The mansion of Claude Duras, the great hero who protects the Elberian Empire's western Grand Territory.

One night, Nastasha whispered in a good mood as she stared at Charlotte as she fell asleep on the bed.

"Hey, my Charlotte? It's usually time to talk to me, but is it a good day already?

The figure of a blue-haired girl sleeping easily was very adorable.

Girl with a smile on her mouth to see if she's even having some fun dreaming as she leans back, putting the blanket aside.

Though driven by the desire to stare forever, I thought I'd have to make sure the girl didn't catch a cold first.

To keep things from making noise, she slowly blanketed her and then gently kissed that defenseless looking girl's cheek, and Nastasha turned her heels back.

One step. I took the walk, that's when.


"Ha ha!?

Something stormed from behind and Nastasha managed to indulge in screaming and about to fall - looking down at the blue-haired girl hugging her body, pulling off the girl with the rubbing and cheeks, and lowering her down to the floor.

And then he bends his knees to gaze at such a girl and asks Charlotte, who is smiling lovingly with only a slight glimpse.

"Charlotte? What do you do all of a sudden?

"I was trying to surprise my mother!

Girl giggling back at him.

To that attitude, which is too innocent, Nastasha says with a sigh of "already" but holding the girl tight.

"I thought your heart would pop out of your mouth. Because of Charlotte, my mother would have been called to heaven."

Hearing that word, Charlotte says just a little lonely.

"Ugh... sorry, Mother. I just wanted to leave my mother alone for a moment..."

Nastasha strokes her daughter's head okay as she forcefully hugs the girl who is about to cry.

"Heh, it's okay. I'm not mad at you. Charlotte's fondness for flirting is not something that started now. I'm so energetic. You're my favorite, aren't you?

"... really?

"Yeah. But you can't do things that make people mad at you for flirting, can you? Promise to your mother. Right?"


I lay him in bed with a girl hugging him forcefully, and I go into bed myself.

Then, as usual, Charlotte just asked curiously.

"Hey, Mother. What are you gonna tell me today?

"Hmmm...... yeah. I wonder what's bothering my mother right now. I want you to know if there's anything good about it."

I have heard many myths and inheritances, but it also keeps getting less and less talkative when it goes on like every day.

Besides, this girl has good memory. As soon as Nastasha begins to talk like a new story about something she hasn't spoken in a year, the girl tips her neck.

You've heard that before, haven't you?

Nastasha, who unexpectedly roars, needless to say used a tremendous amount of effort to select the content of the story for the day.

The moment I took the time to remember and start talking about the other love of the lake in the woods of the Elf Country, Charlotte nodded yeah twice and stopped responding.

Looking at what was going on, Charlotte was completely asleep with her face buried in Nastasha's chest -

I completely forgot about the legacy until now.

I thought I'd do that for this evening's story, but unfortunately the content is short, and it would be a lack of excitement for this young and savvy girl.

Charlotte also grew.

Shall we talk about something that we have never dared to hear before?

Because this girl won't be too scared to sleep by the content of the story.

"Hey, Charlotte. You know about Elf Country, don't you?

"Zephte Aria! There's a beautiful queen, there's a titty forest, there's a beautiful lake, there's a spirit... hmm? There's plenty of elves!

"Hehe, right. Like that. Well, the queen felt more adorable than pretty."

"? What story?

"Nothing. Tonight, let's talk about the myths that will be passed down to that country. The title is" The Queen of Elves and the Twin Evil Gods. "

"Ho ho..."

Charlotte with such a subtle voice that I admire, that I don't quite understand.

Nastasha speaks as she gently strokes her daughter's head.

"Once upon a time, the kingdom of the elves flourished greatly. The abundance of natural grace and clear and beautiful water, the protection of the spirits, and the blessings of their goddess, the goddess of charity, Mysteria Tisti, gently surrounded the elves."


"But a creeper emerged from the shadow of such glory. They were two pillars of God, which later became known as the Double Evil God. But unlike the beauty of the world and the Lord God, his immense body rotted everywhere, and his bones protruded from everywhere, and he smelled a terrible stench that poked his nose."


Charlotte, who would have thought of the elegant appearance of the glamorous elves, gave a bewildered voice imagining the appearance and smell of a spooky evil god who suddenly appeared.

"The twin evil gods possessed the power of corrosion and quickly corrupted beautiful great forests and lakes. Their demand was to sacrifice Elf's beautiful daughter. The elves persuade such evil gods, but they will rot the land unless their demands are accepted, and eventually swallow the entire kingdom of the elves with the power of corrosion."

"... are you rotten...?

"Let's see. The rotten body of the evil god naturally has flies...... kohon. Shall we continue our conversation?"


Charlotte said, "Why did you talk like that!" He turns his protest eyes silently.

I continued the conversation, stroking her to forgive her like that.

"The elves were made to realize so much that they didn't like that they were powerless. That's one of the big reasons because the influence of the goddess of charity they worship permeates the whole elf, making it difficult to hurt the other person. But with all due respect, the range of corrosion has widened... and the elves have finally decided to offer their sacrificial daughter."

"... poor thing"

"The beautiful elf daughters were sacrificed, and their relatives and fiancées were returned for trying to defeat the Evil God. Those days went on for years, and the people of the elves were exhausted, and the country could perish without the power of corrosion. The queen of the elves finally asked the Lord God for 'strength'"


"... yes. The power to defeat anyone. That was like never wishing for the Lord God against whom you hated contention, but you can't say that if you look at the tragedy of the country. Sometimes things aren't just beautiful."

Charlotte clouded her expression just a little sadly.

"The Queen of Elves only spent years praying, and - by the Lord God - was given a bow. It is also different from the Divine Sword, it is also a divinely created bow, now called the Divine Bow (Shinku). With it, the Queen decided to lead the army to crusade the twin evil gods."

"So what?

"With numerous sacrifices, the twin evil gods, who continue to take the blow of the divine bow all by themselves, will crumble its rotten body. But the elves didn't know that evil gods had a nucleus that they said would make their existence manifest in the world."

Charlotte listens to the heirloom.

Nastasha continues to tell as if to lead the story to an end.

"Even if that body collapses, the Evil Gods will regenerate as long as there is a nucleus. Realizing that, the Elf Queen shoots through the nucleus of the twin evil gods by squeezing her enduring power - as it were, she fell to her full strength. And the evil gods were also ejected from the nucleus, finally decaying without being able to regenerate their bodies."


"Well, that might have been nice."

To answer her daughter's questions, Nastasha spoke of the end.

"Everyone mourned and grieved at the death of the Queen of Elves, but also spared the worst of the collapse of the Kingdom of Zephte Aria by leaving the threat of corrosion of the Evil God. But the twin evil gods told us this before their bodies collapsed completely." Corrosion won't end, "he said."

"Yeah, yeah. So?"

"Let's not talk about it, okay?

"What...! Why not! How can you not stop rotting when Mr. Evil God is gone?... Oh, but the Elves' country isn't rotten right now!

Nastasha shrugs as she smiles at Charlotte as she desperately tries to swallow the situation.

"If you dare to talk about it at a later date, then the royals of the elves are always on guard against the evil gods being resurrected, or are they not there?

"Why are you so nasty -!! What was the cancer of Shinged Elf Queen?!?

"Because I don't know anything more than that."

Looking at Nastasha's attitude, Charlotte swelled her cheeks.

"Something will happen again!"

"Ugh. Maybe sleeping in a boring mood isn't too bad every once in a while, huh?

"My mother's mean!!

As I refrained from Charlotte pounding me on the chest, she gradually became unable to resist the temptation to sleep, or faintly weakened and fell asleep.

Nastasha shrugs as she slaps that back in the face.

"- The power of corrosion is not yet known to decay. The royal seal has already lost its power, and the evil gods will be resurrected not so far away."

Sigh as you look in the direction of the Elf country far away.

"Using the power of the Divine Bow didn't even lead to crusade. And the power of corrosion that lasts more than 1000 years. How could Nanica, the evil god with terrible power, have attacked the land of the elves?"

"In the first place," Nastasha muttered.

"How could anyone with such power have manifested themselves? The power of its corrosion can be said to be the opposite of the power of nature that supported the elves. What was the evil god who appeared as if he were jealous of the elves' glory and tried to destroy it"

Nastasha looked at the sleeping face of her sleeping beloved daughter.

"The threat to the elves went beyond corrosion by the evil gods alone, and 500 years ago there was an outbreak of the celestial demon that originated in the manufacture of" Shizuku of the End "by the" Mira Blood Tide Incident ". And sooner or later..."

Nastasha exhales and strokes Charlotte in a worrying manner.

"... that big forest is such a beautiful place. One day, I want to go with that guy, Charlotte and my three. I hope not."

My beloved husband is not coming home today. It won't be impossible because the military hasn't settled down yet.

Even though I knew it in my heart, I felt it was kind of very meticulous, and Nastasha couldn't leave Charlotte's side for a while after that.