A few days after my carriage with me, Liz, Julian, and Clarice left the Granden.

The owner of the carriage told me that he would be in the wild this evening.

We each finished our meals - Clarice didn't eat anything - when we were silent in the carriage, Liz said.

"Hmm, there must be a waterfront for sure... You know, guys, can I come outside for a second?

"I don't mind, but I don't even know if someone took me away"

When I said that, Liz said, "It's okay. Come on!," he said, then slapped Clarice on the shoulder sitting silently.

"Hey, Clarice. Take a bath! Because it feels good! And look, your moon is beautiful today, and your moonlight bath. I don't think that's a bad idea, do you?


Clarice tried to whine about something, but before that, Liz forced her to stand up and get her off the carriage with a change of clothes.

Taking the arm of a blurry blonde girl, Liz just ran away somewhere.

When Julian and I were left behind, the boy who left his eyes open to the Book of Magic said.

"You're not going?

"Mm-hmm. I'm not exhausted with their nudity, but I don't want Liz to hate me any more."

"Something wrong with you guys lately? It's not as tangled up as before. Even though it looks like that fucking elf is just a distance away."

Julian also seemed to have somehow guessed that my relationship with Liz had changed slightly.

"... well, there's a lot going on while you're gone. Soon after that, Granden was raided, so we didn't have time to make up."

"Ahhh. Well, I don't care."

Silence dominated the scene after Julian told him not to be interested.

The area is surrounded by darkness and quiet.

Your uncle had already fallen asleep easily in the corner of the carriage.

When I was thinking about going to bed, too.

"Hey, Theodore"

"Hmm? What?"

Julian accidentally spoke to me.

He says with his eyes open to the Book of Magic.

"I need to talk to you a little."

After listening to Julian, I shrugged.

"... the great famine of the dragon kingdom of Zenan,"

"Oh. It's a hostile relationship between the Empire and that country now. In the history class at the military academy, you've been blamed for being eliminated from time to time. Do it, royal nobility corrupt, the dragon god king no longer protects, but the savage people have been heavenly punished... say whatever you want."

I was a little concerned about Julian telling me to throw up.

"Though you didn't look like you were putting your shoulder in Zenan."

"I didn't say anything. However, it would be the same if it weren't for the dragon tribe or the eating mon. Even the guys in that country were desperate to live - and they screwed up. It doesn't matter if you're royal or noble, it's just that the poor and the common people have sacrificed a lot. They're evil. They don't work, but if they're patient with each other..."

Unlike usual, Julian said emotionally after just a little rap, stuck in words and scratched her brunette with a grudge.

"After all, is there something nice about you, too?

"Don't give me that crap."

Julian, who overtook my words, sighs and then says:

"So, what do you think?" The god of abundance exists. "


Julian looked at me with a slightly more indulgent look, but she immediately turned to a harsh look.

"On what grounds?

"If you had something like that, you wouldn't be starving. Are you satisfied with the answer?

"There are countless gods in this world. But it's always a human favor or wish, so don't give yourself protection."

"What do you mean?

"What you're saying is," There's no real God of abundance because of the famine. "That doesn't make sense. You know what I'm saying? I'm serious about smoke."

Julian's silver eyes were filled with swordswallowing light.

But I spoke half the truth. There has to be a god of abundance. So, even if you were there, it wouldn't have any influence in this world.

There is no place in this world that embodies abundance. Even that green Zephte Aria kingdom is far from abundant.

However, half of it was more about seeing limitless sights of similarity than lying...

It was a miracle performed by the far ancient Great Wizard Diruna.

I was breathtaking when I saw the impossible. [M] The sights of that time will never be forgotten, even if this self tries to perish.

A vast earth desolated in battle.

In a land where no grass would have grown, the ground would have cracked, and enormous time would have been needed to return to the original lush sight.

Diruna used "Great Magic" to honor her by two names.

After the immense magic was unleashed, there was no shadow of the desolate earth.

The ground moistened as if it had brought rain of grace, and the meadows revived, and the trees grew one after the other, and the great trees bore numerous fruits.

She “made” nature as easy as she could see it.

I had heard beforehand from her that I would accomplish the feat, and I laughed and denied it with my nose... but after nature was resurrected in the wilderness, Diruna turned to me and said:

'Hey, -? You did what I said, didn't you?

The girl with beautiful white and silver hair was only a little proud.

Without making her feel that it was after the use of great magic, which she did not otherwise consider overwhelming, she called innocently 'my name once was'.

Rugal, the golden-haired god-beast king who sits beside her, says of me in a quiet tone who was not overwhelmed by an awesome scale of procedure.

"Diruna. It's too much."

'That's good! Now we're all happy!


'... what is it now, Rugal? You look so scared.'

"In the future, we must never use such great magic again. Your powers are too strong. The power that transcends the logic of nature is beyond its reach. '

'That may be true, but if no one has any trouble with what they eat, that's fine'

"Hunger is also another natural dish. Do not disturb it '

"There's been a famine, because there are fools who go to war, right?

"Fight again, if that makes sense."

'What makes sense? It's not like a man started a war on his own.

'It is not only humans who fight. From dragon tribes beyond men to small animals hiding in meadows, we cannot avoid war. As much as you know the word hunting'

'... that's... but, guys, I wish we could get along...'

Earlier, the girl, who accomplished an incredible miracle without difficulty, was seeping tears into her eyes.

Then it became like arguing with Rugal, king of divine beasts, and she left the scene crying.

The King of the Divine Beast spoke to me, staring behind him.

"Diruna is still young. Even if you understand the logic, you don't want to admit it '

But the God Beast King shrugged.

'Though... I may have said too much. Do you not yet understand the thing of human beings? What do you think?

Rugal, king of divine beasts, also called his name. My name was before I destroyed my predecessor, Lucifer.

I wonder what I gave back to the King of Divine Beasts, who seems to be objectifying about everything, but is taking care of his young innocent human daughter...

"Hey, Theodore"

"... sorry. Just a thought."

When pulled back into reality, it was naturally in the carriage.

I often remember that great Great Wizard and the King of Divine Beasts these days.

Now, tell me about them nowhere else.

I do not believe in the existence of a god of abundance.

But there was certainly an infinitely close presence. It's not God or anything. That was just an innocent, colorful girl who left her young...... just a human being.

The green she created eventually vanished. But I've heard rumors of the wind that it took a long time before that.

If you're releasing that great magic again, maybe she's the god of abundance.

But there is no longer such a great magic in the world.

"... my opinion that there is no God of abundance remains unchanged. Just Toto and Hein who raided the Granden. They were barebacked as if they were convinced they existed."

Toto affirmed that there was a god of abundance, and Hein said and acted as if to behave towards that god.

After returning to Tenebrae, I also asked Lena but she said she couldn't believe that there was such a god.

Even after I came to the Empire, there were many stories about the gods in school classes, but even then I don't remember hearing about the rich gods.

"Hey, Theodore. A bastard like Gislan, who was behind Mirdiana's case, lived 500 years."

"... as far as the record goes, it doesn't look like it's been around for 500 years."

Mira's blood tide incident in the Empire 500 years ago.

It was its mastermind, and it was also that person named Gislan who summoned the Tenjin using the terminal Shizuku in modern Mirdiana.

From reading "A Brief Record of Mira's Blood Tide Incident," which was in Mirdiana's Great Library, it seems like he was already on the verge of a breakdown 500 years ago. I felt a glimpse of one end of it from his words and actions possessed by Mira, who grew up drinking the terminal Shizukuishi.

More than 500 years is guaranteed.

Or even longer ago - since this Elberian empire did not yet exist, it is possible that Gislan was already raw in the world.

I don't have any more clues, so it's just speculation, but it's not like I can deny it.

"I didn't see a man named Hain in person. But you said he needed the power of a rich god for his ideal home, right?

"If you're going to interpret what they're saying as it is, is that what's going to happen"

"... the bastard Hein went through the 'Great Hunger of the Xenan Dragon King' in 798, didn't he?

That was the story Julian told me earlier.

How does the history of famine in Zenan connect with the God of abundance? Apparently he cared about it.

Julian looks like he's asking, but he actually seems convinced.

And while I was listening, I felt like I could support that opinion again.

I told him it was just speculation, and then I said what I was thinking.

"When Hain survived Zenan's great famine for half his life, or when he made death current? Someday I don't know, but I was saved by a certain person. I wonder if that means"

"Oh. And you gave him the power of immortality."

"Not only that, but its existence... no, you can't put it this way anymore. Perhaps' Goddess', the same person as the things involved in Gislan, did not deny the existence of a rich God. The evil sword that eats that man's flesh was also maybe given to him by the goddess, who ordered him to use it to make people's flesh a offering to the abundant God... or something like that"

Julian laughed with her hunch and nose.

"What is a goddess? Killing humans and elves is a hobby pleasure killer mistake, isn't it? Just think of God's power to make humans immortal."

... if it is also the goddess who put Satan in that state.

It's not just about immortalizing humans. I'm pretty sure he has some other amazing powers.

But why?

You think you've succumbed to Satan, you've aged humans, you've come up with a way to manufacture a terminal Shizukuishi using an elf that even the Demons can't know about, and you've also knitted a technique to force an angel who boasts tremendous magic resistance to summon to earth to manipulate it?

Such a craftsmanship is not easy for me or even Belzebub, who is a royal family, rather than a human being.

Why did that woman in Gislan's memory make that possible?

From what I've seen, she just looked like a normal human woman.

But maybe not? Unless you're a human, an elf, an animal man, a dwarf, or at the end of the day a dragon...

If it's not any of the ones I've ever mentioned, or it could even be called God.

But how can a god with so much power try to create chaos on this continent in such a far-flung (yeah) way? If you have the power to outsmart Satan too, isn't that what you're talking about if you use that mighty power to destroy all parts of the world...?

Or is there a reason why we have to take this way?

What the hell is that?

As I was touring my thoughts, Liz brought Clarice home.

"I'm home. Ha, it's refreshing!

"Welcome back. Weren't you scared to stay in the woods for a long time?

When asked so, Liz shook her head.

"Because elves prefer forests and silence. The woods at noon are fine, but the woods at night seem nice and calm."

"I don't think it's the same line as a woman."

"Really, it would have been great without these little bitches later."

Clarice slowly boarded the carriage as Liz and Julian stared at each other.

And squat (Uzuma) with both legs in his arms and shut up.

Though Liz hastily tried to say something when she realized it, she also sat down with a sad look on her face after not having thought of a word.

Julian perceived the atmosphere or closed his lid without saying anything more.

I was still in the middle of an argument with him, but I don't know what else to do.

That time I once headed to Granden.

Only two months ago, the Mirdiana privileged students were noisy, for better or worse.

Just a few days later, I was too bored to death. Did Rocha mention something odd and run out to Granden? Don't feel kind of nostalgic for that ridiculous behavior.

As much as I thought so, the atmosphere of the carriage on the road to Mirdiana, the route of the kingdom of Zefte Aria, was shady (Yinzhimetsu).