Granden, western land of the Elberian Empire.

Military school classes had resumed as early as possible in the land, which had been badly damaged by the earlier wars.

When I spent some boring time after school, I left the main entrance of the military school and rolled out all over the city.

While studying for a short time from the Mirdiana Territorial Military School in the South, it was almost time for us special students to return.

That said, Rocha and Shaura went to their country, which is a battlefield, and Keith left when he said he was headed to the Imperial Capital, where his own home was located, so there would be only three back home.

I tend to get really quiet without those noisy beast daughters and Keith, who is usually also the only commonsense student in the privilege.

Although Julian is still pouring blood into his exploration of the Devil's Guide, he seemed to be disgusted early on by the low level of magic in the land.

And he realized that I was a demon. Liz and I often face each other as before, but it's somewhere approximate.

I don't think she's ever been so skinny before. I miss the smile you show me. [M]

I walked into an alley in the street towards her. [M]

"Hey, Clarice. Where are we going next?


An elf girl with long stretches of deep greenery was holding hands and talking brightly with the girl with her blonde hair tied to her right, wrapped around her military school uniform.

But when it comes to the blonde girl of the day, her heart is not here and her gait is somewhere. It's like if Liz let go of her connected hand, she'd sit on the spot perfectly weak.

"Clarice, any place you want? I'd like you to show me where to keep it."

"... excuse me..."

"Mmm... even if they apologize there... Look, look, we met when we had to go back to Mirdiana. I just want to make memories and stuff because I can only talk to Clarice a little later..."

Liz looked badly bewildered by Clarice's whining just to be pulled away with her muggled eyes.

It was long after the recent incident in which a group of "Necromancers" broke into the city and joined the "Rift of Dimensions" created by the destruction of all the great crystals that had rested in the Temple of the Grand Territory by the mighty Angel of God.

The influence of Tenebrae's royalty coming out of that rift with one of our pillars, "Satan," and the failures and thoughts of the demonic conductor creature, not only moved the Empire, but also King Zenan Dragon.

A squadron-sized dragon cavalry led by General Rudolph Berger, who bears the name 'General Dailong' as one of the four dragon generals in that country, collided with a Frestier platoon led by Clarice, who disagreed in his treatment of Satan, slaughtering all but her men.

Shortly afterwards, General Claude Duras, the greatest hero of the Elberian Empire, became the guardian of this Granden who rushed to the scene, destroying the troops led by General Dailong. The Great Dragon General Berger fled the ordeal and returned to the Dragon King's kingdom.

Afterwards - Lena intervened and clashed with General Duras, who was watching her go into the clash between the runaway Satan and General Duras.

I tried to stop Satan's onslaught, my former ally... and was succeeded by Gisele's help to my Second Lady, who eventually fell asleep in Tenebrae for a long time.

By her power, once I returned from the human body to the body of the demon god, I returned to Tenebrae after rendering Satan incapable of combat.

In the meantime, I made Carla, the vampire of my true ancestors, make a perfect copy of my appearance and memory and entrust him with the surveillance of the land.

According to a report from her after the assignment, Clarice is not in such a state that she is mentally upset and able to move very decently, although it is her body that is not injured.

Liz apparently was distracted to cook Clarice's meal and take her all over the city as she helped rebuild the city.

They also included Rocha and the Shauras before returning to their country, but the results don't seem to be fragrant.

You can call it the worst ending I or General Duras thought.

Its generals are now being pursued by reconstruction work and the military, too, and there is no room for Clarice to devote her time.

Kara told me about him discussing it with her only once, but then she didn't even seem to be face-to-face.

I went in front of Liz and Clarice sitting on the street stairs.

Liz reacts tingly.

"Oh, and, Theo-kun... what have you done?

"You don't have to be so outspoken, Liz. Because I didn't come here to take you and eat. Clarice, are you okay?


Even looking at me, Clarice leaned over with almost no reaction.

"Hey, Theo-kun. All right?

Liz gets up and walks up and forces me to grab my wrist and move to a little further away before I say.

"Already, Theo-kun idiot......!

"Suddenly, what happened?"

"How do I look at that it looks ok......!? Now I have to make you forget about that case and cheer you up a little bit, right?

I watched Liz with a natural, cold look. [M]

"Does a soldier distract you from the outcome of the war?

"Huh! That's... Clarice is a soldier or still a student at a military school...!

"She's a fine soldier given the title Ensign. Being enrolled in a military school is only a measure of General Duras. I'm only being made to experience leading people by imitating teachers at school because I'm in a position to have subordinates, and I'm well equipped to fight"

"Theo-kun, what are you trying to say?

"Looks like you're about to lose one of your men. It's not for the military."

Liz flattens my cheek - I grabbed her wrist on the verge.

"... sucks, Theo-kun"

"What do you want?

"Theo-kun may be right.... Well, if it's a war, a lot of my men will die, and I may not remember how many more of my men are in positions like General Duras, but I may have had that experience."

Liz said as she let tears seep through her eyes just a little bit.

"Clarice is still inexperienced! I'm not like a big hero, and I'm not as cool as I am scared as you are! I knew this kind of feeling wasn't human or elf..."

Liz, with blood rising on her head, groaned pompously as if she had been silent there.

"... hands, without"

When I shut up and let Liz go of her wrist, she said so at first.

"... sorry. Teo-kun, I'm sorry. I said too much. I'm so sorry...... But Clarice..."

"That's okay, Liz."

As Liz turned in the direction of her voice, there was a figure of Clarice sitting unattended.

"All...... Theodore is right, so"

"Clarice......!? Oh, oh, I'm sorry...... never mind the exchange now"

"Excuse me, Liz. Makes me care... I'm fine now..."

"Where! Clarice is the one who cares!? Rest for now? Right?"

Total annihilation of my men.

Besides, I saw where it was massacred, so I can't even do it.

Besides, no matter how talented Clarice was, she's only a child. Without actual combat experience, naturally this is the first time I've had experience like getting my men killed.

But I kept my mouth open by accident.

"Clarice. Just for a minute, I guess."


"You can say that the death of a subordinate is something everyone experiences if they are military personnel. If you're as promising in the future as you are, don't worry. [M] You mustn't take your eyes off it."

Liz is staring at me, but don't worry about it.

"I hear that the Duke of Frestier family is a famous house among the empires. If you weren't in a position like you are now, you'd already be here for one or two of your friendships. If you don't think you're suitable for military personnel, it's probably not a bad idea to retire and go home."


"Teo-kun! Please, don't push Clarice any further...!

Turning Clarice to Liz, I said. [M]

"Liz, you're really sweet. But irresponsible kindness doesn't work for them."

"Mm, not irresponsible..."

"We'll be back in Mirdiana soon. After that, you can't leave Clarice alone."

"So, that's why you're relieved!?

"You could say that. Besides, I don't deserve to comfort you with Clarice in the first place."

Was it a word that I hadn't expected, Liz exposed her anger even though she was severely upset.

"How can you be qualified to comfort me!?

"Did Liz ever kill one of her men in front of herself?

"... but"

"In Liz and Clarice, we're in different positions and everything. Your words will not reach Clarice."

…… Well, then, Teo-kun... Teo-kun, you've never been through that before... "

"I don't think so. That's why I don't comfort her. I'm just stating my thoughts."

I lied.

My men - for me, the experience of the demon king's death is rotten. He who faces his teeth has done so many times with this hand.

Liz gets more and more passionate about my words like that... but I told Clarice not to look at me anymore.

"Clarice. Go? Never mind what Theo says..."

"... Liz. It's okay now...... so. Could you leave me alone for a moment?"

"Oh, uh, yeah......! I'm sorry, that was so loud."

"No... glad you cared..."

Liz looked at me with a sad look on her face as Clarice whispered quietly... and walked away without saying anything.

Dropping it off, Clarice slowly walks over and stands in front of me.

"... Theodore"


"It seems that because of me... Liz and I have made a mistake, and I am sorry..."

"I just meant it. It's not like you care."

"... don't feel bad about her. Think of me... because it's true that you've always been clear and grateful..."

"Of course. I don't feel bad about it. She's very attractive... although she's still young."

Liz's devotional kindness......

Is it something you can be nice to someone you haven't known for a while?

Most importantly, my wife Gisele is very kind to everyone. Even if that's who you're dealing with as soon as you meet. But that's not for comparison.

Gisele is human, but not human. Her inclusiveness in captivating anything can also be described as the very essence of her arrival after more than hundreds of years.

Instead of humans, at the end of a long time when even an elf can't reach it, it can be said that there is a present girlfriend.

The kindness of Gisele and Liz looks similar and is actually something completely different.

"Clarice. Are you going to continue with the military? It's not a strange way to put it, but I don't think it's gonna affect your position if you fail to do so much."

"... I don't know, I don't. What to do, nothing."

"You're cute and smart, so I'm sure you can do it well even if you choose your lady's path."

"... all I can do is fight study, My parents have always been mad at me for not being good at dancing, practicing playing instruments, etc. and throwing them out often..."

Clarice, mocking herself, looked away somewhere, remembering those days.

This is unexpected. I assumed Clarice could do anything without it, but is there an area I don't like?

Silence continues.

Not that I have anything to think about either, but let's not go on any further now.

But just one last word.

"I don't blame you for being driven to blame. But I guess those who admired Clarice and scattered them on the battlefield don't want to see you like that."

"... eh"

This is just a thought.

It's just that once upon a time... I was told this by someone who was fatally wounded in front of me.

"May you continue to be honorable in unifying the Demon Nation" -.

I kind of remembered that time.

"Then that's what I'm talking about. It's time for me to leave. You want me to send you one, too?

"... I'm a little more alone"

"Oh well. See you later."

I turned my heel back and left.

Dorms at military schools in Granden. In that private room - while I slept in bed, I was putting an arm pillow on my loving wife and stroking her hair.

Combine the beautiful silver hair and ask the girl as she indulges in the feeling and the sweet fragrance that drifts slightly.

"Lena. I'm going back to Mirdiana again... will you follow me"

Half an hour passed since Lena stopped talking about anything, with her arms around my neck and a hug.

It's unusual for Lena, who usually whispers sweetly or exhales in her ears, to do nothing.

That's all, I guess I have something to think about. From the battle with General Duras earlier, I was so inclined to plug him in.

Giselle seems to have settled down a lot in a situation I can't help but forgive.

When she was thinking that, Lena groaned pompously.

"I, Lucifer, am worthy of your help."

Shutting up and urging ahead, Lena made her embrace stronger and then shrugged.

"Do you think I'm qualified to be beside you from now on...?

A fine voice.

Lena is more intelligent and sober than that. He's calm in the way he talks, but he doesn't usually speak like this. There is also a weakness.

I feel somewhat like Clarice I saw earlier. Think of it, there is a very similar part in that both that girl and Lena are serious.

I tell Lena.

"Naturally. Because you are my loving wife. Stay by my side."

"... is it true? Lucifer, Lucifer...!

Lena has made her embrace stronger.

I laugh all the time and take it gently.

... My body screamed a little.

No, wait, don't... you just put a little effort into it and you know enough that this human body can bounce and fly.

"Dear Lucifer, I admire you! Please keep me company forever!

"Huh!? Gu...... Lena......"

"Ha-ha-hoo, I will continue to refine so that I can behave as the wife of my supreme Lord!

I can tighten my body tightly to the sweetening Lena.

Have you been impressed and forgotten to add or subtract power, this guy...!

Not if you are enjoying the sweet smell of Lena or the feeling of her busty chest.

"Wait......! Relax, Lena...... humbu"

I was forcefully deprived of my lips.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Needless to say, I was framed several times this day with broken ribs and spine between excited Lena and settling down.