The whole city of Granden had been held hostage by certain rumors.

He said, 'The angel has descended! ".

... to the boulder, it would mean that Lumiel's appearance has that much influence.

Many may have seen her in a disturbance in Mirdiana, but there were other creatures that had produced pure white wings at that time - mass outbreaks of heavenly demons filling the sky all the time.

Therefore, even a poor girl with a distinctly different atmosphere did not make a great deal of noise about whether she was thought to be like the Heavenly Devil.

Rumor has it that the tail is lacerated.

"The angels became great heroes and exorcised the dragon cavalry of the Dragon King's kingdom" but "Thanks to the angels, the Necromancers were purified and miraculously recovered by the soldiers who were subjected to demonic art ceremonies"...

Some make it up at all, and don't be alarmed because only some of it is true intersecting.

Nevertheless, if that's all, there's nothing wrong with it.

None of the rumors even mentioned the relationship between me and Lumiel.

But those who saw it up close are suspicious...

Time zone for the sunset to illuminate the castle fort city. I sat in the library chair at the military school and left my face out of the silver-eyed boy staring at me from across the table.

"Hey, what the hell?"

"... because you don't believe the claim that me and 'her' are like allies."

"Ha. A quote that was half-killed in Mirdiana and taken away somewhere, if you notice it, is that him and his allies? You idiot, take a rest."

It's not a half-kill. He died once... Just remembering what it was then makes me feel so bitter.

But you can't explain the actual relationship between me and Lumiel. No, even if I did, that would seem like the most ridiculous excuse.

"That kid named Lumiel is my first lady," he said. Is that a lie from a 4-year-old? Even at that young age, a smart kid can spit a better lie, right?... and it seems so.

I also recall how awesome it was to ask questions from everyone after returning from Mirdiana.

Of course, it would be natural to worry because they were taken by the likes of angels who didn't know what to do.

Until the end, the only one who didn't show any apprehension about what happened to me that was taken away was that white bodied girl-loving wolf beast daughter. That's as clear as it gets.

From such chaura,

"How far have you gone with that angelic child?

He said, "You didn't attack him, did you? Oh, but I don't know if that's because it was a power difference that just blew me away so lightly.... Wait, so you're saying the other way around that you were humiliated by that cute kid? Envy!! '

"Tell Me More About Angel Sexy Belts"

It was a terrible question to even think about now.

Just to the last question I've heard with a serious look: "Root of the Wings. Not to the right, but to the left" I squirmed with a sleigh.

Blurry reminder of how she was eagerly listening as she became more obsessed and waving her tail than any classroom in seating.

And this time again, Kara tells me that the question blame from Shaura was amazing.

After finishing the assignment of replacing me, Kara said something to such a werewolf girl.

"Isn't that beast tribe daughter named Shaura a porn monster or something? Lumiel, I think you and I are in a good mood. You can take her to Tenebrae and throw her into a cage with the chickens and make her a livestock."

If not even as a slave to Rocha, Shaura is likely to embrace it as a delight to receive such a setup.

Whether or not you put it in a cage, Lumiel and I are going to feel good about it.

and so on, said Julian, a silver-eyed boy, when his thoughts flew in a slightly crappy direction.

"Are you from Lesta Flora?


Leaning her neck after a slightly unexpected question, Julian says as she scratches her blush brunette.

"It's not sober, it's the holy kingdom of Restaflora. There's the great goddess Orphelia as the main goddess, and above all, he would worship 'angels'."

"Oh...... speaking of which, I would have"

The holy kingdom of Lestaflora is a small country in the north of Tenebrae demonic kingdom, the domain of our demons.

But even when it comes to small countries, the national power of that country becomes considerable.

Finance moisturizes with the export of precious resources specific to that country, and the power of monks and soldiers, which is a necessity of military power, goes far above the average imperial servicemen, and above all, the number of divine angels is high anyway.

I don't know if that comes from the faith of the people of that country, but even monks and soldiers with a thousand monstrous powers treated as miscellaneous soldiers there.

The strength of the Holy Knight and the sorcerers situated on it makes you feel even more exuberant and awesome.

And the Virgin, who reigns at the top of that country, possesses such enormous magic that she releases immense magic dedicated to the sacramental ceremony indefinitely.

I've fought that country several times since I became the current Lucifer, but they're draining on each other.

In relation to his own territory, the Demon King, who has clashed most often with Lestaflora. Belfe, one of our pillars, has been oblivious to witchcraft but has stopped that country's invasion over the years.

Was he saying this?

'... the Virgin is more than a monster, but I can hunt. But there's more of him out there. Anyway, if you're going to name the total power of Tenebrae, I'm not the only one who leads the "Nightmare Herd (Meilm Gregorias)."

That's what even that battle-mad belfe says, so he's a pretty good opponent.

Seriously, if he's going to struggle, is he the equivalent of General Duras waving a divine sword?

You think it was a swordsman of a woman who looked so beautiful that she was no different than an immortal beauty who also made the proud Demon King of that power struggle?

I wanted to see that, too, but unfortunately, it was only once in a few hundred years that the opponent (or so) showed up on the battlefield and forced Belfe to take a deep toll.

After that, I never even saw her when the Virgin appeared on the battlefield......

Nevertheless, it is obvious that we will win if we wage a total battle. However, the damage will be enormous, and given the impact it will have on the surrounding countries, we are strictly trying not to attack them from here.

And being invaded from the other side is decreasing, and how many hundred years has it been since we stopped fighting that country?

Hey, are you listening to me?

"Lestaflora and I have nothing to do with it. Maybe."

"Ahhh. If he's the kind of guy that angels like, I thought he might be from the Holy Kingdom. So where the hell are you from? You're not from the Empire, are you?

"I'll leave it to your imagination. For example, yes, maybe the elves are turning into humans"

"You don't have a reason to turn it. I can't get rid of the elf line because of your twisted personality."

I've been thinking about this for a long time, but how could Julian hate about the elves?

I heard the military guys talking about how their friendship with Liz looked sinister and they were actually having a breathtaking fight.

"I care more about you than I do, Julian. Do you hate elves? Or do you just hate Liz?

"... you don't care, they lick and rot."

"When you get back to Mirdiana, that's a word you'll never be able to say. If you think about what's going on right now, it's a shame."

"Wow. At best, I'll just curse that fucking elf."

That's pretty much it, Liz.

When I was thinking about it, the library door suddenly opened with a loud noise.

If you think of someone at this hour, Liz, who looks a little out of breath, sees us and throws up a lot.

"Uh... I wanted to be there. Anyway, Julian, why are you even here? How much do you think I've been looking for..."

"Hey, what am I anyway?"

"Well, I'm a student too, so I sometimes use the library... what's up, Liz"

"... Theo wants you to see something."

Liz has shown me something like a letter as if she was still pulling the tail of the other day's harsh atmosphere, at first glance.

There was a text written there to encourage a temporary return to Liz with the unique letters used by the elves, to which it was added at the end.

"Stretch. Have you decided what to reward Theodore for? Be sure to bring that man too. Allow other privileged students to accompany us if they seem interested in our Elf Country '

The name of the Lord for whom I wrote is Aynlana Kilfiniska.

He is now Her Majesty the Queen of the kingdom of Zefte Aria, the kingdom of Elves, and the mother of Liz about Liezemelia Kilfiniska.

I asked after reading the letter. [M]

"A letter from His Majesty Aynlana?... What do you mean, reward?

"Theo-kun worked great in Mirdiana, didn't he? In the end, Teo-kun and my mother didn't meet up after the incident, but we were talking about that activity where you weren't there."

That's unexpected.

Was Her Majesty the Queen of the Elves, who wrapped up that noble atmosphere, concerned about me?

"You think that incident was really a major crisis for the Empire and Zefte Aria, and above all your mother valued the fact that she cleared the mindless of the large number of elves who sacrificed themselves by letting the case be solved? The point is that's the story."

That Her Majesty the Queen didn't seem like such a distraction. She looked like a character, but maybe she's more disciplined than I thought.

Besides, it was Dean Ludio who carried out the surgical destruction of the Celestial Summoning Ceremony. I just did a little 'cleaning' around town and underground. [M]

"So, Theo-kun. It's a reward, what do you want?... Actually, that's something I've been meaning to hear for quite some time, but I don't know what to say... I haven't had a chance to cut it out."

"Don't be bothered if they just say a reward. Whatever?

"If there's anything my mother can do,"

Don't have any trouble suddenly being told it's a reward......

When I was on tour, I also went to the country to do business. [M]

It's the brilliance of the red star Belzebub was talking about. I would like to speak to His Majesty Aynlana on a matter concerning that astronomical phenomenon.

I had only made plans before I left the Demonic Nation, but I was just wondering what was going on.

This will be a great opportunity.

However, it is not a good idea to honestly divulge the truth on this occasion. But even now Liz is wary of something.

"... Is it okay that being rewarded means I'm also invited to Zephte Aria?

"Well, yeah. I don't think you have to worry if Theo-kun is out of common sense enough to receive the Queen's reward without even looking at her face."

I said it the way Liz seemed a little less interesting.

She seems to have to go home temporarily, too, and naturally she'll have to show you about me.

I wish and fulfill. [M] Not a bad development, but let's ask him too.

"Julian. I was just telling you. What, are you interested in Zephte Aria?

"Uh? You don't. You don't like elves, Julian."

Although I shake my head without Liz immediately, Julian said.

"There is."

"Ugh!? Why, why!? There's no place for you to enjoy where you came from!? I don't want you to come!

"Ugh...... I don't even like elves. That's not the same story as this. I'm interested in the history of that country. It said you could invite other privileged students, right? Then take me with you."

Liz, uh, made a weird groan.

You had an unexpected situation before you left Granden.

... but right. His Majesty Aynlana doesn't know, does he?

Rocha, Shaura and Keith. He said he wasn't already in the land.

Only 3 privileged students, including myself, casually thought...

There's another privileged student.

She wasn't in Mirdiana, but she has great powers.

I immediately thought about what I would do after this, and I tried to talk to Liz about it...