Some time after we entered the great forest of the kingdom of Zephte Aria.

The brightly colored trees and grasshoppers were growing so prolonged that they could not see ahead, as if they were incredible signs under the world.

I dressed up as the wind I first saw, but long ago I thought about what happened when I visited the land.

Liz, walking forward, never stopped walking as she glanced back at us from time to time.

I guess the sight of this strange forest is familiar to her from this country as well. I don't have any particular feelings to lose.

Julian, on the other hand, had an intriguing view of the Great Forest and was also busily following with his eyes the appearance of light emitters flying around.

It's probably the first sight I've ever seen, so I can't help it.

And Clarice said that the boulder girlfriend also looked surprised by the sight of this forest, but nothing like looking around especially.

I was just following him in silence, but he couldn't seem to keep his feet up.

So I held Clarice's hand so she wouldn't fall. [M] She holds my hand back gently. [M]

When I was walking like that for a while, Julian said, looking around for a moment.

"Hey, I can't see the elf from earlier, but he's not here?

"Mm-hmm. This area is near that spiritual procession, and I wonder if many kids are trying to stay away from it too close. It's been like this for a while."

"So you don't have to worry about the others talking to you."

When Julian said that, Liz looked back a little bit and said, "Huh? What? What?" he also revealed his vigilance.

The dragon boy opened his mouth as he flew near his body and saw the yellow flying body twirling around his right index finger stretched out towards the sky - the Spirit.

"500 years ago, when the Mira blood tide incident happened. These guys didn't work the Spirit's Junction Ceremony?

"... Huh! Or, no, don't remind me all of a sudden... I remember it now, but I feel cold."

"That case is contraindicated in this country, isn't it? I'd like to hear it before I see it with the queen. What do you say?

"Hmm, I don't know the details because I just heard it from my mother and Lyudio Shisei, but the demons had strong magic resistance, right?

"Oh. I've had a hard time burning it down or ice marinating it."

"I don't know how far the celestial demons are the same as they were then and these days, but it looks like the Spirit's fantasy ceremony didn't work either. No matter how magically strong the procedure is, the stand-alone technique is really ineffective... I think it must have been pushed through."

"You don't seem to have an aggressive nature. Is that possible?"

"If I get lost, I'll be sure to drown. It seemed like it was originally a manoeuvre to keep humans and beasts away, so I thought you didn't assume something like a celestial demon? I don't think we can take care of that right away, even if we know it's coming."

You're a demon......

The end of the angel who was forcibly summoned by the Shizukuishi of the end.

The summoning ceremony distorted the original figure of the angel, causing him to lose reason, and forcefully calling him to earth until he shredded his power.

That massive incident had a mastermind.

Gislan from the great powers of witchcraft and the presence of a goddess.

However, there are still many parts of it that we do not know why those things followed the Mira bloodtide incident and also caused this terminal Shizuku incident in Mirdiana.

Queen of Elves...... Killing His Majesty Aynlana must be one of the aims, but I don't know any more.

What does Elf's royal death mean?

Is it something that has so much significance that I try to accomplish until I think of such a procedure?

Whatever it is, I have to get more information in this land.

As well as looking into the Goddess and those under her command, we also need to examine the astronomical phenomenon of the brilliance of the red stars shining in the night sky and know what the hell the mastermind is thinking to lead this continent to chaos.

How far can you draw information from that queen?

And how far does Dark Elf know that he's Dean Ludio's master?

Will the information they bring benefit us demons?

In Tenebrae, I withdrew the opinions of those who were hardliners among the demon kings until I stopped the invasion of other nations by the armies of the demons.

I don't know what the result is, but it doesn't make sense.

If we want the peace of eternal demons, we need only reason to convince them of the hardliners.

Can I get it in this land? [M]

When I was walking around organizing too little information in my head at the moment, I felt like I was stuck with the surrounding view.

Says Liz, who was leading the way.

"Ah, the scenery changes again from here on out. It's not harmful, but it might surprise you a lot."

By the time she was done, the already brightly colored Great Forest disappeared and we were in a big cave at some point.

Instead of grass flowers and mushrooms, crystals of various colors grow from the walls and the ground.

The giant one was more than three times the size of a human back length.

Those emitting lights lightly illuminate the caves that are supposed to be dark.

It's a very mysterious sight.

Human Country and Elf Country. The difference between the two countries is well understood. You can call it too separate.

"Wow. That forest turned into a cave in an instant."

"This country can be framed for seeing another view the moment you take a step forward. Perfect for sightseeing… If you enter the country the wrong way, you will die."

Disgusting sightseeing......

Although the surrounding crystals and the light it emits are so beautiful.

So much so that if we add up the Great Forest just now, we can come at some risk but to see this sight.

However, my feet are pretty dangerous.

When I'm distracted, I catch my foot on a small crystal...



I supported Clarice, who was walking next to me, caught his foot in the crystal and was about to fall.

"Are you okay? Hold your hand tight, it's dangerous."

"... Yes. Excuse me......"

Clarice, still blurry, held my hand just a little bit harder.

I grip it back too, and I go down the road paying attention to my feet.

"Steady, get out of my way. It's a crystal. Are you leaving this out all the time?

"That's right. Leaving it, or getting your hands on the crystal in the first place, is strictly forbidden in itself. This country-specific crystal is also valuable, so many people want it... it's been like that since the Queen wasn't my mother yet"

"If I sell it, it won't be rust money. You're gonna grow up again anyway, right? This?

"That's not the problem. Elves don't care about money...... oh, but I like it when people say I like money or not? I want to be so extravagant!

I immediately thought Julian would make a fool of herself, and Liz said it out of the way, so I guess she was going to, but the dragon boy shrugged.

"There's no such thing as a guy who hates money. If you're in business in alliance with the Empire, it's even worse. He always wanted money, so he couldn't stand it."

"Huh? Oh, well, yeah..."

"Ah? That's right, you sound like you've noticed. Feelings no."

"That's rude already. Julian doesn't seem too obsessed with that, so I was wondering if he'd make a fool of himself anyway."

That's what I was thinking again, but he says it like it's boring.

"There's no hard work if you just have to be self-sufficient. However, if I remember luxury with gold even once, I will miss it, whether it be human or elf. Especially if he's blessed from the environment in which he was born and raised, that's the norm. I can't live without money."

"... because I'm still royal. I might not be able to say anything back. Julian doesn't like your nobility or your royalty?

"Oh, I hate it. Anyone who does anything for money, especially."

So soon as I threw it away, he stopped saying anything.

Liz continues to guide us, even though she seems uncomfortable.

Money. It doesn't matter to me, but it would have a huge impact on the lives of most of the species if it wasn't for me anymore.

I thought you said Lena served as a maid of honor for a small aristocracy before she became a brave man, but she wasn't a very wealthy family member, and that she felt sorry for her masters who were overlooked by something.

As I even walked through the brilliant crystal cave, my surroundings gradually became enveloped in the sumptuous.

It's a foretaste of changing scenery again.

Liz looks back and says:

"Yes, yes, attention. Until now, it's a cave, but next time I'm alarmed, I'm in the lake, so I'm not careful!

At the same time as the words, one side of the perimeter turned into a vast lake.

There was something like a wax, and the sight wasn't very good, but the water was a clear beauty.

And the path we follow leads to the lake, which is halfway through.

"There's no way out. Can you swim across?

"Julian, why don't you do that? Maybe you'll get better."

"I don't know. So, what do we do?"

"Don't panic. Don't panic. I'll be here in a little while."


With such an exchange, a giant figure appeared at the end of the lake and headed this way.

It flows up to the front of the shore and stops there perfectly.

I couldn't see it clearly because of it. It turned out to be a wooden ship.

Nearly 10 people are big enough to ride.

Although it looks like a ship you normally see, you can tell it's emitting magic.

"... don't feel any magic from this ship. It doesn't sound aggressive."

"So-so. This is a ship that flows on its own when someone comes across the shore. I don't know much about magic sensing."

Liz and Julian hissed into the boat.

I told Clarice.

"Sa, walk slowly. It would be tough if you fell into the lake."

"... Yes"

Liz stared at me with her eyes as I pulled Clarice's hand and helped her get on the boat.

"You're being sama, Theo. Escort a girl or something. I'm so used to it."

"What are you talking about? Clarice is what I kept. Wouldn't you be in trouble if I scratched you?"

"Sorry, foreword withdrawn. He was a very bad man, Theo."

"I'm even more telling you now. How do you know this guy looks like a good guy?

"You mean a good man, you feel like a gentleman? But just on the top of it, I think my stomach is black."

Damn, they're gonna say it scattered.

Sitting next to Clarice sitting out on the boat, he turns his hand around her shoulder and then says:

"I don't care where you look from. I think you're a gentleman? Because I take care of beautiful things."

"Let it wax."

"If it weren't for me and Julian, I wouldn't know what to do with Clarice. If it hurts a little, I'll kick you off the boat."

Although I can see it with a white eye from Julian and Liz, I don't care.

And you recognized that they were all finished on board, and the ship slowly began to move automatically towards the opposite shore.

"By the way, it's about time, isn't it? Are you in Nojuku today?

"Yeah. There's an accommodation town just made by the elves at the end of this lake, so overnight there. Castle town in about two days. Beyond that..."

Liz suddenly gets up and says in a harsh tone as she drips her head on the spot and picks the edge of her skirt.

"It is a 'Promethera' in the king's capital of my kingdom of Zephte Aria. I, Liezemelia Kilfiniska, the first princess of the kingdom of Zephte Aria, would like to extend a cordial welcome to you."

Liz extended on her mouth completely different from the usual atmosphere - she sat on the spot as soon as she could.

"That's why it's nice to meet you. Guys."

"You don't look great. You're not doing this."

"Ugh. I'm tired. Is this...? Ha, if you're like Bakka and you don't have the same aversion. Teo-kun is laughing in his stomach because he doesn't look good, right?

I laughed at Liz.

"Maybe it's not like you."

"Ha, so yay. In the first place."

I blocked Liz's words. [M]

"But I think she was different and cute than you always were."

"... eh. also, already..."

Liz blushes, shifts her gaze away from me, and then says, "I shouldn't have done it," which is kind of bumpy.

Staring at Liz like that, she did so awkwardly and then turned her back on me.

I think he was pretty sammy and cute. Though it wasn't as Rin, it would still be a long way off for her to get to the realm that far.

With that in mind, I enjoyed a slow sailing journey.