Two days after we left Mirdiana.

Beyond the Inn Town was a place where so many depressed trees grew as they deserved to call it the Great Forest.

The trees are dozens of meters tall and so on. Whoever sees this sight for the first time will be flabbergasted by the height and multitude of its giant trees.

But it doesn't look like a special place.

Sure, it's an overwhelmingly large forest, but nothing else stands out.

It's comfortable to hear a bird twitch and feel the air filling your lungs as thick as it emanates from the trees, but it's something you can feel in other woods.

Instead, many would think that it would not be strange for this great forest to drown wild as it is if it entered into a detour.

It's as if this great forest might even feel willing to keep strangers away.

- Yes, that feeling is correct. Because this great forest itself is a 'fantasy'.

And it's the same thing to think that if you get lost, you'll drown in the wild. If you break into this great forest without knowing anything, you will literally die.

Because whoever enters this forest without permission cannot even escape. A phrase that took the same path in extension, falling as hard as it could eventually breathe.

However, from me, that's not a big deal either.

I'm pretty sure the kingdom of Zefte Aria is surrounded by the Great Forest, but the Great Forest of this country isn't really such a 'boring' sight.

We walked over to the elves who stood in front of the Great Forest.

Two of the elf women there pointed the spear at us and asked.

"Who it is"

"State your origins."

Julian, watching it, said boringly.

"Don't they even know the princess of their country?"

"Uh... no, that's not what it is. They're like this, not me, but my mother. He said he might be the one trying to infiltrate us."

Liz approached the elves, saying so at first sight.

And I really cough up.

"Uh. I'm Liesemelia Kilfiniska. As the surname suggests, the daughter of Her Majesty Queen Aynlana. If you doubt it, which way?

"If so, confirm."

I wouldn't change one expression if I saw Liz naming the princess. Approximately what Elf says, another elf points a spear blade tip at Liz's neck.

If my hand slipped at all, it wasn't so strange that her white neck muscles were pierced.

The spearless elf kept chanting as he let the magical light dwell in his hand.

"Seriously, you don't look like an elf. How noisy is that?"

"But isn't that funny? Even if you look at the queen or princess of your own country. Oh, I say."

"Big deal."

As we were discussing it, the finished elf snapped his fingers.

At that moment, a complex shaped green text emerged before Liz's eyes.

"Undisputed, become the royal literature of the kingdom of Zefte Aria..."

After the squeaky elf exhaled fu...

"His Highness Liesemelia. Ah! Thank you for waiting. Ah!

Suddenly I hugged Liz.

She responds casually without even showing surprise at such behavior.

"Yeah, yeah, it's been a while. How was Fine?

"Of course, thank you! Wow, I feel like I'm going up to heaven when His Majesty tells me you're coming home. Yes!!

Elf woman delighted as she hugged Liz and wept.

The other, who was gently slamming the blade tip of the spear, says as if he was frightened to see such a compatriot.

"... Fine. Don't expose yourself to too much ugliness because you have other guests."

"Ugh, gush! You don't know anything about me, even when your Highness asks you to return.

"... Yes, sir. Because I get it. My lord Liesemelia, it's very painful, but would you mind checking the origins of the others?

Liz nods when an elf woman says she doesn't put much emotion on the table, as opposed to an elf called Fine.

"Yeah, Daij-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu. That blonde girl is a cute human girl as she looks like Clarice. What a pureblooded dragon clan your busty little one looks like over there"

When I hear that much, I see Julian as Fine warned me.

That was the same for the other elf.

"Are you a Dragon Nation!? If it's pure blood, it's not from the Xenan Dragon Kingdom..."

"I'm from the Empire. Hey, Julian, huh?

"... well, I guess they say you're from. I don't even know the face of my real parents. I'm not sure I'm Zenan because I've been living in church as an orphan my whole life. I have knowledge."

Julian answering the discipline. But in his eyes dwelt a swordswallowing light.

From that perspective, it makes you feel like hostility to the elves.

Even though Fine is slightly frightened by Julian's gaze, he really coughs up and returns to his faceless face, whether he intends to follow only a set manoeuvre.

"... Then I'll do it with Julian. Come before me. I don't care if they point the blade at me. We just need to make sure it's coming from."


Quickly, as the oligarchy elf pointed the spear towards Julian, a black text emerged before him as the chant was spun.

"You're definitely a dragon tribe. But aren't you really from Xenan Dragon Kingdom?

"What makes you think that?

"It's not only their race that comes up in this sentence, but also their blood muscles, their age, etc. From your bloodstream…… I feel strange signs unlike any other dragon clan. Are you sure you're 15?

"If you don't believe in your own technique, you're disqualified."

"Oh, that's not true!

"... Fine. Calm down. What's going on?"

"No... anything, nothing. I was just a little concerned. Julian and I did. Enough with you."


When Julian just left in front of them, Clarice was looked into the same way next.

Lady of the Duke of Frestier's house. I have no problem with her identity because that's definitely it too, but her ghostly atmosphere right now was upsetting the elves a bit.


"Well, next up is the blue-haired boy there. Before me."

"I'm Theodore. I don't think there's anything else particularly unusual about this information."

"That's for me to judge."

Liz stares at me while the spear is pointed at my neck again.

My 'contents' should only look human to Liz right now.

Around there, I had Gisele readjust me when I got back to Tenebrae.

At the end of Fine's chant, a blue text appeared in front of me.

Says Fine, who saw it.

"This is unusual. Orphelia, you're under your protection. … I was surprised to hear from Her Majesty the Queen about her brilliant blue hair."

"Sounds like it. So?"

"It's perfectly fine. Please, come in."

"Hey, wait a minute. Is he from the Empire?

Julian bites quickly, but Fine returns it a little confused.

"... Orphelia, your protection is too powerful. You can't even gauge it with my power, such as clear origins and blood muscles. Besides, there's no way Orphelia's protection can reside in the wicked."

"Shit. That doesn't help."

"His Highness Liesemelia. Ah! What is it, you little dragon clan named Julian? Huh! Me, I did something!? Why are you so cursed when you first met me?!?

Says Fine as he hugs Liz again.

Back it up. Okay, okay. Touched her head, then Liz grinned bitterly.

"haha...... never mind julian because she's like that from time to time"

"Unfantasize this forest right now."

Oh? Looks like Julian knew about this forest, too.

Fine sipped Liz's nose as she was forgiven, and her coworker and elf stared at her.

She told Julian, frightened by a gaze that was close to killing her.

"Now that we know your origins and identities... let us show you what the Great Forest really looks like."

Fine then shouted in his own language - a language used only among elves, as if to tell something lurking in the woods.

For a moment, I felt the ground shake. When I thought so, the sight in front of me had changed.

From what I can see, a true great forest surrounding the kingdom of Zephte Aria emerged, completely different from the great forest where the giant trees were growing.

The great tree turned into a tree of various colours, red, blue and orange, and it was the leaves of the same colour as each tree that grew in its great tree.

Those leaves blink and brightly colored light lights up the entire Great Forest lightly.

And the forest ground, where the leaves and twigs were just falling, changed things even further.

From the point of view, blue and purple crystals grow, and the strange light they emit heals the hearts of those who see.

The grass, which only seemed like a weed, turned into a flower that emitted light, with mushrooms growing around it that emitted light in various colors.

And we see things that are small enough to fit in the palm of our hand to fly around us.

The depressed Great Forest has become a strange forest with a bright glow in the moment.

I knew this would happen, but I dared ask Liz. [M]

"I heard about the rumors, but it's a great sight."

"Mmm. Really? Well, it may be unusual for an elf, even from the perspective of others."

"By the way, what happened to that big forest?

"It's magic used by spirits living in these woods. It feels like it would be a mountain if it were dust, and when the spirits use magic together, it feels like it would be a fantasy formula comparable to magic with powerful powers. If you go into a detour because that Great Forest looks like a continuation, and it's not actually from the world... well, unless there's a whim of the Spirit, you might not be able to come out alive. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah."

"I see. How could the spirits fantasize about that?

"It's to protect yourself from the outside enemy. See, elves are weak, aren't they? There's only a handful of sucks like LUDIO SENSEI, and then there's just a bunch of kids who can't even handle an offensive surgical ceremony properly.... Well, there are exceptions, but the basics are like that, so the elves and spirits start to live in hiding in these illusions to protect each other."

"We have an alliance with humans. And yet, will that alert never be lifted?

"Mm-hmm. That sort of thing. Even so, because the spirits are weak these days, they don't always have the same routine."

Fine, who was listening to that, leaks his sigh.

"These days, it is also rare for thieves to enter to obtain rare herbs and crystals from the original forest. Whatever you are doing when you are putting up a fantasy art ceremony for the Great Forest, we continue to guard against it because it becomes a source of unwanted strife when it is not. … but quickly, Your Highness"

"Oh, I'm sorry. Come on, guys, let's go! The Spirits' rituals will be back to normal soon, so hurry up!

Is there a time when that constantly stretched fantasy of the Great Forest is not working now?

It's unthinkable in the past. Because that big forest fantasy was also the big wall that separated humans from elves.

... How many people have died swallowed up by that fantasy before?

As Liz puts it, the true appearance of this great forest is brilliant, yet unchanged by the noisy.

We rushed forward a little. In the middle of it, just before I saw the Great Forest fantasy return again, when I took Clarice's hand, who was fluttering at the rear of the line.

I heard Fine and the other elf whispering in a sneak whisper.

"That dragon child, I must inform His Majesty once and for all"

"... what did you see"

"I'm in trouble because it's a sentence I've never seen. It's just that that complexity might be aristocracy..."

So the conversation went completely deaf.