After I dropped off Liz and Clarice, I headed back to the Commander-in-Chief's office.

They just said it wouldn't take long, and I could already get a letter of introduction to Dean Ludio's master.

Apparently, the wax in the letter was the family crest of the dean's house, a complicated design of a two-headed eagle painted on top of a two-sword.

"Thank you, Dean. But I've only been told that my master at heart is a dark elf."

"" Amir Sergesta ". That's her name. If you say your name when you see Her Majesty Queen Kilfiniska, you'll understand... yes, it's funny enough."

Half an elf leaking laughter, once again, seemed to be thinking about something that wasn't even mellow.

"My master also has a genius of magic, and he knows far more than I do from the history and culture of every country, religion and, ultimately, astronomy. She's an excellent talented woman, but I should still say, such an outstanding person has something in common to gain. Says..."

"Don't tell me while you look at me... but you said you were acting like a freak. Just like that. I'll give it back to the dean, okay?

"I hope that's all you have to do. Well, you'll see. Don't be too cautious."

Amongst the dark elves who are not sure what they are thinking, are they further strangers?

Well, what kind of character do you have? As far as this dean goes, he must have a good personality. I look forward to it now.

"Theodore at times. Don't you find it hard to act like you can see something you can't see"

The dean suddenly said something strange. Is that some sort of mystery?

Do you act like you can see something you can't see?

... The first thing that came to mind was when General Duras mentioned Lena's presence.

"That's a tough one indeed. I guess it depends on what that invisible thing is."

"It would be. 'Cause if it comes from someone who really sees you, that kind of behavior will only seem funny."

In the case of General Duras, the seer himself was on his side again, though.

Most of all, I really didn't know who was behind him.

Needless to say, he's immeasurable because he just sees through Lena, who was hiding himself, or even knew his identity.

"So... let's ask the opposite. Don't you think it's harder than that to act like you don't see what you see?"

"You don't know the intent of the question.... is there someone behind my back that I can't see?

"No, nothing. You don't have to think deeply about it. I simply want to hear your answer."

Naturally, there's no Lena in this room.

Unless she's sneaking into this room without telling me, but if you do that and this dean finds out badly, it's gonna be a big deal.

So there's only me and the dean in this room.

This will also have to be answered honestly again.

"Right. For example, I think it's hard for me to dress up as the dean can't see the wind. Just being talked to is going to be a mess."

"No, you're absolutely right. I'm not going to be able to act like you can't see either."

"... Dean Ludio. I don't like to get around too much."

"I didn't say I was thinking about catching you or anything, so don't worry. And I want you to see this."

The dean took the vial out of the desk drawer.

There's something blurry green in there.

I think you look familiar.

"Yes, this is the end of the example of the magical creature that created the Shizukuishi of the end, which survived the collapse of the High Magic Court."

It reminded me of a monocular monster with a giant green body.

I secured the two I saw in the basement alive and left them to the dean, but I wonder what was going on after that.

The dean speaks.

"We're only interested in elves. They show no interest in how close humans are and do not react in any way to almost anything that can be considered food. But when the elves get a little closer, they raise their deaf growls and show their appetite to greed."

"... what about that creature now?

"I'm dead. I can't even feed you an elf. What's in this vial is part of that creature's carcass."

To put it bluntly, the dean offered me a vial.

I take it and miss it.

"What am I supposed to do with this?

"Master Amir... please give it to my master. You'll find out what the hell this is all about. But never let Her Majesty Queen Kilfiniska know."

"Phew...... well fine. I was wondering what this was, too. Can the report be back here again?

"Yeah, even when I see you again."

"Uh-huh," the dean growls, closing his eyelids as he rubs his jaw.

"Speaking of which, Theodore. What do you think about the landscape of Mirdiana you returned to this city and looked around?

"Isn't the reconstruction going pretty well? It'll take a while, but I think we can get back to the city where we deserve the name of an academic city like before. Is it also something you care about?

"No. If you meditate on the details, I think so, too. I hope you get back to normal soon."

The dean waved flirtatiously. I guess that means you can go home now.

I admitted, I turned my heel back and left the room.

... while pretending to know nothing. Whatever the dean wanted to ask me was somehow speculative.

Late at night. I was in my dorm room at the military school, getting ready to head to Zephte Aria as soon as possible.

At that time, the door is knocked. She's the only one who comes to visit me at this hour, but for once I reply as usual.

"It's open."

An invisible man who had slipped through the door immediately revealed himself.

My beloved wife, characterized by long silver hair and maid clothes, said as she stretched her expression only slightly.

"Master Lucifer. There's something important to tell you."

"Oh. I'd like to ask you a few questions, too."

As expected, Lena's story was about those lurking in this Mirdiana.

"The appearance only seemed vague to me… it seemed like an inexperienced creature where humans and lizards interacted"

"I see. I didn't know those people were lurking in this gorgeous capital... since when on earth?"

"I don't know exactly, but at least it's definitely after Lucifer left for Granden. Until then, I didn't feel any sign of them."

No other love story about the city's landscape that Ludio Lambert spoke of earlier.

The array would undoubtedly be associated with that strange creature. He asked, 'Did you not think anything of the sight of all those creatures in the herd?'

I'm pretty sure he was able to capture the creature again.

"Perhaps they also use advanced covert techniques. It's interesting that even with your magic, you can only see it as obscure."

"... I'm just ashamed of my lack of power. The original Lucifer, of course, must have seen it more clearly if I had powers like Giselle's. But now I can't feel that sign from anywhere anymore."

"You'll have nothing to worry about. I never felt a sense of killing or hostility from them. If you are not already in this land, would you have served your purpose and returned? Either way, I don't care if you don't get in my way"

Though she told him so, Lena held her own body with both arms as if the chills had run.

I wonder how creepy you felt.

If that was more than you could count, then you can't even talk about it.

I held Lena's body and rubbed her back gently.

While indulging in the feeling of my loving wife pushing her body to sweeten me without saying anything, I decided to cut to other topics.

"Black Winged Angel...... is it"

"Hmm. Was that Lieutenant General's mentor's brother? They're always holding back beside him."

"When I was still living in the Empire, I had several opportunities to talk to people from the Holy King of Restaflora... you've never heard of an angel like that"

"Weren't they even treated in military school classes 500 years ago?

"Yeah. In the first place, the existence of an angel deserves to have pure white wings. There were many who could be in love with their beautiful wings, regardless of the gender of the angel."

"I've never heard of such a presence from Lumiel either.... Was its angel wings black from the beginning or pure white at first? Interesting part."

With that grunt, Lena has silently pressed her head against my shoulder.

... For this guy, I guess Lumiel has a strong impression when it comes to angels.

"What, are you even jealous?

"I have said nothing"

It's another adorable thing to say like stubborn.

I combed my long hair with my hands as I leaned my nose against its silver head and smelled the sweet scent.

Lena tickles her chest plate with her fingertips as she deposits her body with me.

I won't have another chance to overlap my body for a while from tomorrow.

I cut out one more thing this evening, even though I felt like letting myself be in the lust.

"Lena, I'll tell you another creepy story."

"Huh!? Hey, what...?

Suddenly, I'm surprised Lena asks.

I talked about the carcass of the demonic conductor that created the terminal Shizuku entrusted to me by the Lieutenant General.

"- So. The same goes for black-wing angels, but this one is another element that bothers me. I don't know how far you can tell by the pieces of meat you put in the vial."

"Lucifer is mean..."

"What's up? I was going to shake you up about something creepy and encourage you to hug me."

"I... I just wanted time to whisper my love peacefully with Lucifer, but I'm confused by being steamed back into talking about such a disgusting thing! Please just finish that story and then love it!

Lena pressed her head against my shoulder.

... strange pain has run. I thought you went in for another crack.

Instead of being a beast, I feel like I'm stuck with a warcraft.

Lena stares at me, dissatisfied with those dark purple eyes.

With more and more breasts pressed, I fell into bed and Lena pressed me.

"Lucifer, how do you feel about being offended now?"

"... I've done my job already. Do as you please."

"'Do as you please'? Yes, I did.“ Again, I'll screw you up enough to stop standing on your ankles. "

"No, wait... that could be tomorrow's behavior. Add or subtract a little."

Lena chuckled and lifted my jaw with her fingertips as she pushed it down.

"What do you mean, Lucifer, who is ordering you to do it in the first place? Are you going to cross with the Demon King with such a poor body?

"You are the one..."

Oh, well, this guy...

"I am a brave man. How dare you call yourself such a weak demon king, a brave, brave man whose cat is about to scold a rat?

- Has the provocation passed a little?

Oh, boy, I'll be offended again this evening.

Coming out of my dorm room early in the morning, I came to the main entrance of the military school, which is a meeting place, albeit a cursory one.

Liz, who had already arrived, takes a look at me.

"What... hey, Theo-kun? Daijibu...?

"... yeah, I'm fine. I'm fine."

That's what I said, and I sat back leaning against the gate.

"Don't tell me you're fine with a face like 5 seconds before you died like that. What's wrong, Theo? Are you sure you're not feeling well or something? That's not true only for you, is it? Theo, who is always energetic and motivated in a mysterious direction, is like such a supple flower... erm, what is it?

"Whatever you say, it's a little... It's okay, I'll recover in a while."

As Liz stared at me as if she had found a strange animal, the girl with the blonde hair lying beside her tied to her on the right stared at me with a gaze, then tilted her neck.

"Theodore......? Are you okay?"

"Yeah. No, it's true you're fine. I just have a little ankle..."

Julian walked in from the military school when he grumbled that way with a little resentment about Lena, who would already be waiting outside the Mirdiana barracks.

He blinked his eyelid slightly asleep and noticed how I was doing.

"What are you doing, you"

"I don't know anything about it, Teo-kun. I don't think I'm well. Is that the foretaste of a metamorphosis?

"Not even on edge...... There's just been a lot of trouble lately. Don't give me any more trouble."

Without even showing Kakera how worried she is, Julian is just heading toward the precinct.

Liz looked at me like she was frigid, and then she sighed and offered her hand.

"It's hard to stand, isn't it? Here, hand it out."

"Thanks, that would help..."

I take Liz's hand and try to lean on her and stand up.

Then she said, um, roaring.

"Nothing. Your temperature is normal, and you don't have any breathing or pulse problems. The power of my arms was normal too... what? Could it be that you're not feeling well and want to sweeten me up?


"I meant to joke. I thought I'd throw him away if he didn't."

As I remained saying nothing, she pounded on my shoulder as she labored my body.

"... I really do, and I have no choice, so I'll go out with you. Why don't you give him a kiss? I don't care if you're a princess.

"You're embarrassed by the boulders. I'm glad you could lend me your shoulder."

"I can't help it. Look, let's go. Julian, if you're bad, you're going to leave us alone."

As I nodded, Liz turned to Clarice, who was beside her.

"Hey, is Clarice okay? Can you walk? If you can't, I'll throw Teo-kun in there and I'll lend you a hand."

"... it's okay,. Instead, take a good look at Theodore..."

"Oh well. I hope so. See, Theo-kun? Aren't you ashamed to make Clarice care, too?

"Sorry...... really now"

"Really - I'm going crazy...... But, well, sometimes it might be interesting to see Theo-kun weak. Just let it go and it'll heal, won't it?

Even though Liz treated us slightly differently, we headed out of Mirdiana to the barracks.

Along the way, we joined Julian, who was not even trying to hide our frustration with the delay, and we finally set foot outside the southern Mirdiana realm of the Elberian Empire.

From here on out will be the Elves, the realm of the kingdom of Zephte Aria.