I haven't seen a military school in Mirdiana in a long time.

More than two months after that incident, some of the students who regained some calm were showing a buzz, but the moment they saw me, there was a student who escaped with tremendous momentum.

... Damn, that's pathetic.

We cut off the military school early and roll it out all over the city.

The road to rebuilding the city still seems far away, but it seemed as though the landscape was slowly returning to normal.

Outdoor shops have already been set up in the streets, full of vibrancy that is almost the same as before.

Walking through this city like this reminds me of when I came to this land from Tenebrae.

The sight of a sun-drenched academic city was quite spectacular.

I've been scattered lectured by Lena to behave as a human being, but I would have taken great care not to inadvertently wear it out.

Start by walking around the city as a normal person, going around shops and taking inns.

I actually tried a few times after that to see if I could have a conversation with a human, but I didn't have any particular problems.

From then on, I do think I bought Lena a crepe...

"Clarice, would you like some crepe? Sweet and delicious ~"


There was Liz and Clarice in front of the store where I once bought Lena a crepe.

Clarice is just silent, unlike Liz, who behaves brightly.

This is becoming routine these days.

"Hey, Auntie! Give me two crepes!

"Oh? It's not Liz, it's been a long time. I've been worried because I haven't seen it in a while."

"Haha. Actually, I went out to Western territory a little bit like a short term study trip, and - yah - I'm back. But, hey, listen. Now we have to go to Zephte Aria."

Clarice stood blurry while Liz and the store owner's aunt spoke to the public.

If you come to the land of Mirdiana, everyone will be surprised by the size of this city and the amount of people that come and go, but it doesn't seem like that matters to her anymore.

Liz was in a hurry to deceive the store owner's aunt noticing such clarice and sounding worried.

Now, should I be in that ring again? [M]

That's what I was thinking just now. Not now.

- I feel gaze.

It is difficult in this body to see who the gaze is from.

However, from somewhere in the streets of Mirdiana, multiple glances captured me.

What the hell is this? I frowned unexpectedly in a distorted way.

Are you sure it's a human gaze? There were more and more signs of that gaze, and I felt myself staring at hundreds and thousands of eyes, not a few or dozen.

Of course, there's a gaze that can be directed at you from people who come and go, but that's normal. As much as some people look a little surprised by the color of my hair, I've already felt that stuff many times.

Besides, I felt that the number of this gaze was much higher than the number of people crossing the road.

I don't feel like I remember anything. But what the hell was that?

Like he's not a man, like he's not a beast. Of course, I'm not even an elf or a dragon tribe. Something more heterogeneous.

After a while of thinking about it, I remembered something similar.

- This is similar to the signs of the bugs under that Belzebub. It's similar to that feeling staring into the eyes of a bug.

It is extremely difficult to perceive the emotions of the worm demons among the demons. Depending on the race, there are also those who do not have emotions in the first place.

Because of their ugliness of appearance and inexperienced temperament, many hate them furiously. Lumiel and Lena said they were particularly bad at it.

I don't like it either, but Giselle is good at finding emotional individuals. She says that emotions exist, albeit faint, in most individuals.

Most importantly, that's just the grandfather's subordination.

If Belzebub is going to be watching me, he'll just have to look at me with a thousand eyes without using this method.

Staring at me will only be those who look like signs of worms. But I don't know.

I could have made Lena look for who she was if she was here, but I wanted to keep her as far away from me as possible while I was talking to the dean, so now I'm acting differently.

Although I look all over the street disguised as a casual breeze, naturally I couldn't see those who kept staring at me.

What is the purpose? Did they find out you exposed yourself in the Granden...?

At that time, signs of more than a thousand sights were simultaneously diverted from me.

That's a little ahead of me, two people - I think it was directed at Liz and Clarice.

From what I've seen, there's no way they're aware of this unusual sign.

Even if you're staring, you don't seem to be willing to kill.

It was disgusting, like I was just observing.

But they don't look at me anymore. I can't even feel the signs anymore.

After I went on tour, I decided to talk to them.

"Hey, both of you. It's an odd encounter."

"Hmm... I wonder if Teo-kun and I are rotting together."

Liz with a crepe in both hands gives an indescribable look and solidifies.

"I think I've been actively involved with you before."

"Hmm, it's unlikely I've even woken up a hundred years of love, like?

"I'll miss you if you say that all of a sudden. You've always been so good to Clarice lately that you don't look at me."

With that said, I order crepes from the aunt of the dewstore owner.

"Oh, I'm sure you're not the one who bought two crêpes before. Long time no see."

"You remember me well, it's been a long time. You can have one today."

When I received the crepe and paid for it, Liz talked to me.

"Theo-kun, don't steam back the story until you get here... really, please"

"I don't know what you're mistaken about, but I don't want to bully Clarice."

I told Clarice, holding the crepe I received from Liz with both hands and staring silently at it.

"Then what are we talking about here? Let's change places. If you're Liz, you know what's a good spot in Mirdiana?

"I was going to go on a date with Clarice." There's just the right place, so go there. "

I spoke to Clarice as Liz took the lead.

"What are you standing here for, and let's keep up with Liz"

I held Clarice's shoulder in silence and let her walk just a little hard.

I'll check the surroundings. [M]

The signs of the countless gaze lords were no longer felt from anywhere.

Liz led the way by a passage under a bridge on a river flowing into Mirdiana.

Put your hands on the columns and look down at the calmly flowing river. The water was clear, too, and I could see the fish swimming.

Although there were many people crossing the bridge, there were few people underneath. It would be a pretty good place to calm your mind.

"Hmm, Mildiana's crepe is sweet after all! Granden's sweet, understated crepes were good, but I wonder if I like this one."

Liz, cheeky and satisfied, urged Clarice to eat as well.

"Look, Clarisse. Let's go Kapu! I can't feel the sweetness of melting!


I was just staring at their behavior, eating crepes with my elbows on the trunk.

At first I was reluctant Clarice, but I don't know if it was because I hadn't even eaten properly here, or just because Liz had taken root, but I slowly ate the crepe.

Clarice, who had been moving her cheeks for a while, shrugged.

"... sweet,"

"Right? It's delicious. There are all sorts of other sweet and delicious things in Mirdiana...... Hmm, I don't think I have time to introduce anything else. I need to get to that aunt soon. It's going to be loud later... Oh, but there's something better in Zephte Aria -"

While Liz was talking, Clarice ate only one more bite of crepe.

Slowly cheeky, a glimmer of Shizuku flowed from her eyes, which tended to lean over. I see it fell to the crepe, and Liz gets a little giddy.

"How far did you go? Clarice? Oh, I'm so impressed with it -... how do you feel, huh?

Clarice sipped her nose as Liz, who was completely confused, became mundane.

"Sweet...... Sweet…"

Clarice said in tears from both eyes.

"To Private Ilia, to Private Eric... to everyone... fed him, fed him... Yi"

Calling the names of her former men, she was sobbing and crying.

Liz felt like she couldn't find a word to call, but she gently hugged Clarice like that and stroked her head.

My words are unnecessary in this situation. [M] You just have to wait for the time to pass.

Having just finished eating a little too sweet crepe, I crush my time overlooking the river. Listening to a girl sobbing from behind.

In the terrace of Lucifer's palace, a Tenebrae demonic country where dark clouds can stand.

It sounded like it was crushing something thin.

"... hey? Hey Giselou?"


Lumiel, a fallen angel proud of her long blonde hair and pure white wings, spoke to the girl in black sitting across the table from herself but had no reaction.

She stared at "A Place” all the time with one or two cookies served on a plate in her mouth, with a look as if she were eager to read some kind of book.

"Hey, Giselou? I can't help but fall in love with Rin, but what's wrong?

Gisele stares at the corner of Mirdiana using space magic from earlier, stretching her dark hair for a long time and wrapping a black dress with plenty of frills.

Gisele looked at it and reached over the plate, which was placed on the table with one hand. Lumiel gently slams the plate.

The brunette girl is moving her hand looking for cookies, unaware of the lack of plates.

"Not at all. Gisele. Look, ahem."

"... Ham"

If Lumiel stretched a cookie over the table to Gisele's mouth, she would snuff it up and eat just one cookie with her mouth without even using her hands.

Watching her reach out to the table again and start looking for cookies, Lumiel swells her cheeks muffled.

Lumiel, with his cheeks with both hands on the table, looked at such a Second Lady, and then the blue-haired boy, who himself sees ahead of the space surgery ceremony - though he sees his beloved man - the sight ahead of the space surgery ceremony has turned into a mere street.

From then on, the space magic footage just switches and shows the various locations of Mirdiana.

Lumiel sighed boringly, then snapped his fingers.

"Are you calling?"

The moment I squeal like that, a luxurious girl shows up wrapped in maid clothes in a space where there's never been anything before.

Kara, the true ancestor of the vampire, turned a cold eye toward the Lord who called.

"Giselle's usual one. Fix it."

"... what do you think the birds know about Gisele?"

"Did I say something?

"What kind of flavor would Lumiel want to be when he was roasted? Do you have a problem with salt and pepper"

As soon as Lumiel's eyes glowed with tears, lightning struck the place where the maid clothes girl stood, and an awesome roar echoed around her.

Kara takes that blow with the magic of vanishing in an instant if she is a weak demon, with her one-handed index finger pointing toward heaven.

The remnants of thunder ran through Kara's arm, but she shrugged without a scratch.


"Next time I'm really going to let you eat the big one?

Lumiel says as if he knew it was ineffective from the start, but Kara shakes her head as she sifts.

"Giselle, I'll get in your way."

"... well, just bring me some cookies. It's going to go away because Giselle put it in her mouth."

"Yes, sir."

When Carla nodded honestly, the girl who until then had been silent and begging for cookies muttered.

"- Since when did the Empire have a lot of kids wandering around 'not normal people'?"

Soon, I was back to my usual Giselle appearance.

Sometimes when she has a strong interest in something or is extremely focused on things, she doesn't respond to anything else at all.

Even though Lumiel knew it, she misses Gisele becoming unresponsive for a long time and makes all sorts of flirting, but she was in trouble because she wouldn't notice at all what she was doing.

Carla, who knows the circumstances as well, asks quietly.

"With all due respect, Giselle. What does that mean?

"Doesn't it look like Carla? Don't you look at it normally? More like this, try to adjust to see creatures assimilated to the scenery?

Kara closed her lid and then slowly opened her eyes. When those red eyes shimmered, she just breathed a little.

"... this is another face demon"

"Instead of humans, even high-ranking demons don't seem to notice easily. I didn't see them in the Granden, but they live in Mirdiana a lot."

"Hey, what are you talking about? I can't see anything because I'm not as magical as Giselle."

Gisele said with a dull laugh as Lumiel slammed onto the table showing her teasing somewhere despite the potent weather.

"Lumiel was too used to His Majesty's mighty magic. It's a great pleasure to be the First Lady, but it's also something you can't see the details of sometimes."


Her elongated fingers gently stroked Lumiel's head when Lumiel looked at Gisele in such a way that she had no idea what it meant.

Sharing your senses with Gisele. Understanding that it had been done, Lumiel saw once again the sight ahead of the space magic...... with his thoughtful eyebrow roots, he rose out of the chair with a sound of cancer.

"What is this...!?

"Right? That's not normal, is it?

"I'm not talking about anything unusual or unusual! Oh no, that's disgusting -!!

Lumiel held his body as if he had run scared and looked ahead in space magic with his eyes as if to see dirt.

Streets of Mildiana. On the exterior walls of many buildings lined there grew a long tail on a torso resembling a colorless, transparent human body - a strange creature as if humans and lizards intersected was stunning.