The kingdom of Rugal, inhabited by the Beasts, and the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, known as the Magic Power.

Frontline between the two countries, which is still heavily fought.

There was Marshal Darius Severan, Commander-in-Chief of the Northern Territory of the Elberian Empire and Commander-in-Chief of the Army.

The great man, who has loosely stored his white beard, continues to stare at the battlefield that spreads beneath his eyes from the cliffs that fall within the territory of the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna.

The battle between the Beasts and the soldiers of the Magic Powers continued to be adhesive due to the large number of proscribed users on the enemy, but gradually gained momentum among the Beasts, and now the roar of the Beasts who hunted the neck of the enemy soldiers was often blasted.

Even intervening in a battle between the two countries, it should be noted that Darius never actively put in the Imperial soldiers, nor did he fight himself.

The reason is clear. Because it's not that moment yet.

Their participation in the battlefield with the Beasts consists of a journey to the King's Capital of the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna.

The left arm of the Grand Marshal, who exposes his musculoskeletal skin, is fitted with a weapon similar to the Magic Gun.

Once used only once to determine the power of the magical powers, it remained silent without going into preparation for shelling.

I can feel the signs of those who are walking this way.

Darius turned around slowly as the runners approached him, trying to kick the ground at a tremendous rate.

"Ever! Have you been well, Grandpa!

"It would be a quicker return than I thought. Roca...... No, should I no longer be called the Beast King"

"Still good. It was the first time that the barbarian Negi had fallen."

Running so far was a fox beast girl with golden ears and tails wearing a costume worn by the beast family lady.

And beside it was a wolf beast girl with a bright white body that was finally exhaling roughly that just following her.

"What, are you out of breath already? You don't work out enough, do you, Shawler?

"Ha... ha, ha... sorry, do"

Shaura apologizes slightly bitterly as she flexed forward and put her hands on both knees to prepare her breath.

"Well, the rest and you've been running without a break for about three days. I don't have a choice."

"... it's Rocha. It doesn't really force my subordinates to do it. Even if you are an angel of God, you have no power over you."

When Rocha tried to say something, Shaura blocked it.

"I'm fine. Rocha's right. Something...... ha...... I wonder what's going on in the war."

"Hmm. That's not the advantage of the Beast Man. It's like dropping a flying bird."

"Grandpa. Don't insult them. The barbarians will have a hidden ball called the Magic Conductor. I don't know, you haven't put it in yet..."

"Ruri. I haven't been put into this one yet. But in" Beyond, "there are already successive reports of sightings of demonic creatures."

"Mm... are you from" Old Castle Fort Lacanza "? Should we head that way, too?

"Necessary. There's an empress over there, and I'm keeping that Marshal Burnett down. Let it fall without difficulty."

Formerly Lacanza Castle Fort is a robust castle fort near the border between Rugal and the magical powers.

It used to be the fortress of the Kingdom of Rugal, but it was the place of the cause that was taken by the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna when the Beast tribe was being pushed in the battle many hundreds of years ago.

However, while ostensibly it appears to function as a defensive line for the magical powers, the Beasts have become something that is not necessarily entirely playing its part because they often use cliffs to infiltrate the territory of the magical powers while dodging castle fortifications.

Rocha looked in the direction of its castle fort. Her eyesight was considerable, but I don't even know how the offense was at Castle Fort.

Rather, it was to such an extent that the great volcano that existed in such a way as to cross the territory between the two countries far ahead could be seen.

Darius was going to retreat the front of the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna once and for all by simultaneously holding down this fort and the former Castle Lacanza fort, which was being invaded by the main force of the Beastman clan led by the Empress.

Beyond not seeing any demonic guiding creatures, this process can no longer be handled by the Beast Nation alone.

When the old warrior found out so, the fox girl mumbled her nose.

"If Rezan was here, Jex would be waiting too...... don't worry"

"Uhm.... and there's a Black Wolf over there."

When I heard that, Shaura moved her white ears tingly.

"What? 'He', he's still alive?

"There's nothing to live for. As far as I can tell, I'm as strong as the Empress, right? Perhaps it's hard to admit."

"What the hell!? Rezan, you can't possibly be the enemy, you filthy male...!!

Enter between Shaura, where Rocha harbors animosity in her eyes, and the Grand Marshal, who stares at it with an expression that is neither good nor good.

"Good. What this grandfather says is true."

"But, Roca......!

"Rezan is not the only one who has to go beyond it. That's just it."

"Even Rocha knows where he came from!?

"Shut up. I'm saying it's good.... only now."

When Rocha squeals like that, Shaura pushes silence.

The Imperial Grand Marshal laughed furiously as he watched the situation.

"Now focus on the battle in front of you. Or do you need the help of the Imperial Army?

"You can't do anything extra. Our pleasure is gone."

Rocha looked at the battlefield under her eyes and hoisted her mouth slightly in.

"We still have a lot of prey left, Shaura."

"... right. Let's start over there."

Shaura, who quickly switched her mind from what had been an exasperation until earlier, counts the number of soldiers who narrow their eyes and run under their eyes.

"Hey, Shaura. Let's go with one fight!

"Oh? What?

"Either you or I can fly more barbarians' necks."

"Huh. Sounds interesting.... you won't lose, will you, me?

"Unplug it. I'm not gonna lose again."

Rocha turned from a floating tone, telling her as if she had lost her emotions.

"The battle is until we eradicate the barbarians. Don't let one get away with it. Good."

"Roger. Let's go hunting. Sometimes it's good to have a bloody date."

"Hey, Grandpa. Retreat the remaining Imperial soldiers on the battlefield. Wouldn't want to get involved."

He was a grand marshal who wouldn't even move one eyebrow root into an unscrupulous attitude, but said in a slightly frightened voice.

"It's really bloody exciting. Come on, I'll leave it to you later."

"Uhm. Okay, let's go, Shaura"


Rocha and Shaura jumped off the cliff at the same time.

Soldiers from the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, who were just under his eyes, are astonished to see the intruder.

"Become... Guh."

Rocha literally jumped the soldier's neck.

She whispers with a deranged grin as the blood splash hits her, but she doesn't seem to care at all.

"Come on, it's the beginning of the hunt. Barbarians, let's slice it up."

Just before the soldiers who took the trouble to deal with the Beast Man who jumped off the cliff constructed the offensive surgical ceremony, his neck is snapped.

The Lord, who hunted with his neck wrapped around him, smiled as he painted his bright white body with blood.

"Hehe. After I kill them all, I'll line your necks in a row."

The wolf girl who waved her own enlarged nails said in such a delightful tone that she did not look good on the battlefield -.

Marshal Darius Severan and Rocha Callite were reunited, while one was stuffed in front of the old Lacanza Castle Fort, which was rising in the firehand.

Lezan, the woman of the lion's beast, says in a tone that made her angry.

"Hey, it's Marshal Burnett! Please don't do anything!

"Why is that? In the annihilation of the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna, it was the Kingdom of Rugal who was begged for help, wasn't it?

"That's not what I meant! With the help of the Empire, it wouldn't be weird to know when and where they were all destroyed! But look at those guys!

When a woman with watery hair, known as Marshal Burnett, looked back behind her, there were people of the Beast tribe who were wary with their whole bodies trembling with their tricks alone.

The majority of people at first saw a woman too incompatible with the battlefield and were anxious to fulfill it and become a force of war, but now there is no one like that who thinks so.

"Did you understand how you fought? Those guys who were so fearless became so heartless..."

"My attack needs to involve the Beast Clan... as I told you earlier"

"I know. None of them, including the ones who were on the battlefield before, have lost their heads in your attack... But I don't know. You usually freak out when you think an attack's coming from behind you, don't you? I'm not talking about believing your words or not...! Even Atashi feels chilly......!!

Rezan had gone to the battlefield himself to receive support from a shooting from Marshal Mireille Burnett as he battled the soldiers of the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna.

But her unleashed attack was as if she were releasing a spear of light, and whoever hit her directly had been killed instantly by being wiped off her head without a leak.

Not a single member of the Beast Clan was harmed, but the beasts under their command, who saw the soldiers of the magical powers die, were greatly disrupted, making it difficult to continue the battle.

"There is a 0% chance of accidental fire. No matter how you move in a large group, how you continue your combat action and fall ill in an unexpected state of shortage, even if you die as a result, my attacks will not eject that body. We calculate everything."

"I don't know if that's the case with you! Shit, but Atashi and the others aren't the only ones here that are tight...!

At Castle Fort, which Rezan looked up, an unusual monster of a giant body roamed with a giant weapon in his hand.

They have a human head, and the body, at first glance, was like a human being, but from its surface a number of human faces, hands and feet are raised.

You're just walking around with your weapon drawn, but as soon as you find a scoundrel beast, you're attacked with a laugh similar to a deafening growl.

And it was then that the beast man, who was on his way to check on the castle fort, was found by the monster.


"... Hih!

The monster comes after the beast man with a huge weapon in his hand, laughing as if he had gone mad.

At a speed unimaginable from its giant that it will be 4 meters long, it chases the scourge of escaping and plunders its weapon towards its beast man.

The beast man who manages to circumvent it slits the monster's throat with a gap. but I could barely hurt myself.

Moreover, the wound is instantly healed by spilled and raised meat.


"Whoa, whoa, whoa!!

When the beast man screamed that he could not escape, the rays wore the head of the monster.

"It was an urgent matter. Forgive me."


Light emerged from Mireille's body, like a mass of water in her hand.

The monster blew off his head, but the meat is flourishing and he's starting to self-regenerate.

Mireille opened her mouth as she stared at it.

"I'm a raw meat doll (Fresh Golem). It is a demonic conductor and 'very common' that has been used as a military weapon in the Kingdom of Chiaro Diruna since ancient times. It was built by gathering the bodies of dozens of dead people, whose nature is extremely stubborn. Finishing with swordsmanship and body surgery is extremely difficult, so much so that even resistance to the magic guide plays it back even if the prohibition strikes directly. That self-regenerating force would be a threat to the beast man's princess."

"... I'm sorry I had to finish just one of them, but I can't win until they're dozens and a bunch."

"With my backup, no worries, but... I say don't do that. What shall we do?"

Mireille, who tilts her little neck, has not shown any other troubled appearance.

Even if it were her, it would be easy to defeat that monster, even on a single ride.

But you still have trouble getting your powers to stay warm here, and you're getting life from Marshal Darius Severan that you still shouldn't do anything more than cover fire on this occasion?

But the beasts under Rezan's command are not only afraid of monsters, they are also afraid of Mireille.

This is the situation even though quite a few of those monsters will still be inside the castle fort.

When Rezan was haunting her head about what was going on.

"I'm home, I did..."

It was the beast man with black hair and black skin who stood there at some point without letting one footstep. It produced ears and tails reminiscent of that of the wolf, and the outfit was just wrapped around a thin cloth and waistcloth that exposed the upper body's scalp by more than half as if it valued ease of movement.

I still look younger in my late teens when I was old.

"'Liol', are you back? What about the guys who were looking at us on the cliff over there?

"All, hunted, finished"

"... you're early, you're a boulder."

His neck is fitted with an iron ring that he says is unfamiliar or uninterrupted.

That is more a testament to 'identity below' than slaves.

When Marshal Mireille Burnett thought so without telling anyone, the Empress said.

"There would be some stupid big monster over there. You must have fought before."

"Oh. Many times, I killed... Also, should I do it"

"Please. You wouldn't even freak out about Marshal Burnett's backup shooting."

The young wolf with black skin, known as Liol, stared at Marshal Mireille Burnett.

"I'll take care of the backup. There's no way my attack will shoot you through."

Copy that.

The lior was tremendously fast and ran toward the raw meat doll.

When Rezan is dropping off his hindsight, he looks back in haste because there was a whistler whistling from behind him.

"What is it, Jex? Don't freak me out, not at all."

"Hey, sis (ah). How long has your liver been so small?"

There, the tiger beastman's deputy was as easy-going as usual.

"Shut up. If I were to say that, would you follow Liol? I might freak out and my legs shudder."

"Liol?" Who are you talking about? "

"... Ah. Oh... no, it's nothing... to myself."

The water-haired general, who was watching the exchange while carrying out a cover fire, murmured at the bottom of his heart.

(Is this the darkness of the Kingdom of Rugal? Above all, you can't say that you weigh your compatriots, etc., even if your mouth is torn......)

Then, the old Castle Fort Lacanza, which had been robust for less than an hour, fell.