Reaching the opposite shore by boat, we stayed overnight in Inn Town, led by Liz.

Some time after that, we finally arrived at Promethera, the king's capital of the kingdom of Zephte Aria.

When the gatekeeper saw Liz, he allowed everyone to pass lightly and finally entered the Wang capital.

At that moment, the scenery changed.

Inside the Wang capital, all of it consisted of crystals that emitted a pale glow.

From the ground to the building, and from the main entrance of the Wang capital to the palace of White Asia, which still emits an overwhelming presence, we can see that it is due to white crystals.

"I think you can see it from here, but the castle made of that big crystal is the palace where my mother swoops back on the throne. It's called the Promethera Crystal Palace."

"... it would be awesome to get here. You just seem distant."

Whether impressed or frightened, Julian shrugged and then glanced around.

The land where everything was made of crystals. If we proceeded, we could see that even the bridge across the river was caused by crystals.

The river surface peering through the bridge is clear and sparkling. It is so beautiful that it cannot be compared to the rivers that flow through Mirdiana.

As Julian says, I'm going to have a question mark about whether this is really real.

Most of all, I'm not surprised because I've seen so much land rot away from reality in another way in the Demonic Nation.

The Palace of Astronomy, the root castle of Mamon, is the prime example of this, but the land where Asmo, Levi and Belzebub live also has a sight that would be unimaginable from ordinary humans.

Lena remembered the strong shock of any of that, and even that Gisele said it was like a dream world in honor of that place she'd never seen before.

... In the case of the Palace of Astronomy, the term "world of nightmares" rather than "world of dreams" might fit.

To the land of Belzebub, it transcends the realm of nightmares. While the sight goes further, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the danger is also close to the palace of the heavens.

Let's just say that.

It's a different story from the sight that is now spreading in front of us.

This king's capital promethera is so beautiful that it looks exactly like the world of dreams itself.

As Liz led the way through the street, I found it obvious that the elves on the side of the road were all aligned and staring at her and surprised.

It will not be impossible either because it is the return of the Princess for a long time.

And at the same time, he seems to be on strong alert to foreign objects like us stuck around her.

Liz, who sensibly guessed it, said.

"Uh, I'm sorry. No offense, guys. I'm just surprised that there are rarely any species other than elves coming to the king's capital."

"After all, is an elf closed? If you look at how far you've come, it'll tell you if you don't like it."

"I can't deny it. There are a lot of conservative ideas, and some voter ideas... but we'll take our time later."

The elves are excellent at hearing.

Especially the elves here, who will mostly be pureblooded.

The elves who were in Mirdiana were often used to the noise characteristic of the big city, but this city is quiet to see. May I say that I value peace?

That's why you should be sensitive to hearing.

It would be awkward if people of other races who are not usually there were talking.

Regardless of me or Clarice as I grow up, someone as unconsciously manipulative and abusive as Julian might appear to be the object of disgust.

I don't know if I can even walk around talking on too many boulevards.

... Nevertheless, I was only a little concerned that there was no one to talk to Liz like an elf named Fine who was on the turn of the Great Forest even though it was the Princess's return.

Something a little different from being awesome? It also seems like an atmosphere where you don't want to get too involved.

We arrived at the Royal Castle, feeling like a covert agitation spreading inside a fantastic big city made of crystals.

Really, it's all made of crystals. I wasn't sure how the silver crystal kept the royal castle in shape either.

It doesn't even look like it's made of magic, like the old castle I used at the Royal Council in Tenebrae.

When the elves at the gatekeepers saw Liz, they saw her head dripping into the castle without saying anything.

Julian glanced at it sideways.

"Hey, you're welcome in the atmosphere."

"Mm-hmm. Julian, I'm not welcome to go home."

"Crap, asshole"

Walk inside the crystal castle watching Liz and Julian interact.

There were also elves in the castle, but no one still says anything. Even though Her Majesty the Queen would be announcing Liz's return, it felt a little odd coming this far.

Without any obstacle, we arrived among the queens, the most sacred place in the royal castle.

When the door was opened, those who were seated on the throne made of crystals greeted us with a riddled and majestic voice on their backs.

"Well done, I'm here. Welcome, privileged students of the Empire."

It is His Majesty Aynlana Kilfiniska, the queen of this country, who has spoken in a tone that makes her feel somewhere arrogant, with her cheekstick on her elbow.

Her Majesty the Queen of Elves, who cut all the same deep green hair around her shoulders as Liz, still looks slightly younger than her fruit daughter.

But I felt so full of majesty that it was rightly called the Queen, sitting on the throne.

Looking around, I thought the Kingsguards and the Elves were in an upright and immovable position near His Majesty Aynlana.

Some look at us, and others look as if they are meditating with their eyes closed.

When some of them gazed at me, there was an elf of a woman smiling and grinning.

Although all of the close guards carry spears and other weapons in one hand, they do not point their cutting-edge at us.

At first glance, I'm going to wonder if I'm not so alert, but I can see a distinct sense of tension from them.

It just seems pretty strong to be a Kingsguard.

I guess there are all the elves who are not supposed to be good at fighting.

When I thought so, it was Liz who answered Her Majesty's words.

"Yes, yes, I just did. Thank you for the warm welcome."

Liz's expression is smiling, but I can see from that trick that flaunts her shoulder that she doesn't feel very comfortable with the situation she's in.

And none of the nearby guards responded to Liz's words.

The only person who exhaled lightly was the Queen.

"Guys, I'm scared of your attitude and I can't even hear you."

"Yeah, yeah, ooh! I'm really not for royalty or princess or anything like that. Kids like your mother who love sturdy things will be disappointed."

Her Majesty Queen Aynlana's eyebrow roots, sitting on the throne, moved in perfect motion.

"The next queen is not the kind of word that a candlestick would say. If a little girl like you were to succeed a concubine, she wouldn't know what others would think."

"Right? So live longer than me at best, Mother. You've been alive for 500 years, so you're not going to bee that much longer than 200 years, are you?

Her Majesty loosened her eyebrows with her fingers and then looked up to heaven.

You're the same, this parent and child. It hasn't changed a bit from when we met in Mildiana before.

... Well, I don't even know how His Majesty feels right now, but it doesn't matter to me.

I felt like I was going to keep saying this, so I just decided to move on.

"If Liz and His Majesty have a parent-child fight, do it. Wouldn't you have welcomed us this time?

I continued, sidelined by a slight look on the part of the Kingsguards around me.

"You'll feed me delicious food as a reward for solving the terminal Shizuku incident in Mirdiana, or you'll be free to tour this beautiful city. And by the time I got home, I had so much treasure that I couldn't fit into both hands... that I was hoping for something like that?

Liz muttered, "The boulder is Theo, isn't it?" and Julian blurred, "You don't read the air, do you, this guy?"

Meanwhile Her Majesty the Queen shook her head to the side and then says:

"Whatever. Do whatever you can if you want."

"Yeah, that's a good answer. I was hoping you could get us ready for dinner soon."

The elf woman in the Kingsguard, who was silently indulging even after hearing my disrespectful words, shouted, "I can't stand it at last."

"Ko, ko, you disrespectful!! What a word in front of Her Majesty the Queen..."

"Good. I would have told you and told you earlier. Courteous children come, but don't worry."

"But, Your Grace. I thought this guy's words were no longer about courtesy......!!

"For there are those who have not been polite to the queen, nor have they done anything. There's nothing like this. Besides - this man named Theodore didn't just stay with his concubine and Liesemelia, but handled the disaster that would befall the Empire and Mirdiana beautifully, so to speak, the benefactor of life. Instead, it may be more disrespectful for a concubine fluttering in the position of queen"

She turned to Her Majesty Aynlana, who mocked herself all the time, and Liz grinned shards.

"Certainly could be. My mother and I have to thank Theo-kun more, right? Oh, yeah. Teo-kun seems like she can do anything with an elf woman, so how about starting with Teo-kun's charm with color tricks?

"I'm very welcome."

All the Kingsguards who were in the room turned their gaze toward the killing.

"- The elves here are going to assassinate and murder me, so I'm not going to do that. Maybe."

His Majesty Aynlana is quite adorable.

My real daughter is a scattered old baba, but she is full of beauty and elegance as an elf, so it seems like a work of art.

When I was thinking that, a dragon boy who was beside me said, scratching his head.

"Hey, Theodore. Whatever way you get busted, it doesn't matter to me. I don't care because it's a story. But how are you going to take responsibility if it's all your fault? I don't want you to get into this mess."

"Yes, yes, I get it. Anyway, Julian's in trouble if she's in danger."

That's what I said, and I let him hold Clarice's shoulder, which was sitting next to him.

She reacted tingly, but leaned down without saying a word.

Until then, Her Majesty the Queen, who seemed to care all about Liz and me, turned her gaze to the slightly blonde girl.

"... Theodore. Who is the girl (stomach)? I didn't see it in Mirdiana, but it's no longer your mistress or anything."

"I'm a kid named Clarice. Isn't she cute? At least, I want you to say lover."

"I can't even imagine such a sweet word coming out of your mouth. If you're not a mistress, isn't it a toy or something"

The boulder is the queen of the elves.

They have a pretty good idea of what my personality is like.

... As far as rumors go, the royal family of elves supposedly have the power to read the bottom of their hearts or to foresee the truth.

However, its power would not be omnipresent either. If you can read your mind or foresee the truth under any circumstances, because the terminal Shizuku incident in Mirdiana would not have been that terminal in the first place.

To the extent that you read in the mind of the person you met? So this is how this thought of me in front of you is being read?

My biggest reason for coming to this city is to get clues to a goddess who could be a threat to the Demons.

To this end, this Sire Aynlana must originally also come into contact with the Dark Elves.

I just can't talk like this before there's someone else. Could we not set a venue for discussion soon?

- Yes, for example, talking alone in Her Majesty's bedroom at night. Like...

I looked at Her Majesty's thin green eyes with such a sentimental gaze.

I can't see any emotions from her expression.

After a little silence, Her Majesty shifted her gaze away from me and slapped her hands with bread.

"Well, forget the joke. All of you, hurry up, but get ready for dinner. Let's say this evening that we greatly welcome the concubine and Theodore, the benefactor of Liesemelia's life. Never behave disrespectfully towards these people. All right?"

"" Ha!!

By Her Majesty's decree, the hour of sight passed instantly.