We were greatly welcomed by the elves in a palace made of silver crystals called the Promethera Crystal Palace.

In particular, there were dishes made with vegetables unique to the area that the elves supposedly preferred, as well as the flavours of honey wine, which were quite impressive.

But while I don't hesitate to eat at a quiet table, the others aren't very interested in cooking.

Liz, sitting next to me to my right, elbowed and cheeked at the table - where she was scolded by His Majesty Aynlana, so she's eating in the first place while on the top of the Buddha.

It seemed as though the noble were fed up with the plates lined up at the table of the common people, and it was somewhere funny.

Though Liz, who eats school meals in the military with people she knows, was always full of smiles.

The Dragon Boy is sitting in a seat away from me and Liz and staring at the sumptuous dishes served on the plate looking boring as he arms around.

I somehow know why Liz is upset, but I'm not sure how Julian is doing.

I don't care how much you hate elves, it doesn't affect your diet, does it? Or, like, not very suitable for the Dragon Clan because vegetables are the main thing?

But I also feel like I was eating vegetables, fish or whatever in my school diet.

And last. The blonde girl sitting next to me on my left was holding a fork and a knife with a depressing look on her face.

The boulder is only a duke's maid, and there is no such thing in the table manners. But Clarice looks really “just” eating.

Doesn't look like he enjoys the flavour of the dish or the cuddly aroma.

- Her former Rin and adorable appearance was not there.

Clarice would have enjoyed cooking on this occasion with a tense look on her face, one or two compliments on each plate.

And I guess this is how you said it to Liz, who often has that look on her face, or Julian, who doesn't seem to care and mouth her meal.

"~! What are you looking at earlier?!? Thousands of laughs to unwelcome Her Majesty Queen Aynlana Kilfiniska! Fix it on the spot!!

Liz and Julian argued against it, and Her Majesty the Queen coughed up just when Clarice tried to yell at me, who was easily cut off of some kind of indulgence bag.

In fact, I hurriedly apologize, realizing that I was also an embarrassing imitation of yelling and scattering in front of Her Majesty the Queen. And Liz made fun of that, and again...

That's what I wanted to see.

Looks busy and fun. I'm sure the meal would have felt better too.

I don't hate the atmosphere of dinner parties, which can be described as quiet right now. I don't hate it though.

I sighed in my heart that I was a little short.

Each of us was given a room at the Promethera Crystal Palace.

When trying to get to a room made of silver crystals without leaking into the example, she is offered something from the service of a misplaced woman's elf.

It was written like this in a letter with magic in it, like a transparent piece of paper.

"I need to talk to you. Visit my concubine's private room late at night."

The moment I made sure it was briefly written that way, I whispered with a slight smile as the elf served.

"Never enter the top floor of the Crystal Palace. We have His Majesty's private room.

The gentle smile and words don't match, but the only thing she wants to tell me will be the last part.

I nodded. [M]

"Copy that. You don't have to be so vigilant."

"Are you left-handed?"

When Elf's salary was returned, he returned to his original job as if nothing had happened.

There are plenty of other elves around. I guess I just had to tell the euphemisms because even whispers are easily heard by them with good ears.

I don't know if Her Majesty Queen Aynlana has guessed my intentions or if she just wants to talk confidentially again by chance.

It's just an invitation. Thank you. Let me go to my room.

We met when the night deepened.

I went up the stairs of the Crystal Palace and reached the top floor.

Silver crystals glow lightly and illuminate the hallway, ensuring vision.

Is it because it's night, the glow of the crystal is very weak? Something like candlelight at best?

Moving on to the top floor for a while, I saw a big door.

Made of crystal, it's closed perfectly.

... if you knock or something, are you likely to get caught by the eary elves?

Shall we spread the soundproofing technique throughout this floor?

When I was thinking about that, the crystal door, which was tightly closed, opened on its own.

Thank you for your consideration.

Don't hesitate to go inside, I felt the door behind me closed without sound.

At the same time, voices are heard from those who sat in a chair behind a private room made of silver crystals.

"Well done, Theodore."

The queen of the elves sat down in her chair and looked at me and said:

There is a small vase by the indoor window, with a round of white flowers growing.

"... can I talk to you?

Though I thought this conversation would also slip through, Her Majesty the Queen of Child-faced Elves giggled and pointed me to the other chair across the street.

"There's a soundproofing junction here. No problem."

"Oh well. Then don't hesitate.... it's been a long time again, Your Majesty"

When I said that and sat down in my seat, His Majesty Aynlana said with pleasure.

"I don't use unfamiliar salutations. Because in front of a concubine, there's no meaning in superficial words."

"Uh-huh. I used to deal with Dean Lyudio and General Duras, but the queen of one country would be the target of a boulder."

I don't care about myself, but it's loud around me.

This salutation tormented me even when Lena taught me human manners before I went to the Empire.

I am the royal family of Tenebrae, and with the exception of Lumiel and some other royalty, everyone treats me with respect.

But I'm not used to using salutations.

I guess I'm having difficulty changing the language by the other person.

My predecessors Lucifer, the other demon kings, and now my maid, Carla. Everyone of them used to be more eye-catching than me, but my attitude towards them was little different than it is now, and almost no one cared about it.

... Oh, no, Kara had "you're busy with your understated cunt" in her eyes at the time and was scattered with blood. Well, it must be something.

I remember the old days, His Majesty Aynlana says.

"As I said before all of you, you are no different than a benefactor of the life of your concubine and Liesemelia. Not only that, but it would also be the savior of the Empire and this Zephte Aria. You don't have to worry about words... well, if you don't say too much"

"Then I guess I'll treat you like the rest of us. - Nevertheless, His Majesty Aynlana is a great man. Even though it was Dean Lyudio who quelled the commotion by destroying that frenzied wing summoning ritual in Mirdiana."

"Say what. That abalone is just a man of strength and power equal to tenacity. It may have been possible to destroy both celestial demons... but there would not be a hand in the matter of concubines or Reese Merriam. Or you could have chosen to rescue your concubines and destroyed Mirdiana herself."

"... the power of Dean Ludio was sealed by that High Magic Court. It could certainly have been a hassle to deal with the Celestial Devil, as he would not have been able to deal with the forbidden technique in normal times"

The white-wing herd of angels who raided Mirdiana were originally angels.

Angel's Magic Resistance is extremely high. People, of course, have strong enough resistance to overwhelm elves and dragon tribes.

However, his demonic resistance was also weakened by his transformation into a celestial demon. Enough to make it easy to kill if you're a high-ranking sorcerer.

What would have happened if that half-elf that remained sealed of power had fought a great many celestial demons?

A number of military personnel, including myself and the other privileged students, were put into that battle, behind which Lena and Lumiel also helped resolve it. Doing all that role must be tough, no matter how hard that Dean Ludio is.

Even if we survived that battle, there would have been immense damage beyond our imagination. It is also doubtful whether they will be treated as heroes of the Redemption than they have also dealt with the anti-elfists who were crossing with the army generals.

His Majesty Aynlana sighed.

"... no matter how powerful he was, he couldn't have done anything by himself. Of course you are, with the help of others."

"Then why don't you treat the other privileged students like I do? Well, Liz and Julian are the only ones who've come to the land."

"Regardless, Liesemelia is also grateful to that dragon clan named Julian. I'm going to let him take the reward for it. I wish there were others... especially those beastly daughters."

Sire Aynlana in distress.

Rocha and Shaura headed to the battlefield.

By now we will have reached the Kingdom of Rugal for so long. Depending on the circumstances of the war, the kingdom of Chiaro Diruna?

What will happen to them heading to the real battlefield. They're powerful, but they're still immature kids.

There will also be help from the Beasts and Imperial Army who support them, so there will be nothing like a light dog death......

No, I can't help thinking about things right now.

This is how I got to be alone with Her Majesty the Queen, so I need to talk to you about something important. That's what I think, I stare at His Majesty Aynlana. When those light green eyes and eyes met, she laughed and then said.

"- Right. There was an important story."

"Does Her Majesty, after all, have the power to read the other's mind?

"Oh. Not that I know everything. By looking into your eyes, you can finally see what you're thinking in your mind. Damn, my concubine is getting old too... even if I didn't do it back in the day, I could read their minds to a certain extent just by my side."

"That's the power to pass on to the royal family of elves, what is it?"

"Ruri. That you can see the other person's heart watermarked - that the ancestors of the kingdom of Zephte Aria may be given more than God. It works tremendously especially against those with evil hearts."

"Is that an evil heart? So, do you know what I want to do with His Majesty Aynlana here?

There's only two of us, so we can like that body.

Staring with that in mind, His Majesty says, shrugging and half-eyed at him.

"You're a good colored man. Even when it looks like this, the concubine has lived 500 years of her life, but still remember her passion?

"You are beautiful. It's a childish look, but the quiet and mysterious uninvasive part of it is very appealing as well as its pride and majesty. - As much as I'd like to dye everything to my color."

"I thought it was a good point as a verbal complaint, but it's ruined at the end, huh? I can only feel my inferior desire."

"I thought it would be rude to hide your nature and dictate Her Majesty. Yeah, that's where the big story is. You want to go on the bed?

His Majesty Aynlana didn't seem uncomfortable listening to my bullshit.

grinning bitterly, she said.

"The concubine is still going to fuck her late husband now. Unfortunately, I can't deal with your desires. - If you get attacked without a question in this situation, you don't have to exchange it."

"Well, you're on your way."

I decided not to force a woman I didn't like to attack. [M]

This restraint may be less advantageous if it's filled with destructive impulses, but it's okay now that we're calm.

... Speaking of which, you haven't heard anything about His Majesty's husband - Liz's father until now. Although Liz also speaks ill of His Majesty, I don't think she did any talking about her father.

When asked, His Majesty Aynlana said with his lids closed and arms put together.

"Good husband...... I think it was. At least for the concubine."

"It feels kind of ambiguous, but how could that be?

"In this kingdom of Zephte Aria, with certain exceptions, it is decided that it is the woman who will be king. If you are a queen or a princess, you can say that the power is stronger than it is in other countries.... but there's nothing I can do about the lack of freedom in something called royalty. So you can see from the horse and daughter?


I can also give you an approximate idea of the circumstances under which Liz got out of the land.

I guess it was a recoil that brought its limits to a cramped life.

"In the sense of being bound, concubines are the same. Lovers are prepared by those around them on their own, as are those who marry. The relationship between the concubine and her late husband was also such"

"I know you're not the one I chose. What kind of an elf was that?

"It was adult and delicate. Always standing on top of the concubine, just talking nervously talking too hard, apologizing for the fact that the concubine's reaction doesn't seem to be aromatic... a man who has no connection with such things as masculinity"

"It doesn't seem very commensurate with Her Majesty the Queen, but I guess that part doesn't matter. The one called political marriage."

"Oh. Only my late husband's family was like everyone's envy. But the fact of the matter is that he's sick... he said he'd be young and he wouldn't have long to go."

"Heh. That's another tricky one."

You're not surprised, are you?

Her Majesty Aynlana accidentally opened her lid and I stare into her eyes without knowing what she was talking about.

"The concubine lived 500 years of moments. And when it comes to Liesemelia, it's only 16 years and a few. I was wondering if a normal person would question the age of his concubine's late husband and the fact that he had a daughter of that age despite being pronounced young and without a future."

... Looks like my bad ass is out again.

I didn't even realize it until they pointed it out, but is it a little weird if you think about it in common sense?

A creature called man is often united among people of near-age. Even with the age away, at best a few decades or something like that.

Because of my sense of value as a human being, it's weirder not to question her words.

In other words, how old is His Majesty's husband in the first place and when did he die?

I am a demon.

The First Lady is a former angel and has lived more than a thousand years of moments.

The Second Lady is an ex-human for over 900 years, and the Third Lady is similarly an ex-human for over 500 years.

The time interval is completely different from a normal human being. That is also why I never questioned the special circumstances of His Majesty Aynlana.

I felt quite awkward and scratched my cheek... I asked with a bitter smile.

"... now, what is the age of His Majesty's husband?

"Kufu. I just think he's got a different thought circuit than a normal human being. - When the man became the husband of his concubine, he was about the same age as you. He was 17."

"Shh, that's a terrific age difference."

It's white to say. Because from me, I'm 17, 500, 1000 years old and I'm no different...

Liz is around the same age as me as a human figure, so if her father were still alive, would he be halfway down the Thirty Roads or around?

"It's a matter of home. The late husband was the man in the house. But I don't know when the remaining lights of life will go out. My parents are already in the other world, I have no brothers, and my relatives have thin blood muscles - they don't inherit the family name and they get rough. At that time, I lifted it up to a relationship between a man and a concubine who was still unmarried and had no children."

"... I see. That's a complicated story. If you're the owner of a normal nerve, you'd be surprised if all of a sudden they asked you to talk to your majesty."

"To keep the family name, to connect with the royal family, and hence to keep the blood muscle. My late husband was young... but he bore such a heavy burden all by himself. Really, he was still immature, he seemed like a child... he was made into a goose word by the surrounding words to do anything. It would not have been destined to be bound to an old man like a concubine"

Her Majesty, who had an atmosphere of cohabitation between childhood and Rin, said with her eyes on the vase placed by the window.

Pure white flowers bathe in the moonlight.

"That flower was given to me by my late husband when he offered to marry his concubine. Everything was swinging by the words of those around you, but you said you only made up your mind to send those flowers. Shortly afterwards, I was about to cry, shaking and saying," You're not happy with this stuff, "etc... for a concubine, it was such a gift that there was no more"

His Majesty Aynlana had left his body behind the back of the chair for just a moment, staring at pure white flowers with a carefree look.

He had eyes like memories of a distant day. Though I know I can't go back to that time anymore, I can't help remembering... No, does that feel like I have to?

"For His Majesty, I wonder if it's an irreplaceable flower of memories. Still not withering, because it's something special?

"... no, it's beautiful to look at but it's just a flower. It does not wither, only because the concubine is giving her power. Using only a slice of power to preserve the order of nature, another power given to the royal family of elves."

Should it also be the support of the heart of His Majesty Aynlana, Rin and exalted?

A small circle of flowers is keeping her quiet. It felt that way.

says Her Majesty the Queen.

"The matrimonial discipline ended instantly. I enjoyed spending time with my late husband during the dazzling days. I'm just unfamiliar with the concubine and the man being in love again. My elderly concubine wanted to teach me a lot... but I have no idea. Therefore, it was not the first couple's life itself. Totally, pitiful..."

"I guess it's a good first. And now you're better than having a cheerful daughter, aren't you?

"As it turns out. If I noticed, I had a cage and my late husband was happy with it... Apparently, the concubines were destined to be cut off here. At the end of the day, I was really upset. I wanted to yell at him about what it was like to leave this world without saying anything..."

Have you fallen ill at the height of happiness?

His Majesty Aynlana kept his weight in the chair, staring at the flowers by the window with his vain eyes.

Pulling her sizzling, trembling lips together and putting a thin membrane of tears on her eyes. That is clearly not the same majestic attitude as her usual arrogance.

It just seemed like a pathetic woman who was still unacceptable that someone important was gone.

I was staring at her without saying anything.

After only a few moments, Her Majesty tries as if she had returned it to me, she rushes to correct her posture and wipes with her fingers Shizuku, who was about to fall zero out of her thin green eyes.

"Sorry...... I've disturbed you while I've invited you."

"I don't mind. You don't have to worry about me and hide your grief. We can talk about it again."

So when I tried to take a seat, he said, "Wait."

The queen of the elves continues in the same tone as usual after only one big, deep breath.

"It's all right now.... you didn't see what happened earlier."

"... ok. If His Majesty says so."

"Thank you"

His Majesty, who said so, seemed to have regained his majesty as queen already.

And he's staring at me.

"Well, that's gone a long way. I'd like to get back to business, but before I do... there's something I need to ask you."

I had a lot of conjecture, but I silently urged ahead.

"Theodore. Are you... a demon?

"Yeah, you got it very well. I'll give you a compliment."

Asked the question as I thought it would be, I applaud it immediately. [M]

Although His Majesty Aynlana had a distracted look on his face, he immediately regained his mind and looked at me.

The interior, which had been quiet and calm until earlier, was filled with tension -.