in the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Southern Mildiana Territorial Army of the Elberian Empire.

Half an elf stretched his purple hair long enough to listen to the words Julian and I spoke as he glanced through the massive bundle of paper kept on the desk.

"I see. You already heard about the incident in the Granden, but that happened."

Dean Lyudio, also commander-in-chief of the military ministry protecting the land and president of the military school, grumbled without stopping his hand running the pen.

"Rocha and Shaura go to Rugal. Keith goes to the Imperial City. I just thought all of you would come home fine... I miss you a little bit."

"That's what I thought too. I didn't expect this to change in just two months."

When I said that, Julian snorted boringly.

"Why was everyone all right while I was involved in a case just for you? One or two people died, but it wasn't weird."

"Pfft. The boulders are the privileged students of my Mirdiana, so... - And speaking of privileged students, does His Highness Liesemelia say he's with that Granden privileged student?

"Yeah, because I'll see you later with Dean Ludio. I'm guessing they're chilling around with Clarice at Mildiana's dew shop right now."

Dean Ludio roared as if he remembered something with his hands on his chin.

"... hum, is this Ensign Clarice Frestier? I immediately saw her since I was invited to a party at the Duke of Frestier's house. Back then, she was still a baby who couldn't even walk herself, but no, it wasn't long after the years. I didn't know you were leading a platoon as a fine soldier now."

"You know, such a fine soldier has gone back to being like that baby."

Dean Ludio, who already knew what had happened to Clarice, shook his head and said.

"No matter how splendid you are, I guess the spiritual aspect still means the girl of her age. No matter how many god angels, the only thing that makes them different from normal humans is their combat abilities and strength... and His Highness Loran doesn't know that."

When I overheard the name, I asked.

"Your Royal Highness Loran... you are the Crown Prince of the Empire"

"Yeah. He's also a god angel with very good powers and a fine blue-haired owner. I know every way to fight, but I was good at swordsmanship."

The dean put it in such a way that he made it include.

"Claude... if it weren't for His Excellency General Duras, you wouldn't have said he was the best swordsman in the empire"

"Heh. You mean swordsman after that general? Is it a haunted monster or something, the ones with blue hair?"

Julian looks at me and says. [M]

Regardless of me changing into this figure, I'm pretty sure a blue-haired person is hosting a power that's off track.

That also applies to Charlotte, that beautiful blue-haired girl I met in the Granden.

Because he had no less power than Clarice, he saw through Lena's covert ritual, and in the fight against the dead, he did the lion's work fast.

But the father of that blue-haired girl, while a common blonde, had such strength that he could not describe it other than the word awesome.

"General Duras was amazing. Because even though I have a divine sword, it made me feel so powerful that it's almost impossible for me to be human."

The dean muttered emotionally as I remembered General Duras waving the divine sword.

"The Divine Sword Revistra wielded by His Excellency General Duras... it would have been awesome, I am"

"So is his original power, and some of the swords the Great Goddess supposedly created may be invincible."

Even though it would have been advantageous in the circumstances, instead of taking on that Lena and not retreating a single step, if she had let the fight continue like that, Lena would definitely have been strangled.

It is truly wonderful to overwhelm her even if she had the power of a semidemon god. Besides, even though that's the angel of God, it's just a human being, so it's all the rage.

Julian accidentally cut it out when I was thinking about it.

"Hey, Dean. I'm asking you frankly."

"What is it?"

"How can General Duras handle Revistra? I don't think you know what we're talking about."

"What makes you think that?

"The only person who can wield the divine sword is the royal lineage. Hundreds of years ago was the last time the blood muscles of the Duke of Duras interacted with the royal family. If it's true, there's no way that the general can use the sword himself."

Really? Although I can hardly imagine a human being capable of handling the Divine Sword Revistra other than General Duras.

Dean Ludio roared softly.

"... Julian. Who told you the story now?

"You don't care."

"So did you talk to anyone else about it besides those who are here now?

"I didn't."

"Then be very careful in the future. If that life is spared."

"Ha, ha, ha. I just want the truth."

"- Well, it's a beautiful day. Bright sunshine The breeze blowing all over the city is also comfortable and there is no more day to calm the mood. How about once you cool off in front of a big fountain in the square"

"Ah...? What did you say..."

I said with my hands on Julian's shoulder.

"Don't say anything more," he says with only his gaze.

Good guess. Did Julian read my trick and the intent behind the dean's words, pounding his tongue a little, then turning back his heel without saying anything and leaving the Commander-in-Chief's office?

"Thank you, Theodore. But if you can guess, I'd like to ask you to leave the room."

"Nothing. I don't care if death is imminent, and I'd rather have something like that come... but the dean isn't going to tell me anything, is he?

"Well, was I the occasion to say something? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Dean Ludio smiling.

A man who is truly not alarmed.

I don't want to talk about the Divine Sword, I'm not talking about anywhere. You want to pierce it if you don't know anything more. In the first place, I told him I wasn't even told that story.

I don't know what thoughts you have, but the dean cared if Julian heard or leaked about the Divine Sword to someone else.

I'm not just sorry if I know. That remains the word of the dean, 'if my life is spared'. I'm sure that's what we're talking about.

... a divine sword that should only be used by direct royalty. It is not of the royal family that is waving it, but of the Duke of Duras.

I don't even know what this situation means, but it would certainly be a story I don't want to put out of the ordinary. Especially for the royal family.

How far do you know a half-elf with a clear face in front of me?

In a way, he's a more troublesome opponent than General Duras. He had such a straight personality that he didn't like to hide things, but this dean wasn't.

Because you can smile and lie just like I do, and you'll never break your mouth with a sickle.

I'm also interested in talking about the Divine Sword, but that's again soon. It makes no sense to ask now.

I will again explain to the Dean the matter of going to Zephte Aria, which is also the original story.

Dean Ludio, who finished listening to the story to the end, nodded and said.

"I had already heard from Her Majesty Queen Kilfiniska that she intended to invite you to Zefte Aria. There will be a lot of things that you have to do in your own country, so leave it for a while."

"Heh. But then you wanted me to tell you from the beginning? It's hard to think of a reward."

"... if you're a normal person, you'd want gold and silver treasures, rare herbs specific to that country, etc. Hey"

The dean says as he glances over the paperwork on his desk.

... Sure, if you ask me, is that true too?

But from me, that's the only way out of the way.

"Theodore at times. Have you decided what to reward yet?

"... uh-huh, sort of. I don't know if the Queen will respond to that."

Shall I make it look like I want gold and silver treasures, as the dean said?

The dean said he was remembering the appearance of the queen of the elves, who was smaller but more dignified and arrogant than that fruit daughter Liz.

"Please don't ask me to be too rude. Your Majesty will ask you to think of me again."

"Copy that. I'll be discreet."

"Yeah, please.... Oh, speaking of which, I have one question for you too"

I wonder what it is? When he thought so and encouraged him to go ahead, he asked as if he were going to talk to the public.

"We have received reports that in the Grand Territory we have seen an angelic winged girl. Can you tell me who that is?

... Not at all, no alarm or gap.

Though the dean refers to the question, he actually feels that he has already arrived at the answer.

I'll have to answer honestly here. Because General Duras already knows about her.

"Lumiel, that's her name."

"Huh. He still says he's not a celestial demon"

"Yeah. Authentic, real angels."

I answered honestly.

There's no point in making fun of it here.

"So, what is your relationship with Lumiel?

"... would you believe me if I told you that you were my wife?

Dean Ludio laughed in such a way that he was overwhelmed after a moment of void.

After a laugh for a while, the dean said.

"No, I'm sorry. You've come into quite an interesting story, even though I've heard it so far. This is why I enjoy talking to you."

"Much nostalgic. He courted me so hard. It was so intense, I thought it would kill me."

It's a little pitiful, but it's all true...

Besides, I didn't just think they'd kill me, I died once. I have to say it's impudent, but dating that abusive angel in this body is life-threatening.

"I didn't know angels would like that much. When did you become a couple? Did you give the ceremony?

"... from today on you are like mine. Forcing itself."

It's actually the 'reverse' though.

The dean laughed again as he remembered when he married her a thousand years ago.

"Maybe something called Angel is arrogant, pushed side by side. This is hilarious... I didn't expect to hear this again"

"Again? What are you talking about?

Dean Ludio tightened the expression he had loosened until then.

"Theodore, do you know about 'Dark Elves'?

"Yeah? I know all about elves with dark powers. I call them dark elves. You refused to protect Mysteria Tisti, the goddess of charity, or something. And they should tend to weigh their power."

Dark elves? It sounds nostalgic.

I remember seeing them a few times, too.

Everyone had the power of darkness for him, just people who had no idea what they were thinking.

But what's in that heart is the greed that wants power.

In a way, maybe some parts are similar to the Demons.

"That's all knowledge is enough. They're a different kind of people from elves. Actually, my mentor is a dark elf again."

"Heh... That sounds interesting. As soon as I go to see the queen, I want to talk to them."

"My master of magic is a stranger. But your brother was even different. [M] There is always an 'angel with black wings' beside him. It may be a little different from your relationship with Lumiel, but are you interested in a relationship that may be similar?

Black Winged Angel? What the hell is that?

Are you saying there are angels on this earth other than Lumiel?

"I just want you to keep a few things in mind. His black-wing angels take an extraordinary interest in the powerful. Or maybe I'm tired of the Lord right now and show you a tremendous obsession. 'She' tries to get whatever she likes once. It's horrible."

"If you're going to say that, didn't the dean like it?

"... When I was just a young girl, I was about to be attracted to her charm. My master escaped my ordeal, but what would have happened without it?"

President Ludio leaves his shoulders flaunted.

But only for a moment, I felt a complicated color floating in my eyes that deviated from me.

... Even at a young age, did you try to make this dean your own thing? Interesting.

"It's an interesting story for me, too. I'd love to meet that black winged angel."

"... ok. Now, let's just say you have a letter of introduction for my teacher. Can you give me a moment now? We'll make it as short as possible."

"Roger that. Thank you, Dean."

Though there's no end to my interest in doing it with that black-wing angel, it's also true that you should make contact with more people to find out about the brilliance of the Red Star. Not just for the elves, but also for the dark elves.

With the reward from Her Majesty the Queen and the introduction of Dean Lyudio, we would be able to act with some freedom in Zefte Aria. This is a great opportunity to explore information in that country.

I then talked to him about not loving him before leaving the Commander-in-Chief's office.