Finally, the day has come to leave the Granden.

Me, Liz and Julian made their way to the Commander-in-Chief's office with General Duras early in the morning and successfully made contact only for a short time.

When I told him about the plan I had in mind, the blonde said this after giving him a thoughtful look.

'It's a statement I wasn't expecting. It's ridiculous...... but maybe that would be the best way for her right now. Allow it.'

And we headed to the girls' dorm where Clarice was sleeping.

Classes at the military school have already begun, but Clarice is still struggling to get out of the dorm.

School attendance comes into the classroom late, even if it can, in fluttering, ghostly footsteps, to his own seat, staring at the void all the time after sitting down powerless.

No one in this city knows what happened to her and her men.

Her appearance of perseverance before is no longer anywhere, and I don't even know if the contents of the classes are in my ears.

Every instructor didn't know how to treat her, and all he saw was someone who tried to comfort him but didn't react in any way like a doll and left with an indescribable face.

That's the same for the students, only Liz actively talks to Clarice. Until the other day, that was exactly the situation.

Carla, who turned into me and experienced just a little bit of life in military school, said:

"Your husband. If you leave her alone, you're likely to harm yourself not far away '

It was a pale way of putting it, but Kara is a savvy way of human emotion, even in the demonic tribe. I felt like I was worried about her.

Maybe some of the influences I've had over the years been close to ex-humans like Gisele and Lena... maybe the original emotions are closer to that of humans because she's been somewhat different from other demons for a long time.

And Kara's claims are not as easily denied.

Instead, I thought it was more likely.

Clarice is competent. Too competent. It would be more impossible to talk about being chronic in an environment where there has never been a single setback, where you only experience defeat enough to even count, and where only General Duras is present beyond yourself.

If she had such a terrific experience of seeing all her men slaughtered, it would lead to a strong setback.

That broken heart is not as easy as going back.

If you do poorly, you choose to die yourself, right? Recently, a story about a certain divine angel that was heard by veterans of the war during a visit to the Granden temple passed the back of his brain.

- The heart of the angel of God, who saw the scene of the slaughter of those he was supposed to protect, was broken, and he eventually harmed himself as if he were ashamed of his powerlessness.

We need some time to save Clarice.

But I don't know what will happen to her if I leave her like this. Nor can the kind of person who can support her always be beside her.

Then we won't have to solve it in a simple way. And to this day, I whispered.

"It's time."

We waited in front of Clarice's room until the time she got up and went to military school.

She generally attends classes before her lunch break.

Without any sickness or shortage until she went through the battle ahead, she only goes on to go outside like the remnants of it, even on holidays when she was eager to go to military school and military ministry.

I aimed for it.

"Hmm...... I was wondering if Clarice would convince me in this way"

For Liz, who squeals like trouble, I say.

She wouldn't follow me if it wasn't this way.

"That may be..."

It was the dragon boy who sat on the floor near the door and said to his unwillingness as he leaned against the wall.

"What if they resist? I didn't see the woman's power straight away, but now she's the kind of guy who's pimping on Keith, the wolf and the fox in order, right?

"I'll hold her back until she fights and Julian's head is smashed or her body is blown away."

"... shit. I'm not a dragon licker."

Boy staring at me with silver eyes.

Liz whispered, "Hey, 'cause it's not the other way around now," and there was a noise coming from behind the room.

Liz, who reacted sensitively to it, puts her index finger on her lips and says "Shh."

silent for a while.

The door of the room slowly opened, and Clarice, dressed in her uniform, came out of the room with a sleigh as if she were a dead man (a shrimp).

When Clarice tried to walk out of the room, forgetting to close her door tightly, I strapped her wings from behind.

I don't even care if the bag she has falls off, whispering in that ear.

"Hi Clarice. If you don't want to die, will you listen to me?


Normal girlfriend would immediately be furious and into a combat posture, or she'd still be raging about a situation I don't know why.

Clarice now doesn't have the power to read the situation. On the contrary, thoughts don't even seem to keep up with things that even non-combatant residents immediately think are unusual.

"Hey, former honor student. Don't resist too much."

"Hey hey you guys......!? What kind of impersonation is that?

"It's not a imitation, Liz. We are genuine today, no matter where we come from, we are just people. And you're supposed to be one of us now, too?

"Ugh... well, yeah, but come on...!

Clarice, who watches the exchange in silence, says nothing.

It's like you're feeling like some other HR.

... No, maybe he doesn't care what happens anymore. You're seriously ill, this.

When Liz really coughs up, she tells her to be ready.

"Uh, hey, Clarice. We have to go back to Mirdiana today."

"... is that right..."

"Yeah, but I thought I'd miss breaking up with Clarice like this. So, um... I mean, I've come to kidnap you!

He didn't think of a good line.

Liz says that slightly to the throw, picking up the bag Clarice dropped.

"That's why, Clarice. I'll have you come with me."


Holding her like a princess, we left the girls' dorm.

Clarice was irresistible.

It was the blonde general and the blue-haired girl who showed up in front of us as we walked through the military school building just as the last class of the morning was taking place.

Charlotte with blue hair said, "Ooh!" He made a voice that seemed interested.

"Clarice is being held by a princess!

"Yes. Clarice is a princess today. So this is how they fall into the wrong hands. Don't you think that's a common development in gaga?

"Hmm. Theo, your brother was a bad guy, after all"

The girl staring at me still said something.

The blonde general - General Duras says after stroking the girl's head and making her grown up.

"Thank you, Mildiana privileged students"

Said in majestic bass, Liz and Julian return it with a nervous look.

"Ah, so, Your Excellency General Duras......! Thanks for your help so far -..."

"... ooh, ooh. You took care of him. Do me a favor later."

Liz is a princess, so she often has the same attitude toward everyone, but she doesn't either in front of this great hero.

Julian's tone was the same as usual, but a glimmer of sweat was telling her cheeks.

In front of the sharp eyes and majestic voice of this great hero, I guess I can't help but be both an elf and a dragon tribe.

I laughed and told her to take care of herself and show off her chest. [M]

"General Duras. I'll take Clarice, as promised."

"Oh, I think it's going to bother you guys.... Ensign Clarice Frestier"

".................. Yes"

Clarice answers with a voice like a soul has fallen out.

A regular girlfriend would make her face bright red if she saw a sight like this, and then she would get out of my hand and show it in honor of General Duras.

General Duras continues.

"You certainly betrayed my life. It is unacceptable to leave this castle fort city arbitrarily and approach that strangeness with a small number of platoons, and the consequent death of all but you is not the ultimate redemption."

The sharp eye of a great hero remains unchanged.

he says.

"But there were those who admired you and scattered you on the battlefield, not afraid of its reckless actions. Never forget about them."


"From their families, I know how you were cursed. I endured well with words driven by that strong sadness and fierce hatred"

After the war, Clarice said, she went around apologizing to the commanding families who were mentally unstable but soon lived in this city.

As a result, it seems that most of those who ever admired Clarice turned their hands back and cursed her in painful words.

I mourned my men and continued to be blamed by their families. It must have been a long time ago.

"It should be noted that, even after time, that sadness and hatred will not disappear. It was with me."


General Duras doesn't change his faceless expression, but he talks while staring somewhere far away.

"Now that I have been treated as a great hero, I also lost a number of my men and friends on the battlefield. No one publicly condemns that, but you will remember strong anger in your heart. I am admired and resented by an infinite number of people"


Charlotte worried or held General Duras' hand strongly.

"But that's not just a story for me. All those who were called the five heroes in that battle - no, the very existence of a soldier buys strong grudges from his own people. I wonder why you're still alive."

General Duras says, staring at Clarice with his lifeless eyes.

"Ensign Frestier. That's what military men are for. No matter how resentful you may be to those in your own country, you are obliged to do everything in your power to protect them. But no matter how tough you have the body and the spirit, you need to rest. Therefore, I command you, privileged students of Mirdiana, to leave the land for a while."

Clarice shrugged.

"I would like to hear more from you privileged students, but I would like you to turn to the kingdom of Zephte Aria, where the elves live. Think about what you should do and what lies ahead once and for all in a lush nature. If at the end of that thought you are willing to return to military service, we welcome you wholeheartedly."


Charlotte, who was watching the situation, says as she leans her ankle.

"Have you known Clarice for a while?

"Oh. It's also a quick decision, so I didn't have time to teach you"

"Mmm. I think I'm the only one out there."

Charlotte said, swelling her cheeks, but approaching Clarice.

"Clarice. I don't care if you leave the Granden, you're fine. If you have a good night's sleep, you'll be right back. And once in a while, you can write to me or something! Because I'll definitely give it back!


Clarice didn't say a word.

After seeing that, I say.

Then it's time for us to go home.

"Oh, I've put a lot of work into you guys."

"Well, as far as I'm concerned, I enjoyed it quite a bit.... because I was able to reunite with my acquaintance (Chiki), who had given up that meeting would no longer be possible."

Only at the end, I told him to squirm.

"You know, I'm having fun, seriously, you're crazy. On the contrary, I don't even have enough respect."

"Because Theo-kun is savage.... maybe it was because I was with Julian."

"Ha. Then you get a little more common sense."

"I don't know if you'll say that."

Charlotte ran over to them as Julian and Liz said alternately.

"Liz, your sister and Julian, your brother are fine."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm always fine -!

"That's all you got."

"Ugh, you're... This is a touching farewell scene, so will you shut up for a second?

"... you know, ah"

Liz rushed to fix it when she saw Charlotte squeak in a somber manner.

"Oh, oh, uh, I'll be back! Because I'm going to write to you and send you a letter! So don't look like that, Charlotte!

"Ugh, Liz, sister, I'd love to..."

Liz, hugging the blue-haired girl, was weeping as if she had been impressed.

Seeing that, Julian flaunts his shoulder.

"Bye, busty blue-haired chick"

"I'm more of a chick when I say chick. Yikes! You're not that different from me!

"Ru. Huh. Shall I blow you away with sorcery?"

"Before you do, Julian, I'll snap your brother's neck!

The touching farewell scene Liz was talking about seems to have turned out to be noisy as soon as possible.

As she sighed, she was buying more objections from Julian by saying to the two belligerents, "Yes, yes, don't break the atmosphere because you're a good boy".

Oh, boy, it's a noise.

I let them go and headed straight to the gates of the castle fort city where the carriage was arranged.

He must be General Duras, he said.

"Clarice, please..."

I'll take care of it.

Easily return to a slightly sad seeping voice, as usual.

I walked out again, waiting for the lords of the busy voices to rush after me from behind.

General Duras still has many mysteries.

Perhaps I only touched one end of it.

The mystery of his wife, Nastasha Duras, that even General Duras knew that Satan, the royal family among the demons, had disappeared 1,200 years ago.

The identity of Elsa, a maid serving him, a high deceased (undead) and living corpse (living dead) who preserved the person's body and reason.

He was behind him, an unidentified being who I or even Lena could not capture.

There's still something I need to know, but time won't allow it.

Sooner or later, we will reveal all the truth hidden behind that faceless expression.

Will we fight like that again then, or will something different happen? I'm looking forward to that now...