous General."

With your right arm you can wield the Holy Thunder Axe "Full Merrio Zarnitsua", which further enhances the power of that thunder, and from your left arm you can unleash shelling by the first demonic weapon integrated with your arm.

He is a great excellence not only in force, but also in magic.

You intervene in the battle between the kingdoms of Chiaro Diruna and Rugal to throw yourself on the front lines and fight...

Marshal Mireille Burnett

He is the commander-in-chief of the eastern realm of the Elberian Empire and the corner of the five great heroes who achieved so much in the battle between the Xenan dragon kingdom and the Elberian Empire earlier.

She is such a beautiful woman that she is supposedly least suited to the battlefield, but her combat abilities are unknown.

It seems to be possible to wear the body of an enemy a few kilometers away without the madness of dimensions, but that is only one end of the power hidden in her.

She can't imagine from that beauty, but she's in the sync of Marshal Severan (70 +).

It is rumored that as a result of the incorporation of the original demonic guidance weapon into the body, it has become immortal, but the truth is uncertain.

Like Marshal Severan, she will also intervene in the battle between the Chiaro Rugal countries.

Marshal Gilligan

A figure who was appreciated in the battle between the Xenan Dragon King and the Elberian Empire and later became one of the five great heroes.

Details unknown.